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Episodes of Big Damn Heroes
096: After an unintentional hiatus, The Heroes are back! And, well, they're certainly back with a movie. Join Will and Hannah as they talk about In Your Eyes.
.: 33:37 :: 16.4 MB :: 27 January 2016 :.

095: The Heroes have hit the end of the first season of Agents of SHIELD! Who's a big, fat friggin' Nazi? Who do The Heroes kind of unanimously hate by the end of this run of episodes? Where do they think the show needs to improve? Also: Will explains who or what is a Man-Thing! Join Will and Hannah for "Nothing Personal," "Ragtag," and "Beginning of the End."
.: 1:10:45 :: 34.3 MB :: 05 August 2015 :.

094: What do The Heroes think about the major twist of Agents of SHIELD? What spinoff / crossover do they desperately want to see happen? And where does a wild Amy Acker show up? Join Hannah and Will as they cover "Turn, Turn, Turn," "Providence," and "The Only Light in the Darkness."
.: 1:12:49 :: 35.3 MB :: 03 July 2015 :.

093: Will and Hannah have reached episode 93, and oh my, what have we here? Could it be the show finally living up to the potential of its premise and tie-in nature? Could it be one of the most epic tie-ins that the show has had so far? Could it be the prelude to an incredibly massive shift to the show? But to get there, they will have to get through a case of the idiot ball getting passed around, an episode implying something pretty awful, and some out-of-character moments. Join The Heroes as they cover "TAHITI," "Yes Men," and "End of the Beginning."
.: 54:09 :: 26.3 MB :: 22 June 2015 :.

092: It's Big Damn Heroes 92, and we've hit the back half of Agents of SHIELD's first season! What are Hannah and Will surprised that the show got away with? Which episode doesn't quite fit? Is Stan Lee actually breaking the fourth wall for his cameo appearance this season? Is the season finally entering an upswing? And who is turning out to be the heart and soul of the show? Join Hannah and Will as they cover "That Magical Place," "Seeds," and "TRACKS."
.: 53:13 :: 25.9 MB :: 03 June 2015 :.

091: The Heroes have hit the midpoint of Agent of SHIELD's first season! How are they feeling about the show as a whole at this point? How impressed are they with the tie-ins to the MCU? Who couldn't they give less of a shit about? Is this going anywhere? Join Will and Hannah for "The Well," "Repairs," and "The Bridge."
.: 43:59 :: 21.5 MB :: 13 May 2015 :.

090: Who's that girl? What is Will surprised Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is able to get away with? How many times can this show make Will and Hannah go uhhhhhh? Who intrigues them? Do any of these episodes break past the mediocre barrier? Join The Heroes as they cover "Eye Spy," "The Girl in the Flower Dress," "FZZT," and "The Hub."
.: 1:03:22 :: 30.8 MB :: 24 April 2015 :.

089: Potential is the watchword as Will and Hannah begin their coverage of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. While some episodes show it, others seem to be barely trying. Plus, things get uncomfortably handled rather quickly. Also, US 1 is totally in continuity. Whether you agree or not, a new series begins with "Pilot," "0-8-4," and "The Asset."
.: 1:00:47 :: 29.5 MB :: 08 April 2015 :.

088: It's episode 88, and The Heroes have finally reached The Avengers! How many tangents do they go off on? How many plot holes do they accidentally stumble into? Does the movie hold up as well as it did when it first came out? And how does it compare to Whedon's other work? Join Will and Hannah as they assemble for Avengers!
.: 1:44:45 :: 50.8 MB :: 18 March 2015 :.

087: Sigh no more, audience, sigh no more
For The Heroes have reached some Shakespeare
Listen to their thoughts on how well this translates
And on who's the real stars of this play

What do they think of the small changes
And who just plain steals the show?
Join Will and Hannah for Much Ado
And sing Hey, nonny nonny
.: 40:01 :: 19.4 MB :: 04 March 2015 :.

086: Will and Hannah are taking a trip to a Cabin in the Woods! Just how meta can this movie get? What interesting connections does it have to the larger Whedonverse, and to a wider universe beyond that? Who is Kevin? And what is the monster at the end of the movie? Listen to find out!
.: 1:37:53 :: 47.3 MB :: 11 February 2015 :.

