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Episodes of World's Finest Podcast
100: Though their task of covering the entire DC Animated Universe is complete, James and Mike are far from done discussing the DCAU! In this mammoth, five-hour series finale, you'll receive answers to dozens of e-mails and voicemails, lists galore, fond memories (and one not-so-fond memory), behind the scenes secrets, and one more clip segment by Ian Wilson (complete with a dream sequence). Of course, it wouldn't be an episode of World's Finest Podcast without impressions, sexual innuendos, jabs at continuity, and a few grades / rankings that are sure to cause a stir.
.: 5:00:00 :: 144.2 MB :: 16 March 2011 :.

099: We're only one episode away from the grand finale of World's Finest Podcast, so that means it's time for James and Mike to look back upon Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. They rethink a few grades, discuss their favorite (and least favorite) episodes from this era, rattle off characters they wish the League had faced, and more! And, of course, Ian Wilson delivers a clip montage crammed full of the duo's foolishness.
.: 2:41:07 :: 73.8 MB :: 02 March 2011 :.

098: The Brainiac-obsessed Lex Luthor sends the Legion of Doom into space to find his robotic remains, only to unleash an even greater universal threat ("Alive!"). After the villains return to Earth to ask the Justice League for help, Darkseid and his forces storm the planet in one last attempt for domination ("Destroyer"). Then, 65 years in the future, Terry McGinnis learns the truth about his lineage and finally steps out of Bruce's shadow ("Epilogue"). And so ends the DCAU!
.: 2:15:34 :: 62.1 MB :: 16 February 2011 :.

097: After discussing when they'll be reviewing The Dark Knight on Earth-2.net: The Show, James and Mike speak about the latest casting news for The Dark Knight Rises and the passing of a DCAU mainstay. Then they jump into their reviews of "Patriot Act," "The Great Brain Robbery," "Grudge Match," "Far From Home," and "Ancient History." Also, Mike confuses a household appliance for a motorcycle.
.: 2:08:55 :: 62.1 MB :: 02 February 2011 :.

096: An archaeologist by the name of Carter Hall claims he and Shayera are the resurrected souls of two Thanagarian lovers ("Shadow of the Hawk"). Green Lantern, Supergirl, and an exceedingly whiny Stargirl are transported to the center of the Earth to fend off the evil Demos and his two new allies: Metallo and Silver Banshee ("Chaos at the Earth's Core"). Grodd seeks the key to immortality inside the corpse of a Viking ("To Another Shore"). Fed up with The Flash ruining their schemes, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, and Trickster plan one final attack to bring the speedster down ("Flash and Substance"). And as Grodd's ultimate plan comes to a head, Deadman seeks revenge on the one who seemingly killed his master ("Dead Reckoning").
.: 1:54:07 :: 52.3 MB :: 19 January 2011 :.

095: In the epic four-part finale of the Cadmus storyline ("Question Authority," "Flashpoint," "Panic in the Sky," and "Divided We Fall"), the Justice League squares off against Captain Atom, Amanda Waller, the Ultimen as led by Galatea, a superpowered Lex Luthor, a Lex Luthor / Brainiac hybrid, a Lex Luthor / Brainiac / Dark Heart fusion, replicas of their Justice Lords selves, and their inner strife. Later, Luthor escapes from jail, and unwillingly finds himself in league with Gorilla Grodd's Legion of Doom ("I Am Legion")!
.: 2:16:33 :: 62.5 MB :: 05 January 2011 :.

094: Cadmus recruits supposedly reformed villains to stage a suicidal raid on the Watchtower, all in an effort to gain control of the Annihilator ("Task Force X"). Magic across the globe is disrupted when Felix Faust dethrones Hades as the ruler of Tartarus, leaving Wonder Woman and Shayera to set things right ("The Balance"). Huntress wants revenge on Steven Mandragora, but The Question, Green Arrow, and Black Canary all have a say in the matter ("Double Date"). Superman gets really pissed when Captain Marvel accidentally endorses Lex Luthor's run for the White House ("Clash"). And lastly, Shayera teams up with Vixen and Vigilante to save a mining ship, but all is not what it seems ("Hunter's Moon"). Also, Mike has a little fun at a listener's expense, one word haunts Mike across two podcasts, and this episode features the quickest synopsis ever.
.: 1:43:46 :: 47.6 MB :: 22 December 2010 :.

093: A mindless Solomon Grundy returns from the dead, forcing Shayera to end her exile ("Wake the Dead"). Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Batman track a time traveler to the past and future, where they meet Jonah Hex and the Terry McGinnis Batman ("The Once and Future Thing"). Black Canary and Green Arrow attempt to save Wildcat from himself ("The Cat and the Canary"). Mister Miracle, Big Barda, and The Flash save Oberon from the clutches of Granny Goodness ("The Ties That Bind"). And rogue elements within Cadmus release Doomsday and a kryptonite-laced nuclear missile on Superman ("The Doomsday Sanction").
.: 2:28:48 :: 68.1 MB :: 08 December 2010 :.

092: Supergirl crosses paths with her government-controlled clone, setting up the epic Cadmus storyline ("Fearful Symmetry"). Booster Gold saves the world, but no one knows it ("The Greatest Story Never Told"). Amazo returns to Earth to face Lex Luthor, and seemingly destroys Oa in the process ("The Return"). A group of young heroes learn a deep, dark truth about themselves ("Ultimatum"). And alien technology threatens the planet, prompting the League to reveal their secret weapon ("Dark Heart"). Oh, and Mike rants about Brett Favre and the sports media.
.: 1:59:21 :: 54.7 MB :: 24 November 2010 :.

