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Episodes of Hey, an Actor!
103: Amy Adams is next on the HAA Year of Redux docket! The featured films covered by The Brothers Wilson are her career commencing, beauty pageant, black comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous; her first foray into a big budget comic book movie franchise, Man of Steel; and linguistic sci-fi puzzler Arrival. Along the way, there are some naughty well wishes from classic fans of the show, a challenge gauntlet thrown down by The Orgs, and a thanking for Sheryl Crow.
.: 2:29:30 :: 11 May 2024 :.

102: Hey, an Actor's Year of Redux continues with The Brothers Wilson profiling Halle Berry once again. The focus shifts from her early career supporting role in Eddie Murphy vehicle Boomerang to her ill-fated titular performance in 2004's Catwoman, then to her major contribution to the Wachowskis' ambitious filmic adaptation of Cloud Atlas. Along the way Ian fills Pandy in on the on-set fatality of the original Crow movie, the Wilson family trip to Edinburgh is analyzed, and a shout-out / mention goes to Donovan Grant's gran. And how do the brothers handle the inevitability of the podcast's new sponsorship deals?
.: 2:30:14 :: 13 April 2024 :.

101: The Year of Redux commences! The Brothers Wilson's victory lap after 100 episodes will consist of previously covered actors that we feel deserve an update or second go, and what better way to start than with Will Smith. Ian and Pandy discuss sci-fi comedy Men in Black, biopic Ali, and Netflix juggernaut Bright, as well as what has happened in the 10-ish years since last they explored his career. Plus: can Will Smith be considered a "safe pair of hands" with his movie choices? How have the events of the 2023 Oscars affected his career? How awesome is Bright!? All the questions answered, a new celebrity endorsement, and more in this audio gift for your ears!
.: 1:59:02 :: 03 March 2024 :.

100: Celebration time! Hey, an Actor celebrates its 100th episode with a brief look at one of their most revered, loved, and perved-upon faces: Heather Graham! As well as pausing to appreciate her in all her glory, we also cover the recent holiday rom-com Best. Christmas. Ever! and gritty Jack the Ripper murder adventure From Hell. The usual end of year festivities bring Christian's Casting Challenge, The Tomlinsons, and a batch of outtakes. Plus, this episode is packed with extra treats to celebrate its centenary, including celebrity endorsements, high quality feedback galore, and a familiar old friend or two. Many thanks to our listeners and supporters for 10 years of childish fun!
.: 2:41:33 :: 06 January 2024 :.

099: This episode, Ian and Pandy turn their ginger heads towards the versatile behemoth Matt Damon! Their three films covered are amnesiac spy thriller The Bourne Identify, space drama The Martian, and his breakout role in Good Will Hunting. Tune in to find out their thoughts, plus: how did Pandy overcome Damon's difficult-to-rhyme name in a new audio delight? Who brings up Keith Harris and Orville the Duck? And we tackle the ultimate Hollywood question: Matt Damon or Ben Affleck - who's the best?
.: 3:07:53 :: 21 December 2023 :.

098: The Brothers Wilson turn the HAA focus on their third Bruce Wayne and the less popular member of his double act with Matt Damon (the subject of our next episode); the Bat-man that is Ben Affleck. Listen in to hear discussion of his reviled action turn in the badly spelt Pearl Harbor, his lead role in the poorly aged Kevin Smith romcom drama Chasing Amy, and his altogether better-received efforts as the lead actor and director of 2012 historical thriller Argo. In the midst of the usual nonsense, Pandy drops a career bombshell, Ian reveals which Kevin Smith movie he will never watch, and the hosts make a major announcement about Episode 100 and the landscape of the podcast in 2024!
.: 2:37:30 :: 25 November 2023 :.

097: Gwyneth Paltrow is the highlighted actor for this episode of Hey, an Actor, with the brothers focusing on period Oscar-bait rom-com Shakespeare in Love, Farrelly Brothers comedy Shallow Hal, and side-splitting sin-based serial killing film Seven. Forever breaking boundaries, this podcast features one of the hosts recovering from surgery! Tune in to find out what links a notoriously predatory producer and a 90s British sitcom, what would make Mr. Kidd proud, and why Pandy, at some point, shouts "A pearl necklace!" Also, don't forget to start think about your favorite moments from HAA from this year for the ever-closening Tomlinson awards, and send in some feedback to hey@earth-2.net so Pandy doesn't win.
.: 2:59:29 :: 29 October 2023 :.

096: Viola Davis is our featured actor this episode. The Queen of Righteous Indignation reigns supreme across the covered films in the form of two August Wilson (no relation) play adaptations: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and Fences, and the big budget anti-racism tale The Help. The Brothers Wilson discuss her undeniably powerful presence in her work, as well as accidentally spoiling lots of plot details that have driven Pandy to despair in the edit. Plus: What did The Brothers make of Chadwick Boseman's swansong performance? Why is Pandy the victor? And, why is Ian part of the problem?
.: 2:34:23 :: 04 September 2023 :.

095: Hey, an Actor! has taken a long run up to feature one of cinema's most prominent names of yesteryear in Orson Welles. Straight out of the gate is the legendary Citizen Kane, followed by European hit The Third Man, and capped off by Tex-Mex crime thriller Touch of Evil. Recorded whilst Ian is fully sober and Pandy looks to publicly available AI for the purposes of film-specific raps, The Brothers Wilson also discuss the recurrence of Joseph Cotton, offer up competing song choices to close the episode, and critique Welles' introduction to British television in 1955. And it's all quite silly!
.: 3:00:11 :: 02 July 2023 :.

094: The Brothers Wilson return to bring you the first proper episode of Hey, An Actor! for 2023, spotlighting Eddie Murphy. Trying to capture the eclectic talents of their subject in the space of three films is a tricky ask, but Ian and Pandy persevere with Murphy's 80s comedy hit Coming to America, his 90s hidden gem collaboration with Steve Martin Bowfinger, and his Oscar-nominated turn in Motown-inspired musical adaptation Dreamgirls. Along the way, Ian gets into his first-hand experience of radio payolas, Pandy is inspired to recite a song from one of the films should Ian ever marry, and we take a second trip to Culture Corner!
.: 2:35:44 :: 31 March 2023 :.

093: The Brothers Wilson proudly bring you Hey, An Actor's end of year episode for 2022, with the featured subject being comedy legend Mel Brooks! Taking in both The Producers and Blazing Saddles, Ian and Pandy discuss America's divergent Axis Powers focus, Carry On films, and The One Show. And of course, this episode brings about the regular favorites of Christian's Casting Challenge, The Archivist's curation of outtakes, and The Tomlinson Awards!
.: 2:45:23 :: 15 January 2023 :.

092: Due to the results of the 2021 Tomlinson Awards, the Most Anticipated Actor for 2022, Natalie Portman, receives the full HAA treatment from The Brothers Wilson. The three films on the docket: sweary, sex-play adaptation Closer; whacky underage assassin Leon: The Professional; and scary, avian-based dance horror Black Swan. Which film leaves both hosts lukewarm, and which inspired many a 90s action film? Also: discover which film from Portman's back catalogue is the personification of a comedy Rock song, marvel at how The Brothers tip-toe around big topics, including questionable French artistry and the Israeli / Palestine conflict, and prepare to vote in the upcoming Tomlinson Awards 2022!
.: 2:43:20 :: 24 December 2022 :.

091: After a bit of a hiatus, The Brothers Wilson return to bring you the Drew Barrymore instalment of Hey, an Actor! Covering her child actor years by dint of Firestarter, her mainstream commercial years via Charlie's Angels, and her successful romcom partnership with Adam Sandler in 50 First Dates. Ian and Pandy also take in a disproportionate amount of cultural appropriation, ranging from acting greats like George C Scott all the way down to Rob Schneider. Also, stay tuned to find out Ian's bugbears with Stephen King, what compels Pandy to dash out naked in the rain, and why, given all the legitimate closing song choices the featured films throw up, the episode ends on a deranged song about clowny clown clowns.
.: 2:36:46 :: 31 October 2022 :.

090: Bald, muscular, known for his action chops, but that's enough about Pandy. This episode focuses on the recently retired blockbuster star Bruce Willis! In doing so, The Brothers Wilson explore his explosive breakout role in Die Hard, his high-profile thriller film The Sixth Sense, and more recent sci-fi action film Looper. Also: what is the new voice of Email Bot? What is the host of ghosts and death? And why, oh, why has Ian got Stunt Dogs on the brain?
.: 2:59:06 :: 86.3 MB :: 30 June 2022 :.

089: Sir Anthony Hopkins gets his own episode of Hey, an Actor! having made three guest appearances previously. Under the spotlight is his first film, The Lion in Winter, opposite Peter O'Toole, Katherine Hepburn, and HAA favorite Timothy Dalton; his papal turn as one of The Two Popes alongside Jonathan Pryce; and as the central performance in Oliver Stone's Nixon. Along the way, The Brothers Wilson discuss various Welsh actors and shameful instances of farting in public. Also, Pandy gains a new impression to his repertoire, and feedback returns in abundance.
.: 3:21:30 :: 97.1 MB :: 30 May 2022 :.

