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Episodes of Extra Lives
050: Aaron finally make it to a landmark episode and celebrate with over three hours of the gaming / fruit / bouncy castle discussion you've come to expect. Drinks are tried, old segments die as new ones are born, questions are answered. Join us for our aluminum anniversary, then feel free to join us in a long nap, similar to the one we had to take after all the work that went into this. Bananas.
.: 3:16:26 :: 94.6 MB :: 21 June 2012 :.

049: On the last stop before episode 50, Aaron tackle time traveling ninjas, and jump into a lot of spooky holes before finishing their playthrough of Silent Hill 2. This episode contains approximately 80% less Ellen Page than most other gaming related media this week.
.: 2:24:19 :: 69.5 MB :: 07 June 2012 :.

048: Of all the mysteries in Silent Hill 2, one question rings loudest of all: Where the hell did Eddie get that pizza?
.: 2:12:36 :: 63.8 MB :: 24 May 2012 :.

047: Hey, have you heard of this book called Atlas Shrugged?
.: 1:59:27 :: 57.8 MB :: 10 May 2012 :.

046: In this double (fun) episode of Extra Lives, Aaron make up for lost time by talking a lot about video games and stuff. The Bioshock playthrough also begins as the guys wonder why they thought two episodes was enough to contain such a girthy experience. That's right, I just used the word "girthy" in the copy for a show. Also: plastic integrity is questioned, piles of shame get bigger, and boxes get organized.
.: 2:44:14 :: 79.3 MB :: 26 April 2012 :.

045: This episode of Extra Lives is all about shame. Well, video games too, but mostly shame, as the guys share the Top Five Games in their Hall of Shame. I'm just going to type shame one more time. Shame. Also, mostly spoiler-free thoughts on Mass Effect 3, more playthrough reveals, and Aaron's dirty secrets. Now is the time to get your questions in for Episode 50!
.: 1:56:35 :: 56.3 MB :: 29 March 2012 :.

044: There's a lot to be said about this episode of Extra Lives. It's the end of the Beyond Good & Evil playthrough. It's the announcement of a new game. It's one step closer to episode 50. But really, you're here to listen to two men talk about volcano fishing.
.: 1:54:12 :: 55.1 MB :: 15 March 2012 :.

043: The Aussie and the Anglophile are back with more Beyond Good & Evil, discussing the perils of hovercraft platforming and combat photography.
.: 1:57:53 :: 56.9 MB :: 01 March 2012 :.

042: In this episode of Extra Lives, Aaron do battle with government conspiracies, glitches, and angry e-mailers. Also featured, more of the Beyond Good & Evil playthrough and uncomfortable banana facts.
.: 1:44:56 :: 50.6 MB :: 16 February 2012 :.

041: The most entercational podcast on the Internet is back with the start of a new playthrough: Beyond Good & Evil, easily the best game about green lipstick and pig uncles. The guys also talk about the history of Castlevania, funky bowling, and beating up teenagers.
.: 1:46:19 :: 51.3 MB :: 02 February 2012 :.

040: This episode of Extra Lives is all about positivity, as Aaron share their top five games they love that everyone else hates. Also discussed: trash-talking hoops, sweet bass riffs, and passive-aggressive gift-giving.
.: 1:55:59 :: 55.9 MB :: 19 January 2012 :.

039: Aaron finish Arkham City, discussing plot holes, annoying snipers, and mad dubstep.
.: 2:09:47 :: 62.5 MB :: 05 January 2012 :.

038: It's part three of the Arkham City playthrough. Also, dirty MUGEN, horrible sports team names, and an unfortunate lack of Bat-Shark Repellent.
.: 2:15:21 :: 65.1 MB :: 22 December 2011 :.

037: The best video game podcast hosted by two trained pro grapplers that airs on Thursdays is back with more Batmany goodness. Today they continue their Arkham City playthrough, and invent words like "Batmany." Also, Hanson.
.: 1:44:04 :: 50.2 MB :: 08 December 2011 :.

036: In this episode, Aaron get to punch dudes in the face while learning all about the deep narrative of Batman: Arkham City. Well, they do one of those things. The punching part, mostly. Also discussed: Canadian singer-songwriters, werewolf matrimony, and the Olsen Twins.
.: 1:49:12 :: 52.6 MB :: 24 November 2011 :.

