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Episodes of Twice as Bright, Half as Long
19.04: Ian and Dave wade through two more episodes of Automan. In "Flashes and Ashes," Walter tries to prove an old friend wasn't corrupt and finds himself pitched against a suave Internal Affairs officer looking to become the next District Attorney. In "The Biggest Game in Town," LA comes under attack from a group of hackers. Walter and Automan must stop their acts of sabotage and track them down. They also discuss the possibility of Automan taking place in the same fictional universe as Robocop, more throwaway lines that open up all sorts of philosophical questions about the nature of Automan's sentience, and are taken aback by a police captain's use of a very British mild obscenity.
.: 1:39:57 :: 93.7 MB :: 30 September 2020 :.

19.03: Dave and Ian are back with another two episodes of Automan. In "Ship in the Night," Walter and Automan travel to a Caribbean island to investigate the disappearances of several wealthy businessmen. In "Unreasonable Facsimile," Automan accidentally assimilates a soap opera and wants to fall in love. When he meets a woman connected with Walter's latest case, he thinks he has found love, but this brings up many philosophical questions about Automan's level of sentience. Are his emotions real or the result of an algorithm? If he is truly capable of feelings and autonomous thought, does that make him a lifeform and if that is the case does that mean that Walter is exploiting him for personal gain? Don't expect any of these questions to be answered though, as the story is more focused on making a profit for sub-standard helicopter parts. Dave tries out a new dramatic sound effect and institutes "briefcase full of money watch," while Ian shares the timespan during which he watched Eastenders and shares his hatred of one of the main characters.
.: 1:21:12 :: 76.2 MB :: 22 August 2020 :.

19.02: After surviving the extended pilot, Ian and Dave start their viewing of Automan as an episodic series. In "Staying Alive While Running a High Flashdance Fever," the police are trying to locate a kidnapped informant who is trying to implicate a well-respected judge in a corruption scandal. Also, Automan dances a bit. In "The Great Pretender," after a delivery of paper for printing money is hijacked, Walter and Automan seek to flush out the prime suspect behind it by aggressively targeting his other rackets. Finding themselves at the center of a mob power struggle, have Walter and "Mr. Otto" bitten off more than they can chew? They also discuss the show messing with its own ground rules, is Walter actually a jerk, and what exactly is Roxy's job in the police department?
.: 1:29:08 :: 37.0 MB :: 21 April 2020 :.

19.01: After an unexpected break that was Dave's fault, Dave and Ian are back with their firs show of 2020: Automan from 1983. They are joined by Dan Toland to talk about the pilot episode, where nerdy police computer expert Walter Nebicher creates a sentient hologram called Automan in order to fight crime. Walter and Automan are soon put to the test when Walter's colleague, Lt. Jack Curtis, goes missing while investigating the disappearance of several scientists. The trail will lead them to Switzerland, where Patrick Macnee is up to no good. On the way they discuss how much Switzerland looks in no way like California, debate how many people Automan kills along the way, and ponder on whether it is possible to waste the talent of Doug McClure.
.: 1:56:24 :: 48.5 MB :: 07 March 2020 :.

18.03: Ian and Dave see out 2019 with the last two episodes of Crazyhead. In "Downward Facing Dog," Raquel goes on a date with Harry while Amy tries to warn her about the vision of Harry attacking her. It soon becomes clear that Harry is not telling the whole truth. In "Beaver with a Chainsaw," it is Halloween night and all of Callum's plans are coming to fruition. The gates of Hell are about to be thrown wide open, and the only people standing in his way are Amy and Jake. They also discuss the series as a whole, what they would have liked from a second season, and name their series MVPs. Then they welcome Statistician Ian to let them know how they are going to be kicking off 2020!
.: 1:59:26 :: 88.1 MB :: 31 December 2019 :.

18.02: Dave and Ian return for another two episodes of Crazyhead. In "Shave the Cat," Suzanne has returned from the dead and isn't the woman she used to be. Raquel, Amy, and Jake take her somewhere remote in search of a cure cure, and Raquel makes a new friend while searching for a phone signal. In "Penguin or Cow," Amy and Raquel confront Mercy while trying to find the kidnapped Suzanne. She is being held captive by Callum who intends to use her to take Amy out of the picture once and for all. They also discuss the correct posture to adopt if you ever see Ian in a pet shop, and discover that their previous edition has caught the attention of one of the cast's mothers.
.: 1:16:20 :: 57.0 MB :: 01 December 2019 :.

18.01: Ian and Dave are back reviewing their most recent series to date: 2016 UK show Crazyhead. In "A Very Trippy Horse," Amy is a woman who works in a bowling alley and is dealing with her mental health. One day her world is turned upside down when she meets Raquel, who tells her that the things that she can see aren't hallucinations, demons are real, and they can both see them. In "A Pine Fresh Scent," Amy and Raquel have to deal with the fallout from an exorcism, and the demons send a problem solver to take out their one demon ally. They invent the "Jake Gauge" to track the likeability of one character, and Old Man Wilson shakes his fist at the kids.
.: 1:37:19 :: 71.3 MB :: 31 October 2019 :.

Special 0.02: Dave and Ian return to discuss what they have been up to while they were away, catch up on feedback in the inbox, and get Statistician Ian to unveil the next show that they will be covering.
.: 50:46 :: 39.7 MB :: 13 October 2019 :.

17.05: Dave and Ian conclude their re-watch of Firefly. In "The Message," Mal and Zoe are sent the corpse of an old war comrade that isn't as dead as he first appears to be. In "Heart of Gold" an old friend of Inara's asks for help to protect one of her employees from a local landowner. And, in "Objects in Space," as the crew debate as to the best course of action to deal with an increasingly erratic River, Serenity is infiltrated by a bounty hunter looking to take in the Tams. They go on to discuss the series as a whole, and outline their plans for the next few months as they take a little summer break. Trigger Warning: Due to the events depicted in these episodes, there is an unavoidable discussion on threats of sexual violence as a storytelling device.
.: 2:31:44 :: 69.0 MB :: 31 May 2019 :.

17.04: Ian and Dave are back for three more episodes of Firefly. In "Ariel" Simon hires the crew to help him and River break into an advanced hospital to scan River's brain. In "War Stories" Wash and Zoe's marital difficulties lead to Wash joining Mal on a drop, only for them to both be captured by a vengeful Niska. In "Trash" Mal comes across Saffron during a smuggling job and she offers to let them in on a profitable heist if they can put aside their past. One episode fails the Probert Test, they sing the praises of Alan Tudyk, and invite speculation about Ian's fetish.
.: 1:58:45 :: 58.2 MB :: 13 May 2019 :.

