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Episodes of Part of Your World
002: One of Disney's darkest, yet most hopeful films, Pinocchio has charmed, inspired, and traumatized generations of viewers - including Christian Honore and Donovan Morgan Grant. Join the two as they unpack this paradox, from its catchy songs and marvelous animation to its dastardly rogue's gallery (including a strong candidate for the most evil Disney villain of all time) and depictions of cruelty, drugs, and ethnic stereotypes.
.: 1:41:41 :: 50.4 MB :: 30 April 2022 :.

001: Once upon a time, a visionary cartoon producer put everything on the line to complete a film that would change the world forever: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In this inaugural episode, Christian and his sister Emma examine Disney's first cinematic princess, prince, sidekicks, villain, henchmen, and the film that they inhabit. Along the way, they discuss the film's genesis and legacy, the possibly non-consensual Love's First Kiss, and changes that Disney made from The Brothers Grimm fairy tale that were probably for the best.
.: 1:33:12 :: 46.3 MB :: 16 April 2022 :.

Trailer: From Snow White to the modern day, Disney's animated feature films have always been a part of your world, and now Christian Honore, along with a rotating cast of co-hosts, will revisit these magical movies and memories in the brand new Disney-themed podcast, Part of Your World!
.: 00:49 :: 1.5 MB :: 15 April 2022 :.

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