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Episodes of Part of Your World
050: Now over a decade past its initial release, The Honore Siblings and Will reassess Frozen - one of Disney's most popular animated films, as well as one of the greatest sleeper hits of all time!
.: 2:15:52 :: 13 July 2024 :.

049: Shifting gears back to 3-D animation, Christian reunites with Dave Probert to steer through the twists, turns, deep cuts, and big heart of Wreck-It Ralph!
.: 1:39:23 :: 29 June 2024 :.

048: Despite being the shortest non-package animated Disney film (as well as the last traditionally animated one for now), Christian and Donovan have a surprising amount to say about 2011's Winnie the Pooh! (RIP Richard M Sherman.)
.: 1:05:50 :: 15 June 2024 :.

047: Gaslighting 101, gay barbarian bars, and the creative insanity of Once Upon a Time loom large as The Honore Siblings team up with Will to run a fine comb through Tangled!
.: 1:43:01 :: 01 June 2024 :.

046: As the curtain falls on 2D animation at the studio, Christian and first-time guest Yvonne Boykin jump into The Princess and The Frog - featuring Disney animation's first cinematic black protagonist, the incomparable Keith David, and lots of love for New Orleans!
.: 2:07:42 :: 25 May 2024 :.

045: Between suspending their disbelief to a near-breaking point and gushing about X-Men '97 (with spoilers), Christian and Donovan cross-examine the fun-if-familiar John Travolta / Miley Cyrus helmed Bolt!
.: 1:40:33 :: 20 April 2024 :.

044: Adam West strikes again, the future is retro, and time travel problems abound as Christian and Will move forward into the hodgepodge but heartfelt Meet the Robinsons!
.: 1:17:36 :: 06 April 2024 :.

043: If you can't beat them, join them. Too little, too late. Egg on their faces. All these expressions and more come into play as Christian, Pandy, and Kelly kick off the latest season of Part of Your World with Chicken Little - Disney's first completely computer-animated feature film. Is it the cock of the walk or is it for the birds?
.: 1:34:52 :: 26 March 2024 :.

Special 02: Christian, Pandy, and Kelly cap off 2023 by revisiting Tim Burton, Henry Selick, and Danny Elfman's dark-yet-delightful The Nightmare Before Christmas - one of the most celebrated stop-motion and holiday films of all time!
.: 1:31:16 :: 24 December 2023 :.

Special 01: Taking a break from the official animated canon, Christian, Donovan, and Dan Toland take a U-turn back to 1995 and traverse A Goofy Movie - home to the worst theme park in the country, fiction's greatest pop star, and a surprisingly touching father / son relationship. Along the way, the trio take detours through Goof Troop, the DuckTales reboot, and the Atlanta episode "The Goof Who Sat by the Door."
.: 2:38:46 :: 16 December 2023 :.

042: In the last proper episode of 2023, Christian, Will, and newcomer-to-the-show Skyler Queen descend upon Home on the Range - one of Disney's last and least-loved traditionally animated films.
.: 1:43:42 :: 09 December 2023 :.

041: Shady shamans, hapless hunters, and missing megafauna are all the rage as Christian, Pandy, and Kelly explore the now twenty-year-old Brother Bear! Plus: a major tease for a future review, an extended outro and outtake, and bad bear puns galore!
.: 2:08:08 :: 25 November 2023 :.

040: Sailing back to 2002 and returning aboard the HMS Part of Your World, Mixie helps guide Christian through Treasure Planet - the most expensive traditionally animated film of all time and one of Disney's most infamous flops! Along the way, the two raise their glasses to Emma Thompson, David Hyde Pierce, and Brian (not Doyle) Murray, cross swords over the one film's less popular characters, and attempt to piece together why this film and the Disney pirate film that came out the next year had vastly different fortunes.
.: 1:57:00 :: 11 November 2023 :.

039: Emma beams back down to Part of Your World to help Christian ascend the crest of Disney animation's early 2000s output - the bizarre but heartwarming Lilo & Stitch! Plus, in light of the studio's recent 100th anniversary, the two briefly touch upon Once Upon a Studio!
.: 2:05:17 :: 28 October 2023 :.