085: It's BDH 85, and Hannah and Will are wrapping up their coverage of Firefly and Dollhouse! What commonality do they mourn for both shows? How much do their bests and favorites overlap? And where are they off to next? (Hint: It's a little getaway in the woods.)
.: 54:25 :: 26.4 MB :: 01 February 2015 :.

Special 06: As Hannah and Will take some time off to get ready for their big Firefly / Dollhouse retrospective, Will explores some of Whedon's work at Disney. While mostly an exploration of his contributions to Toy Story, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is also discussed. Plus, Joss Whedon was the lyricist for which song?
.: 17:26 :: 8.8 MB :: 16 January 2015 :.

084: We've reached the end of the line for Dollhouse, and these episodes are all sorts of interesting. Whose turn do Hannah and Will love in these final episodes? What are they confused by? What gets a wee bit weird? And how does this season compare to the first? Join The Heroes for "Getting Closer," "The Hollow Men," and "Epitaph Two: The Return."
.: 1:11:43 :: 34.6 MB :: 31 December 2014 :.

083: It's episode 83 and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE. The gears are starting to move for the season (and series) finale, and all sorts of things are coming back around. Which minor characters from previous episodes do we get to see again? Who unexpectedly throws everything into chaos? How much nightmare-fuel can this show cram into a single episode? Tune in as Hannah and Will cover "A Love Supreme," "Stop-Loss," and "The Attic."
.: 57:58 :: 28.0 MB :: 17 December 2014 :.

082: Big Damn Heroes is at episode 82, and what appears to be the meat of Dollhouse season two! Isn't that cute? Topher and Summer Glau are making friends! Surely nothing could go wrong there! Old Whedon favorites come out of the woodwork, all sorts of neat plot twists and advancements are made, and things continue to get more and more fucked up. But at least there's a few laughs here and there! Join Will and Hannah as they cover "The Public Eye," "The Left Hand," and "Meet Jane Doe."
.: 1:04:18 :: 31.1 MB :: 03 December 2014 :.

081: Big Damn Heroes begins the second season of Dollhouse with this episode! Just how fucked up can this show get? Is the show starting to win Hannah over? Join her and Will as they cover "Vows," "Instinct," "Belle Chose," and "Belonging" to find out!
.: 1:10:21 :: 34.0 MB :: 20 November 2014 :.

080: Will and Hannah wrap up the first season of Dollhouse with this episode! What vaguely creepy insinuation is further expanded on in the season finale? Who appears completely against type and wins over The Heroes? And what metaphor do they get hit over the head with? Join them as they cover "Haunted," "Briar Rose," "Omega," and "Epitaph One."
.: 1:21:09 :: 39.2 MB :: 12 November 2014 :.

079: Hannah and Will are three quarters (or so) of the way through Dollhouse, and it's finally starting to get good! Whose first episode are they particularly impressed with? Who, despite being a massive fuckbag, do they actually feel sorry for? And how creepy does this show get if you really think about it? Join The Heroes as they cover "Echoes," "Needs," and "A Spy in the House of Love" to find out!
.: 59:08 :: 28.6 MB :: 27 October 2014 :.

078: It's episode 78 and the Dollhouse is full of surprises. This time, they take a look at unexpected man reactions, stealth amnesia, and hidden puppets everywhere. We also see some of the best and worst that the series has to offer. To find out which is which, join Will and Hannah as they cover "Gray Hour," "True Believer," and "Man on the Street."
.: 46:41 :: 22.6 MB :: 06 October 2014 :.

077: Did Hannah and Will go to sleep? For a little while. Shall they watch Dollhouse? If they wish. Which of these episode's clients is better known as Totally Not Brittney? Who's creepier: Mellie or Topher? And how well does the show live up to its premise in the first few episodes? Will and Hannah begin their coverage of Dollhouse with "Ghost," "The Target," and "Stage Fright."
.: 59:11 :: 28.6 MB :: 25 September 2014 :.