035: Flame shields activate! In this episode of Extra Lives, Aaron are a bunch of meany-heads, sharing the top five games most people love that they hate. Well, hate is probably a bit strong. Intense apathy is what we prefer. We also promise this is the only podcast you'll listen to this week that features both David Bowie and demonic menstruation. Well, probably. We're not here to judge.
.: 2:05:40 :: 60.6 MB :: 10 November 2011 :.

033 & 034: It's two episodes for the price of one! Aaron make up for the delay with a double episode chock full of things that you're guaranteed to love. Unless you're someone that doesn't like video games and / or podcasts. For everyone else, there's a double-sized Box segment, the finale of the Mass Effect playthrough, and premonitions of the apocalypse. At least Ashley's a bigot.
.: 2:38:42 :: 72.9 MB :: 27 October 2011 :.

032: Genuine enthusiasm. I can hardly contain myself. A new episode of Extra Lives, full of all the hilarious banter and gaming discussion you've come to expect. Relief. Aaron continue the Mass Effect playthrough, and finally get some interesting party members. Proud. They also learn about the rich history of the elcor. If that weren't enough, they take a moment to discuss Tennis. Yes, Tennis. If I could lift my arms, they would be applauding. Self-loathing.
.: 1:38:32 :: 45.3 MB :: 29 September 2011 :.

031: Alright. I'm just going to put this out there right now. I know you're all excited. First episode of the Mass Effect playthrough. Paragons, renegades, and such. It's good fun for all. That said, this episode does not contain any blue alien sideboob. I repeat: there is no blue alien sideboob. Please back away from the podcast and go quietly. There are other things you should be doing, like watching robot jump kicks, rolling boulders down hills, and experiencing the wonders of Pterodactyl Hell.
.: 1:55:28 :: 53.0 MB :: 15 September 2011 :.

030: ARGH! The guys are ANGRY this episode, revealing their top five things they never want to see in gaming again. But that's not all! We also have Aaron doing Ron Jeremy impressions, and boxes full of dreams.
.: 2:02:47 :: 56.6 MB :: 01 September 2011 :.

029: This episode of Extra Lives, like, totally sticks it to the man. Aaron play through two more indie games: Facade and Balloon Diaspora. So you can take your jive mainstream conventions and stick it. No selling out here. We recorded this show before it was cool. (This episode brought to you by Coke Zero.)
.: 1:30:18 :: 41.5 MB :: 18 August 2011 :.

028: It all started that one summer. Aaron thought they could kick back and play some indie games for a change. They thought discussions of Don't Look Back and A Triangle Morning's Which Way Game would be good for the podcast. Little did they know that their struggle to find out what's in the box would lead them to an adventure of a lifetime. They learned something about this fickle orb of dirt and water, about the true nature of survival, and what it means to be a hero. Then they were eaten by manticores.
.: 1:15:55 :: 36.6 MB :: 04 August 2011 :.

027: Extra Lives is back in the 16-bit realm with a playthrough of the classic Mega Man X, but that's not all. Aaron also debut a creative and groundbreaking audio initiative (don't call it a segment) that explores the rich and diverse history of gaming. They've also retconned all of episode 22 and changed their costumes. You'll thank us later.
.: 1:57:06 :: 54.1 MB :: 21 July 2011 :.

026: This huge episode of Extra Lives has everything: sweet designer jeans, comic book rants, fruit-based humor, you name it. The guys also do their first ever single-episode play through with Portal. Be sure to follow us @ExtraLivesShow on Twitter.
.: 2:38:30 :: 72.6 MB :: 07 July 2011 :.

025: Extra Lives is extra long this week, as the guys share their lists of top five licensed games that need to be made. Outside of that, Aaron still find the time to talk about more important topics, like nu metal, yeti romance, and sitcoms from the 1980s.
.: 2:08:02 :: 61.8 MB :: 23 June 2011 :.

024: It's the end of Shadow of the Colossus as we know it, and we don't feel fine. Aaron give their thoughts on the somber finale of a classic game, but not before dealing with more important matters, like grandmother assault, really high shelves, and the fine Republic of Kenya.
.: 1:43:56 :: 50.2 MB :: 09 June 2011 :.

023: In this very macho edition of Extra Lives, Aaron continue their Shadow of the Colossus playthrough. More stabbing! More water! More giant sandworms running into walls! Okay, that last thing is new. Speaking of new, change is on the horizon, and you can be a part of it. Listen to find out how you can help the show evolve. The power is yours! Also, triangular platforming, fat men running, and deep sea diving. Don't just download this episode, snap into it!
.: 1:13:06 :: 35.4 MB :: 26 May 2011 :.

