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Episodes of Dropped D
05.06: Rumors of our demise have been fairly well-reasoned, but after a two-year hiatus Dropped D continues to roll forward with an episode we recorded back in 2015. Look, we've been busy winning championship titles all over the world. Also, Nine Inch Nails' Year Zero is a bad album, and we really didn't want to talk about it. That's why you get stories of Damien's wise uncle, roadside porn, and outdated band names. So, you know, the usual.
.: 1:00:39 :: 30.7 MB :: 13 April 2017 :.

05.05: It's been a really long time, but Dropped D is back for the time being. Desmond and Damian waste no time as the puns begin to fly inside of the first minute. Besides covering Trent Reznor's descent into EDM music on Nine Inch Nails' 2006 record With Teeth, the boys discover which of the two is more cultured in their Simpsons references, find that one of them is far more lenient than the other in NIN's new softer era, reminisce about the dark detective era of Denzel Washington's filmography, play a round of the brand new game Old or White?, and much more.
.: 1:14:47 :: 36.1 MB :: 01 January 2015 :.

05.04: Since it's been so long between recordings, this episode Damien and Desmond spend the whole time catching up. Topics include bad celebrity impersonations, guitar strings, music-based video games, metal album appearances, and the sobering reality of raves that Hollywood doesn't want you to know about. There is also an epic-length, four-part tangent that devolves into perhaps history's greatest recorded conversation about Bootsy Collins. And what exactly strikes Damien speechless and causes Desmond to apologize? You'll have to listen. Oh yeah! The guys also review the Nine Inch Nails double concept record The Fragile.
.: 2:01:44 :: 58.9 MB :: 13 February 2014 :.

05.03: If you think this is going to be a good episode of Dropped D, then you might not be wrong. Come musician with us as we discuss Nine Inch Nails' second official full-length release: The Downward Spiral. But, be warned: there is math involved. Also, there's some valuable dating advice, the topic of one of the lost episodes of Dropped D is leaked, white guy rap returns, Desmond has a lot of second-favorite songs on this album, Damien does some shady Google searching, and Desmond is all about making weird noises. All this and much, much more!
.: 1:29:23 :: 43.1 MB :: 06 October 2013 :.

05.02: So, you've just ridden a wave of underground popularity with a record that was 100% rock-driven synth pop. What do you do? Well, if your record label wants you to capitalize on that, you say "Fuck you" and release Broken. Nine Inch Nails' 1992 sounds so radically different from what came before that it's almost a new band. Which is weird because it's all basically one guy. Sit back and enjoy the conversation of an industrial metal classic by Desmond and Damien, two former members of Pigface. Oh, and an overview of the Grammy for Best Metal Performance throughout the 1990s, AKA Megadeth: Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride.
.: 1:02:54 :: 30.4 MB :: 22 September 2013 :.

05.01: It's been a year since our last episode! But wait! It's not entirely our fault. Listen to the saga of two lost episodes, high school yearbook write-ups, CD singles, and an album that is full of dichotomies. Tease up your hair and pull on your legwarmers for the first and 80s-est release from current Oscar-winning film composer Trent Reznor in a little known band he used to have called Nine Inch Nails: Pretty Hate Machine. What does Halo mean? What does it sound like when a white guy raps over Depeche Mode? Does your kitchen have any Lionel Richie-branded paraphernalia? A Bobby Brown reference? What the hell is going on?! It's been a long time, and we needed to get a lot out of our systems. You'll enjoy it.
.: 1:18:25 :: 37.8 MB :: 08 September 2013 :.

Intermission 02: After announcing a short hiatus for the boys, Desmond thought it wouldn't be prudent to leave you guys podcastless when there's perfectly good audio sitting around the Dropped D compound! So, presented for your approval, a piece of audio first published this past April as part of Earth-2.net: The Show's episode 500 celebration of all that is Superman. Desmond and Damien break format to do an interesting survey of eight songs featuring Superman in title or content. Hear Desmond's unceasing frustration at this barrage of 90s buffoonery. More importantly, this is where the Spin Doctors nonsense really got legs. Please be patient for a new show soon!
.: 1:05:27 :: 31.7 MB :: 15 July 2012 :.

Intermission 01: This is not the best episode in the world; this is just an intermission. After talking about some recent punk rock releases and music-based video games, Desmond and Damien dive into the now classic 1994 Black Sabbath tribute album Nativity in Black. Hear them talk about the state of heavy metal at the time, drop hints on which of the bands are on Desmond's list of future Dropped D fodder, and discuss tribute album etiquette. Trivia time! Which member of the original Sabbath line-up does not appear on the record, but not for lack of trying? Just what does the Mustaine Signal encompass? You better flash it if Al Jourgensen is about to punch you and if you want Dave Mustaine and his taxi to drive up and save you! All this and an Internet first! You're welcome. Kick your almond habit and start listening!
.: 1:37:01 :: 47.0 MB :: 01 July 2012 :.