088: What says Easter quite like Faye Dunaway? Whatever the answer to that riddle may be, The Brothers Wilson tamper with their usual film ordering to chart the career decline of one of the most prominent actresses of the 1970s, starting with her Oscar-winning highpoint in Network. Then the supposed "biopic" of Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest, which is said to mark the turning point of Dunaway's career. Finally, the true marker of a career suffering monumental decline in Dunston Checks In, as the hosts ponder whether Elizabeth Taylor would allow an orangutan to shove her into a massive cake. Along the way, Ian and Pandy chat about history source work, TABHAL, acceptable films for Pandy's children, and Ian's hot takes on Home Alone. It's an audio experience not to be missed!
.: 2:48:51 :: 81.4 MB :: 13 April 2022 :.

087: The Brothers Wilson begin the year with retiring comedic actor Rick Moranis, starting with semi-pulp musical Streets of Fire, moving on to his lead role in Little Shop of Horrors, and Disney breakthrough Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Are there other selling points? Sure, but you'll have to listen to find out!
.: 3:10:17 :: 91.7 MB :: 28 February 2022 :.

086: After many a-setback, The Brothers Wilson finally bring you their final show of 2021, with our featured player being Rob Reiner. Coverage centers around his directorial helming of classic romcom When Harry Met Sally..., as well as his first stint in the director's chair for This Is Spinal Tap, in which he also co-stars. In addition to Reiner's career, the "January" episode also means that Ian and Pandy delve into jingles, George Banks, Christian Honore's Casting Challenge, outtakes, and The Tomlinson Awards. And just who will be the first two subjects proper for 2022?
.: 2:59:29 :: 86.5 MB :: 23 January 2022 :.

085: The hosts of Hey, an Actor! have put pedal to the metal in order to squeeze in the listeners' choice for 2021: Tim Curry. This episode charts Curry's wide-eyed "and credit" performance in 1990s curiosity Congo, before heading back in time for his turn as Wadsworth the Butler in Clue, and, naturally, his breakout performance as Dr Frank N Furter in 70s rock opera Rocky Horror Picture Show. Ian and Pandy chart all this as well looking at his other roles as a clown demon, pirate leader, hotel concierge, and Satan. Along the way, we also find out the hosts' favorite Rocky Horror songs, which of them sustained a facial injury via hockey, and which of them got starstruck by Christopher Biggins. Also, THE TOMLINSON AWARDS 2021 ARE NOW OPEN!
.: 2:20:38 :: 82.3 MB :: 12 December 2021 :.

084: After a few months away, The Brothers Wilson return to look at one of the most prominent Hollywood actresses of the past 25 years: Angelina Jolie. Ian and Pandy look at early career milestone Hackers, her ascendency to household name status with Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and her dramatic turn in Changeling. The episode discusses the cultural phenomenon of Lara Croft and its effect of adolescent males in the late 1990s, the early days of the Internet, the love life of Fisher Stevens, and the sheer misfortune of being directly related to Jon Voight. One film covered sees the brothers in perfect agreement, whereas another has the biggest divergence in opinion in quite some time. And there's one more full episode to go before Hey, an Actor! closes out the year, so Tomlinsons season is not far behind!
.: 2:20:50 :: 68.0 MB :: 23 November 2021 :.

083: The Brother Wilson showcase Laurence Fishburne for this month's Hey, An Actor! From his Oscar-nominated turn as Ike Turner in What's Love Got to Do With It? to his levelheaded captain turn in the sci-fi / horror film Event Horizon and his levelheaded scientist turn in warning-to-the-future Contagion, Ian and Pandy have a lot of time for Laurence! Many HAA films from Year One are referenced, as well as Pandy's first MILF, Ian's burgeoning resistance to horror films, and how Sean Pertwee led to the consolidation of The Wilson family.
.: 2:48:47 :: 81.4 MB :: 03 August 2021 :.

082: Ian and Pandy return to cover the career of the recently deceased Christopher Plummer. The non-Trekkie brothers take in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, the 70s clash between Sherlock Homes and Jack the Ripper in Murder by Decree, and arguably his best-known role within The Sound of Music (which he largely despised.) The episode uncovers Pandy's recently discovered love for the actor James Mason, whilst Ian provides a handy guide for nationalism and critiques Maria von Trapp's favorite things. Additionally, the hosts question what Americans consider to be sherbet, the relationships between Holmes and Watson, Scatman John, and uncover a new game based upon Teletubby Po's Lancashire impression. And just why did Gwen Stefani release a song sampling Lonely Goatherd?
.: 3:02:17 :: 87.9 MB :: 09 June 2021 :.

081: The Brothers Wilson head way back to yesteryear to cover the life and times of one of Hollywood's most notorious stars of the talkies: Judy Garland. In reverse order, Ian and Pandy look at Garland's breakout hit in the legendary The Wizard of Oz, one of Garland's most successful ever films as a studio-contracted player in Meet Me in St. Louis, and her film career watermark in A Star is Born. Along the way, there's serious discussions about the duty of care towards child actors, less serious references to classic episodes of The Simpsons, and the anecdote of when Pandy outright lied to the recently deceased Prince Philip. The episode also touches upon the abomination of the past 20 years of adverts for the Halifax Building Society, and a new song devoted to Hey, an Actor's very own muse, Tom Hemmings.
.: 3:05:36 :: 89.5 MB :: 18 April 2021 :.

080: Whilst it is technically March, February is the month of romance and Hey, an Actor duly profiles one of the queens of rom-coms from the 1990s: Julia Roberts. Starting off with latter career star vehicle Eat, Prey, Love, The Brothers Wilson speed on to her break-out hit Pretty Woman, and her Oscar-winning performance in / as Erin Brockovich. The hosts discuss white privilege, societal prejudice and attitudes to women as best as two white British males can possibly hope to do so when drinking, whilst also bringing the tone down when discussing Ian's best assets as a law worker, Richard Gere, and the Victorian era. Also find out why James Franco is regarded as a disappointment, which in-flight movies the hosts remember, and what is classified as The Bus Movie.
.: 3:26:19 :: 99.4 MB :: 21 March 2021 :.

079: The first featured actor of 2021 on Hey, an Actor! is comedic-turned-serious actor via Batman: Michael Keaton. The Brothers Wilson look at one of his break-out hits in Mr. Mom, his signifying career renaissance statement known as Birdman: or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), and one of his most famous roles working with Tim Burton (no, not that one) Beetlejuice. Along the way Pandy rants, Ian lays out the secret behind Danny Elfman's career, and a Pandy Parody closes out the show.
.: 3:10:46 :: 91.9 MB :: 20 February 2021 :.

078: Fresh off the scratching post in a French peasant's blockade: it's 2020's Hey, an Actor! Christmas Special! In accordance with tradition, the December Director is Tom Hooper and The Brothers Wilson sink their teeth into two of his high-profile adaptations of musicals. First, 2012's Les Miserables, and then 2019's Cats. Questions answered include: Whose were Pandy's first pair of filmic breasts? Which brother prefers a CGI abomination to a depressing French romp? And, what of all the musical offerings was chosen to end the episode? If that wasn't enough, there's also the Tomlinson Awards, a small selection of outtakes, and a lot of feedback fun. Merry Christmas, y'all!
.: 2:50:24 :: 82.1 MB :: 24 December 2020 :.

077: A much-delayed Hey, an Actor sees The Brothers Wilson take on some choice entries of the filmography of the groundbreaking stand-up comedian and actor Richard Pryor. Both hosts experience Brewster's Millions for the first time, whilst Pandy nominates one of Pryor's many collaborations with the great Gene Wilder in See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Ian finally allows a comic book movie to be covered on HAA via Superman III. We also deliver a mea culpa from Ian (RE: the podcast's delay), gain Evie Wilson's familiarity with the DC Universe, and, in a first for the podcast, announce the subject of our End of Year special (to be recorded very soon).
.: 2:50:55 :: 82.4 MB :: 10 December 2020 :.

076: After an absence during these trying times, Hey, an Actor! is back with a boom as The Brothers Wilson come out swinging and pitch their mettle against one of Hollywood's most overlooked Oscar winners: Anjelica Huston. To prove the point, this episode doesn't cover her Oscar win but her acclaimed performance of Morticia Addams in The Addams Family, her arch role in the film adaptation of children's classic The Witches, and also The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. The hosts also discuss power bottoms, Orange Wednesdays, and the problematic legacy of Roald Dahl, with which Pandy stokes Ian's ire by mentioning Taika Waititi on numerous occasions.
.: 3:17:36 :: 95.2 MB :: 14 August 2020 :.