091: Kicking off the final stretch of World's Finest Podcast is the discussion of Justice League Unlimited! First, the Justice League has expanded its ranks, but Green Arrow is skeptical about the organization ("Initiation"). Mongul returns, and plagues Superman with his fondest wish ("For the Man Who Has Everything"). After Mordred spirits away every adult, several members of the League must become children to crush his plans ("Kid's Stuff"). Ares uses The Annihilator to upset the already-unbalanced nation of Kasnia, leaving Wonder Woman, Hawk, and Dove to thwart him ("Hawk and Dove"). And Wonder Woman is turned into a pig ("This Little Piggy").
.: 1:57:32 :: 53.8 MB :: 10 November 2010 :.

090: The controversial Teen Titans era of World's Finest Podcast has come to a close, but not before James and Mike discuss some of their favorite (and least favorite) moments and characters. And, as always with these retrospective episodes, the guys reevaluate a few episodes, and are treated to a clip montage by King Moddie I... err, Ian Wilson.
.: 2:05:05 :: 57.3 MB :: 27 October 2010 :.

089: Though they've finished discussing the TV series, James and Mike must still cover Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo before moving on. What do they think of this movie, the foe, the many anime references, the love story, and Grant Morrison? Wait, Grant Morrison?
.: 1:27:28 :: 40.1 MB :: 13 October 2010 :.

088: Kid Flash causes trouble for the HIVE Five ("Lightspeed"), while Ding Dong Daddy steals Robin's greatest secret ("Revved Up"). After five seasons, the origin of the Teen Titans is revealed ("Go!"). Brain makes his move against the young heroes ("Calling All Titans"), and Beast Boy takes it upon himself to end Brain's quest for power once and for all ("Titans Together"). Then Teen Titans comes to a close with the possible return of Terra ("Things Change"). Also, a listener has a brilliant theory as to how the dead Titan might have returned from her stone imprisonment.
.: 2:09:48 :: 59.4 MB :: 29 September 2010 :.

087: Beast Boy's past as part of The Doom Patrol comes back to haunt him, as Brain, Monsieur Mallah, and the rest of the Brotherhood of Evil butt heads with the Teen Titans for the first time ("Homecoming"). Madame Rouge has been assigned to acquire Hot Spot's communicator, but his fire powers present a slight problem for the malleable villain ("Trust"). Control Freak wants another shot at the Titans, but he finds himself pitted against their East Coast counterparts ("For Real"). Starfire befriends a Russian super soldier who's hidden himself from the world ("Snowblind"). Then the Titans go underground as Dr. Light makes a play for a crystalline girl ("Kole"). And Raven has to protect a trio of young superheroes from Monsieur Mallah ("Hide and Seek").
.: 1:32:46 :: 42.5 MB :: 15 September 2010 :.

086: In the ashes of his daughter, Trigon has risen, laying waste to the world. With no hope of surviving, the Teen Titans press forward, attempting to drive the demon back. However, to win, they'll need the assistance of an unlikely and unwanted ally: Slade! The three-part story "The End" brings the fourth season to a close, and delivers one emotional punch after another.
.: 1:43:43 :: 47.5 MB :: 03 September 2010 :.

085: Once again, Slade tries to deliver a message to Raven, forcing her to face her destiny ("The Prophecy"). The team crashes on an alien world, leaving Robin and Starfire to discuss their feelings ("Stranded"). Cyborg upgrades himself, and learns a lesson from Beast Boy of all people ("Overdrive"). And Starfire must convince her friends that the strange, pie-making woman is not their mother ("Mother Mae-Eye").
.: 1:05:02 :: 29.8 MB :: 01 September 2010 :.

084: This time around the Teen Titans face a deranged punk rocker ("The Lost Episode"), Control Freak ("Episode 257-494"), monsters in the past ("Cyborg the Barbarian"), a resurrected Slade ("Birthmark"), self-doubt ("The Quest"), alien tofu ("Employee of the Month"), and racism ("TROQ"). Also, James does a perfect impersonation of the Newfu leader, and the duo answers a voicemail about Más y Menos and how they compare to Speedy Gonzales.
.: 1:49:11 :: 50.0 MB :: 30 August 2010 :.

083: Mad Mod voids America's independence ("Revolution"), then Brother Blood uses Cyborg's tech in an effort to destroy the city ("Wavelength"). Beast Boy loses himself to rage and is blamed for an attack on Raven ("The Beast Within"), while Starfire adopts a mutant pet ("Can I Keep Him?"). Raven isn't amused by Mumbo's latest trick ("Bunny Raven... or... How to Make a Titananimal Disappear"), and Brother Blood returns once more to wipe out Cyborg ("Titans East").
.: 1:53:58 :: 52.2 MB :: 04 August 2010 :.

082: Cyborg infiltrates the HIVE Academy, and nearly loses himself ("Deception"). Red X reappears, but it's not Robin ("X"). Starfire finds herself engaged, but her friends uncover the truth behind her wedding ("Betrothed"). Beast Boy accidentally infects Cyborg with a virus, and the Titans enlist Gizmo to save the day ("Crash"). Slade visits Robin, but is he flesh and bone or something else entirely ("Haunted")? And Raven falls in love, but quickly learns he's not what he seems ("Spellbound").
.: 1:24:21 :: 38.6 MB :: 21 July 2010 :.