04.06: With Album of the Year it's the end of the Faith No More coverage, for now, but put on your baggy pants, turn on your Discman, and take a journey back to 1997 with Desmond and Damien as they talk about that year in music. But this episode features what has to be the longest tangent the podcast has ever entertained, and answers many questions that probably shouldn't have been asked: Why does Damien want to be one of the band members from Hanson? What is the topic of the upcoming Weird Al parody of a Faith No More song? Is a thrash song about e-mail prophetic or ridiculous? There are more, but I refuse to fill the notes with questions. Or do I? Solos are whistled, bands are named, vinyl is discussed, surprises are had, and water is coconutted. Plus, the guys go through some feedback and pick the next band!
.: 1:31:38 :: 44.3 MB :: 17 June 2012 :.

04.05: After bantering on vinyl acquisitions and plans for the future of the show, Desmond and Damien dive into what is the most divisive record in Faith No More's discography thus far: King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime. And though much of this episode is actually dedicated to the coverage of the album at hand, there's still room for Shaquille O'Neal, crazy uncles, and tasty shoes. A new verb is created! The show is a little light on tangents, but the puns are played fast and loose. This week's questions: Mike Patton is a great singer and frontman, but how good of a driver is he? And what would Jim Martin think of their most metal guitar-driven album, now that their metal guitar-driven guitar player is no longer in the band? Where does a certain celebrity deserve to get stabbed? All of these and more on this episode of Dropped D!
.: 1:41:32 :: 49.1 MB :: 03 June 2012 :.

04.04: So, Faith No More's Angel Dust is pretty good. Desmond is too strung out on caffeine from his own three-day binge of sleeplessness, so instead of crafting show notes, he decided to list just some of the tangents Damien and he covered: scaring vocal coaches, band names, Super Mario's underwater playlist, Adam "MCA" Yauch, Christopher Lee, the Sinestro Corps, growing old, the... perks of high school, The Spin Doctors (again), Inspector Gadget, David Hasselhoff, and many more after that, he's sure. But he stopped noting them.
.: 1:50:32 :: 53.3 MB :: 20 May 2012 :.

04.03: Desmond and Damien know that feeling, it is The Real Thing. Faith No More's first band featuring alternative music legend Mike Patton on vocals. And boy are they happy about it?! Yes, they are. First up, they have news featuring previous bands covered on the podcast, and then they talk about the album cover without really saying anything for a ridiculous amount of time. But after the first 25 minutes, it's all Patton-era Faith No More goodness. The creepiness and the poppiness and the metalness are all talked about. But so are the New Kids on the Block. Twice! Of course: more band name updates, weird sex acts, and odd celebrity references. What would a show be without it? Damien makes faces, but only people who pay for the premium videocast version of the show get to see them. Also, where do the bad raisins go when they die? Listen to find out!
.: 1:51:58 :: 54.0 MB :: 06 May 2012 :.

04.02: Damien and Desmond are back in hologram form to introduce themselves to the only record standing between them and Mike Patton: Faith No More's Introduce Yourself. Right off the bat, Desmond has a theory about Chuck that Damien agrees with. What do Wesley Willis and the Kids of Widney High have in common? They're both have better vocals than Chuck Mosley. The band name suggestions are played fast and loose as well as tangents about Fine Young Cannibals and dubstep. Damien makes a very vivid comparison from a song to what a herd of animals might be doing, and Desmond argues with a song. Again. All this and more. Can we have some Mike Patton now, please?
.: 1:12:33 :: 35.1 MB :: 22 April 2012 :.

04.01: We care a lot! About Roddy, Billy, and Puffy!
We care a lot! About Des' nose that sounds stuffy!
We care a lot! About fun band names, Mike Patton, and Courtney Love!
We care a lot! About drooling over sleazy covers we are not above!

We care a lot! About random dude's names and Melissa Auf Der Maur!
We care a lot! About the Fine Young Cannibal from Highlander!
We Care a Lot! Is the worst debut album that we know!
We care a lot! About you listeners and being thorough!


And it's a dirty job but someone's gotta review it! Yes it's Chuck Mosely drunk who warbles all the way through it!
And it's a dirty job but someone's gotta review it! Yes, Faith No More gets better or we wouldn't do it!
.: 1:14:29 :: 36.0 MB :: 08 April 2012 :.

03.04: In this episode, Damien and Desmond cover the first two albums from trip hop / speed metal duo Rusty Chuck: Boob Height and Sinus Irrigation. But first, they have to get through the final two (for now) releases from The Offspring: Splinter and Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace, respectively. Before they even get into the albums, Desmond drops a bomb on Damien so big that, decades from now, Damien will refuse to teach his history students about this war due to the deeply entrenched socio-political shame involved. But your intrepid hosts do agree on one thing: the awesomeness of studio drummer extraordinaire Josh Freese! Is The Man breaking down Desmond's door, or is the old lady just making noise in the background? And just who is the next band we cover? Listen to find out!
.: 1:35:44 :: 46.3 MB :: 25 March 2012 :.