075: To honor the proposed release of Bond #25, No Time to Die, The Brothers Wilson have also delayed the episode dedicated to the winner of our James Bond actor poll from earlier in the year: Timothy Dalton. The hosts look at the 1970 adaptation of the classic novel Wuthering Heights, before turning to slightly classier fare in Fran Drescher's The Beautician and the Beast. Then, by popular demand, the hosts review Hot Fuzz. Along the way, we have anecdotes regarding wedding reception music requests, lockdown quizzes, and a duet between singing space professors. And just how well do you know Alan Tudyk?
.: 3:01:47 :: 188.3 MB :: 09 May 2020 :.

074: The Brothers Wilson may have been delayed by global events, but certainly not curtailed as they bring you their March episode in mid-April, featuring modern day Hollywood star Cameron Diaz. From the now-retired actress' body of work, Ian and Pandy delve into her surprise dramatic turn in the off-beat Being John Malkovich, her star turn in low-brow comedy hit There's Something About Mary, and her being one of the four pillars of seasonal romantic comedy The Holiday alongside many former HAA subjects. The episode also answers the obscure questions of which films had a prolific influence on screenwriter Russel T. Davies, where does Mr. Freeze fit into a Cameron Diaz movie, and which brother brought up the practice of dogging in a work meeting. All this, plus: puppets, cottaging, and the second instalment of "The Year of Hemmings" as attempted humor during these trying times. Go listen!
.: 2:45:21 :: 160.9 MB :: 15 April 2020 :.

073: Finally sinking their collective teeth into a modern Hollywood A-lister after many a month, The Brothers Wilson set their sights on Captain Slurry himself: Sylvester Stallone. Ian finally watches Stallone's cinematic calling card in Rocky, whereas Pandy finds himself watching Demolition Man. And both end up watching The Expendables for the first time. This episode will namecheck numerous towns from the West Midlands of England, whilst Ian names his favorite comedy film of the 1990s, and Pandy introduces the first instalment of his uncalled for segment "The Year of Hemmings."
.: 3:02:43 :: 201.2 MB :: 02 March 2020 :.

072: The new decade begins as any new year on Hey, an Actor! begins, with a comedic actor. Namely Kristen Wiig. The Brothers Wilson step up to the task of examining the highly controversial version of Ghostbusters (2016), before settling into the more standard fare of Wiig's cinematic breakthrough of Bridesmaids, and her more dramatic turn against SNL co-star Bill Hader in The Skeleton Twins. The hosts also use their time to discuss graphic alternative methods of vasectomy, confiscated toys, and obscure UK puppet show Bug Alert.
.: 2:49:14 :: 183.8 MB :: 06 February 2020 :.

071: The end of The Year of the Rings is upon us, and in a surprise twist that rivals the film Soylent Green, this month's person of interest is the Knight of New Zealand himself: Peter Jackson! The brothers explore two non-Rings films in the form of the 2005 mocap-based gorilla snuff film King Kong, and whacky murder romp Heavenly Creatures. They also discuss the highs and lows of the six Rings films. Along the way there a traditional festive challenge from Christian Honore, which posits which Nintendo character Sir Ian McKellen would best suit, we discover Peter Jackson's cheeky-chappy side in his very own jingle, and did someone say "Email-bot redemption arc?" Plus: a Tomlinson awards that bucks many a trend, and some incredibly bad taste outtakes! Thank you all for a fabulous year of HAA!
.: 3:14:55 :: 187.5 MB :: 31 December 2019 :.

070: Renowned Shakespearean actor, gay rights pioneer, and family friend of the hosts, the final actor for The Year of the Rings is none other than Sir Ian McKellen. The Brothers Wilson try to save time by reviewing both Gods and Monsters and Mr. Holmes, which are basically the same film, as well as capping of the Tolkien adaptations with their coverage of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Along the way there are discussions of various iterations of Sherlock Holmes, Jeff Goldblum impersonators, the strategic port of Dover, and rock frontmen reading bedtime stories. Listen now so you can vote in the 2019 Tomlinson Awards!
.: 3:10:26 :: 91.8 MB :: 07 December 2019 :.

069: Possibly the least likely subject for Hey, an Actor! in its history, our hosts nevertheless take one of the few female actors to grace The Year of the Rings, which is Evangeline Lilly. Ian finally gets to watch Real Steel, whereas hidden gem Little Evil graces Pandy's eyeballs for the first time, and The Hobbit is revisited with middle chapter The Desolation of Smaug. Along the way, we find out that where these films cross over with start-up wrestling promotion AEW, which Earth-2.net staffer has a brief history with Evangeline Lilly, and how a fellow Leicestrian basically prolongs the Hobbit trilogy by being a b*stard. Also, we discover how often Tom Hemmings gets name-dropped on a typical episode of HAA, and The Brothers Wilson are once again haunted by their former Emailbot.
.: 2:40:57 :: 77.6 MB :: 10 November 2019 :.

068: HAA's favorite Danish-American is, of course, Christian Honore. But, as he isn't a movie actor, attention has turned instead to one of the lynchpins of the Lord of the Rings trilogy: Viggo Mortensen. The Brothers Wilson feature his literal crowning glory in Return of the King, whilst ignoring his pre-Tolkein career in favor of an atypical comic book movie, A History of Violence, and his part in the recent Academy Award-winning biopic Green Book. Along the way, Pandy spends the entire recording baking bread, Ian starts a new recurring trope, and there's some light mockery of Blink-182 to boot.
.: 2:47:00 :: 80.5 MB :: 29 September 2019 :.

067: This episode represents an Hey, An Actor first, as The Brothers Wilson record together overseas in the Netherlands in order to bring you a timely episode. And it's about Lord Elrond himself: Hugo Weaving. The hosts look at his pre-franchise career hits of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert with Weaving as a drag queen, and The Interview, with Weaving as a murder suspect in police custody. And in a rare contravention of the double-dipping rules, The Brothers cover V for Vendetta at a time that has never been more apt for Britain. The episode also charts Weaving's true feelings towards being Megatron, uncovering the truth about The Magic Pudding, and Pandy experiences the true horror of an email bot going rogue.
.: 2:22:19 :: 68.7 MB :: 31 August 2019 :.

066: This month, The Brothers Wilson meet the summer heat with a subject with the coolest eyes in all of Hollywood, as Hot Fuzz will prove. Cate Blanchett is duly in the spotlight, with a selection of roles portraying real-life figures, ranging from Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth to Katherine Hepburn in Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator, and as evil Dana Scully in globetrotting action drama Hanna. Along the way there's The Oscar Game, Pandy's Tudor facts, odes to Ponyo, and a hugely random Disney song. Also, Ian surprises Pandy with his knowledge of BioShock, and just how do you pronounce Saoirse Ronan's name?
.: 3:00:55 :: 87.2 MB :: 10 August 2019 :.

065: An episode of Hey, an Actor that has been three-plus years in the making, The Brothers Wilson are able to use The Year of the Rings to finally talk about the crown prince of motion-capture: Andy Serkis. The coverage of The Lord of the Rings is picked up with the full debut of Smeagol / Gollum in The Two Towers, whilst further mo-cap is covered in Steven Spielberg's adaptation of The Adventures of Tintin. And without the digital effects, we also cover Serkis' portrayal of English rocker Ian Dury in his biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. Along the way, discover amazing things brought up in conversation, such as trees not having lungs, overrated British sitcoms, and new HAA character Pandywise the Dancing Clown. The episode also sees the debuts of the Hey, an Actor caption competition and one Lincoln "Link" Wilson.
.: 3:25:13 :: 98.9 MB :: 30 June 2019 :.

064: The people voted! As such, the fifth instalment of The Year of the Rings on Hey, an Actor is to feature fiction's favorite gardener: Sean Astin. The Brothers Wilson chart their featured actor's pre-Samwise career from his child star hit The Goonies through to cult 90s hit Encino Man to, well, Icebreaker. The coverage hits upon important subjects, such as the career trajectory of Bruce Campbell, the cult of Andy's Friends, and two Englishmen's views on Pauly Shore. We also discover which film is to Ian what Halloween is to Pandy.
.: 2:37:39 :: 76.0 MB :: 02 June 2019 :.

063: Liv Tyler is The Brothers' featured actor this month of The Year of the Rings. We explore her role in low-budget, art-house, indie classic Armageddon, early career music shop romp Empire Records, and spooky stalker flick The Strangers. You will also hear how ridiculously tired Pandy is, discover why Ian developed a phobia of The Cure's Robert Smith, and hear how Heather Graham helps jog Pandy's memory of the ending to The Strangers. Plus: What song does Michael Bay use at all of his film pitches? Why does Pandy mention Bugs Bunny in a discussion of a horror film? And where did Robin Tunney's hair go? All these questions answers, as well as the results of our first Hey, an Actor featured actor audience poll of Sean Astin v Orlando Bloom.
.: 2:20:57 :: 68.1 MB :: 05 May 2019 :.

062: The Year of the Rings continues on Hey, an Actor! with our other Hobbit protagonist in the spotlight: Elijah Wood. The Fellowship of the Ring is our featured presentation, whilst Netflix hit I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore is championed by Pandy, and North is submitted by Ian as a mean of highlighting famous bad reviews. Other topics of discussion include the merits of CBeebies programming, fake political ministries in New Zealand, and the medium of reviewing via claps. Also, do The Brothers Wilson read at leisure?
.: 3:14:34 :: 93.8 MB :: 31 March 2019 :.