022: One podcast. Two men. Three segments. Four Colossi. Five... okay, we thought it'd be fun to do a counting thing. It was, but not nearly as fun as this action-packed episode of Extra Lives. Join Aaron as they discuss lewd robot gestures, PSN woes, and epic beards. They also continue the Shadow of the Colossus playthrough. If that wasn't enough, Tranquil Tirades host James Deaux reviews the new Mortal Kombat game!
.: 1:46:53 :: 49.2 MB :: 12 May 2011 :.

021: A new era begins with this episode. It's quite similar to the old era, honestly. We bought some new curtains. The fancy kind. We also begin the Shadow of the Colossus playthrough, and, shockingly, it's really good. Journalism at its finest. If that weren't enough, we have Aaron getting mean, names being changed, and more accusations of Nintendo hating. Now you're fishing with portals.
.: 1:15:54 :: 34.9 MB :: 28 April 2011 :.

020: It's episode 20, bitches! We're sorry, that was rude. It's just that we're very excited about this milestone, what with the contest and everything. That's why we calm ourselves with discussion about animals in baseball caps, Skittles commercials, and various liquids. We then get to our top five favorite non-Squenix JRPGs. There's singing, there's prizes, probably even video game discussion. No promises.
.: 1:56:28 :: 53.6 MB :: 14 April 2011 :.

019.2: This show is cursed, and not just because it marks the end of the spooky Eternal Darkness playthrough. Deja vu, broken computers, and lots of DayQuil are the order of the day as the guys discuss the power of kicking, dead wife plot twists, and tiny heads. Also, more details on the episode 20 contest!
.: 1:33:47 :: 45.4 MB :: 31 March 2011 :.

018: It's the cloud-punchingest episode of Extra Lives yet as the guys cook with Scorpion, fight mechs in tacky jackets, and do Chris Farley impressions. They also near the home stretch of the Eternal Darkness playthrough before announcing the episode 20 contest! (Cue dramatic music.)
.: 1:34:10 :: 43.3 MB :: 03 March 2011 :.

017: Bad British accents, cryptozoology, bleeding walls, more of the Eternal Darkness playthrough; THESE CAN'T BE HAPPENING!?
.: 1:35:10 :: 43.8 MB :: 17 February 2011 :.

016: This episode of Extra Lives marks the beginning of the Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem playthrough. Join the guys as they punch walls, read books, and go a little crazy. Also, obscure animals and embarrassing amounts of farming.
.: 1:40:34 :: 48.6 MB :: 03 February 2011 :.

015: Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Somewhere between the random banter and bad humor, Aaron managed to find themselves talking about video games. Seriously, for like, two hours. We're not sure where things went wrong exactly, but fret not! For there is still much ado about the usual topics, like John Goodman movies, and secret messages. Oh yeah, and the guys discuss the top five things they want from gaming in 2011. You know, if you're into that kinda thing.
.: 2:01:35 :: 55.9 MB :: 20 January 2011 :.

014: Warning: The following podcast should not be consumed if you are sensitive to any of the following: crabby Australians, stupidly hard platforming, bananas, tree-elevators, overly long explanations of the Myst universe that no one could possibly care about, John Goodman, video games, hip hop, and video game related hip hop.
.: 1:09:15 :: 31.8 MB :: 06 January 2011 :.

013: How do the guys follow up an episode so full of John Goodman discussion? By talking more about John Goodman, mainly. Myst is played, and nesting dolls are praised. Plus: creepy Japanese incest and frogs playing tennis. Honestly, Hadoken is what they should call this episode, 'cause it is downright fierce!
.: 1:15:04 :: 34.5 MB :: 23 December 2010 :.

012: In this episode, Aaron are rocket men, and they think it's going to be a long, long time before you hear another podcast with this much John Goodman discussion. Speaking of rockets, the guys then step inside one on the ways to finding their inner musician as they continue their Myst playthrough. This episode may also contain giant mouths, dead old ladies, and techno parkour. If you miss it, you'll be Pyst.
.: 1:16:22 :: 35.2 MB :: 09 December 2010 :.