03.03: In this episode, covering Americana and Conspiracy of One, Damian and Desmond cover "that era" of The Offspring's career. The song "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" inspires no less than 20 minutes of vitriolic sonic hatred. Question: What are some things that punk songs should not contain? Answer: Steel drums, drum machines, the words "sail away," or a Rob Schneider sample. Question: What are things that songs should contain? Answer: The Beach Boys. This episode is a roadmap for young punk bands wondering how to remain relevant. You're welcome!
.: 2:08:37 :: 62.2 MB :: 11 March 2012 :.

03.02: Hey, Dropped D listeners! Did you think, like others, that perhaps last episode was light in the tangent department? Well, this is the episode for you! They went on a long tangent before recording, began the episode on a long tangent, and indulged in several tangents of varying length during the episode. In fact, as you listen to this right now, Desmond and Damien are still having a lengthy conversation about Art Deco architectural style on the west coast of North America. They both think it's quite droll. See you next time! Also: Smash and Ixnay on the Hombre are the two albums being discussed this week.
.: 2:27:15 :: 71.0 MB :: 26 February 2012 :.

03.01: Get your "whoas" and "yeahs" ready! The Offspring era has begun! Desmond will make sure to type "The Offspring" in the show notes all of the time because, for damned sure, he won't be saying it in the show. But that's okay, because Damien is very accepting of this shortfall. In a show where your hosts cover the first two releases from The Offspring (The Offspring and Ignition), it's a relatively tangent-free episode. But that doesn't stop your intrepid power-pop professors from going back to the well and referencing references from past shows as the Dropped D Home Game is envisioned! Hold on to your cornrows!
.: 1:27:09 :: 42.0 MB :: 12 February 2012 :.

02.06: It's a Huge Conspiracy! The Guns N' Roses era of Dropped D ends with a whimper. The boys cover the lamented Chinese Democracy this week in the final GNR episode, because, let's face it, there won't be another. Even if there is, Desmond will be long dead by then, and Damien will be busy transferring his stock in Mountain Dew Corp. into his retirement funds. So enjoy it while it lasts. Axl is a time traveler, Paul Huge rears his ugly head, a wager is made, and all sorts of nasty shenanigans are gone through. What do old Damien and Desmond sound like? Also, how old was the babysitter Desmond hired? When is it acceptable to have "sha-na-nas" in your lyrics? And, finally, what is the next band your intrepid podcasters will cover? Questions for the ages, my friends.
.: 1:26:25 :: 41.9 MB :: 29 January 2012 :.

02.05: We got a new show, we got it good! Du-nuh-nu-nu! Yes, you knew that we always would! Du-nuh-nu-nu! We stop to tangent off, but Des edits out the coughs! Desmond and Damien grab a handful of pasta and cover their very first cover album: "The Spaghetti Incident?" So jump on the shame train and grab a suitcase full of puns and come along for the ride. Now, we all know Desmond's an unabashed GNR fan, but what happens when Damien starts bashing the original bands from these cover songs? Hearts will break. Also, this week's target is hipsters. Sorry, hipsters. Charles Manson for President 2012.
.: 1:25:15 :: 41.4 MB :: 15 January 2012 :.

02.04: This episode is so silly, Damien barely gets a greeting out before Desmond bursts into laughter. But once the boys start discussing Guns N' Roses' Use Your Illusion II, they talk about movie quotes sampled at the beginning of songs, documentaries about black metal, and world politics. And that's all while talking about "Civil War!" Cozy up around the fire with the family, and listen to Desmond giggle and Damien deliver his now-trademarked "HHWhat!" response for the holidays. Neither Desmond and Damien, nor the parent company of Dropped D, are responsible for any Hoon Pee or Days of Thunder one may experience while listening to this episode. It's your own damn fault. Also, which song is so ridiculous it brings up references to Katy Perry, Dante's Inferno, pro wrestling, and Nazis? You have to listen to find out!
.: 1:37:01 :: 47.0 MB :: 01 January 2012 :.

02.03: Your Gods of Rock are back with the first half of Guns N' Roses' double album: Use Your Illusion I. Desmond tweeted Axl Rose. Damien comes up with the idea to cast the Guns N' Roses movie with awkward celebrities. Then the two talk about the pretty significant line-up changes during this era of the band. Then, they actually talk about the album itself! References to Wings (the band), Wings (the sitcom), Cheers (the purveyor of Ted Danson's sexitude), and other one-word plural nouns abound! Naked pictures of Stephanie Seymour are looked at, the perils of incest (and rock and roll decadence, for that matter) are discussed, Shannon Hoon's urine is dissected. All this in the first 35 minutes of this huge episode!
.: 1:37:35 :: 47.3 MB :: 18 December 2011 :.