061: This month, The Brothers Wilson take on a fellow countryman who is a known supporting character actor whose eligibility for an episode is very much boosted by The Year of the Rings: Sean Bean. Ian is introduced to the Bechdel Test-endorsed video game adaptation Silent Hill. Whilst Pandy takes in an equally cheery film about plague-ridden England in the Middle Ages, and the quest to unearth a necromancer with a young Eddie Redmayne entitled Black Death. Finally, the podcast reviews an early role in which our subject plays a vengeful IRA terrorist relentlessly pursuing Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan in Patriot Games. On top of this, the episode contains discussion about video games being brought to the screen, Ian's inability to pronounce the most famous animated lion role portrayed by James Earl Jones, and Pandy's demented obsession with animated pre-school YouTube star Bob the Train. Choo-choo, melon farmers!
.: 3:08:26 :: 90.8 MB :: 28 February 2019 :.

060: The Brothers Wilson kick off 2019 (AKA The Year of the Rings) by looking at young Bilbo himself: Martin Freeman. Pandy gets to experience horror anthology Ghost Stories for the first time, whereas Ian is introduced to the lore of Douglas Adams through the film version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And the Tolkien vibe is thoroughly kicked off as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (AKA Hobbit #1) is covered. The episode also identifies the next Daniel Day-Lewis, Pandy re-opens his film-reviewing wounds regarding Halloween, and the word "spines" is bandied around for the horror genre. Do listen!
.: 2:46:41 :: 80.4 MB :: 03 February 2019 :.

059: Fresh from their one-month hiatus in order that Pandy could properly double the children he is responsible for, what better way for The Brothers Wilson to round off International Year than with acclaimed Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki! The customary two films for them to explore this December are 2001 worldwide hit Spirited Away, and iconic 1988 ghost-cat / rabbit epic My Neighbor Totoro. Accompanying these are an admittedly sparse number of outtakes and the Tomlinson Awards! Along the road, Ian and Pandy encounter frankly racist accents, the podcast's first cold open, and find out just how tired they are. (Spoilers: Very!). Plus, who is the first actor for next year's Year of the Ring?
.: 2:21:09 :: 68.1 MB :: 30 December 2018 :.

058: This month Pandy and Ian go toe-to-toe with The Muscles from Brussels himself: Jean-Claude Van Damme! In Pandy's front room, The Brothers Wilson chart the rise and fall of everyone's favorite kick-ass Belgian, focusing on recent low-key comedy Welcome to the Jungle, self-indulgent twaddle Double Impact, and amazingly bad / terribly brilliant video game adaptation Street Fighter. Questions also raised in today's episode include: In which of these films was JCVD coked out of his mind throughout filming? To whom will the brothers send either flowers or a pencil? And, what do the next two years of Hey, an Actor! have in store for Ian and Pandy? All this, plus Pandy has to blow his nose throughout the episode. Happy October!
.: 2:19:44 :: 67.5 MB :: 09 November 2018 :.

057: Having garnered feedback as to which Hollywood actors the podcast community would be uncomfortable with The Brothers Wilson tackling, this episode sees our hosts cover the people's choice from the previous Tomlinson awards: the decidedly unproblematic Tom Cruise! Always mindful of the podcast's legal budget, this episode covers the respectable Michael Mann crime thriller Collateral; the film Ian forgets he's reviewing by the end in Top Gun; and the film for which Pandy reveals far too much about himself in the quest for the perfect review, which is Eyes Wide Shut. Also on the docket is a frankly shocking Harvey Keitel impression, thoughts on James Nesbitt's film career, inspirations for Wilson baby names, and the fundamental debate as to whether Stanley Kubrick is, in fact, rubbish. Finally, our hosts put up the 2019 future of the podcast to a vote. What say you, listeners?
.: 2:57:29 :: 85.1 MB :: 06 October 2018 :.

056: Summer is over, Ian has regained his editing duties, and Pandy is going back to work. What can possibly cheer up The Brothers Wilson and, by extension, the listeners of Hey, an Actor? Why, the delectable Salma Hayek, of course! Starting with her early crossover hit into American film with her female lead in Robert "RobRod" Rodriguez's sophomore trilogy entry Desperado. This episode also charts her Academy Award-nominated role as the titular star of Frida, and her latter career dramatic turn as the equally titular Beatriz at Dinner. Listen closely to find out in which film Hayek plays a Fembot, and which of our featured films works best as a Captain Planet prequel. Pandy also returns to his jingle-making excesses, the feedback section is almost entirely forgotten, and the hosts discuss the sexual eroticism of Alfred Molina. Happy autumn, everybody!
.: 2:30:40 :: 72.7 MB :: 06 September 2018 :.

055: "What's the in the sky? Is it a spy? Is it a replicant? Is it a dolphin?" No, Peter. Calm down! It's everyone's favorite Dutch actor: Rutger Hauer! In episode 55 of Hey, an Actor! The Brothers Wilson really do go from the sublime (Blade Runner) to the ridiculous (Hobo with a Shotgun) via the WWII film (Soldier of Orange). As Ian and Pandy trot down Rutger Road they find all sorts of exciting nuggets of fun, including the joys of an intermission, Chad Kroeger, how one film reminds Pandy of a sobering Julius Caesar lesson, and Ian's latest parasites. Also, a fellow Earth-2.net contributor's previous treatment is revisited, another Earth-2.net contributor is (nearly) referenced by Colin Mochrie, and another Earth-2.net contributor is outed as the show's only Patreon supporter (despite this show not having Patreon).
.: 2:25:37 :: 70.3 MB :: 27 July 2018 :.

054: Jackie Chan is the featured actor for this very warm Pandy editing special, including the limited return of jingles! In this highly choreographed episode The Brothers Wilson marvel at Chan's out-of-type acting in the recent Netflix film The Foreigner, gasp at the sheer physicality and badly dated jokes in Police Story, and endure Chris Tucker's voice in Rush Hour. Also, questions that are answered include: What happened at friend-of-the-show Richard Paterson's stag do? Why is Jackie Chan the Prince of Gotham? Which supporting actor in one of the films is also a high-profile pornography star? And stay tuned for the end-of-show musical spectacular.
.: 2:21:16 :: 68.2 MB :: 04 July 2018 :.

053: International Year on Hey, an Actor! leads to a focus on South Africa's very own Charlize Theron, recorded on the 30th birthday of our very own Andrew "Pandy" Wilson! The birthday boy and his brother of ill-repute take in their subject's Oscar-winning performance as a real-life serial killer as dramatized in the 2003 film Monster, as well as early career hit The Cider House Rules, and recent spy action thriller Atomic Blonde. Stay tuned to the end to see why one supporting actor's name is so bothersome, whilst The Brothers Wilson again grapple with the dynamic of recording in the same room! And where in the world will the next actor choice take our hosts?
.: 2:36:41 :: 75.6 MB :: 06 June 2018 :.

052: The Brothers Wilson finally dive into world cinema as part of International Year, as they look at actress, martial artist, and Bond girl Michelle Yeoh. From the nuanced performance in the lead role of Aung San Suu Kyi biopic The Lady to West-pleasing wire-fu action flick Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the all-out insanity of 1980s Hong Kong martial arts movie Yes, Madam, this month's selection is certainly diverse! Also, there's the imagery of British commentator Katie Hopkins as a martial artist, discussion of when biopics should be produced, and the next spin of the globe as Ian and Pandy look out for their next international representatives.
.: 2:11:48 :: 65.5 MB :: 12 May 2018 :.

051: In honor of Pandy's stage commitments at time of release, Hey, an Actor! enlists the help of Dame Angela Lansbury to make sense of their shared theatrical credit of The Pirates of Penzance. The Brothers Wilson not only cover this famed 1983 theatrical movie, but Lansbury's Oscar-nominated turn in The Manchurian Candidate, and her starring role opposite HAA's patron saint David Tomlinson in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. The episode features perhaps its strongest film recommendation since Smokey and the Bandit, as well as multiple references to English actor Jim Dale, and where the Tim Allen sitcom Home Improvement improbably correlates with one of our featured films. Additionally, Pandy uses the episode to road-test new characters such as Jakko Warner, EmailBot, and Statistician Vincent, whilst Ian is reunited with one of TABHAL's greatest running jokes: Rex Smith and his acting masterclass.
.: 2:51:24 :: 82.7 MB :: 30 March 2018 :.

050: They said it couldn't be done. They said it shouldn't be done. But The Brothers Wilson have defied expectations to present the 50th episode of Hey, an Actor! Dedicating this milestone episode to Lebanon's greatest actor, Keanu Reeves, the hosts look at 80s comedy classic Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, modern action-revenge classic John Wick, and seminal sci-fi action special effects showcase The Matrix. All your favorite features are here: jingles, The Heather Graham Moment, a Pandy parody, Joaquin Bottom! Also: The debut appearance of Evie Wilson, Ian introducing Pandy to the nadir of 21st century WWE gimmicks (The Boogeyman), and Pandy's unique method of making everyone's name smutty. And the show even finds the time to plug a good cause, if that is a truly adequate description of Pandy's singing society: https://www.gofundme.com/piratesofnorthampton.
.: 3:15:14 :: 94.1 MB :: 27 February 2018 :.

