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A Few Words On...
By Michael David Sims
Before Watchmen
Jeff Lemire

Breaking In: The Birth of a Comic Book Writer
By Michael David Sims
It Has To Start Somewhere

Can-Am Conversations
By Anthony Logan & Kellen Scrivens
From Halo 2 to Final Fantasy VII
From Censorship to Comic Book Adaptations
From Anime to... Anime

Comic Reel-lief
By Ian Wilson
The Reel-lief Reviews Top 10
Behind the Mask: Tobey Maguire
The CBM Wars: Marvel v DC
The Reel-lief Reviews Top 15
The Problem with Youth
Behind the Mask: Sir Ian McKellen
One Bad Day
The Reel-lief Reviews Top 20
Are Comic Book Movies Marvel-ous?
Behind the Mask: Ron Perlman
A Look at CBMs, Studios and Producers
The Reel-lief Reviews Top 30
Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, and Lucifer

Dawn of the Geeks
By various
Part one, by Desmond Reddick
Part two, by Damien Wilkens
Part three, by Kellen Scrivens
Part four, by Dan Toland
Part five, by Ian Wilson
Part six, by James D. Deaux IV
Part seven, by Michael David Sims

Final Fantasy Chronicles
By Michael David Sims
An Introduction, or Back to the Future

The King and I
By Desmond Reddick
Scrutiny on the Bounty
The Power and the Pride!
Moo Do You Trust?
Jim Steranko, Agent of KIRBY
Jimmy Olsen Must Tie-Dye!
Kirby's Krazy Karacter Korner
Form and Function
First and Last, Thrice Over
In the Beginning, There was Shite
Happy Mother's Day, Sue!
Gone, Gone, the Form of Man...
Kaiju Kirby: The Stone Age
Saluting Captain America
Wish List: The DC Edition
Wish List: The Marvel Edition

No Bones About It
By Michael David Sims
Cheat to Win

Reel Dread
By Desmond Reddick
An Introduction
Sprechen Sie Scary?
A Little Bit of Sentimentality, or The Waiting is the Knardest Part
Hallowed be thy Flame
Don't Open the DVD Tray: Halloween
Adapting a Legend: Do Your Math, Son!
Adapting Clive Barker: Tripping the Dark Fantastic
Long Live the King... the Long-Winded King
The Unfilmable: What is Lovecraftian Cinema?
The Rant
Reviewing Live Feed: Commence the Procedure!
Reviewing The Final Curtain: Bubble, Bubble, Drama Geeks in Trouble
2006: An Autopsy
Dark Prophecies and Bad Omens: Anticipating 2007
Waiting for del Toro
Romero's Dead Cycle, Part One: Cannibalizing Social Values, or Night of the Living Reds?
Moronic / Iconic, Part One: Tell Me Why I Don't Like Fridays
Tiny Terrors: Reviewing Small Gauge Trauma
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Romero's Dead Cycle, Part Two: Buy, Buy, Buy; Die, Die, Die
Moronic / Iconic, Part Two: The Laughing Boogeyman
Romero's Dead Cycle, Part Three: Soldiers, Scientists and Zombies... Oh My!
Moronic / Iconic, Part Three: All Bent Out of The Shape
Romero's Dead Cycle, Part Four: Land of the Free, Home of the Braaaiiins!
Moronic / Iconic, Part Four: Raise a Little Hell
This Column Is Based on a True Story
Down with the Sickness
Freuday the 13th: Sex and the Slasher
I Wish I Were a Carpenter: John Carpenter, Part One
Knowing When to Leave: John Carpenter, Part Two
The Curse
A Muse in Lovecraft: Spotlighting Stuart Gordon
The Pornography of Torture
Good Grief!
Sexy Beasts: My, What Big Teeth You Have...
Sexy Beasts: I Vant to Suck Your...
Sexy Beasts: Womb Envy and the Monster
Cinematic Sushi
Turning Japanese
Future Shock
A Roundtable Interview with Rob Zombie, Part One
A Roundtable Interview with Rob Zombie, Part Two
The Strange Case of Dr. Boll and Mr. Reddick: Going Postal
Zeitgeist Showdown!
Suspended Animation: Does It Hold Up?
Primetime Torture Porn
The French are Coming!
What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Beheadings?

Standing at the Edge
By Christopher Brosnahan
Portrait of the Comic Fan as a Young Man, part one
V for Vendetta
Holy Terror, Batman!
Why the World Didn't Need Superman (Quite as Much as Warner Bros. Wanted It To)

Tower of Babble
By Joe Tower
An Eye on Spidey from the Middle of Nowhere

unsorted (alphabetical by author)
By Cash Melville
Ju-On vs. The Grudge The Battle of the Pacific
Hollywood Sucks!

By Kellen Scrivens
A Beginner's Guide to Anime
Falling From Grace
Good Times, Great Memories: A Childhood Retrospective

By Dan Toland
The Sci Fi Channel is Destroying My Soul

By Damien Wilkens
Top 11 Weirdest Games of All-Time
Top 10 Worst Games I Ever Loved

By Richard X. Wilson
Cowboys and Indians

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Channel 37's Midnight Movie Show: Episode 30 - Black Belt Jones and Master of the Flying Guillotine

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