02.02: This episode begins with puns so bad, it almost ends the show. Almost. Why would they end the show when there's so much to talk about in one of the weirdest releases a band has ever put out? This time, Desmond and Damian put on fingerless gloves, and, Guns N' Roses' second official release, G N' R Lies gets its due. In the course of their discussion, there is much said about Aerosmith, Del James, and poor Steven Adler. There's even an impromptu freestyle rap that really sucks!
.: 57:44 :: 28.1 MB :: 04 December 2011 :.

02.01: In this extensive conversation of Guns N' Roses' first official release, Appetite for Destruction, Desmond and Damien discuss all aspects of the early era of the band. Along the way, they pay tons of lip service to LA Guns, Dave Mustaine, Mega Man, and teenage pop stars. Listen as the fellas recount cassette tape woes, vigilante encounters, and the truth of what seven year old Desmond thought "Mr. Brownstone" was really about. It's a whistle-blowin', cowbell-hittin', fat-people-lovin' good time!
.: 1:40:47 :: 48.6 MB :: 20 November 2011 :.

01.06: Coming off Tool's magnum opus, Desmond and Damien bid farewell to the band, for now, by covering their misguided and much-awaited most recent release, 10,000 Days. In this episode, Desmond makes several puns so bad that Damien verbally winces. It was all for him! But that's suitable, because while the boys have been on point for much of their coverage of Tool, this is their most divergent record to date! Also, Damien makes his peace with Indian percussionists, but then Desmond goes and puts his foot in his mouth. Then they cover some feedback and choose the next band!
.: 1:26:52 :: 42.0 MB :: 06 November 2011 :.

01.05: Strap in, folks. Damien is about to swing on the spiral and go all Tool Nerd on your asses! In a review that spans almost twice as long as the actual album, the two hosts go over Tool's Lateralus. Get out your graphing calculators, you might need them. Also, Damien mentions the name of a band so heretical to mention on an episode dedicated to the sacrosanct musical opus of his favorite band, that Desmond is compelled to censor it. But is Lateralus an album or a piece of sophisticated Apokoliptian technology? Obviously Damien and Desmond liked the album, but what does Keanu Reeves think? Not to mention Riverdale's astrophysics, the Yngwie Malmsteen count hits two, analogies throughout all of pop culture, and all of life's little mysteries are answered within.
.: 1:50:46 :: 53.7 MB :: 23 October 2011 :.

01.04: You thought the Tool discography was all a lovefest, didn't you? Even with a lukewarm reaction to the first EP, the guys were full of praise. This time, everything changes. As they slog their way through the audio disc that was part of Tool's Salival boxset, the guys make fun of young people a lot. Desmond bemoans the length of almost every song. But, most controversially, Damien makes a statement so harsh, Indian percussionists may never listen to this show again. Because of said statement, Desmond would like to take the show notes to let the ACLU know that he is Canadian, and regardless of what horrific and inflammatory remarks Damien makes, Desmond has diplomatic immunity. Or something. Plus, tips for navigating automated operators!
.: 1:15:51 :: 36.6 MB :: 09 October 2011 :.

01.03: How the hell do two guys talk about an album for almost twice its running length? By going on tangents and making references to Blur, Jungian theory, Scientology, and El Santo of course! Desmond and Damien also tell a cool story about a Monty Python record that neither of them can quite recall. Math is involved. No one told us there would be math... or Kathy Griffin for that matter. Join in on Schizophrenic Six Degrees of Separation! Oh yeah! They also refer to Tool's third release: Aenima.
.: 1:46:30 :: 51.4 MB :: 25 September 2011 :.

01.02: As the hosts continue their Tool retrospective, they go in-depth on their first full-length album: Undertow. This record is full of stuff that we'll see more of on the next venture. Damien steals Desmond's title only seconds into the show, making for a very tense relationship between the two. Perhaps that's why Damien didn't enjoy Desmond's Britney Spears analogy. Or maybe it's because he has no sense of humor. You decide. I have, I write the copy.
.: 1:11:30 :: 34.6 MB :: 11 September 2011 :.

01.01: It has begun! Join Des and DW on their modern rock odyssey to go in-depth on their favorite bands, album-by-album, track-by-track. Up first is Tool, the masters of art-rock / prog-metal. The album: Opiate, their 1992 EP. Hear the boys dissect this less-than-stellar debut by referencing French brothels, bands they have fought and will fight, Yngwie Malmsteen, and more. It'll blow your face right off.
.: 56:15 :: 27.3 MB :: 28 August 2011 :.

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