049: Hey, an Actor! kicks off a new themed year! Once more, The Brothers Wilson take on a comedic thespian for January, focusing their energy on Canadian and original Saturday Night Live cast member Dan Aykroyd. The silver screen adaptation of Dragnet throws up a frankly amazing rap partnership between Aykroyd and former HAA subject Tom Hanks. Whilst Grosse Point Blank has such a magnificent soundtrack that the hosts stop recording to settle a background music dispute. Capping everything off is a review of the seminal music-based comedy caper: The Blues Brothers. Along the way, Ian expresses irritation at the relentless memory-flogging of dead celebrities, Pandy blames two British Earth-2.net contributors for theoretically cock-blocking his brother, and the theme of 2018 HAA programming is spelled out in full. What is it? Listen in to find out!
.: 2:59:55 :: 86.7 MB :: 31 January 2018 :.

048: "Davis Guggenheim who?" we hear you ask. Why, it's no less than the critically acclaimed documentary film-maker behind Al Gore's Oscar winning, carbon-based thriller An Inconvenient Truth and guitar-fetish piece It Might Get Loud. The brothers have great fun discussing their musical ability, their spin on American party politics, and the charisma of the former "next President of the United States of America." If that was not excitement enough, this Yuletide edition includes a customary seasonal triple whammy of delights: The Brothers dip into their outtake collection, the third annual Tomlinson awards, and it's a Pandy editing special! Merry Christmas one and all!
.: 2:33:41 :: 74.2 MB :: 25 December 2017 :.

047: Harkening back to the podcast's Year of Grey, The Brothers Wilson profile one of Hollywood's biggest icons: Marilyn Monroe. First up is the oxymoronic Technicolor noir film Niagara, where the hosts consider mysterious shoes and the crossover between Dick Van Dyke and British satirist Chris Morris. After that There's No Business Like Show Business gives Pandy an excuse to explore his fascination with Ethel Merman and Ian an excuse to rail against Singin' in the Rain once again. But the featured presentation is the comedy classic Some Like It Hot, with numerous literal actor names. Our hosts also consider classic adverts about crisps, Hugh Hefner being a Horcrux, the city of Boston, and the mindsets of 1950s Hollywood producers. Surely, it's the perfect lead in to the final episode of the year and the next round of Tomlinson awards!
.: 2:43:29 :: 78.8 MB :: 02 December 2017 :.

046: Redheads aplenty as Hey, an Actor! profiles one of modern cinema's more acclaimed actresses: Nicole Kidman. The Brothers Wilson chart her starring role in Baz Luhrmann's love-letter to his nation, Australia; her dark comedy career steppingstone, To Die For; and her Oscar-winning performance in The Hours, opposite previous HAA subjects Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore. Our hosts spend time reminiscing about a teacher's wall, and bracing themselves for the return of sound effects brought on by covering a film co-starring Joaquin Bottom. Plus: Pandy fails to immediately recognize actors who have had roles in Game of Thrones, David Wenham drops in for a chat, and one host embarrasses himself by concluding that a real-life author once had superpowers.
.: 3:03:39 :: 88.6 MB :: 11 November 2017 :.

045: This month sees Hey, an Actor! profile one of Hollywood's topmost A-listers from the end of the 20th century: Mel Gibson. The Brothers Wilson combine to chart the rise, fall, and partial resurgence of one of their most controversial subjects to date, with a particularly lengthy discussion about career resurrection and redemption. And as this is also a movie podcast in part, the episode covers Gibson's American breakthrough hit Lethal Weapon, the baffling pinnacle of his career in Braveheart, and the almost perversely insightful career doldrums movie The Beaver. (No sniggering at the back!) There's also some drunken insight into Lethal Weapon from The Orgs, whilst Ian dusts off his history hat to rip Braveheart a new one in terms of historical accuracy and why it is emblematic of today's post-truth society.
.: 3:07:04 :: 90.2 MB :: 02 October 2017 :.

044: What better way to celebrate the twin accomplishments of Ian's impending house ownership, and Burt Reynolds' entire film career than having a Pandy editing special? The Brother's Wilson investigate three films around the pinnacle of his popularity: the sexy rootin, tootin musical The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas; the banjo and sodomy classic Deliverance; and the mothertruckin' Smokey and the Bandit. Listen in to hear some of Reynolds' amazing pithy one-liners, discover Pandy's deep history with one of the films, find out how Ian would use Emmett Brown to improve a film, and hear The Brothers saying they don't want to speak ill of the dead despite speaking ill of the dead.
.: 2:38:27 :: 76.5 MB :: 26 August 2017 :.

043: Kate Winslet is one of the most acclaimed actresses of her generation: fact. With that in mind, how will The Brothers Wilson screw up / trivialize their analysis of one of the most famous people to come out of Berkshire, England? The film choices certainly stack up: starting with Winslet's Oscar win for the post-World War II drama The Reader, proceeding on to her breakthrough role as Marianne Dashwood in Emma Thompson's 1995 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, and then as the female lead in a little film known as Titanic. The always razor-sharp analysis involves Alan Rickman impressions, a timely reference to Divine Brown, and a failure on both hosts to say the word "admirable". This episode also marks the debut appearances of Ralph Fiennes, Ioan Gruffudd, and Billy "Slam Evil" Zane, whilst the actor Greg Wise is mocked for being a minor celebrity. And if you think this episode is ending on a Celine Dion song, you're only partly correct.
.: 3:09:03 :: 91.1 MB :: 31 July 2017 :.

042: It's Ian's birthday month and for Hey, an Actor! he has picked Kirsten Dunst as the featured star, even if he can't pronounce her first name properly. Making hay of her relatively long career for someone her age, The Brothers Wilson watch her grow from a child vampire in Interview with the Vampire to an assured teen performer in cheerleader / sports movie Bring It On, and finally as the adult lead in the overly serious Lars von Trier drama Melancholia. Along the way, they give everyone a dentistry update, Pandy reminisces about his wedding, and Ian turns heel on both Australians and the poor due to his potential homeowner status. And The Orgs drop feedback that is so entertaining that it gets remixed for the end theme!
.: 3:07:45 :: 90.5 MB :: 30 June 2017 :.

041: The time has come for one of the most successful actors of his generation to come under the Hey, an Actor! spotlight in the form of Tom Hanks. The WWII epic Saving Private Ryan prompts nearly a full hour of discussion. Then a second collaboration with Steven Spielberg follows on with a review of The Terminal. And to cap things off, The Brothers Wilson explore the darker side of the hit 1980s fantasy / comedy Big. The episode also debuts a new feature of advertising breaks for when a Heather Graham Moment is not appropriate, as well as the retirement of Oscar quizzes due to how bad Ian is at them. The big questions are also answered, such as how many air hostesses do the brothers know, and just how distracting is it to see Robert Loggia in a film that isn't Independence Day?
.: 3:08:23 :: 90.8 MB :: 31 May 2017 :.

040: The Brothers Wilson wind back the years with their very first face-to-face recording of Hey, an Actor! as though they were recording For Your Ears Only without Adham Fisher! Denzel Washington is the featured subject, and Ian and Pandy quip their way through urban crime drama Training Day, revenge film Man on Fire, and his titular role in Malcolm X. Along the way, our hosts dip their toes into Ebonics and some risqué impressions ranging from Bill Cosby and amateur actor Nelson Mandela to Bob Dylan, Al Pacino, and Strong Bad. Ian is also subjected to multiple Oscar quizzes by Pandy, whilst The Orgs and Donovan Morgan Grant raise the bar of HAA! feedback.
.: 2:42:08 :: 78.2 MB :: 12 May 2017 :.

039: It's Dame O'Clock once again, as Hey, an Actor! profiles another English rose in the form of Dame Julie Andrews. With Ian overusing the phrase "one-two punch" and Pandy constantly forgetting the names of actresses the podcast has previously featured, The Brothers Wilson again review three films from their subject's repertoire. The hit 1979 comedy 10 improbably features both Flash Gordon and Will Ackerman, whilst The Princess Diaries paves the way for a future Anne Hathaway episode. And, as expected, the Mary Poppins review devotes an entire 10 minutes to David Tomlinson's finest hour, in addition to cockney accents, Poochie and Brian "Road Dogg" Anderson. All this, plus Pandy's efforts at a 1979 movie quiz, and Ian's video-plus confessions.
.: 2:46:04 :: 80.1 MB :: 08 April 2017 :.