081: On top of the six Teen Titans episodes they cover ("Transformation," "Titan Rising," "Winner Take All," "Betrayal," "Fractured," and "Aftershock"), James and Mike find themselves discussing LeBron James and the World Cup. Also, LARRY!
.: 1:53:51 :: 52.1 MB :: 14 July 2010 :.

080: Starfire accidentally travels to a future where the Titans have disbanded ("How Long Is Forever?"), Beast Boy is abducted by a childlike alien ("Every Dog Has His Day"), a rock-controlling teen debuts ("Terra"), Cyborg learns his limits ("Only Human"), Raven deals with her fear ("Fear Itself"), and Robin is forced to go to the prom ("Date with Destiny").
.: 1:43:17 :: 47.4 MB :: 24 June 2010 :.

079: Raven and Starfire swap bodies ("Switched"), Aqualad and Beast Boy reluctantly team-up ("Deep Six"), Robin betrays his friends ("Masks"), a crazy Brit attempts to teach the Teen Titans a lesson in manners ("Mad Mod"), Cyborg's new car is stolen ("Car Trouble"), and Robin joins Slade to save his friends ("Apprentice").
.: 2:05:59 :: 57.7 MB :: 09 June 2010 :.

078: The most controversial era of World's Finest Podcast begins here, as James and Mike start their discussion of the divisive Teen Titans! First, Cyborg leaves the team in a huff ("Divide and Conquer"), then Starfire's conniving sister pops up ("Sisters"). Next, Slade pits the three-member HIVE against the heroes ("Final Exam"), and it's up to the team to stop the living embodiment of thunder and lightning ("Forces of Nature"). And rounding out the six reviews, Cyborg must fight for what makes him human ("The Sum of His Parts"), and Raven has to deal with her inner demons ("Nevermore").
.: 2:34:23 :: 70.7 MB :: 26 May 2010 :.

077: James and Mike conclude their discussion of Justice League by covering the series finale "Starcrossed." Think their final scores are a given? Tune in to find out!
.: 1:48:24 :: 49.7 MB :: 12 May 2010 :.

076: Homeownership, T-shirts, and a World's Finest Podcast first are mixed in with discussions of Superman's supposed death and the unwanted recruitment of a new Leaguer ("Hereafter"), The Joker's new gang and the Hawkgirl / Green Lantern relationship ("Wild Cards"), and the holiday spirit and Flash's love of a rude ducky ("Comfort and Joy").
.: 2:04:28 :: 57.1 MB :: 14 April 2010 :.

075: Glenn Beck and Bucky are name-checked as James and Mike discuss demon-possessed gems ("Eclipsed"), an ancient god who's based on HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu tales ("The Terror Beyond"), and the short-lived destruction of the Justice League ("Secret Society").
.: 2:12:10 :: 60.5 MB :: 31 March 2010 :.

074: Vandal Savage makes his return and threatens the world with a railgun ("Maid of Honor"). Meanwhile, Despero attempts to take control of the galaxy using the Flame of Py'tar ("Hearts and Minds"). Then the Justice League meets their alternate reality counterparts, the Justice Lords ("A Better World").
.: 1:39:11 :: 45.4 MB :: 17 March 2010 :.

073: In "Twilight," Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl give themselves over to stoic, abusive vampires... oh, no. Actually, Brainiac and Darkseid join forces to destroy the sun so vampires no longer sparkle... wait. That's wrong, too. Ohhh, okay! They set a trap to kill Superman because he wrote a positive review of the book for The Daily Planet... or because they're jerks who simply want him dead. Then in "Tabula Rasa," Lex Luthor manipulates Amazo into destroying the League, but he decides to find his own fate. (Hmm, oddly enough it involves becoming stoic and sparkly.) "Only a Dream" then sees Doctor Destiny invading the dreams of his girlfriend and the Justice League, all in an effort to bring them to their knees. (Didn't Edward and Bella come to Stephenie Meyer in a dream? Christ!)
.: 2:09:24 :: 59.3 MB :: 18 February 2010 :.

072: The first season of Justice League comes to a close with the epic three-part "The Savage Time."
.: 1:46:55 :: 49.1 MB :: 03 February 2010 :.

071: After playing two really cool sound bites, James and Mike plot a Superman video game trilogy, then they discuss "Fury," "Legends," "A Knight of Shadows," and "Metamorphosis." One of those reviews features the return of Mike's "stoner" persona.
.: 2:14:49 :: 61.8 MB :: 27 January 2010 :.

070: Diana returns home to find an unwelcomed guest has laid waste to her sisters ("Paradise Lost"). Superman is forced into gladiatorial combat on a ruthless alien world ("War World"). And Grodd seeks to destroy both Gorilla and Central City ("The Brave and the Bold"). Also, Tom Deja phones in to set the duo straight about the Green Lantern Corps.
.: 1:52:11 :: 51.5 MB :: 06 January 2010 :.

069: Green Lantern is accused of genocide ("In Blackest Night"), Aquaman fends off a coup ("The Enemy Below"), and Lex Luthor assembles a team of villains to destroy the League ("Injustice for All").
.: 2:09:39 :: 59.4 MB :: 23 December 2009 :.

068: A brand new era in World's Finest Podcast is here, as James and Mike finally sit down to discuss Justice League. First up is "Secret Origins," the three-part episode that redefined these "super friends" for the modern age. And though the series is generally known for its excellence, don't expect the guys to gush from start to finish.
.: 2:06:08 :: 57.9 MB :: 09 December 2009 :.