076: Will and Hannah have reached episode 76, and it's getting a little horrible. The Heroes take a look at the 2008 web series Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, how the writer's strike gave rise to it, how its format works for and against it, and how it's noticeably smaller cast carries the series. Is it still as shiny as when it came out? Is this possibly the darkest thing Whedon's put out? Join Will and Hannah for the sing-along to find out!
.: 1:21:22 :: 39.4 MB :: 10 September 2014 :.

075: Will and Hannah have hit episode 75, and they're leaves on the wind. Watch how they soar. They turn a hard eye on some of Serenity's gaping plot holes, question the necessity of one of the characters being there, and have a good little rant about River Tam. But, as many negative points as they have, they have a fair bit of praise. Join them as they wrap up their Firefly coverage with Serenity!
.: 2:01:37 :: 58.8 MB :: 13 August 2014 :.

074: It's Big Damn Heroes 74, and we're wrapping up our coverage of Firefly. We're also being treated to some rather delightful fanservice. Will and Hannah cover the three unaired episodes, as well as the final episode of the series. Some are quite good, while others leave something to be desired. Plots that potentially could've happened are discussed, The Heroes try to figure out what led to what in broadcast order, and the general sentiment of this episode is "If only." Join Will and Hannah as they cover "Trash," "The Message," "Heart of Gold," and "Objects in Space."
.: 1:17:26 :: 37.6 MB :: 30 July 2014 :.

073: It's episode 73, and that motherfucker is back again. We have what Will and Hannah consider to be possibly one of the best episodes in a Whedon series, the misuse of a sonic screwdriver, and one of the more useless characters finally getting hit with the plot stick. You also learn way more than you ever wanted to about Hannah and Will! Join them as they cover "Out of Gas," "Ariel," and "War Stories."
.: 1:09:43 :: 33.9 MB :: 16 July 2014 :.

072: Will and Hannah have hit episode 72, and they've realized a few things. One: No matter if he's played by a bitty Zac Efron or Sean Maher, Simon is kind of a massive dickbag. Two: Hannah and Will's ratings of an episode can differ on whether or not they enjoy the scenery, and that Hannah is probably going to the Special Hell. Three: They're starting to put an effort into characterizing someone who's gotten the short stick. And four: Some of the positions they're taking on the portrayal of religion are a touch offensive. Join Will and Hannah as they cover "Safe," "Our Mrs. Reynolds," and "Jaynestown."
.: 50:48 :: 24.8 MB :: 02 July 2014 :.

071: Will and Hannah are celebrating episode 71 of Big Damn Heroes with a mighty fine shindig! In this episode, they take a look at the second version of the pilot, creative ways to stretch your budget, how to effectively character- and world-build, River as a plot device, the continued fuckery of the airing order, and one of The Heroes' favorite episodes of the series. Join them for "The Train Job," "Bushwhacked," and "Shindig."
.: 1:10:27 :: 34.2 MB :: 18 June 2014 :.

070: Take their love, take their land, take them where they cannot stand, Will and Hannah don't care, they're still free, and they're starting Firefly. Alright, so that doesn't quite rhyme like they hoped, but it's still true. In covering the opening story ("Serenity"), Will and Hannah introduce us to the characters they'll come to know and love, recognize some patterns pretty early on, and discuss some interesting things about the pilot. Join the Big Damn Heroes (ain't we just) for this one!
.: 1:18:30 :: 38.1 MB :: 04 June 2014 :.

069: After three years and 69 episodes, this episode is Will and Hannah's last word on Angel (and Buffy), for now. Join them as they take a look at the highs and lows of Angel, and at how the series played out.
.: 1:17:17 :: 37.4 MB :: 21 May 2014 :.

Special 05: Few films can claim to kill a franchise. Alien: Resurrection is one of those films. Will takes time to look back at this film and finds things to hate and love. Mostly hate, though.
.: 24:29 :: 11.9 MB :: 07 May 2014 :.

068: Big Damn Heroes has reached episode 68, and the end of the line for Angel. Will and Hannah ponder how the house is put in order for the series finale, and just how well the finale manages to bring the show full circle, along with how season five as a whole has done. Join them as they charge into "Power Play" and "Not Fade Away."
.: 47:08 :: 22.9 MB :: 23 April 2014 :.