038: Part of Your World enters the current century (and a troubled decade for Disney animation) with the part-pulp, semi-steampunk, and all-ambitious Atlantis: The Lost Empire! Join Christian and returning guest Dave Probert as they plunge into this first entry in an unofficial trilogy of Disney sci-fi films - delving into everything from vehicular mansplaining, imperialism, scene-stealing sidekicks, and, of course, the late and great Leonard Nimoy!
.: 1:41:00 :: 14 October 2023 :.

037: BOOM, baby! Christian and Will are back to gaze upon Kingdom of the S -AHEM- The Emperor's New Groove, along with its notoriously difficult production history courtesy of The Sweatbox! Is the end result a hollow crown or a rare gem? (Hint: With Eartha Kitt and Patrick Warburton involved, what do you think?)
.: 1:14:52 :: 30 September 2023 :.

036: Zini the Incel Lemur, Audrey Hepburn in Iguanodon form, and the sassy black Styracosaurus are just a few of the memorable characters Christian, Donovan, and newcomer-to-the-show Harrison Chute encounter as they endure Dinosaur - one of Disney animation's most underwhelming and poorly titled offerings. (NOTE: The next episode won't come out till late September. Feel free to feed back in the meantime at the Earth-2.net forums or at disney@earth-2.net.)
.: 1:52:02 :: 02 September 2023 :.

035: From benevolent spring sprites to (rightly) cancelled conductors, Maestro Christian and Maestra Emma traverse the brisk yet beautiful Fantasia 2000!
.: 1:43:43 :: 19 August 2023 :.

034: Divisive drummers, no one's favorite Betty Rubble, and the one and only Brian Blessed dominate the discussion as Christian and Donovan tackle Tarzan - widely regarded as the final entry in Disney's renowned Renaissance (as well as one leaps and bounds better than its source material).
.: 2:12:53 :: 05 August 2023 :.

033: Twenty-five years after its initial release, Christian and Emma reflect the latter's favorite Disney film: Mulan! Together, the two discuss how the film is both of its time and ahead of its time, along with dragons, drugs, and dishonorable spin-offs.
.: 2:49:55 :: 22 July 2023 :.

032: Great Caesar's ghost! The Viking Volcano and The Tennessee Tornado are back to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Hercules - the closest thing to a Superman film within Disney animation's cinematic odyssey! Is the film's irreverent, modernized telling of the hero's life and labors its greatest superpower, its creative kryptonite, or a bit of both? Plus, Christian and Donovan muse over what the film gets wrong (and right) about Greek mythology, great actors who turn out to be rotten people, and quite possibly the most underrated Disney "princess" to date.
.: 2:50:17 :: 08 July 2023 :.

031: Christian and Donovan gaze upon the pits and pinnacles of the mixed-but-meaty The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Disney animation's most consistently dark film yet and home to the greatest villain ever to grace its history!
.: 2:01:19 :: 24 June 2023 :.

030: The Disney Renaissance takes a turn just around the river bend as Christian and Emma (and Will via email) survey the pretty but problematic Pocahontas.
.: 2:01:19 :: 10 June 2023 :.

029: Hot on the heels of Charles III's coronation and armed with the inevitable Star Wars references, Christian and Tom appraise Disney's big and bold, Elton John-, Hans Zimmer-, and Zulu choir-infused cinematic juggernaut The Lion King! Do its themes, songs, performances, and visuals still resonate through the ages, or does its roar now ring hollow nearly 30 years after its initial release?
.: 2:44:56 :: 27 May 2023 :.

028: In this sultan-sized edition of the show, Christian and Donovan pour over the details, delights, and dated moments of the 1992 blockbuster Aladdin - home to some of Disney's finest heroes, villains, and songs, along with one of Robin Williams' most magnetic performances!
.: 3:31:28 :: 13 May 2023 :.

027: Pride and prejudice. Stockholm Syndrome and suicide. Flickchart and foolishness. All of this and much more is discussed as Christian, Pandy, and Kelly size up Beauty and the Beast, the first animated film to bother the Academy Awards Best Picture nominations and one of the most beloved Disney films of all time. (RIP Angela Lansbury.)
.: 2:17:14 :: 29 April 2023 :.