17.03: Dave and Ian cover another three episodes of Firefly. In "Our Mrs. Reynolds" the crew of Serenity defends a settlement from bandits, and after their work is done Mal discovers that he has been given a wife in lieu of payment who may be more than she appears. In "Jaynestown" a simple smuggling job becomes more complicated when the crew realizes the town they are planning to sneak the goods through idolizes Janye as a folk hero. In "Out of Gas" Serenity becomes stranded when a part malfunctions, and while Mal struggles to stay alive / repair the ship he recalls how he met each of his crew. They muse on character introductions, enjoy Robin Hood parallels, and Ian develops The Probert Test.
.: 1:58:33 :: 59.5 MB :: 31 March 2019 :.

17.02: Ian and Dave continue to make their way through Firefly. In "Bushwacked," the crew of Serenity stumbles across a derelict ship that has been attacked by Reavers. Their salvage operation is interrupted by a lone survivor and an Alliance cruiser. In "Shindig," Mal has to negotiate his way through high society in order to strike a deal to smuggle cargo, and finds himself in a fencing duel to the death with one of Inara's clients. And in "Safe" the crew deliver their cargo, but Book is shot when the deal goes south and Simon and River are kidnapped by a village that needs a doctor. Ian continues to struggle with names, Dave disagrees with Wikipedia over what the Tam's father should be called, and they receive feedback from the Orgs with a difference.
.: 2:03:36 :: 46.8 MB :: 03 March 2019 :.

17.01: Dave and Ian kick off 2019 with a new show: Joss Whedon's Firefly. In "Serenity," Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of his ship, Serenity, struggle to scrape a living. After they are nearly caught while pulling an illegal salvage operation, Mal is forced to trade the goods on a remote moon with someone who shot him last time they met. Things are made even more complex when several of the ship's passengers turn out to be more than they seem. In "The Train Job," Mal agrees to pull a heist for a very dangerous gangster, but after having pulled it off finds that he can't handover the goods because it's much-needed medication. They also commit to making the character of Jayne sound more British, and Ian finds himself unable to distinguish between River Tam and Summer Glau.
.: 2:17:11 :: 69.2 MB :: 30 January 2019 :.

16.01: Ian and Dave are, once again, joined by Dan Toland, and together they examine the 1986 unsold pilot I-Man. When single father and taxi driver Jeffery Wilder helps rescue people from a traffic accident, he unwittingly breathes in space gas that was being transported by NASA. The gas gives Jeffery the ability to instantly heal from any injury. So, naturally, he is offered a job working for the government and is sent to stop an insane billionaire from holding the country to ransom with stolen laser weaponry. They also discuss well-dressed henchmen, an unexpected Star Trek connection that doesn't involve Scott Bakula, and Dave and Dan are reduced to tears of laughter at the fate of a raccoon.
.: 2:11:52 :: 68.1 MB :: 31 December 2018 :.

15.05: Dave and Ian conclude their coverage of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) with the final two episodes. In "The Glorious Buntranek," Jeff and Marty's old secretary is in trouble, so Jeff and Jeanie travel to Eastern Europe to help her find her lost child who has been taken by a cult. In "Two Can Play That Game," an old school friend of Jeff asks for help when he believes that his father may not be dead. and Wyvern sends Marty to a spectral seaside resort to heal his connection with Jeff. They also discuss what they would have liked from a third series, defend the nation of Latvia, name their MVPs for the series, and Statistician Ian returns to tell them what they will be watching next.
.: 1:37:13 :: 70.6 MB :: 02 December 2018 :.

15.04: Ian and Dave cover another two episodes of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). In "Painkillers," Jeff and Jeanie are sent undercover by the government to investigate the enigmatic Colonel Anger who has discovered a pain delaying drug that Wyvern says could cause chaos for the spirit world. In "Marshall and Snellgrove," Jeff and Jeanie get a high paying case but discover that their client's brother has hired the rival detectives who work in their building. When one of their rivals is killed, Marty must help him avoid the spectral authorities until they can solve his murder. They also discuss subgenres of Buckaroo and discovery why Dave is podcasting from his bed.
.: 2:02:48 :: 89.9 MB :: 30 October 2018 :.

15.03: Dave and Ian begin series two of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). In "Whatever Possessed You," Jeff still has no memory of Marty being a ghost as he and Jeanie are called in to investigate a series of strange deaths in a hotel. Wyvern says that the time has come for Marty to reunite with Jeff, and together they face the spirits looking to escape the hotel. In "Revenge of the Bog People" an ex-partner of Jeff comes back into his life asking him to reopen the investigation into her missing father, and Marty is tasked with taming a wayward ghost called Nesbit. And in "O Happy Isle," Jeff and Jeanie investigate the death of a young man on a remote Scottish island and stumble across a conspiracy to control the planet's population. They also discuss the improvements in series two and welcome a guest appearance of one of Ian's favorite TABHAL actors.
.: 2:24:41 :: 70.0 MB :: 19 September 2018 :.

15.02: Ian and Dave convene at Ian's swinging bachelor pad to discuss another three episodes of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). In "Paranoia," Jeff and Jeanie are hired by Douglas Milton, a man who has written a book of possibly shocking revelations because he believes someone wants to kill him and he is not wrong. In "A Blast from the Past," Marty graduates as a ghost and gains access to Limbo, but soon finds himself in danger from the ghost of a London gangster who wants revenge on Marty's dad. In "A Man of Substance," what begins as a missing person case in the sleepy village of Haydel Roxstead turns out to have major supernatural implications as everyone can see and hear Marty. They go to war with wasps, examine Marty's kill count, and are reunited with Roj Blake.
.: 2:36:38 :: 64.0 MB :: 02 August 2018 :.

15.01: For the first time in their long and illustrious partnership, Dave and Ian record together in the same room as they begin watching a new show: Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). In "Drop Dead," private detectives Jeff Randall and Marty Hopkirk are hired by an artist to protect his wife from herself, but when Marty is seemingly killed by her he comes back as a ghost, visible only to Jeff, in order to solve his own murder. In "Mental Apparition Disorder," Jeff is checked into a therapy center after telling Marty's finance, Jeanie, that Marty is a ghost. Meanwhile Marty is trained to be a ghost by the mysterious Mr. Wyvern. Finally, in "The Best Years of Your Death," Jeanie's nephew tells her something sinister is going on at his boarding school, so she and Jeff go undercover to discover the truth, and Wyvern teaches Marty possession. They make lots of Doctor Who connections, ask if Steven Berkov is locked in a cupboard, and Dave has an unfortunate chair incident.
.: 2:00:32 :: 39.1 MB :: 10 July 2018 :.

14.05: Ian and Dave watch the final two episodes of Wonderfalls. In "Totem Mole," Jaye and Sharon find themselves involved in the politics of a local Native American community via an old rival of Sharon, and Jaye tries not to become their new spiritual leader thanks to a totem pole. In "Caged Bird," planned celebrations for Darren and Karen's anniversary are interrupted when a bank robber takes the staff of Wonderfalls and Sharon hostage. They talk about the show and pick their MVPs, Dave gets annoyed by terrible TV first aid and overused TV plots, and Statistician Ian is summoned from the netherworld to let you know what show will be covered next.
.: 1:57:24 :: 45.8 MB :: 05 June 2018 :.