067: Their coverage of Justice League is almost here, but first James and Mike have to answer a lot of e-mails, then give their final thoughts on The Zeta Project and Static Shock. (Well, and the webtoons, which they spend less than 10 seconds on.) Overall, what did they think of the two series? Which episodes did they choose to reevaluate? Will they mess-up Hotstreak's name one more time? How does one of them react to seeing pictures of Dana Delany for the first time? And what clips did Ian Wilson select to embarrass the duo? All these questions and more will be answered by downloading the episode!
.: 2:44:55 :: 75.5 MB :: 25 November 2009 :.

066: As Static Shock comes to a close, Rubberband Man must overcome his dyslexia if he's to save Dakota ("Where the Rubber Meets the Road"), a professional football player is blackmailed by a former friend ("Linked"), a scientist tests a cure for Bang Babies ("Wet and Wild"), Mr. Hawkins learns his son's secret ("Kidnapped"), and a handful of metahumans fight to turn themselves back into supermen after the Bang Baby cure is spread across the city ("Power Outage").
.: 1:48:50 :: 49.9 MB :: 11 November 2009 :.

065: Green Lantern seemingly goes rogue ("Fallen Hero"), light-sick Bang Babies attempt to blot out the sun ("Army of Darkness"), Edwin Alva tries one last time to save his boy ("No Man's an Island"), four NBA superstars join Static and Gear as superheroes ("Hoop Squad"), and a stalker preys on Daisy ("Now You See Him").
.: 1:44:43 :: 48.1 MB :: 28 October 2009 :.

064: Virgil travels to the past in an effort to save his mother's life ("Flashback"), then he meets an elderly superhero with powers very much like his own ("Blast from the Past"). Traveling through time once more, Static joins forces with the Terry McGinnis Batman in an effort to save his future self ("Future Shock"). She-Bang and Madelyn Spaulding return to Dakota, both to the annoyance of Static ("She-Back!"). And Anansi visits America, where he teams with Static to retrieve a priceless artifact that holds the key to his powers ("Out of Africa").
.: 1:46:04 :: 48.7 MB :: 14 October 2009 :.

063: A television producer has big plans for Static ("Showtime"), Daisy falls into a coma after suffering a head wound ("Consequences"), Lil Romeo and Static make a music video together ("Romeo in the Mix"), Specs and Trapper return as costumed villains ("Trouble Squared"), Toyman wants to have sex with a teenage girl ("Toys in the Hood"), and Shebang needs help from Static and Gear to find her abducted parents ("The Parent Trap"). (And no, that line about Toyman is not a mistake or joke.)
.: 1:32:17 :: 42.3 MB :: 30 September 2009 :.

062: Richie gains superpowers, and just in time to save Virgil from Ebon and the Meta-Breed ("Gear"). Pops takes his children to Africa, where Static steps in to save a village from a madman willing to do anything in search of gold ("Static in Africa"). A new superhero is in town, but she's more than she seems ("Shebang"). Virgil and Richie judge a book by its cover, nearly pushing a bully over the edge ("The Usual Suspect"). And lastly, the teen heroes must take on Brainiac with the help of the Justice League ("A League of Their Own").
.: 1:32:04 :: 42.2 MB :: 16 September 2009 :.

061: Static doubts Rubberband Man has turned over a new leaf ("Bad Stretch"). A perfectionist attempts to rig an election by creating an army of mindless drones ("Attack of the Living Brain Puppets"). A shape-changing musician impersonates a Backstreet Boy to secure a record contract ("Duped"). When a troubled student brings a gun to school, Virgil is powerless to stop him from harming his best friend ("Jimmy"). And Static teams with Batman once more to save a runaway ("Hard as Nails").
.: 1:29:22 :: 40.9 MB :: 02 September 2009 :.

060: Sharon figures out her brother's secret in "Brother-Sister Act," then in "Static Shaq" Shaquille O'Neal pays a visit to Dakota. "Frozen Out" is the story of a lonely homeless girl, and "Sunspots" sees Virgil lose his powers. And lastly, pops gets a girlfriend in the appropriately titled "Pop's Girlfriend."
.: 1:28:49 :: 40.7 MB :: 19 August 2009 :.

059: This week, Edwin Alva, Jr. makes a mess of his father's businesses ("Junior"), a former child actor uses Static to wreak havoc ("Replay"), Virgil fights a purple monster while trying to come to terms with the death of his mother ("Tantrum"), the Joker shows up in Dakota ("The Big Leagues"), and Richie and Virgil come to odds when the former gains superpowers of his own ("Power Play").
.: 1:21:35 :: 37.4 MB :: 05 August 2009 :.

058: In this batch of episodes, Static is hunted by his new teachers ("The New Kid"), and must face the living imagination of a young boy ("Child's Play"). He then confronts the evil that is racism ("Sons of the Fathers"), and nearly loses his best friend ("Winds of Change"). And lastly, he has to stop bounty hunters from capturing Rubberband Man ("Bent out of Shape").
.: 1:13:01 :: 33.5 MB :: 25 July 2009 :.

057: Leaving the future of the DCAU in the dust, James and Mike finally return to the present to discuss Static Shock ("Shock to the System," "Aftershock," "The Breed," "Grounded" and "They're Playing My Song"). They also answer a slew of e-mails.
.: 1:45:21 :: 48.3 MB :: 08 July 2009 :.