038: The second 2017 episode of Hey, an Actor! profiles one of the most well-known actresses that Pandy had barely heard of: Jennifer Connelly. This month, we say "Solve my Maze!" as The Brothers Wilson review her best-known performance as a child actress in the cult fantasy epic Labyrinth, co-starring David Bowie. Then Pandy is exposed to Dark City for the first time. What side of the Earth-2.net divide will he fall? And finally, A Beautiful Mind is the film that won Connelly her first Oscar, but is the fact that the film is award-bait off-putting to our hosts? On top of that, Ian is briefly duped into the Oscar credentials of What Women Want, Pandy abandons a planned jingle series based on how bad the first one is, The Orgs inadvertently create a new gameshow, and Chris Johnson weighs in to explain the long-running meme involving him and George Reeves. And if you enjoy the recording madness of an over-tired father, be sure to stick around until the very end!
.: 2:44:47 :: 79.5 MB :: 04 March 2017 :.

037: The Brothers Wilson kick off the 2017 Hey, an Actor! blunderbus with a look at Canada's favorite SNL graduate who isn't Dan Aykroyd: Mike Myers. On the undercard, Pandy pulls no punches regarding his first time viewing of The Cat in the Hat, whereas Ian finally watches Wayne's World whilst sober. And which Austin Powers film do our hosts end up watching in the main event slot? Following the reviews, the feedback includes Britain's favorite train-based celebrity, Pandy is trolled by his wife, and the Reverend Organ reveals his problems with hats. On top of all that: Evie Wilson's favorite song is confirmed, as is the Hans Zimmer of cinematography. Intrigued? Listen in!
.: 2:49:11 :: 81.6 MB :: 07 February 2017 :.

036: To round off this awful year, and in the spirit of festive tradition, The Brothers Wilson sit down by their respective fireplaces to discuss someone who, while an actor in his own right, is more renowned as a composer and musician. That is the genius Paul Williams! To explore his mark on cinema, Ian and Pandy discuss Bugsy Malone, a film where children kill each other, and Phantom of the Paradise, a film where musicians kill people. Notice a theme? Find out how Ian feels about the questionable taste of Bugsy Malone, and what an extremely tired Pandy makes of the cult classic musical horror. There's also the timely fun of outtakes from HAA's Year of Grey, and the annual spectacular of The Tomlinson awards! So many reasons to be merry this Christmas. You're welcome!
.: 2:36:36 :: 75.6 MB :: 24 December 2016 :.

035: Hey, an Actor!'s Year of Grey concludes with their longest episode to date, dedicated to the late, great Sir Christopher Lee. Such is his filmography that The Brothers Wilson open the show with a look at the seminal British folk horror epic The Wicker Man before looking at his very first portrayal of literature's greatest vampire in the Hammer horror classic Dracula. And what will Pandy think of closing the year with Jinnah, a biopic in which Lee portrays the founder of Pakistan? The hosts also touch upon their subject's remarkable lifetime, whilst bad impressions are abound, ranging from such celebrities as Michael Yorke and Ian Wilson. In addition to a Pandy Parody, The Brothers Wilson also play detective to uncover which famous world leader has received a c-bomb from train driver Dave Probert!
.: 3:27:53 :: 100.2 MB :: 06 December 2016 :.

034: Once again, Hey an, Actor! pays tribute to a Dame thanks to Pandy, with Dame Maggie Smith featuring this month. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie not only saw Smith win her first Oscar, but inspired a HAA! drinking game, as well as a number of dubious Scottish accents. Then, Keeping Mum is such a self-contained film that The Brothers Wilson were loath to spoil anything in their review. Whilst Sister Act revisits the hosts' love of the franchise, and to what extent they consider the original film a prequal to Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. Additionally, the episode debuts the HAA! Book Corner, confirms Ian's questionable pension plan based around Chris Benoit, and Pandy names who he considers one of the most recognizable faces in cinema (to partial ridicule).
.: 2:26:36 :: 70.8 MB :: 06 November 2016 :.

033: The Brothers Wilson release the first ever October episode of Hey, an Actor! to coincide with the first birthday of Pandy's daughter / Ian's niece, even though the episode technically stands as their September 2016 output! But have no fears as to the episode quality, as not only does this episode look at actor / narrator Morgan Freeman, but it's the first one to be recorded with Ian's swanky new microphone! (Which may or may not have teething issues.) As for the films, listen out to hear which brother practically cried when watching the 2007 dramedy The Bucket List. After that, the hosts look at Driving Miss Daisy, with one Wilson being decidedly unimpressed with Dan Aykroyd's dramatic range. Topping things off is arguably Freeman's finest hour in The Shawshank Redemption, in which the HAA! strawman "YOU~!" is born. All this, plus the return of the jinglemeister himself: George Banks!
.: 2:53:58 :: 83.9 MB :: 06 October 2016 :.

032: Hey, an Actor! returns to profile one of the biggest female box office draws of the 1980s: Sigourney Weaver. Starting with Pandy's first experience of the original franchise that made her name, The Brothers Wilson critically discuss Alien and the qualities it had before the subsequent influence of James Cameron. Then Ian gushes about Kevin Kline after watching the Ivan Reitman political comedy Dave for the first time, before the hosts reminisce about spot-on sci-fi fandom spoof Galaxy Quest. Someone's Flickchart is updated over the course of the discussion, and a new documentary series starring GeekPlanetOnline.com's Dave Probert is planned out on his behalf!
.: 3:07:22 :: 90.3 MB :: 05 September 2016 :.

031: The most left-field choice in the history of Hey, An Actor!, Ian and Pandy recover from game show humiliation and invasive surgery, respectively, to look at three entries in the career of Swedish elder statesman Max von Sydow! Shutter Island sees our subject oversee the greater mystery as Leonardo DiCaprio searches for truth within an island-based asylum. Then, Pandy's tolerance for black and white foreign films is tested as von Sydow portrays a chess-playing knight against the embodiment of Death in The Seventh Seal. And the choice of the people is for both Brothers Wilson to check out The Exorcist for the first time, some 12 months after they watched Halloween to decidedly mixed opinions. Along the way, the episode also includes a brand new Pandy Parody, a fan trailer reimagining The Seventh Seal as a romcom, and a plethora of beloved British celebrity mentions, from Seal to the likes of Anthea Turner and Peter Simon. Also, the content of the upcoming Episode 900 of Earth-2.net: The Show is exclusively announced!
.: 2:56:51 :: 85.3 MB :: 31 July 2016 :.

030: The 30th episode of Hey, an Actor! sees The Brothers Wilson pay tribute to the celebrated Cockney actor Sir Michael Caine. Whilst The Ipcress File is a seminal non-Bond espionage movie of the 1960s and Harry Brown makes full use of Caine's military persona as an OAP vigilante, it's The Muppet Christmas Carol in which the hosts really gush their critical juices. But are they too lenient on this English acting legend? Will Ian's Crow analogy come unstuck? And can The Brothers Wilson overcome the challenge of Tom Hemmings to avoid Caine impressions? Also, bear witness to Pandy's potential last words before he goes into surgery.
.: 2:41:44 :: 78.0 MB :: 02 July 2016 :.

029: Hey, an Actor! goes experimental as The Brothers Wilson truly take the plunge into Hollywood yesteryear and latch on to Audrey Hepburn as their featured subject. From the forum favorite of Roman Holiday to romantic comedy Sabrina and the film adaptation of the Broadway musical My Fair Lady, the hosts do what they can to avoid ruffling critical feathers due to their callow tastes. Along the way, Ian quotes some unusual philosophers, Pandy recounts what he did when he was purposefully left home alone for an actual holiday in Rome, and, once again, WCW wrestlers are referenced for seemingly no reason. And which host perseveres with a frankly amazing Humphrey Bogart impression? All this whilst Ian delights in the wholesale lack of prepared jingles for the month.
.: 2:40:04 :: 77.2 MB :: 31 May 2016 :.

028: The delayed April episode of Hey, an Actor! sees The Brothers Wilson metaphorically tackle their second Dame: Helen Mirren. Rolling back the years from her Oscar-winning titular role in The Queen to her good-natured naturism in Calendar Girls and her turn as the villainess Morgana in the classic Arthurian legend yarn Excalibur, Mirren's varied career gives Ian and Pandy a lot to talk about. Be it the legacy of Tony Blair, dodgy Yorkshire accents, or the sheer number of British TV series that they can namecheck, the hosts spend the best part of three hours bringing you some St. George's Day cheer. But who is the actor that necessitates the power of editing when the C-bombs start flying, and which is the film that Pandy is adamant that he hasn't seen, to the extent that he brings Mother Wilson in to make her podcast debut?
.: 3:00:45 :: 87.1 MB :: 12 May 2016 :.

027: This month, the great Meryl Streep's filmography is in the Hey, an Actor! spotlight. Ian's at his talkative best, which is just as well as Pandy's dog-tired and this has affected not only his analysis but also his jingles. But The Brothers Wilson pull through to review Streep's first Oscar-winning role in Kramer vs Kramer, her central role in 1985's Best Picture Out of Africa, and her lead in the big screen adaptation of the ABBA musical Mamma Mia!. Along the way you'll hear tales of The Parents Wilson, a gag resurrected from the fifth episode, and the sacrifice Pandy made to facilitate one of the very first Dark Knight Discussions on Earth-2.net: The Show. Meryl Streep probably deserves better.
.: 2:56:45 :: 85.2 MB :: 31 March 2016 :.