14.04: Dave and Ian welcome you to their penultimate podcast on Wonderfalls. In "Safety Canary," Jaye and Eric go on their first date, but the animals have other plans for Jaye that involve her helping a zookeeper to steal two macaws for breeding purposes. In "Lying Pig," Eric's wife, Heidi, returns to win him back, and the animals seem to want Jaye to help her. Meanwhile, Mahandra is panicking about having spent the night with Aaron, and Karen is asked to dinner by another doctor at the hospital where Darren works. And in "Cocktail Bunny," Jaye is told by the animals that she needs to "save him from her," so she concludes that Heidi is going to try and kill Eric. Dave start a feature called "Falconry Corner," Ian does an impression of a macaw, and they marvel at the ever-changing internal architecture of The Barrel, Niagra's only bar apparently.
.: 1:47:34 :: 40.3 MB :: 08 May 2018 :.

11.03.5: Dave is joined by former Doctor Who writer Andrew Smith to discuss his work writing and script editing the return of Star Cops for Big Finish. They chat about Andrew's history with the show, how his experience in the police informed his work, how Linda Newton was nearly not involved, writing for Devis, and how you tackle having no sound in space on an audio production.
.: 45:14 :: 38.3 MB :: 30 April 2018 :.

14.03: Ian and Dave begin a new era of TABHAL now that Dave has moved to the North. They also watch three more episodes of Wonderfallls. In "Muffin Buffalo," Jaye is less than happy that she is getting a reputation as someone who helps people, but then finds herself trying to help one of her neighbors while the animals tell her not to help another. In "Barrel Bear," Mahandra and Jaye find themselves at odds over the legendary Millie Marcus who might or might not be first woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel and live. And in "Lovesick Ass," Jaye and Eric find themselves helping a Russian woman who has come to America to marry her true love only to discover that it is a 13 year old boy. Dave explains how Chicken Boo influenced his taste in comedy, they appoint an official TABAHL fashion correspondent, and Ian is reunited with one of HAA's greatest nemesis: Spencer Breslin.
.: 2:14:47 :: 52.8 MB :: 06 April 2018 :.

14.02: Dave and Ian have a fine old time watching another three episodes of Wonderfalls. In "Karma Chameleon," Jaye meets a shy woman called Bianca who has a stutter. The animals tell her to "get her words out," but it turns out that Bianca is not all that she appears to be and that Jaye's instructions turn out to have an altogether different meaning. In "Wound Up Penguin," Jaye and Eric find themselves helping a cheese-loving nun who has lost her faith, and a penguin tells Jaye to "bring her home to him." Eric finds himself having to confront his unhappy past, and Jaye's instructions turn out to have an altogether different meaning. And in "Crime Dog," Jaye and Aaron find themselves in trouble with the law after their housekeeper is deported to Canada. A cow creamer tells Jaye to "bring her home," so Jaye, Aaron, and the cow creamer go to get Yvette back. Sharon has a showdown with her siblings at the boarder, and it turns out that Jaye's instructions have an altogether different meaning. Ian is overjoyed at Aaron finally getting screen time, Dave struggles to recap a scene where everyone's name rhymes, and they find out what Lee Pace's middle name is.
.: 2:13:23 :: 50.8 MB :: 26 February 2018 :.

14.01: Ian and Dave start the new year with a new show: Brian Fuller's Wonderfalls. In "Wax Lion," Jaye Tyler is just a normal person living in a trailer and working in a Niagara Falls gift shop. Then one day a malformed wax lion starts to talk to her, and soon multiple inanimate animals start speaking and urging her to get involved in the lives of strangers. This leads her to learn something new about her sister Sharon. In "Pink Flamingos," Jaye has no intention of running her father over with a car or attending her high school reunion. The animals have different ideas, however, so her father ends up in hospital and high school queen bee Gretchen Speck asks her to help organize the reunion. Dave has trouble pronouncing names, Ian identifies the two minutes of the show he has seen previously, and they reward one listener's loyalty entirely by accident.
.: 1:31:14 :: 32.2 MB :: 21 January 2018 :.

13.01: Dave and Ian invite you to join them for a vaguely seasonal episode as the watch the somewhat notorious Doctor Who spinoff attempt K9 and Company. Sarah Jane Smith is set to spend time at her aunt's country home but when she arrives she finds her aunt has left in suspicious circumstances, she has to look after her aunt's ward who is back from boarding school, and a crate that has been waiting for her for three years contains a gift from The Doctor in the shape of K9 Mark III. If all that wasn't enough, it seems that there is a pagan cult at work in the village of Morton Harwood that could have dire consequences for Aunt Lavina's market garden business. Sarah Jane and K9 must solve the mystery and rescue Brendan from a sacrificial alter. They also discuss what connects this to Hellraiser, how the BBC viewed anywhere west of Reading, and who are the ringleaders of the Morton Harwood swinger set.
.: 1:21:03 :: 32.2 MB :: 19 December 2017 :.

12.03: Ian and Dave conclude their look at The Persuaders with three more episodes. In "The Morning After," Brett wakes with a sore head to discover that he is married, while Danny's investigations lead him to Brett being used to derail international peace talks. In "A Death in the Family," someone is killing off Brett's relatives one by one and suspicion falls on other members of his family. And in "To the Death, Baby," Danny and Brett decide to step in when a known con man attempts to inveigle his way into the affections of a young heiress, but things are not what they seem. They also discuss the number of guest stars who have been in Doctor Who, marvel at Roger Moore as a master of disguise, and stumble across an odd IMDB biography. Statistician Ian also returns to inform them what they will be covering for the next episode.
.: 2:23:14 :: 56.0 MB :: 27 November 2017 :.

12.02: Dave and Ian cover three episodes of The Persuaders as voted for by listeners. In "The Old, the New and the Deadly," Danny finds himself targeted by evil Nazi Patrick Troughton due to a case of mistaken identity. In "That's Me Over There," Brett's investigation into businessman Thaddeus Krane leads him to being kidnapped, and Danny must impersonate Brett in order to get vital information. And in "The Man in the Middle," Brett doing a favor for Judge Fulton leads to a case of mistaken identity as they try to uncover a mole in British intelligence. Danny and Brett's third cousin, Terry-Thomas, must stage a rescue. They also discuss Roger Moore's superhero alter ego, Brettman; characters regularly reaming unnamed on screen for most of the episodes; bring down the imagined legal wrath of the Association of Tennis Professionals; and are delighted to be reunited with two actors from Blake's 7.
.: 2:24:06 :: 56.3 MB :: 23 October 2017 :.