056: First, a listener owns Mike, then James and Mike cover the last five episodes of The Zeta Project: "On the Wire," "Cabin Pressure," "The River Rising," "The Hologram Man" and "The Wrong Morph." (Pardon the slight audio troubles near the end of the program.)
.: 1:13:06 :: 33.5 MB :: 24 June 2009 :.

055: Before discussing another batch of episodes of The Zeta Project ("Hunt in the Hub," "Ro's Gift," "Lost and Found," "Eye of the Storm" and "Quality Time"), a listener asks Mike his opinion about Dick Grayson becoming Batman. And the answer might surprise you.
.: 1:24:22 :: 38.6 MB :: 10 June 2009 :.

054: As James and Mike review the next batch of episodes from The Zeta Project ("Ro's Reunion," "Kid Genius," "Absolute Zero," "Wired" and "Resume Mission"), they give both the highest and lowest scores for the show thus far.
.: 1:03:19 :: 29.1 MB :: 27 May 2009 :.

053: This week, Agent West nearly redeems himself ("Westbound"), Ro attempts to impress her first foster family ("Hicksburg"), Zeta has to fend off Infiltration Unit 7 and Batman ("Shadows"), the duo gets mixed up in a kidnapping ("Crime Waves") and then they have to escape both the NSA and a bounty hunter ("Taffy Time").
.: 59:06 :: 27.2 MB :: 13 May 2009 :.

052: Shifting focus away from the more recognizable characters, James and Mike begin their discussion of The Zeta Project. The first five episodes they cover are "The Accomplice," "His Maker's Name," "Change Of Heart," "Remote Control" and "The Next Gen."
.: 1:14:02 :: 33.9 MB :: 29 April 2009 :.

051: In the shortest episode of World's Finest Podcast, James and Mike take a brief look at the Lobo and Gotham Girls webtoons.
.: 47:26 :: 21.7 MB :: 15 April 2009 :.

050: As James and Mike celebrate their 50th episode, they also look back at Batman Beyond. Who were some of their favorite villains, which character took a verbal beating and what did they think of the series overall? Plus, they both rethink a handful of grades, and Ian Wilson returns with his take on how the duo handled themselves while discussing Batman Beyond.
.: 1:36:19 :: 44.1 MB :: 01 April 2009 :.

049: James and Mike cap of their coverage of Batman Beyond by discussing the breathtaking direct-to-video movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.
.: 1:50:14 :: 50.6 MB :: 18 March 2009 :.

048: In the final four episodes of Batman Beyond, Terry endangers a young boy by showing him his face ("Unmasked"), briefly befriends the man destined to lead Kobra ("The Curse of Kobra"), uncovers a traitor in the ranks of the Justice League Unlimited ("The Call") and saves Zeta from Mad Stan ("Countdown").
.: 1:23:40 :: 38.4 MB :: 04 March 2009 :.

047: The Royal Flush Gang has a streak of bad luck ("King's Ransom"). Big Time uses Terry to seize control of a gang ("Betrayal"). Talia returns with a tempting offer for Bruce ("Out of the Past"). A gorilla seeks revenge on a poacher ("Speak No Evil"). And a dying Inque reunites with her daughter ("Inqueling").
.: 1:18:35 :: 36.1 MB :: 18 February 2009 :.

046: Delusional teenagers are tricked into helping an insane video game producer ("Sentries of the Last Cosmos"). Terry tries to give a wayward buddy a second chance ("Big Time"). Someone is using a high-tech bio-containment suit to wreak havoc ("Untouchable"). Bruce searches for Terry deep in the Gotham subways ("Where's Terry?"). And then Ace gets a bit of revenge on his former tormentor ("Ace in the Hole").
.: 1:28:40 :: 40.7 MB :: 21 January 2009 :.

045: A devious reporter threatens to expose Bruce and Terry ("Sneak Peek"), Batman teams with Stalker to save the world from a biological threat ("Plague"), Terry must balance the responsibilities of parenthood with crime fighting ("The Eggbaby"), a doctor is duped into drastically modifying the bodies of four thugs ("April Moon") and a young boy turns to vigilantism in order to get his father's attention ("Payback").
.: 1:19:00 :: 36.1 MB :: 07 January 2009 :.

044: Commissioner Gordon hunts down Batman for the apparent murder of Mad Stan ("Eyewitness"), a robot assassin is loose in Gotham City ("Zeta"), fearful parents are sending their teens off to a nightmarish reformatory ("The Last Resort"), Curaré is back in town ("Final Cut") and an out-of-work arms developer makes life hectic for Batman ("Armory").
.: 1:40:18 :: 45.9 MB :: 24 December 2008 :.

043: In response to an e-mail, James and Mike cast their version of a live-action Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, then they discuss five episodes from Batman Beyond: "Rats!," "Mind Games," "Revenant," "Babel" and "Terry's Friend Dates a Robot."
.: 1:53:32 :: 51.9 MB :: 10 December 2008 :.

042: In this batch of Batman Beyond episodes, Terry's suit is taken over by a vengeful / digitized CEO ("Lost Soul"), a mad hunter tracks Batman ("Bloodsport"), an overachieving student seeks revenge on Maxine for scoring higher on a test ("Hidden Agenda"), Ten returns to Gotham and a life of crime in an effort to save her family ("Once Burned...") and Terry must save Maxine from becoming addicted to the latest digital drug ("Hooked Up").
.: 1:51:03 :: 50.8 MB :: 26 November 2008 :.