067: It's Big Damn Heroes 67, and we're almost at the end of Angel! Things are starting to get a bit messy. Wesley is juggling the idiot ball; plot lines are desperately trying to be wrapped up; and we have some torture, a wild Adam Baldwin, exploding gods, and recovered memories. You know, the standard. But even an interesting subplot can't save what is one of the most offensive, idiotic, poorly planned episodes this season. Wanna know which one it is? Join Hannah and Will as they cover Angel's "Underneath," "Origin," "Time Bomb," and "The Girl in Question."
.: 57:43 :: 28.0 MB :: 09 April 2014 :.

066: Welcome to Big Damn Heroes 66, and man, if this series of episodes isn't the devil itself. We start out with a fairly shit World War II episode, but let's be real, that's not what you came for. You came for Muppet Angel, demonic puppets, self esteem, Wes and Fred, Amy Acker being goddamn amazing, and the most goddamn depressing trio of episodes ever. Join Will and Hannah as they jump off a cliff as a result of "What We Fight For," "Smile Time," "Hole in the World," and "Shells."
.: 1:07:56 :: 32.9 MB :: 26 March 2014 :.

065: Gather around for Big Damn Heroes 65, children, because the gang is back together, if only for one heart-wrenching episode! Whose character-centric episode did Will and Hannah not expect to like as much as they did? How blatant is Eve about being evil? What major plot point from Buffy turns out to have been maybe a really shitty idea? And how fucking much are we gonna miss Cordy? Tune in as we cover Angel's "Harm's Way," "Soul Purpose," "Damage," and "You're Welcome."
.: 1:01:57 :: 30.0 MB :: 12 March 2014 :.

064: We continue to blast right through Angel on Big Damn Heroes! How much of our episode is spent discussing the sex lives of one of our main characters? How disappointed is Will with one of the episodes? Whose character-centric episode could we not give a shit about? And which favorite old face unexpectedly shows up at the end of an episode? Join us as we cover "Life of the Party," "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco," "Lineage," and "Destiny."
.: 56:40 :: 27.5 MB :: 26 February 2014 :.

063: It's all Angel all the time now on Big Damn Heroes! Will and Hannah kick off the fifth season of Angel this episode, and there's a few things they notice right away. Like how much darker Angel appears to be getting. And that the show has written a major loophole into one of its character's powers. And that we have Spike again? Join The Heroes for "Conviction," "Just Rewards," "Unleashed," and "Hell Bound." Oh, and lots of lawyer puns.
.: 1:05:39 :: 31.8 MB :: 12 February 2014 :.

062: This is the end, kids. Episode 62 is dedicated to Will and Hannah looking back on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Their favorites, the best, and the worst are covered as they give the show a fond yet critical examination before moving on. (As a bonus, there's coverage of Fray.)
.: 2:42:18 :: 78.2 MB :: 29 January 2014 :.

061: Well, kids, here we are. It took 61 episodes of Big Damn Heroes and 144 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but we've reached the end of the line for Buffy and the Scoobies. Which characters play an awesome game of D&D? What about the final episode doesn't quite make sense, but is still utterly fantastic? And how many callbacks to the very first episode can we fit in? Join Will and Hannah as they blow up the last of Buffy with "End of Days" and "Chosen."
.: 1:05:26 :: 31.7 MB :: 01 January 2014 :.

060: Welcome to episode 60 of Big Damn Heroes, and the beginning of the final countdown! Buffy is down to two of its four final episodes, and they're certainly filled with plot twists, cameos, and lots of the sexing. Meanwhile, Angel tries to pull a "Restless" for its season ending, and kind of fails spectacularly. Join Hannah and Will as they cover "Empty Places" and "Touched" on Buffy, and "Home" on Angel.
.: 57:25 :: 27.9 MB :: 27 December 2013 :.

059: For Big Damn Heroes' 59th episode, it's all Angel all the time! Or rather, all Jasmine all the time! The crux of season four has come into play, and we get to watch Fred be a regular ol' badass, Gina Torres be interesting, and Connor continue to be an awful little fuck. Listen to Will and Hannah talk about what has to be one of the best runs of episodes that Angel has had in a while, and how the season still seems to be unable to use its resources properly. Join the duo as they cover "Shiny Happy People," "The Magic Bullet," "Sacrifice," and "Peace Out."
.: 1:05:51 :: 31.9 MB :: 18 December 2013 :.