Special 0.01: With Ian in the process of moving into his new house and Dave about to go on holiday, they decide to take a break from their regular schedule and look back at all the shows that they have covered up to this point. What was the show they enjoyed the most? Which show was the most contentious? Which show contains one of Ian's favorite pieces of TV dialogue ever? Is Dave a contradiction for hating Crime Traveller yet owning to copies of the box set and the only piece of bootleg merchandise known to exist? All these questions and more will be answered.
.: 1:27:34 :: 35.9 MB :: 24 September 2017 :.

12.01: Ian and Dave try out a new viewing format as they take their first trip to the 1970s with The Persuaders. In "Overture," Millionaire playboys Danny Wilde and Lord Brett Sinclair find themselves blackmailed into helping a retired Judge named Fulton into helping him to investigate the sister of a European crime kingpin. In "The Gold Napoleon," Danny meets a nice woman at the airport who is then shot by a sniper. With the press speculating that Danny was the intended victim, Danny resolves to discover the truth. In "Someone Like Me," Brett is kidnapped and kept in a fake hospital. Upon getting back home he becomes convinced that someone has created a doppelgänger, but truth is much more sinister. They also discuss the impressive stunt prowess of Tony Curtis, the good and bad things that come with 70s TV, and are reunited with the writer that brought them together as a podcast team to begin with.
.: 2:18:53 :: 54.9 MB :: 27 August 2017 :.

11.03: Dave and Ian bring their viewing of Star Cops to a close with the last three episodes. In "A Double Life," the frozen embryos of a rich and powerful woman are stolen from the new Moonbase hospital facility, and the prime suspect has a perfect alibi. In "Other People's Secrets," David shadows the Moonbase's chief engineer to see if he is a saboteur, and the team are analyzed by a psychiatrist who also happens to be Devis' ex-wife. Finally, in "Little Green Men and Other Martians," two reporters arrive on Moonbase amid rumors of an amazing discovery on Mars, which someone is willing to kill for. They also go over the show as a whole, name their series MVPs, and Statistician Ian institutes a new approach for the next show to be covered.
.: 2:39:52 :: 61.5 MB :: 23 July 2017 :.

11.02: Ian and Dave's coverage of Star Cops continues with another three episodes. In "Trivial Games and Paranoid Pursuits," Spring travels to the space station Ronald Regan in order to try and get permission to place officers on US space facilities. He is soon joined by Kenzy and together they uncover a conspiracy to hide laboratory accident. In "This Case to be Opened in a Million Years," Spring is forced to take leave on Earth and finds himself framed by the Mafia who are using scheduled nuclear waste rocket shots for smuggling. "In Warm Blood" sees a ship turn up with all of the crew dead, and Spring finds his investigation hampered by the Japanese corporation who own it, and Devis utterly fails at undercover work. They also discuss one episode's awful racism, instigate Space Hair Watch, and find they share similar opinions on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
.: 2:38:19 :: 62.5 MB :: 02 July 2017 :.

11.01: Dave and Ian embark on a new show for the summer: Star Cops from 1987. In "An Instinct for Murder," Chief Superintendent Nathan Spring reluctantly finds his name on the shortlist for the job as Commander of the International Space Police Force. While visiting a European space station as part of his interview, a prominent politician dies during a spacewalk and Spring finds himself in charge of the investigation. In "Conversations with the Dead," Spring's girlfriend, Lee, is murdered in Spring's home while he is in space. While Spring returns to Earth, his second in command, David Theroux, investigates when a ship is sent off course and the two-person crew are very aware that they are as good as dead. In "Intelligent Listening for Beginners," Spring and Theroux seek out corruption in the ranks while they investigate a series of computer failures, and new recruit Colin Devis and a recently fired Pal Kenzy find themselves having to foil a hijacking. They also discuss what a balding man's hair should look like in zero gravity, the show's awful yet addictively catchy theme song, and Dave launches his attempt to make #TeamDevis a thing.
.: 2:35:15 :: 74.5 MB :: 29 May 2017 :.

10.02: Ian and Dave bring their coverage of Dark Season to a close. In the second three-part story, the mysterious Miss Pendragon leads an archaeological dig on the school grounds which Marcie, Thomas, and Reet soon discover is really a plot to unearth an abandoned World War II computer project called The Behemoth. When The Behemoth awakens, Marcie finds herself in a final confrontation with Mr. Eldritch with the fate of the world at stake. They look over the show as a whole, pick their series MVPs, and Statistician Ian reveals the next show to be covered and his double life in the UFC.
.: 1:52:56 :: 44.2 MB :: 03 May 2017 :.

10.01: Dave and Ian embark on what might be their most divisive show to date, Russell T. Davies' Dark Season. In the first three-episode story, the sinister Mr. Eldritch donates free computers to a local school and gives each child a computer to take home, free of charge. The only person not convinced of Mr. Eldritch's good intentions is pupil Marcie Hatter. Marcie, alongside her friends Reet and Thomas, decide to investigate and discover that a man whose car has the numberplate "Nemesis" might not be as benevolent as he claims. Ian is unhappy at finding his own Crime Traveller, there is a celebration of the career of Cyril Shapps, and they encounter their second Oscar winner.
.: 1:38:17 :: 37.6 MB :: 22 March 2017 :.

09.03: Ian and Dave cover the final two episodes of Jekyll. In episode five, Jackman's personality has apparently been deleted leaving Mr. Hyde to assimilate his memories, which leads him to making several discoveries about the original Dr. Jekyll. In episode six, Jackman and Hyde are united and are about to go after Claire and their children, who have been taken by Klein and Utterson. But first they must get past Mr. Carver, an experienced mercenary who has had a year to prepare for a battle with Mr. Hyde. They look back at the series, name their MVPs, and Statistician Ian is on hand to name the next show they will be covering.
.: 2:06:10 :: 46.5 MB :: 27 February 2017 :.

09.02: Dave and Ian continue their viewing of Steven Moffat's Jekyll. In episode three, Tom is fatigued and in hiding while fighting off an increasingly more dominant Hyde. When he confronts Peter about his betrayal, they both end up locked in a wine cellar and Claire Jackman finds out her husband's dark secret. Someone doesn't leave the cellar alive. In episode four, Tom is trapped in a techno box and he and Claire are taken to Klein and Utterson. Miranda, Catherine, and Min confront Peter with what they know and bad coffee is apologized for. They also discus TV storytelling techniques they dislike and the career of 2 Unlimited.
.: 2:02:07 :: 46.3 MB :: 31 January 2017 :.

09.01: Ian and Dave close out the year by beginning a new show: Steven Moffat's Jekyll. In episode one, Doctor Tom Jackman has left his family, quit his job, and has gone into seclusion. He hires Katherine Reimer to act as a go-between for himself and his dark side. Things grow more complex when Jackman discovers he is being followed by several parties, and Mr. Hyde finds out his name from Benjamin Lennox who claims to represent the company that owns him. In episode two, Katherine drugs Dr. Jackman to find a secret, accidentally unleashing Mr. Hyde in the process. Plus, Benjamin conducts an experiment putting Dr. Jackman's son in danger, and Dr. Jackman meets his mother. They also discuss similarities between this and Moffat's later work, come up with their own episode titles, and make references to British sitcoms of the 1990s.
.: 2:22:53 :: 66.2 MB :: 17 December 2016 :.