041: After catching up on a backlog of e-mails, James and Mike suffer through five terrible episodes of Batman Beyond: "Disappearing Inque," "Ascension," "Joyride," "Earth Mover" and "Splicers."
.: 1:51:41 :: 51.1 MB :: 12 November 2008 :.

040: This time out, Batman takes on one of Bruce's old foes ("Meltdown"), three fantastically familiar superheroes ("Heroes"), a hypnotist ("Spellbound"), a sound engineer ("Shriek") and an assassin ("A Touch of Curaré").
.: 1:31:31 :: 41.8 MB :: 29 October 2008 :.

039: What happens when Bruce Wayne is too old to continue on as Batman? He reluctantly finds a protégé, giving us the fourth cartoon in the DCAU: Batman Beyond! James and Mike kick things off by discussing "Rebirth," "Black Out," "Golem," "The Winning Edge" and "Dead Man's Hand."
.: 2:11:23 :: 60.1 MB :: 15 October 2008 :.

038: Just because there are no more episodes of Superman: The Animated Series and Gotham Knights to review doesn't mean James and Mike are done discussing it. Listen in as the duo reminisces about some of the best and worst moments from the two series. And of course, Ian Wilson is back with some of his favorite moments from World's Finest Podcast.
.: 1:43:02 :: 47.1 MB :: 01 October 2008 :.

037: A young woman with a troubled past, a brand new detective and a brainy girl all catch Batman's ire as he investigates Gotham's newest vigilante in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman.
.: 2:02:28 :: 56.0 MB :: 17 September 2008 :.

036: As Superman: The Animated Series and Gotham Knights come to a close, Bruce Wayne marries a plant ("Chemistry"), the Joker creates a lecherous lunatic ("Beware the Creeper"), Two-Face tries to kill himself in a roundabout way ("Judgment Day") and Superman attacks his adopted home ("Legacy").
.: 1:44:40 :: 47.9 MB :: 03 September 2008 :.

035: Prior to their reviews ("Legends of the Dark Knight," "Unity," "Girl's Night Out," "The Demon Reborn" and "Mad Love"), James and Mike answer more e-mails than ever before!
.: 3:06:33 :: 85.4 MB :: 20 August 2008 :.

034: The Mad Hatter uses circus animals to steal microchips ("Animal Act"), Jimmy Olsen learns what it means to be famous ("Superman's Pal"), Batman and Robin break up ("Old Wounds"), Luthor's undersea experiments cause Aquaman to threaten the surface world ("A Fish Story") and Batman must combat the mystic arts if he's to help Jason Blood regain control of Etrigan ("The Demon Within").
.: 2:52:23 :: 78.9 MB :: 06 August 2008 :.

033: With a little help from Mr. Mxyzptlk, Bizarro returns to Earth to confront Superman in "Little Big Head Man." Batman fights genetically altered bugs and farm animals in the notoriously bad episode "Critters." In "Absolute Power" Superman learns that Jax-Ur and Mala have escaped the Phantom Zone, and are now ruling a distant planet. Catwoman runs afoul of a cat-obsessed cult in "Cult of the Cat." And "In Brightest Day..." sees the debut of Green Lantern!
.: 2:25:00 :: 66.3 MB :: 23 July 2008 :.

032: A former stuntwoman gets the hots for Batman ("The Ultimate Thrill"), while the Legion of Super-Heroes visit a young Clark Kent ("New Kids in Town"). Then Batgirl dies... sort of ("Over the Edge"), Toyman creates himself a lady-friend ("Obsession") and a scorned model seeks revenge ("Mean Seasons").
.: 2:21:20 :: 64.7 MB :: 09 July 2008 :.

031: Supergirl debuts ("Little Girl Lost"), the Killer Croc / Baby Doll relationship is creepy ("Love is a Croc"), a fiery redhead gives Superman a bit of trouble ("Where There's Smoke"), Firefly plans to destroy his ex-girlfriend and Gotham City ("Torch Song") and Superman dons a new (yet familiar) costume in his second meeting with Batman ("Knight Time"). All that, plus lots of e-mail!
.: 2:13:08 :: 60.9 MB :: 25 June 2008 :.

030: In "Never Fear" Batman nearly murders the newly redesigned Scarecrow, and Superman has the chance to wed a queen in "Warrior Queen" — but neither man pulls the trigger, so to speak. The Joker is duped in "Joker's Millions," leading to his attempted suicide. "Apokolips... Now!" sees the shocking death of a major character. And Robin comes to realize that the good guys can't always win in "Growing Pains."
.: 2:16:10 :: 62.3 MB :: 11 June 2008 :.

029: As always, James and Mike discuss five episodes this week ("Prototype," "The Late Mr. Kent" and "Heavy Metal" from Superman: The Animated Series, and "Double Talk" and "You Scratch My Back" from Gotham Knights), but one of them is so bad it's described as being "Superman's 'Terrible Trio.'" Thankfully two of the other episodes are masterpieces.
.: 2:36:25 :: 71.6 MB :: 28 May 2008 :.

028: From Gotham Knights the guys discuss "Holiday Knights" (crime never sleeps in Gotham City, not even during the holidays), "Sins of the Father" (the debut of Tim Drake as Robin) and "Cold Comfort" (the shocking return of Mr. Freeze). Then from Superman: The Animated Series they cover "The Hand of Fate" (Doctor Fate does a whole lot of nothing as Superman battles the demon Karkull) and "Bizarro's World" (an ever-confused Bizarro returns to reshape, then destroy Metropolis).
.: 2:01:05 :: 55.4 MB :: 14 May 2008 :.