026: Three eggs for the eagle queen, under the sky; seven for the poacher in his lair of stone; nine for the captured kid, begging to die; none for the bent bird with his back thrown, in the land of Australia where the sequel lies. One Will to rule them all, one Christian to wonder, "Why were there no more sequels after The Rescuers Down Under?" (Note: No Australians or Tolkien fans were hurt in the making of this podcast, although the Belgians and Swiss weren't so lucky).
.: 1:11:37 :: 15 April 2023 :.

025: After two dozen episodes, Part of Your World finally reaches a key milestone in the history of Disney's animated output: the tide-turning yet timeless The Little Mermaid. In the show's longest single film review yet, Christian and guest co-host Mixie dive deep into a film near and dear to both of them, surveying everything from its sublime, siren-worthy songs and the original Hans Christian Andersen tale to the film's infamous initial VHS cover, and the great (and now late) Pat Carroll and Rene Auberjenois.
.: 2:19:58 :: 25 March 2023 :.

024: With the studio's Renaissance just over the horizon, the Honore Litter inspect Oliver and Company - Disney's loose, dog-centric, and Eighties-tastic adaptation of Oliver Twist. Plus, Christian puts out a call for feedback ahead of the next episode, while the orange-cat-owning and in-no-way-biased Emma learns about the original Dickens novel's anti-Semitism for the very first time.
.: 1:30:17 :: 11 March 2023 :.

023: Bat jump-scares, Rube Goldberg death machines, and the inimitable Vincent Price are the order of the day as Christian and Ian revisit The Great Mouse Detective - an overlooked gem from one of Disney's darkest periods, and one of the greatest Sherlock Holmes adaptations of all time!
.: 1:30:28 :: 25 February 2023 :.

022: Already smack dab in the middle of the 1980s, Christian and first-time cohost Dave Probert brave The Black Cauldron - one of Disney's most infamous flops, as well as one of its darkest films. Does the songless saga transcend its familiar fantasy trappings and hellish production, or is it rightly regarded as a low point in the studio's output? Plus, between the review and the wrap-up, Donovan chimes in on The Jungle Book and Robin Hood, and Tom and Ian join Christian to respond.
.: 1:49:14 :: 11 February 2023 :.

021: Between bickering over key plot points and inadvertently reenacting a major disagreement the film's creators had, Christian and Emma dissect The Fox and the Hound - the first animated Disney film released during the 1980s, the one which prompted Don Bluth's exit from the company, and the first Kurt Russell-, Mickey Rooney-, or Corey Feldman-starring film either host saw. Is it cruelly overlooked or justly forgotten, and would it have been better or worse if Chief had actually died?
.: 1:17:05 :: 28 January 2023 :.

020: There's no case too big, or case too small. When you need help, just call. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip and Da. Wait. Those rodents and that insect haven't teamed up yet? Setting this and other disappointments aside, Christian and newcomer-to-the-show Will Ackerman open 2023 by reviewing The Rescuers - featuring Bob Newhart, the villainess who would be Cruella, some rather unfortunate country tags, and yes, that nudity controversy.
.: 56:36 :: 14 January 2023 :.

019: In the last episode of 2022 and the first swear-free one so far, Christian and Donovan get reacquainted with The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - one of Disney's most beloved and faithful adaptations of a literary property. (Also, Christian mixes up Galactus and Thanos. Oh bother.)
.: 1:35:12 :: 31 December 2022 :.

018: Oo-de-lally! Ian returns to Part of Your World, where the firstborn Wilson and the eldest Honore heir assess Robin Hood. How does Disney's animal adaptation of the medieval legend fare against those of Flynn, Costner, Crowe, and others, and why is it seen as more of misfire than a bullseye by some Disney fans?
.: 1:57:29 :: 17 December 2022 :.

