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Episodes of On Our Last Life
006: And it was once again foretold that the warrior and the scribe gather around the table to tell of their accomplishments. Last year was big for Aaron and Damien, and they're back to talk about how 2017 may be even bigger.
.: 1:44:30 :: 49.6 MB :: 15 January 2017 :.

005: Aaron and Damien are back with a very timely look at last month's E3, along with their usual ramblings. Aaron recalls his encounters with some naughty children, whilst Damien explains the plight of the unknown YouTuber.
.: 1:23:06 :: 39.9 MB :: 17 July 2016 :.

004: The two nicest heels in the world return to update everyone on how the past few months have gone, along with the expected wrestling and games talk. Topics include: Aaron's video game debut and his new belt, Damien's new blog, slightly spoilery Lucha Underground and NXT thoughts, Undertale's popularity, working for "exposure," getting noticed in creative fields, our VR future, and what a game created by Damien would be like.
.: 1:46:20 :: 50.3 MB :: 03 February 2016 :.

003: Aaron and Damien are back to discuss the horrible state of pro wrestling, the slightly less horrible state of video games, and sports. Seriously. Also, an explanation on why the Tranquil Tirades has yet to run any real ads. Topics include: sexism in Metal Gear Solid V, Undertale, King's Quest, outdated thoughts from before the most recent NXT TakeOver, cricket, and crowdfunding.
.: 1:48:23 :: 52.0 MB :: 29 October 2015 :.

002: Aaron and Damien are back with an impromptu wrestling podcast, as they spend most of the show talking about their thoughts on the recent NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn show, and wrestling in general. They even manage to squeeze in some video game discussion, as they cover their recent gaming output and lament the implosion of Konami.
.: 1:25:11 :: 40.5 MB :: 16 September 2015 :.

001: Former Extra Lives co-hosts Aaron Robinson and Damien Wilkens are back to talk about life. It's a thing. Subjects covered: the infancy and difficulties of creating Extra Lives, Let's-Players, working out and eating right, aging, comparing successes, the gaming industry, the personalities of Giant Bomb, pro wrestling, learning music, and more.
.: 1:31:38 :: 44.1 MB :: 12 July 2015 :.

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Channel 37's Midnight Movie Show: Episode 28 - Sightseers and Duel
Channel 37's Midnight Movie Show: Episode 28 - Sightseers and Duel

Marvel Introduces Timely Comics
Marvel Introduces Timely Comics

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