027: In their longest show yet, James and Mike thoroughly dissect "World's Finest," the epic three-part Superman / Batman crossover!
.: 2:54:44 :: 79.9 MB :: 30 April 2008 :.

026: Lois Lane visits an alternate reality, one where her death caused the rise of a dark empire ("Brave New Metropolis"). Once home, she's greeted by a long-lost friend of the monkey variety ("Monkey Fun"). After that, Brainiac returns ("Ghost in the Machine"), and Superman finally meets Darkseid ("Father's Day").
.: 1:54:53 :: 52.5 MB :: 16 April 2008 :.

025: First, Superman is introduced to several new adversaries in "Target" and "Mxyzpixilated," then a handful of powerful villains reemerge in "Action Figures," "Double Dose" and "Solar Power." Plus, while James and Mike sort through listener feedback, Mike reveals a big surprise.
.: 1:59:34 :: 54.7 MB :: 02 April 2008 :.

024: Like a dummy, Superman lets two criminal Kryptonians out of the Phantom Zone ("Blasts from the Past"). He then has to stop a giant creature from feeding on all of the world's energy ("The Prometheon"). And then three DCAU mainstays are introduced: Livewire, The Flash and Bizarro ("Livewire," "Speed Demons" and "Identity Crisis," respectively).
.: 2:11:08 :: 60.0 MB :: 19 March 2008 :.

023: Poor Superman. His life is never easy. In this batch of episodes, the intergalactic bounty hunter known as Lobo is hired to abduct Superman ("The Main Man"). Then Clark discovers that his high school sweetheart, Lana Lang, is now dating Lex Luthor ("My Girl"). Darkseid is supplying mob boss Bruno Manheim with advanced weaponry ("Tools of the Trade"). And someone has taken control of the Parasite's body ("Two's a Crowd").
.: 2:23:23 :: 65.6 MB :: 05 March 2008 :.

022: James and Mike continue the discussion of Superman: The Animated Series by examining five more episodes: "Fun and Games," "A Little Piece of Home," "Feeding Time," "The Way of All Flesh" and "Stolen Memories." All that, plus a slew of listener feedback!
.: 1:53:34 :: 51.9 MB :: 20 February 2008 :.

021: At last, the time has come for James and Mike to discuss Superman: The Animated Series! First up, the three-part origin story "The Last Son of Krypton."
.: 1:40:37 :: 46.0 MB :: 06 February 2008 :.

020: Before beginning their coverage of Superman: The Animated Series, James and Mike take one last look at Batman: The Animated Series. Along the way they answer a host of e-mails, play a very special recording, talk about their favorite moments and, finally, reevaluate some of their scores.
.: 1:58:49 :: 54.3 MB :: 23 January 2008 :.

019: Previously Mr. Freeze was portrayed as a tortured, sympathetic villain, but all that changed during the animated movie Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero. And that change isn't particularly liked by your hosts.
.: 1:53:18 :: 51.8 MB :: 09 January 2008 :.

018: It's the end of an era! After 18 episodes of World's Finest Podcast, James and Mike are finally here to discuss the final five episodes of Batman: The Animated Series: "Harley's Holiday," "Lock-Up," "Make 'em Laugh," "Deep Freeze" and "Batgirl Returns."
.: 2:00:56 :: 55.3 MB :: 26 December 2007 :.

017: Will James and Mike eventually cover the DCAU tie-in video games, and why can't Batman suffer brain damage? Those questions and more are answered before five more episode of Batman: The Animated Series are reviewed, those being "Baby-Doll," "The Lion and the Unicorn," "Showdown," "Riddler's Reform" and "Second Chance."
.: 2:20:53 :: 64.4 MB :: 12 December 2007 :.

016: Though they both had colds, James and Mike managed to record their longest episode yet! What filled the time? Well, there's talk of censorship, the Marvel Animated Universe and why Batman will never be able to cure the Joker. Of course they also covered five episode of Batman: The Animated Series. First up is the irredeemable "The Terrible Trio," which is an episode that should never have been made. In "Harlequinade" Batman and Harley Quinn join forces to prevent the Joker from detonating an atomic bomb. The Clock King and Catwoman return in "Time Out of Joint" and "Catwalk" (respectively), whilst "Bane" sees the debut of the masked assassin Bane.
.: 2:33:27 :: 70.2 MB :: 28 November 2007 :.

015: In "Sideshow" Killer Croc makes some friends, while someone attempts to murder Detective Harvey Bullock in "A Bullet for Bullock." Next Batman and the new District Attorney go on trial in the aptly named "Trial," and "Avatar" sees the return of Ra's al Ghul. Lastly, Poison Ivy supposedly gives up her life of crime in "House and Garden."
.: 2:25:56 :: 66.8 MB :: 14 November 2007 :.

014: This week your friendly hosts took a break from Batman: The Animated Series (sort of). Instead of covering five episode of the show that launched the DC Animated Universe, they discussed the first (and only) DCAU theatrical release. Oh yes, it's Batman: Mask of the Phantasm!
.: 2:26:08 :: 66.8 MB :: 31 October 2007 :.

013: Mike and James briefly discuss Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii, answer a few e-mails and then review four episodes of Batman: The Animated Series: "His Silicon Soul," "Fire from Olympus," "Read My Lips" and "The Worry Men."
.: 1:53:14 :: 51.8 MB :: 17 October 2007 :.