026: As Hey, an Actor! continues its coverage of veteran actors in 2016, The Brothers Wilson cover Pandy's desired pick for the year: the double Academy Award-winning Dustin Hoffman. One of his Oscar wins is covered in the review of Rain Man, whereas the other films amount to the acclaimed political biopic All the President's Men and Hoffman's breakout role in The Graduate. Along the way, Simon & Garfunkel punctuate the episode, whilst questionable references are made to children's TV show Zzap and Robin Thicke, Ian explains how Booker T would improve The Graduate, and Pandy makes the songs of Morrissey utterly profane. Also, Statistician Ian meets the PanDemon.
.: 2:27:43 :: 71.3 MB :: 28 February 2016 :.

025: Kicking off 2016, Hey, an Actor! starts their profiling of more veteran actors with the renowned comedic tour-de-force Bill Murray. Ian and Pandy take in his early starring role in the army comedy Stripes; his most acclaimed dramatic role within Lost in Translation; and his most beloved film, Groundhog Day, which everyone loves apart from one of The Brothers Wilson who would rather watch Ghostbusters II instead. Listen in to hear not only which brother holds such an opinion, but also the general musings, which consider awful Christmas specials featuring James Cameron, the immense talent of Harold Ramis, and casting actors as the nightmarish Legend of Zelda character Tingle.
.: 2:22:09 :: 68.6 MB :: 31 January 2016 :.

024: To round off 2015, The Brothers Wilson have their say about two films from the British writer / director Richard Curtis. Is there more to Four Weddings and a Funeral than a bungling Hugh Grant and a very clear structure? Would Love Actually work better as 10 individual films? Which brother will abuse his role as guest editor? There's also the massive thrill of the first HAA! Awards (The Tomlinsons)! And, because it is Christmas, there are also some hilarious and revolting outtakes from the first two years of the show.
.: 3:18:34 :: 95.7 MB :: 25 December 2015 :.

023: The Brothers Wilson are back after the small matters of one becoming a father and the other expanding his cultural horizons abroad. But back to Earth, their November subject is the divisive Oscar- and Razzie-winning actress Halle Berry. Shunning her obvious comic book movie roles, the hosts take in her Academy Award-winning turn in Monster's Ball, her major supporting role in the 1998 political comedy Bulworth, and her starring role in the poorly received shark thriller Dark Tide. Also featured this month is Pandy's new game (which Ian is just as bad at), comments on the unsightly body hair of Billy Bob Thornton, and discussion as to what extent an actress is allowed to be outspoken. And we flesh out our schedule heading in to the new year!
.: 2:34:53 :: 74.7 MB :: 30 November 2015 :.

October 2015 Update: Brother Ian drops in to let you all know that there's going to be a one-month break from HAA! programming, before announcing the Halle Berry films that will be covered next month. Listen in to take notes and inundate The Brothers Wilson with feedback before they make their triumphant return!
.: 05:44 :: 3.1 MB :: 30 October 2015 :.

022: Every now and then, an actor with a considerable filmography, undeniable charisma, and a cult of personality arrives to test the mettle of The Brothers Wilson. This month, Hey, an Actor! profiles the inimitable Academy Award-winning Nicolas Cage, who is also Ghost Rider. Pandy's homework of acclaimed drama Leaving Las Vegas sees him ask fraternal questions about alcoholism, whilst Ian weighs up the historical merit of Jerry Bruckheimer's National Treasure for the very first time. And at the insistence of Reverend Organ, the brothers also take in the stylized action nonsense of Drive Angry. Even though there is potentially a hiatus in store, as one of the hosts prepares for fatherhood, the episode closes on not only a Pandy Parody, but the extended version of Ian's history of the creation of Nicolas Cage, with the assistance of cult 1970s singers.
.: 2:43:58 :: 79.1 MB :: 26 September 2015 :.

021: This month, The Brothers Wilson invite you all down to the Hey, an Actor! Ranch where they will be herding in three films starring Sandra Bullock. From comedy vehicle Miss Congeniality through to her supporting action turn in Speed and the terrifying space thriller Gravity (which will be spoiled despite being a 2013 film), Ian and Pandy consider how many of these films are actually better than classic Hollywood musical Singin' in the Rain, and why the Best Sound Mixing Oscar should weigh in to that discussion. There's also a six-plus minute discussion about Benjamin Bratt, and audio fall-out from the podcast's failure to reach the Parsec Awards' final shortlist. It's fair to say that Pandy took it rather badly.
.: 2:18:52 :: 67.0 MB :: 28 August 2015 :.

020: Twenty episodes into the podcast's lifespan, but there's no slowing up Hey, An Actor! as it tackles three entries in the filmography of Jamie Lee Curtis! From the high-octane action-nonsense of True Lies, to the body-swap shenanigans of the 2003 remake of Freaky Friday, and the blood-pumping thrills of 1978 horror classic Halloween, The Brothers Wilson examine the talents of a second-generation Hollywood star. Along the way, the episode laments the tragedy of child actors, James Cameron's terrible sense of humor, and what makes for an influential horror film. And get ready for Pandy's most scathing review yet, and it's not for the faint of heart. Or Desmond Reddick. Or Kelly Osbourne.
.: 2:45:30 :: 79.8 MB :: 30 July 2015 :.

019: It's a month for national treasures, but that's enough about Ian. June sees Hey, an Actor! feature England's greatest octogenarian / actress to have played James Bond's boss: Dame Judi Dench. Opening up the film career of her autumn years, The Brothers Wilson take stock of lightweight French film Chocolat, a royal biography in Mrs. Brown, and her critically acclaimed 2013 turn as the title role in Philomena opposite Steve Coogan. Amongst this is the fallout from Ian's 30th birthday, an odd choice for utilizing the Heather Graham time-out, and Pandy's multitude of jingles, including a personalized one for selected feedbackers. Also, the featured actor for August is given a very bizarre introduction.
.: 2:14:36 :: 56.9 MB :: 29 June 2015 :.

018: Taking up the challenge of covering an actor who the hosts were not particular fans of, The Brothers Wilson devote this month's episode of Hey, an Actor! to Winona Ryder. Bram Stoker's Dracula prompts a 40-minute discussion about what problems the gothic novel adaptation has besides Keanu Reeves' accent. Elsewhere, autobiographical drama Girl, Interrupted inspires a future episode of the podcast based upon the actress who sealed an Oscar win for her performance. Whilst cult classic Heathers is controversially lambasted by one of the hosts. The episode also contains an inspired Pandy Parody, some rats, and the odd mention of the podcast's recent Parsec Award nomination.
.: 2:23:32 :: 60.7 MB :: 28 May 2015 :.

017: This month's Hey, an Actor! profiles the short-lived career of one this generation's most promising actors: Heath Ledger. The coverage takes Ian and Pandy through his first Oscar-nominated role in Brokeback Mountain, an early supporting role in The Patriot, and his first starring role in A Knight's Tale. Along the way there are puerile references to male nudity, Pandy revealing some important personal news as an afterthought, and the most profound disagreement to date between The Brothers Wilson in relation to the definition of a sports movie stretching to include all war films. Furthermore, the jingles are relaxed this month to focus upon paying tribute to fellow Earth-2.net podcast For Better or Worse, in a somewhat playful way.
.: 3:01:34 :: 76.6 MB :: 29 April 2015 :.

016: The Brothers Wilson tackle arguably the biggest star yet on Hey, an Actor!: Arnold Schwarzenegger. From the gung-ho action epic Commando to the Ivan Reitman comedy Twins and his most acclaimed film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Ian and Pandy profile the Austrian bodybuilder, actor, and, bizarrely, elected official. In the podcast's longest episode to date, the hosts introduce two debut features: Improv School and The Heather Graham Time-out. Meanwhile, Pandy's mistaking molten metal for magma draws Ian's ire in relation to their family heritage. And on top of all that, the George Banks jingles return!
.: 2:49:33 :: 72.6 MB :: 29 March 2015 :.

015: Julianne Moore just won the Best Actress Oscar, and, as we all know, this is solely due to her getting the rub of publicity from this month's edition of Hey, an Actor! Her body of work leading up to this shining moment includes: worthy ensemble drama Boogie Nights, sci-fi comedy Evolution, and the 2013 version of Carrie. The latter, of course, is the podcast's very first remake, let alone horror movie. Cynical, downer hosts would suggest these films being lesser versions of Orgazmo, Ghostbusters, and Matilda, but Ian and Pandy beg to differ whilst striving to entertain with impromptu kazoo playing, the invention of new words, and recollections of Ian's sordid past in Canada. Also, The Orgs grace the podcast to mount a defense of Nacho Libre.
.: 2:30:36 :: 63.6 MB :: 23 February 2015 :.