011: Extra Lives begins a new era this episode, with Aaron starting their playthrough of the PC classic Myst. Can our hosts brave the abstract puzzles? Will they unlock the mystery of the kiddie pool? Will they be able to overcome the crippling loneliness? Listen and find out. Other topics include Deadly Premonition, Justin Bieber, Deadly Premonition, nude codes, and Deadly Premonition.
.: 1:23:17 :: 38.3 MB :: 25 November 2010 :.

010: It's the 10th Episode Extravaganza! To celebrate this double-digit milestone, the guys share their top five games most in need of a sequel. Some choices may surprise you, while others most certainly won't.
.: 1:28:32 :: 40.8 MB :: 11 November 2010 :.

009: The Banana Conspiracy.
.: 1:14:25 :: 34.5 MB :: 28 October 2010 :.

008: Earth-2.net's best video game podcast returns this week with an hour of gaming goodness for you to chew on. Alien warfare and fishing are the main themes of this episode, as the guys try to distract themselves from the fact that StarTropics is still really, really hard. Other distractions include giant sexy hands, Tom Hanks movies, and the Harlem Globetrotters.
.: 1:00:38 :: 27.9 MB :: 14 October 2010 :.

007: It's the biggest edition of Extra Lives yet, as special guest Hannah Krueger joins the guys for over an hour of coverage on the recent Tokyo Game Show, with in-depth discussions on shirtless cosplay, Wii crotch-grabbing, and kimono girls. The guys then continue their playthrough of StarTropics, and pull their hair out as they deal with disappearing platforms, dark rooms, invisible enemies, dead ends, and even a little forced cross-dressing. So grab a hot drink and sit back, this is a long one!
.: 1:46:58 :: 49.4 MB :: 30 September 2010 :.

006: Aaron's back and it's rants-a-plenty as the guys talk Japanese RPGs, disembodied limbs, and (of course) the power of spanking in combat. They also start the StarTropics playthrough with some yo-yo violence, then walk through some mountains and decode secret messages before chitchatting with some dolphins. Could it be that we're actually dealing with a game even weirder than God Hand? Listen and find out.
.: 1:21:55 :: 37.6 MB :: 16 September 2010 :.

005: Animazing Podcast's Kellen Scrivens discusses the top five games they would each want in their dream arcade. Amidst talks of curling, Celine Dion, and other assorted Canadianisms, the guys still manage to pay loving tribute to the halcyon days of yesteryear, with memories so vivid that you'll practically feel the gum sticking to the bottom of your shoes. And oh yes, there will be singing!
.: 54:42 :: 25.4 MB :: 02 September 2010 :.

004: It's been a long, four-episode journey, but the guys have finally completed God Hand and have a lot to say before finally bidding the game farewell. Ever wanted to know what was inside a Stretch Armstrong figure? Does the thought of hearing the worst video game theme ever recorded excite you? Have you prepared yourself for the sheer intensity of the gorilla luchadore rematch? Then this is the show for you!
.: 1:44:02 :: 46.9 MB :: 19 August 2010 :.

003: What happens when two extremely drowsy young men try to talk about video games for an hour? This episode. But even half awake, the guys manage to create something that is sure to satisfy your ear holes. Well, probably. We don't remember too much of it. God Hand may or may not have been discussed. We do recall Kylie Minogue being mentioned at one point. Really, if that doesn't make you want to listen, nothing will.
.: 1:22:42 :: 38.2 MB :: 05 August 2010 :.

002: In this edition of Extra Lives, Aaron discuss the finer things in the life, like sweet alien love, 8-bit racism, triangular boobs, and punching giant cranes in the face. You know, the usual. They also continue their coverage of the polarizing God Hand. Is spanking an effective form of self-defense? Is a gorilla suit really required to master the art of lucha libre? Where did the midgets come from? The answers to all that and more are just a click away!
.: 1:40:24 :: 46.2 MB :: 22 July 2010 :.

001: Extra Lives has gone official! In this first episode, Aaron have no shortage of things to disagree on, least of which being the featured God Hand. The guys also come away from Alan Wake with wildly differing opinions, but still find the time to shine a flashlight on their souls. The emotional roller coaster doesn't stop there, as other topics include the villainous potential of Kirby, the upsides of loneliness, the inherent boredom found in German suplexing robots, and gasp only 10 seconds of Street Fighter talk. Check it out!
.: 1:21:20 :: 37.5 MB :: 08 July 2010 :.

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