012: Calling "The Demon's Quest" epic doesn't even begin to do this Batman: The Animated Series episode justice, nor does sandwiching it in with four other episodes of the show. That said, James and Mike decided to dedicate an entire episode of World's Finest Podcast to "The Demon's Quest."
.: 1:36:37 :: 44.2 MB :: 03 October 2007 :.

011: Though they only review three episodes of Batman: The Animated Series this time around, James and Mike hardly have a light week. First there's an inbox full of e-mails to read, then they cover "Harley and Ivy" (in which Batman should have died), "Shadow of the Bat" (in which the rumors about the Dynamic Duo are confirmed) and "Blind as a Bat" (in which Tony Stark could have stood in for Bruce Wayne).
.: 1:42:32 :: 46.9 MB :: 19 September 2007 :.

010: In this edition of World's Finest Podcast, James and Mike answer a slew of e-mails, and then discuss five episodes of Batman: The Animated Series: "The Man Who Killed Batman," "Mudslide," "Paging the Crime Doctor," "Zatanna" and "The Mechanic."
.: 2:06:39 :: 57.9 MB :: 05 September 2007 :.

009: Someone gave the hilarious "Almost Got 'Im" a perfect score. Both James and Mike are surprised by the sorrow they feel for the Penguin in "Birds of a Feather." "What is Reality?" marks the second appearance of the Riddler. Batman apparently shops at Hot Topic, as evidenced by his behavior in "I Am the Night." And two crucial Batman: The Animated Series characters are introduced in "Off Balance."
.: 1:54:27 :: 52.3 MB :: 22 August 2007 :.

008: First James and Mike answer several e-mails, then they dive headfirst into a steaming pile of BTAS episodes. "Joker's Wild" numbs the brain. "Tyger, Tyger" isn't so bad — depending on who you ask. "Moon of the Wolf" is the worst episode of Batman: The Animated Series, period. Though not as good as the first part, "Day of the Samurai" is sort of okay — yet completely nonsensical. Then there's "Terror in the Sky" with its hints at marital unrest.
.: 1:45:17 :: 48.1 MB :: 08 August 2007 :.

007: "Night of the Ninja" explores a small portion of Bruce Wayne's shrouded youth. Nothing makes sense in "Cat Scratch Fever." Once the rogues appear, "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne" becomes a fun episode. The two-part "Heart of Steel" is remarkable for introducing Barbara Gordon, and for its otherworldly eeriness. And "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?" finally introduces The Riddler.
.: 1:10:35 :: 32.3 MB :: 25 July 2007 :.

006: This time around Alfred takes the fall for Bruce ("Eternal Youth"). In "Perchance to Dream" Bruce Wayne is given his dream life, but turns it away. An international thief targets Batman in "The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy." Dick Grayson's emotional origin is recounted ("Robin's Reckoning"). And The Joker plots another zany scheme in "The Laughing Fish."
.: 1:21:12 :: 37.1 MB :: 11 July 2007 :.

005: The Scarecrow must be insanely stupid if he can't ascertain Robin's true identity ("Fear of Victory"). Batman gives Temple Fugate way too much respect in "The Clock King," leaving James and Mike at a loss for words. Some familiar faces appear in "Appointment in Crime Alley," and Mike takes issue with Batman leaving roses in Crime Alley. Mix "Mad as a Hatter" with James' love for Lewis Carroll and you wind up with a (mostly) gushing review. And does "Dreams in Darkness" make an allusion to Jason Todd's grisly murder?
.: 1:38:43 :: 45.1 MB :: 13 June 2007 :.

004: Who'd have thought the once-campy Adam West could turn in such a touching performance ("Beware the Gray Ghost"), or that Heather Locklear had a small part in the lackluster "Prophecy of Doom"? "Feat of Clay" begs a serious question, and continues to portray Batman's villains as sympathetic characters. If there's one person in the world you wouldn't want to owe a favor to, it's The Joker ("Joker's Favor"). And in "Vendetta" Batman admits he was wrong about Harvey Bullock!
.: 1:31:33 :: 41.9 MB :: 01 June 2007 :.

003: "It's Never Too Late" proved mobsters could be sympathetic characters years before The Sopranos hit HBO. Not every episode can be a gem, and "I've Got Batman in My Basement" illustrates that. Bruce Wayne might be a hopeless romantic, but Batman sees everything in black and white ("Cat and the Claw"). The near-perfect "Heart of Ice" needs no description. And "See No Evil" has a shocking subtext. If that wasn't enough for you, listen just to hear Mike make quite possibly the funniest Freudian slip ever.
.: 1:11:46 :: 32.8 MB :: 16 May 2007 :.

002: James and Mike briefly discuss how World's Finest Podcast came about, then move into reviewing five more episodes from Batman: The Animated Series: "The Underdwellers," "P.O.V.," "The Forgotten," "Be a Clown" and the two-part epic "Two-Face."
.: 1:02:05 :: 28.4 MB :: 02 May 2007 :.

001: After weeks of cryptic hints on Earth-2.net: The Show, the very first episode of World's Finest Podcast is finally here! Reviewed for your listening pleasure are five episodes of Batman: The Animated Series: "On Leather Wings," "Christmas with the Joker," "Nothing to Fear," "The Last Laugh" and "Pretty Poison." (The majority of World's Finest Podcast, episode 001 originally aired as Earth-2.net: The Show, episode 090.)
.: 1:11:19 :: 32.6 MB :: 25 April 2007 :.

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