08.11: The moment has arrived! Dave and Ian come to the end of their 11-month viewing of Twin Peaks. In episode 28, Cooper deduces the way to open the Black Lodge and who will be Wyndham Earle's next target. Unfortunately, he is too late to stop Earle from causing chaos at Miss Twin Peaks and kidnapping Annie. In episode 29, Earle takes Annie into the Black Lodge with Cooper in pursuit. What awaits Cooper inside will put his very soul in jeopardy, and he may never be the same again. They also discuss Ian's fury at the final episode, Wyndham Earle dressed as the Log Lady, what Pete Martell's favorite video game is, and the long anticipated return of Statistician Ian to announce the next show that will be covered.
.: 2:31:10 :: 68.8 MB :: 21 November 2016 :.

08.10: The endgame approaches for Ian in Dave in the penultimate episode of their Twin Peaks coverage. In episode 25, Donna begins investigating her mother's involvement with Ben Horne, Gordon Cole discovers that he can hear Shelly perfectly, and Annie gives Cooper a clue that leads him to the mysterious Owl Cave and the unearthing of ancient petroglyphs. In episode 26, corruption and intrigue surround the Miss Twin Peaks contest, and Earle reveals his plans to Ted Raimi who is then killed and inserted into a giant chess pawn. And in episode 27, Jeddy begins to show signs of rebellion, Major Briggs falls in to Wyndham Earle's clutches, and Bob makes a return to the physical plane. They also discuss the fact Twin Peaks may be set in the same universe as The Phantom, enjoy the mainly absent James Hurley, and make far too many references to Batman Begins.
.: 2:42:55 :: 60.5 MB :: 30 October 2016 :.

08.09: After and enforced delay due to Dave's household going to war with several Internet providers, the watching of Twin Peaks can continue. In episode 22, Wyndham Earle has a new pet in the form of Leo Johnson, Thomas Eckhardt makes his presence felt, and Ben Horne wins the American Civil War for the South. In episode 23, Josie is left with nowhere to turn as Eckhardt closes in from one side and Cooper closes in on the other after Albert finds evidence that she was the person who shot Cooper. In episode 24, Harry struggles to cope with Josie's death, Earle is unhappy with Cooper's chess move, and a benefit in aid of the pine weasel descends into chaos. They also discuss the identity of the weasel messiah, enjoy a moment imported form Hey, an Actor!, and delight in The Phantom arriving in Twin Peaks. SLAM WEASEL!
.: 2:50:52 :: 61.9 MB :: 09 October 2016 :.

08.08: Ian and Dave find themselves in something of a narrative wasteland with the three episodes of Twin Peaks they are covering this month. In episode 19, Cooper's search for a cabin to buy leads him directly to Jean Renault's hideout, Boring Mike finds himself humiliated in front of the wrestling team by Nadine, and Ben grows ever more eccentric. In episode 20, Major Briggs is debriefed after his return from the White Lodge, Denise goes undercover with Ernie to get the evidence to clear Cooper but things go wrong, and it leads to a final confrontation between Cooper and Renault. In episode 21, the widow of Dougie Milford is held at gunpoint by the Mayor, Leo Johnson wakes up in a foul mood, and Wydham Earle steps out of the shadows. They also recast scenes with actors from the Carry On films, marvel at the presence of David Warner doing not very much, and brave the terror of Jeddy!
.: 2:33:05 :: 55.1 MB :: 29 August 2016 :.

08.07: Dave and Ian come to an important turning point in Twin Peaks. In episode 16, Cooper must draw upon everything he has learned in the wake of Maddy's murder in order to stop Bob before he kills again, leading him to a final confrontation which costs Leyland his life. In episode 17, the town is left reeling at the news of Leyland's guilt and subsequent death. Cooper prepares to leave Twin Peaks, but an FBI internal affairs investigation halts his departure. In episode 18, a suspended Cooper stands by his actions and finds an ally in DEA agent Denise Bryson. Jean Renault makes his play for One-Eyed Jacks and Cooper's career. They also uncover more of Ian's sordid criminal past in Canada, and Dave's intro to The Log Ian really isn't trying that hard anymore.
.: 3:00:59 :: 63.5 MB :: 29 July 2016 :.

08.06: Ian and Dave are back for three eventful episodes of Twin Peaks. In episode 13, Cooper brings Audrey back to Ben, Cooper's superior Gordon Cole comes to Twin Peaks with news of the mysterious Wyndham Earl, and Phillip Gerard is reveled to be Mike. In episode 14, Mike leads Cooper to the Great Northern hotel in search of Bob, all evidence seems to point to Ben Horne, but the real killer is about to strike again with tragic consequences for Maddy. In episode 15, Ben finds himself having to rely on Jerry for legal council, and Leland's increasingly erratic behavior hides the evil of Bob. Also, they now have to differentiate between two characters called Mike, reflect on the poor choices of Big Ed, and make a lot of 90s wrestling references (and some are even relevant).
.: 3:06:08 :: 67.4 MB :: 30 June 2016 :.

08.05: Dave and Ian continue to make their way through season two of Twin Peaks. In episode 10, Audrey is being held for ransom at One-Eyed Jack's by Blackie and Jacques Renault's brother Jean, there is desertion in the Scooby Gang as Donna meets the mysterious Harold Smith and become jealous of James and Maddy, and Leland is arrested for Jacques's murder. In episode 11, Leland confesses, Judge Sternwood arrives in town, and there are rumors that a well-known travel writer will soon visit. In episode 12, Cooper and Harry attempt to rescue Audrey while Donna and Maddy attempt to steal Laura's diary from Harold. They also discuss how awesome Deputy Hawk is, how dopey Deputy Andy is, and what Statistician Ian gets up to on his holidays.
.: 2:35:24 :: 58.9 MB :: 26 May 2016 :. In this bonus episode, Dave and Ian return to the world of The Middleman with the Indiegogo-funded "The Pan Universal Parental Reconciliation." In the comic book world of the Middleman, Wendy Watson meets her new boss: her long-missing father, Wally Watson. When a zombie Middleman runs amok they find themselves in the TV universe and must work with their counterparts to put a stop to the environmental devastation caused by Ivan Navi's vacuum cleaner business.
.: 53:28 :: 25.5 MB :: 15 May 2016 :.