017: Sacre bleu! Emma comes back to help Christian cover <The Aristocats, the first Disney film released during the 1970s and the first entry in the studio's Bronze Age. (Or, depending on who you ask, its first Dark Age.) Along the way, Pandy chimes in with his thoughts on the film, Emma suggests a highly original (and tasty) way to grade movies, and both of les Honores have R-rated theories about Uncle Waldo.
.: 57:10 :: 03 December 2022 :.

016: Yoo-hoo-hoo! Tom Hemmings reunites with Christian to cover The Jungle Book - the last film Walt Disney helped bring to fruition, and home to Beatlesque barbershop quartets, potentially problematic primates, and the greatest villain with Khan in his name (search your feelings; you know it to be true). Plus, The Transatlantic Two weigh in on Walt's life, legacy, and less-than-laudable actions, and Tom teases a new segment for Earth-2.net: The Show!
.: 2:03:23 :: 19 November 2022 :.

015: Terrible tutors, ornery owls, dirty dishes, knightly scowls, woeful wolves, thirsty squirrels, songs that teach you to like girls, plotlines that need rearranging, Arthur's voice just can't stop changing, fearsome fishes, bland songs, filler that goes on too long, Christian, cranky, cruel, and crazy Dono's Simpsons mem'ry hazy, groan-y gags, murky moats (though the wizards duel's the GOATs), no need to put down your phone while you watch The Sword in the Stone, the hosts got through this dang film somehow, welcome to Part of Your World right now!
.: 1:13:23 :: 05 November 2022 :.

014: Part of Your World and The Honore Litter enter the 1960s with the sequel- / spinoff- / smoking-tastic One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Is it The Best in Show, a bit spotty, or have elements of both? Plus, the podcast gets its first ending outtake, Emma reveals one of her first crushes, and, prompted by an email from Ian, both Christian and Emma rank the non-package films they've reviewed for the show thus far!
.: 1:52:11 :: 29 October 2022 :.

013: Inept protagonists, grabby princes, and villains who don't deserve sympathetic origin stories take center stage as Pandy and Kelly Wilson reunite with Christian to take on the most divisive film on the podcast yet: the artistically rich but narratively deficient Sleeping Beauty. Which fairy does Pandy hate the most? Who are Death Girl and the Anti-Michael Caine? Pink or blue? Plus, the hosts weigh in the latest Strange World trailer and the announcement of Wish and Christian commissions a podcast for Kelly to host!
.: 1:36:53 :: 08 October 2022 :.

012: Recording alongside Dolly and Lily again, Christian and Emma dig into Lady and the Tramp - the first of Disney's pet-protagonist films, and holder of several other major firsts for the studio. In the process, the two great Danes deliver more silly singing than ever before, and face a terrible trio of Chekhov's Rat, Yellow Peril stereotypes, and the world's worst video store manager.
.: 1:20:27 :: 24 September 2022 :.

011: This program contains negative depictions of and / or mistreatment of people and cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it, and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together. With this well-earned disclaimer, Christian and Donovan move from Wonderland to Neverland and dive into the part-enchanting, part-problematic Peter Pan. Side servings include some choice Batman, Bond, and Colin Baker references, a question about Goofy's marriage, and the tragic fate of Bobby Driscoll.
.: 2:15:44 :: 10 September 2022 :.

010: Donovan Morgan Grant returns to the program to help Christian tackle the trippiest entry in the Disney Animated Canon yet: Alice in Wonderland. As they galumph and chortle their way through the film's synopsis, the two madmen also remark upon the vast cultural footprint left by its source material, the 1999 and 2010 live-action retellings of the story, and the casual cruelty of Wonderland's inhabitants.
.: 1:56:52 :: 27 August 2022 :.

009: After enduring the multi-story but mostly mediocre package films, Part of Your World not only returns to single-story narratives, but also enters the 1950s and Disney's Silver Age. This time, Christian and both Pandy and Kelly Wilson survey Cinderella - the ultimate underdog story, and the movie that reversed Disney's fortunes forever. Plus, feedback can now be submitted at disney@earth-2.net, and the synopsis gets briefly derailed by some misplaced jewelry.
.: 1:36:09 :: 13 August 2022 :.