014: To beat the January blues, Hey, an Actor! kicks off 2015 with bona fide Hollywood entertainer Jack Black. Starting with his critically acclaimed turn in the modern tragicomedy Bernie, the episode also looks at a unique take on the world of luchadore wrestling via Nacho Libre, and the vehicle to end all vehicles in the musical comedy School of Rock. And starting the year on a high, The Brothers Wilson manage to pick a podcast fight with a fellow Earth-2.net program in addition to showcasing guest reviews, spoiling Tropic Thunder, and reminiscing about Tenacious D. Pandy also protests Ian's creative control through another rich parody jingle.
.: 2:12:39 :: 32.2 MB :: 30 January 2015 :.

013: The Hey, an Actor! Christmas Special has arrived, with your hosts opting to take on two films which are not connected by an actor, but a director: Tim Burton. For festive frolics, The Nightmare Before Christmas is reviewed, as Pandy had not seen it until this year. Whereas Ian was treated to another Burton musical in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. And to make up for a smaller staple of film reviews, over 30 outtakes from the HAA! archives are on show, including: Ian's various euphemisms for beer, Pandy's offbeat advert for his wife's side-business, and possibly the most boring outtake in the entire world. That, and there's another Pandy Parody to end the show. The Brothers Wilson wish you all a Merry Christmas and fabtabulous New Year!
.: 2:27:13 :: 62.2 MB :: 26 December 2014 :.

012: It's four for the price of three as Hey, an Actor ends its 12-month run of looking exclusively at actors by focusing on Quentin Tarantino muse Uma Thurman. Ian puts forward subtle crime comedy Mad Dog and Glory, and Pandy goes with popular forum choice Gattaca. However, the main event sees The Brothers Wilson take on both volumes of Kill Bill, and it's very much brother versus brother as Pandy loves Kill Bill while Ian has a few major criticisms, which threatens to spoil a family Christmas. But fear not, as the exuded merriment includes words that rhyme with "Uma," and a frankly masterful song parody on Pandy's behalf that Guardians of the Galaxy fans will appreciate.
.: 2:36:38 :: 66.2 MB :: 28 November 2014 :.

011: Hey, an Actor! brings you its tribute episode to the comedic genius Robin Williams, who passed away earlier this year. To gauge his acting talent against his humor, The Brothers Wilson examine his early career hit Good Morning, Vietnam, his starring role in the 90s blockbuster Jumanji, and his sinister turn in One Hour Photo. Despite a decidedly bittersweet undercurrent, the brothers endeavor to entertain with Ian's failed attempt at recapturing his radio jingle voice, some of Pandy's worst jingles to date, and more than a few references to Ian's recent appearance on primetime UK gameshow The Chase. There's also an impression of an elephant to close the show.
.: 2:26:53 :: 70.9 MB :: 13 November 2014 :.

010: If multidisciplinary awards are the relevant criteria, then Hey, An Actor is profiling one of the greatest entertainers working today: Whoopi Goldberg. Discover why Ian has nominated Jumpin' Jack Flash under the pressure of one of his collaborators. Hear why Ghost brings Pandy to tears. And learn why The Brothers Wilson hold a special place in their hearts for Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. Not only that, but Pandy finally responds to the dreams of one host of The Edge of Forever — in jingle form.
.: 2:05:02 :: 52.9 MB :: 19 September 2014 :.

009: It's time to get jiggy with Hey, An Actor! as the podcast profiles The Fresh Prince himself: Will Smith. This month's trifecta includes the early career action blockbuster Bad Boys, romantic comedy Hitch, and the more sober entry of Seven Pounds. Which of these films causes the biggest disagreement The Brothers Wilson have yet to have on the show? Which film is the least memorable? And to what extent is Will Smith's career being hampered by his children? Not only that, but Ian has a new catchphrase, and Pandy unleashes a jingle odyssey. And would you put it past either brother for one of them to attempt a parody rap?
.: 2:22:33 :: 60.3 MB :: 22 August 2014 :.

008: Hey, an Actor! steps up to pay tribute to a recently deceased acting legend within Britain: Mr. Bob Hoskins. Whilst The Brothers Wilson specifically avoid denigrating their subject, their reviews of The Long Good Friday, Mrs. Henderson Presents, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit highlight both their high- and lowbrow aesthetics. Your hosts try to shoehorn in a particular soundtrack wherever possible, as well as reveling in an euphemism coined in their part of the world to describe female organs. Also, stay tuned to the very end of the podcast if you've ever wanted to hear two men weep with laughter over actor David Tomlinson.
.: 2:23:12 :: 60.5 MB :: 18 July 2014 :.

007: This month, the subject of Hey, an Actor! is an actress with less than 20 years experience in the movie game: Amy Adams. Why did the Brothers Wilson think her worthy of selection? Because they've now seen the quirky indie film Junebug, Oscar-worthy biopic The Fighter, and meta-Disney film Enchanted. In addition to their look at their subject's career, Ian and Pandy find time to speak about Christian Bale's Wile E. Coyote pratfalls and random yodeling. And we finally see what happens when Pandy takes one insult too may about the quality of his jingles.
.: 2:29:28 :: 63.2 MB :: 20 June 2014 :.

006: The Brothers Wilson tackle their most charismatic subject to date: Samuel L. Jackson. Narrowing down the wealth of options that his filmography provides, Ian and Pandy review legal drama A Time to Kill, underrated Tarantino gem Jackie Brown, and whatever the hell Snakes on a Plane is. Along the way, opinions are censored, echo-effects are added, and the brothers take some time out to rank Quentin Tarantino's output. And despite Pandy releasing the worst jingle of his short career, the madness has spread to the feedback.
.: 2:31:58 :: 64.2 MB :: 16 May 2014 :.

005: Ian and Pandy return to shine the spotlight on Reese Witherspoon and her amazing chin. From the early stand-out role of Tracy Flick in Election to her Oscar-winning turn as June Carter Cash in Walk the Line, not to mention taking in the forum's choice of Legally Blonde, the Brothers Wilson deliver their longest episode yet. Fellow podcaster Desmond Reddick is serenaded by Pandy, whilst Ian reads from the Tranquil Tirades Wiki in profiling one of Witherspoon's co-stars. And the most puerile count ever is unleashed as Pandy mercilessly mocks the true name of a separate co-star.
.: 2:33:47 :: 65.0 MB :: 18 April 2014 :.

004: The Brothers Wilson return to take on an actor of extreme talent, as well as extreme temperament: the Overlord of Growling himself, Christian Bale! The forums have given Ian and Pandy his star-making movie American Psycho, whilst wartime history flicks Rescue Dawn and Swing Kids are shared between the siblings. Pandy has all-new jingles ready to unleash, whilst one film provokes actual loathing in one of the hosts. Who admits to "doing a Bateman" in the bedroom? Why is Father Wilson like Hitler? What is up with Bale and his failure to master German accents? There's singing, there's discussions of dancing, and a few obligatory mentions of House MD. Plus, three Reese Witherspoon films are chosen for episode five, and the subject of episode six is revealed.
.: 2:14:40 :: 57.0 MB :: 21 March 2014 :.

003: The third time's the charm for Hey, an Actor! as Ian and Pandy tackle Brad Pitt, a man so handsome that he prompts the phrase "I'd do him" from one of the Brothers Wilson. From his sex symbol pomp in Legends of the Fall to his counterculture icon Tyler Durden in Fight Club and the reverse-aging protagonist of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, there is plenty to dissect. However, Ian gets distracted by Pandy's pronunciation of Edward Norton's name, as well as the raft of jingles employed by the younger Wilson. Also, a multitude of impressions are on display, ranging from Russell Crowe to Earth-2.net's very own Michael David Sims, to varying degrees of accuracy.
.: 2:03:52 :: 52.4 MB :: 21 February 2014 :.

002: Ian and Pandy Wilson continue their exploration of actors by basing their second episode around Jodie Foster. To the hosts' credit, they explore her Oscar-deserved performance as Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs. Then again, they also tackle Flightplan. And one host reacts violently towards the Earth-2.net forum's choice of the lighthearted 1970s Disney feature Freaky Friday. Aside from that, Sean Bean is celebrated, John Astin is earmarked for an episode in a few years time, and for some reason (possibly juvenile) the Foster-directed film The Beaver is referenced throughout.
.: 1:48:00 :: 45.8 MB :: 23 January 2014 :.

001: Ian Wilson unites with his brother Andy Wilson to bring you the first episode in a podcast series looking at three films of any given actor. The first actor in the glare of Hey, an Actor! is rubber-faced comedian and part-time acting heavyweight Jim Carrey. From the dramatic oeuvre shown in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, to the hybrid comedy / drama of I Love You Phillip Morris, and the all-out exaggerated comedy of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, the Brothers Wilson deal with a man who embodies the notion of swinging between the sublime and the ridiculous. Pandy also declares the greatest depiction of love in all of cinema, and forces Ian to break out the editing bleeps already. Not even Adham Fisher managed that.
.: 1:51:06 :: 47.1 MB :: 19 December 2013 :.

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