08.04: Ian and Dave embark on season two of Twin Peaks. In episode eight, on top of having just been shot, Cooper is visited by a spectral giant who makes cryptic predictions. Albert returns to town to investigate Cooper's shooting and deliver some news about Cooper's ex-partner, Maddie is having strange nightmares, and Leland Palmer undergoes something of a transformation after his murder of Jacques. In episode nine, the Horne brother continue to scheme, Audrey continues to get out of her depth at One-Eyed Jacks, and the Scooby Gang sing a song for apparently no other reason than to annoy Dave. Also the Twin Peaks tree of douchebaggery is laid out and there is much discussion of cheese.
.: 2:03:53 :: 47.3 MB :: 08 May 2016 :.

08.03: Dave and Ian come to the end of season one of Twin Peaks. In episode five, Cooper and his team search for Jacques Renault but find the Log Lady instead, while Audrey starts work at her father's department store to find out what happens to girls who work on the perfume counter. In episode six, Waldo the minor bird is taken in for questioning and Cooper asks the Bookhouse Boys to assist him in an investigation, not knowing that Audrey has also found her way there. In episode seven, Donna, James, and Maddy investigate Dr. Jacobi, Leo burns the lumber mill with Shelly inside, Catherine learns of Ben's true plans for her, and someone gives Cooper a lethal visit. They round up where every character is at the end of the season, Ian's suspect watch continues, and Dave establishes the podcast's official policy on the pronunciation of the word gif.
.: 2:23:58 :: 54.1 MB :: 30 March 2016 :.

08.02: Ian and Dave continue to make their way through the first season of Twin Peaks. In episode two, Cooper employs an unorthodox technique to narrow down who the mysterious "J" might be, and acerbic FBI forensics expert Albert Rosenfield arrives in Twin Peaks. In episode three, Cooper tells Harry about a dream he had which he believes will lead him to Laura's killer, Harry has enough of Albert, and Laura's funeral becomes a spectacle. In episode four, Cooper and Harry track down the one armed man, Andy has problems handling his weapon, and Audrey begins an investigation of her own. Ian reveals his dark past in Canada, there's a Venn diagram of Paul Verhoeven and David Lynch, and they introduce a new feature: The Log Ian.
.: 2:30:57 :: 58.0 MB :: 27 February 2016 :.

08.01: With the Year of Cheese squarely behind them, Dave and Ian embark on their biggest project to date: David Lynch's Twin Peaks. In the pilot, the town of Twin Peaks is struck by tragedy when popular local girl Laura Palmer is found murdered, and Twin Peaks Sheriff Harry S. Truman finds himself out of his depth. When a second victim is found alive having crossed state lines, Harry is relieved to find FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper assigned to the case. In episode one, Cooper begins his investigation in earnest, Donna and James grow closer, and a fish contaminates Pete Martell's coffee. They also discuss a potential battle of the Facebook groups, bemoan the fact that the DVD really wants you to play one of the special features, and Ian expresses his love of the Log Lady.
.: 2:29:49 :: 58.0 MB :: 28 January 2016 :.

07.03: Ian and Dave bring The Year of Cheese to a close with the final three episodes of Manimal. In "Scrimshaw," Chase finds himself on the hunt for treasure when Brooke discovers a walrus tusk with clues to a hidden fortune etched on it. In "Breath of the Dragon," Chase comes to the aid of an old family friend when his Chinese restaurant comes under threat from a local gangster. And in "Night of the Beast," Chase and pals go on a camping trip and end up foiling a plan by the mob and a corrupt sheriff to pressure a small town to legalize gambling. The also discuss the series as a whole, look back at the past year of cheesy goodness, and look forward to a very different show for 2016.
.: 2:34:55 :: 57.3 MB :: 31 December 2015 :.

07.02: Dave and Ian are back to cover another three episodes of Manimal. In "Night of the Scorpion," Chase helps an attractive young woman when her father is killed after discovering a list of KGB spies in the CIA. In "Female of the Species," Chase helps an attractive young woman who has been raised by wolves when she is brought to New York and becomes a target for an assassin. And in "High Stakes," Chase helps an attractive young woman who discovers that her kidnapped racehorse is being run by an unscrupulous rival under a different name. They also continue to be impressed by how Brooke is progressing, discuss the appeal of steel drums, and marvel at Panther PI.
.: 2:22:12 :: 52.9 MB :: 29 November 2015 :.

07.01: Ian and Dave embark on the final show of The Year of Cheese with Manimal. In "Manimal," police officer Brooke Mackenzie stumbles across an arms smuggling ring that leads to her partner's death. Her pursuit of justice leads her to police consultant Dr. Jonathan Chase and his friend Ty. She soon discovers that Chase has learned the secret of transforming into animals. In "Illusion," Brooke leads the arrest of a smuggler with diplomatic immunity, while Chase must clear an innocent tiger of murder. They also discuss the bizarre rules of Chase's transformation, how Brooke is almost but not quite a progressive character, and Ian despairs at Dave's increasingly tortuous transformation puns.
.: 2:16:56 :: 52.7 MB :: 30 October 2015 :.

06.04: Dave and Ian reach the end of The Summer of Crime Traveller. In "The Lottery Experiment," Slade thinks he has a way of beating a paradox and winning the lottery. While back in the past, his efforts to give Holly the winning numbers hit a snag when Grisham assigns him to protect a shipment of gold. In "The Broken Crystal," an expensive component malfunctions, rendering the time machine permanently inoperable. Slade is assigned to investigate a series of murders and discovers that the prime suspect has a time machine of his own. They also look back at the series as a whole, name their series MVPs, and rejoice in a moment of pure distilled Crime Traveller silliness.
.: 2:34:42 :: 58.1 MB :: 30 September 2015 :.

06.03: Ian and Dave brave another two episodes of Crime Traveller. In "Sins of the Father," Slade finds himself implicated in the theft of some diamonds, and discovers that the case is related to the reason his father is in prison. In "Death Minister," Holly refuses to let Slade use the machine as it is becoming burnt out, Slade uses it behind her back, and Holly must turn detective in order to find him. The is also discussion of episodes not living up to their titles, the show dropping overt Doctor Who references, and the welcome surprise of an actor they are familiar with from their previous podcast.
.: 1:42:48 :: 32.0 MB :: 21 August 2015 :.

06.02: Dave and Ian continue to forge their way through Crime Traveller. In "Fashion Shoot," Slade and Holly use the time machine to investigate the murder of a fashion designer. In "The Revenge of the Chronology Protection Hypothesis," Slade is shot and critically wounded, so Holly travels back in time despite her own theories stating that she can't change what happens. They bemoan some appalling writing, get one episode which is closer to what Dave would like the show to be, and discuss why why Ian is like Captain America.
.: 1:34:11 :: 38.8 MB :: 26 July 2015 :.