008: With Melody Time and The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, Christian, Emma, and first-time guest host Tom Hemmings bid adieu to the package era of Disney films. Is this forgotten period underrated or justly overlooked, and did it end with a bang or a whimper? Find out as this month-long leg of the podcast ends with the usual sibling squabbling and titanic tangents, along with discussions about religious propaganda, the male gaze, and unheroic protagonists. Plus: between reviews, The Honore Siblings discuss the teaser trailer for what currently is the last film the podcast will cover: Strange World!
.: 2:25:55 :: 30 July 2022 :.

007: Musical legends, creepy puppets, and more swearing than usual dominate the discussion as Christian and his companions cover the middle two (of six )1940s Disney package films. First, he and Emma measure the merits and minuses of Make Mine Music, the only entry in the Disney animated canon not on yet on Disney Plus. Then, Ian comes back to facilitate facing Fun and Fancy Free, which also marks the return of both Mickey Mouse and Jiminy Cricket.
.: 2:02:21 :: 16 July 2022 :.

006: A new but brief era dawns for the podcast as Christian and Emma dive into the first two of the six package-films Disney released between Bambi and Cinderella. This time, it's a Latin American double feature of Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros. Discover which sibling has spent more time in Latin America, which one hates Donald Duck, and whether either of these forgotten films is a lost treasure or is better left buried.
.: 1:48:56 :: 02 July 2022 :.

005: Christian and Emma examine the beautiful yet bleak Bambi a few months shy of the movie's 80th anniversary, as well as its source material's centennial. Do the film's story, characters, and songs hit the bullseye or miss the mark? Does Christian's synopsis of the film contain more sex and violence than the actual film has? And thanks to this film, what's Emma's new favorite bird?
.: 1:53:50 :: 18 June 2022 :.

004: Ian Wilson joins Christian to survey Disney's fourth wonder of the animated world: the beloved yet infamous Dumbo. In addition to the film's sublime cuteness and brief yet regrettable racism, Earth-2.net's Largest American and Greatest Briton also discuss the Disney animators' strike prior to the film's release (including Walt's less-than-admirable behavior before, during, and after), their respective Disney theme park experiences, and the pitfalls of relying on subtitles while watching movies.
.: 1:26:26 :: 04 June 2022 :.

003: Boasting sublime animation, timeless music, and countless colors, characters, and creatures, Fantasia is one of Christian's favorite movies - Disney or otherwise. But what does Emma think of it? Find out as the silly siblings tackle Disney's longest and most ambitious animated film to date, reviewing and eventually ranking all eight of its musical segments. Before and between segments, the duo address the Disney+ racism warning label, Emma gives The Sorcerer a new name, and Christian explains why Deems Taylor sounds like Brainiac.
.: 1:33:30 :: 21 May 2022 :.

002: One of Disney's darkest, yet most hopeful films, Pinocchio has charmed, inspired, and traumatized generations of viewers - including Christian Honore and Donovan Morgan Grant. Join the two as they unpack this paradox, from its catchy songs and marvelous animation to its dastardly rogue's gallery (including a strong candidate for the most evil Disney villain of all time) and depictions of cruelty, drugs, and ethnic stereotypes.
.: 1:41:41 :: 30 April 2022 :.

001: Once upon a time, a visionary cartoon producer put everything on the line to complete a film that would change the world forever: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In this inaugural episode, Christian and his sister Emma examine Disney's first cinematic princess, prince, sidekicks, villain, henchmen, and the film that they inhabit. Along the way, they discuss the film's genesis and legacy, the possibly non-consensual Love's First Kiss, and changes that Disney made from The Brothers Grimm fairy tale that were probably for the best.
.: 1:33:12 :: 16 April 2022 :.

Trailer: From Snow White to the modern day, Disney's animated feature films have always been a part of your world, and now Christian Honore, along with a rotating cast of co-hosts, will revisit these magical movies and memories in the brand new Disney-themed podcast, Part of Your World!
.: 00:49 :: 15 April 2022 :.

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Channel 37's Midnight Movie Show: Episode 30 - Black Belt Jones and Master of the Flying Guillotine

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