06.01: Ian and Dave find themselves on opposite sides of the fence as they begin to watch the British time-travel cop show Crime Traveller. In "Jeff Slade and the Loop of Infinity," "maverick" policeman Jeff Slade discovers that his colleague, science officer Holly Turner, has a time machine in her flat. He persuades her to let him use it to investigate an apparent suicide. In "A Death in the Family," Holly's aunt is murdered, and Slade talks her into using the time machine to try and prevent it from happening. Ian reads out Dave's angry texts to him about having to watch this show, and doesn't know what Dave is so upset about. Dave suggests an alternative version of the show without its leading man, and rants about the worst realized police station in television history.
.: 2:11:05 :: 43.0 MB :: 11 July 2015 :.

05.05: As Street Hawk hyperthrusts into the sunset, Dave and Ian cover the last three episodes. In "The Arabian," Jessie investigates the kidnapping of a valuable racehorse. In "The Female of the Species," Street Hawk is assigned to assist the FBI in protecting a prominent man who has come under threat but is he really the target? And in "Follow the Yellow Gold Road," a neighborhood vigilante claims that Street Hawk is working for them and find themselves unwitting accomplices to a series of gold robberies. They also look back at the series as a whole, and Statistician Ian returns with a new jingle courtesy of one Pandy Wilson.
.: 2:51:59 :: 80.5 MB :: 24 May 2015 :.

05.04: Ian and Dave cover three more episodes of Street Hawk. In "The Unsinkable 453," Jessie and Norman investigate when a mercenary escapes from a prison transport and attempts to get his hands on a large amount of money hidden on a ship that's about to be sunk. In "Hot Target," Norman reconnects with an old flame when Street Hawk is assigned to stop the illegal sale of laser weapons. And in "Murder is a Novel Idea," a writer finds herself targeted when she announces she is going to publish a book that will reveal the killer in a long-standing murder case. They also discuss the writers' lack of understanding of the publishing industry, learn more from the Rex Smith Acting Masterclass, and come up with a couple of potential spin-off shows. One of which features a crime-fighting moustache.
.: 2:30:08 :: 58.7 MB :: 26 April 2015 :.

05.03: Dave and Ian are shocked to discover two of the three Street Hawk episodes they watched for this show are actually okay! In "Dog Eat Dog," Jessie must help a pop star who's targeted when she ends up in possession of an incriminating videotape. In "Fire on the Wing," Street Hawk takes on an ultralight that is firebombing warehouses as part of a protection racket. And in "Chinatown Memories," Jessie is asked by an old girlfriend to help her fiancé who has stolen a valuable artifact from the Chinese Tong. They also discuss which episode is a poor attempt at a retread of Casablanca, Rachel finally being given something to do, and Ian discovers the joys of "The Safety Dance."
.: 2:09:10 :: 62.3 MB :: 19 March 2015 :.

05.02: After surviving the pilot episode, Ian and Dave dive into three episodes of Street Hawk. In "A Second Self," the head of a carjacking ring swears vengeance when his brother is killed after Street Hawk foils a car theft. He hires a driver to help trap and kill Street Hawk who just happens to be two-time Academy Award winner George Clooney. In "The Adjuster," Street Hawk breaks up a jewelry smuggling ring, but, when the fence escapes, Jessie must partner with violent New York cop Joe Cannon who has an agenda of his own. And in "Vegas Run," Jessie and Norman help a Las Vegas showgirl who is due to testify against the mob. Can Street Hawk get her to the courthouse safely? They also discuss Street Hawk's habit of murdering people, Jessie Mach's dating tips, and, of course, the return of Rex Smith's acting masterclass.
.: 2:00:50 :: 58.3 MB :: 24 February 2015 :.

05.01: Dave and Ian are joined by Dan Toland, and together they discuss the feature-length pilot of Street Hawk. In the debut episode, Jessie Mach, a motorcycle cop who only knows the streets, is seriously injured in an incident that kills his partner and is recruited by Federal Agent Norman Tuttle to ride an experimental all-terrain pursuit motorcycle code named Street Hawk. Along they way they discuss hilariously dated technology, anime parodies, and Rex Smith's acting masterclass.
.: 3:08:44 :: 73.1 MB :: 29 January 2015 :.

04.04: Ian and Dave close out 2014 with the final four episodes of Life on Mars. In episode 13, Sam suffers an overdose and starts to hallucinate, while CID must solve a kidnapping that is linked to an old murder case. In episode 14, Sam's 21st century girlfriend says goodbye as Sam meets her mother during a case of murder and drug smuggling. In episode 15, Gene wakes up after a drunken night out to find he may have killed someone, and Sam must clear his name. In episode 16, Sam is told that he must destroy Gene if he wants to go home, but finds that nothing is what it seems, home isn't everything he thought it would be, and discovers he needs to make a choice. They also discuss the show as a whole, and Statistician Ian reveals the first show to be covered in what Dave has dubbed The Year of Cheese.
.: 2:52:12 :: 83.0 MB :: 03 January 2015 :.

04.03: Dave and Ian are back with four more episodes of Life on Mars. In episode nine, Sam hears the voice of an old enemy at his bedside while encountering his younger self in 1973. In episode 10 Sam encounters his mentor as a young man, while Gene's mentor returns for one last case. In episode 11, Sam's overconfidence about a suspected IRA bomb leads to Ray being caught in the blast and the team turning against him. And in episode 12, a murdered girl leads to Sam and Annie going undercover at a swingers party. The alternative titles continue to aggravate Dave, who also keeps getting whistling and whispering confused. Ian is forced to podcast sober with mixed results. Join them for the latest bout of podcasting tomfoolery. Mayhem.
.: 2:27:53 :: 71.3 MB :: 13 November 2014 :.

04.02: Ian and Dave cover the second half of Life on Mars's first season. Episode five sees Sam and Gene investigate a murder that appears to be link with football hooligans, and involves them working a memorable shift in a pub. In episode six, Sam hears his mother say that his life support is going to be turned off at two o'clock, which is also the deadline given by a gunman who has taken hostages at a local newspaper. In episode seven, Sam is determined to have a full and transparent investigation of a death-in-custody, but it seems everyone has something to hide. And, in episode eight, Sam meets his dad when Vic Tyler is arrested in connection with organized crime. How far will Sam go to keep his family together, and is Vic as innocent as he seems? Along the way Ian reveals the collective noun for a group of Wilsons, and Dave reveals why the season finale is difficult for him to watch.
.: 2:36:50 :: 75.6 MB :: 13 October 2014 :.

04.01: Dave and Ian start covering the British version of Life on Mars. In episode one, DCI Sam Tyler is hit by a car and wakes up in 1973 where he must solve a series of murders that are connected to a case he was working on in 2006, all while butting heads with his new boss: DCI Gene Hunt. In episode two, Sam stops Gene from framing an armed robber and faces the consequences. In episode three, Sam and Gene investigate a murder in a textile mill that will one day be Sam's flat. And in episode four, Sam stands up to a local gangster who has a deal with Gene, and meets his mother as a young woman. They also trade David Bowie impersonations, Dave educates Ian on the 70s police procedure, and Ian makes a very unfortunate mispronunciation of Gene's last name.
.: 2:25:40 :: 70.3 MB :: 16 September 2014 :.

03.04.5: Ian and Dave get together for a special bonus episode covering the table-reading of the unmade episode of The Middleman: "The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse," from the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. The episode sees Manservant Neville's nefarious schemes come to fruition. Wendy and The Middleman must stop him from warping the very fabric of reality itself and turning all the beans into peas. They also embrace the use of wrestling terminology to describe the crowd's reaction, and celebrate a towering performance from Mark Sheppard.
.: 55:59 :: 27.1 MB :: 28 August 2014 :.

03.04: Dave and Ian bring their summer of The Middleman to a close with the final three episodes. In "The Vampiric Puppet Lamentation," Wendy must stop The Middleman and Lacey from taking part in a demonic puppet-based wedding ceremony that will unleash vampires upon an unsuspecting world, and Noser is forced to reveal a secret from his past. In "The Clotharian Contamination Protocol," the unexpected return of the Voyager 2 probe leads to a lockdown of Middleman HQ, and Wendy having to journey inside Ida in order to save the world from nanobots. And in "The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome," Wendy finds herself in a parallel universe where she seeks help from their Middleman who is not quite the man she knows and neither is their Wendy. They also discuss the show as a whole, Ian reveals his childhood history with puppets, and Dave stands up for the musical career of Bruce Willis.
.: 3:01:26 :: 87.4 MB :: 18 August 2014 :.

03.03: Dave and Ian continue the summer of The Middleman. In "The Cursed Tuba Contingency," Wendy and The Middleman must recover a cursed tuba from an immortal survivor of The Titanic. In "The Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigation," a haunting of a sorority house leads to The Middleman having his body possessed by a nascent mad scientist. And in "The Obsolescent Cryogenic Meltdown," a robbery with a familiar MO leads to the revival of a Middleman from the 60s who struggles to coexist with his modern counterpart. They also discuss what Ian's smut threshold is, and Dave explains the phenomena of chap-hop.
.: 2:30:34 :: 72.5 MB :: 14 July 2014 :.

03.02: Ian and Dave return for three more episodes of The Middleman. In "The Manicoid Teleportation Conundrum," Aliens living on Earth are being kidnapped and Wendy's break-up video becomes an Internet sensation. In "The Flying Fish Zombifaction," Wendy and The Middleman must find out who is creating zombies that crave trout. And in "The Boy-Band Superfan Interrogation," The Middleman must choose between Ida and defeating a group of alien generals disguised as a boy band. On the way, Dave must innovate to convey something that doesn't translate to audio, while Ian finds himself in the outtake section again. Art Crawl!
.: 2:04:35 :: 60.1 MB :: 19 June 2014 :.

03.01: Dave and Ian tackle their first series from the US as the begin to make their way through the 2008 show The Middleman. In "The Pilot Episode Sanction," artist Wendy Watson is recruited as a sidekick to a mysterious man who foils villainy on a comic book scale, and must stop a super-intelligent gorilla from taking over the mob. In "The Accidental Occidental Conception," the schemes of a Terra Cotta Warrior mean The Middleman and Wendy must journey to the underworld. In "The Sino-Mexican Revolution," Wendy has to rescue the legendary martial artist Sensei Ping and the Middleman from a group of vengeful lucha libre wrestlers. Statistician Ian returns, Dave shakes his fist at sexist network interference, and Ian is in need of a cold shower.
.: 1:53:22 :: 54.7 MB :: 09 May 2014 :.

02.03: Ian and Dave come to the end of Neverwhere. In "Down Street," the Door, Richard, and Hunter make the dangerous return journey to give the key to Islington, the Marquis returns from the dead and the traitor is revealed. In "As Above, So Below," Richard and the Marquis must join forces to free Door from Islington but first they must vanquish the Beast of London Below. They discuss the series as a whole. Get audio feedback from some old friends, and some last minute email feedback with some fantasy casting. Everyone agrees that the Beast of London Below is shit.
.: 2:11:41 :: 63.5 MB :: 13 April 2014 :.

02.02: Dave and Ian watch two more episodes of Neverwhere. In "Earl's Court to Islington," Door and Richard search for the portal to the Angel Islington's domain while The Marquis de Carabas does some investigating of his own. In "Blackfriars," Richard must endure an ordeal to secure a key for Islington while de Carabas plays a dangerous game with Croup and Vandemar. Dave makes a suggestion for Hey, an Actor!, and Ian rants about inaccurate museum representation and kills the English language.
.: 1:58:41 :: 57.3 MB :: 14 March 2014 :.

02.01: Ian and Dave begin their second show: Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. In "Door," self-described normal, boring man Richard Mayhew rescues a girl called Door from assassins. This act leads him to discover the strange, hidden world of London Below. In "Knightsbridge," Richard attempts to find Door in London Below while Door and The Marquis de Carabas search for evidence that will lead them to those responsible for the murders of Door's family. Statistician Ian returns, they briefly discuss the US Ultravilolet pilot, and Ian has to confess more things he hasn't seen.
.: 1:44:49 :: 50.6 MB :: 11 February 2014 :.

01.03: Dave and Ian close the book on their first series with the last two episodes of Ultraviolet. In "Terra Incognita," a Brazilian immigrant leads the team to a Code V experiment with synthetic blood, and Vaughan finds himself in mortal danger. In "Persona Non Grata," the team have a Code V in custody, and Michael's loyalty is put to the test as their enemy's endgame is revealed. They also discuss the show overall, what they would have like to have seen in a second season, ponder who is the Paul Darrow of Ultraviolet, and Ian marks Dave's Latin pronunciation.
.: 3:00:03 :: 86.7 MB :: 13 January 2014 :.

01.02: Ian and Dave cover two more episodes of Ultraviolet. In "Sub Judice," the team investigate a barrister who's womb is being used to incubate a human / Code V hybrid. In "Mea Culpa," a schoolboy murders a priest. Is it a simple case of teenaged violence, or a symptom of a Code V experiment? Will there be any laughs to be had given the dour nature of these stories? If anyone can find them it's Wilson and Probert.
.: 2:21:27 :: 68.2 MB :: 09 December 2013 :.

01.01: Dave Probert and Ian Wilson are back with an exciting new show that in no way borrows heavily from their previous one. (This may be a lie.) They begin their viewing of short-lived TV shows with the British one-season wonder Ultraviolet. In "Habeas Corpus," Policeman Michael Colefield discovers that the world isn't what he thinks it is when his partner goes missing, and a mysterious team investigates his disappearance. The truth will change his life. In "In Nomine Patris," Michael joins the team, and his first case involves a millionaire's son, stock market trading, and illegal experimentation on the terminally ill. They also discuss late 90s nostalgia, the best way to make an entrance, and the triumphant return of Statistician Ian.
.: 2:30:35 :: 72.6 MB :: 13 November 2013 :.

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