058: Big Damn Heroes 58 is hitching a ride into town, and, oh hey, a wild Nathan Fillion has appeared! And look, he's making friends with Xander! On Buffy, things continue to ramp up with some sketchy timelines and amusing potential spinoffs, and a bad guy we can actually punch for once! Over on Angel, we get yet another dose of racism, and the main season plot being relegated to the background in favor of boning. But that's nothing compared to what may be the single most divisive episode in Big Damn Heroes' history. Wanna hear what Hannah and Will argue about? Join them as they cover Buffy's "Dirty Girls" and Angel's "Players" and "Inside Out."
.: 46:16 :: 24.0 MB :: 20 November 2013 :.

057: Big Damn Heroes has hit episode 57, and man is this one a doozie. Over on our one episode of Buffy, relationships fall further apart, we get a good dose of childhood trauma, a strong dose of creepy via incestuous overtones, and exactly why a character's mother was cast the way she was. Over on Angel, things just keep heading straight to Hell as a certain character stops even pretending to be anything but EEEEVIL, a favorite character shows up for a few episodes, and the last crossover between the two shows (if a bit weird timeline-wise) happens. Join Will and Hannah for Buffy's "Lies My Parents Told Me," and Angel's "Salvage," "Release," and "Orpheus." PS: We're due to be finished with Buffy by the new year!
.: 54:36 :: 26.5 MB :: 06 November 2013 :.

056: Hello, gentle viewers, and welcome to episode 56 of Big Damn Heroes. Tonight, we have a particularly Buffytastic episode. Plot points are picked up and discarded at will, some characters go wildly out of character to make plots happen, and we have our last breath of relaxing air before taking the final plunge into the plot. Add a dash of meta and juuust a bit of racism, and it's quite the thing. Join Will and Hannah as they cover Buffy's "The Killer in Me," "First Date," "Get it Done," and "Storyteller."
.: 54:24 :: 26.4 MB :: 23 October 2013 :.

055: It's Big Damn Heroes 55! Will and Hannah are halfway through these seasons of Buffy and Angel, and this may be one of the most positive episodes in a while! Over on Buffy, there's a Dawn episode that's actually pretty good, some familiar faces show up among the Potentials, and the First is a massive mindfucking dick. On Angel, Samwise Gamgee shows up to direct an episode, the tension keeps getting ratcheted higher and higher, and one of The Heroes' favorite characters makes her final bow. Oh, and the reason that a lot of characters seem to have been tossing around the idiot ball gets explained in a massive way. Join Will and Hannah as they cover Buffy's "Showtime" and "Potential," and Angel's "Soulless" and "Calvary."
.: 1:22:32 :: 39.9 MB :: 09 October 2013 :.

054: Episode 54 is here, and that smile on Angel's face can't be good. Over on Angel, there is liberal tossing of the idiot ball, Electric Girl (woogie woogie woogie woogie) shows up again, and our last episode culminates in one of the biggest and best fakeouts in the show's history. On Buffy, things go to hell, things also go fakey-boom, and despite a questionable pacing and an even more questionable passage of time, shit gets real. Also, this episode was conveniently recorded after that new Whedon show that just came out last night. Join Will and Hannah for first impressions of Agents of SHIELD, and Buffy's "Never Leave Me" and "Bring on the Night," and Angel's "Long Day's Journey" and "Awakening."
.: 1:01:01 :: 29.6 MB :: 25 September 2013 :.

Special 04: It's been nearly two years since Will took over as co-host of Big Damn Heroes. Now, in a very special Zeppos, Will reveals some of his thoughts on the first three seasons of Buffy. Which episode does he disagree with the previous reviewers' scores, which character does he realize has been a problem from the start, and why should you send in feedback for the Buffy retrospective?
.: 19:42 :: 9.8 MB :: 11 September 2013 :.

053: It's our 53rd episode, ladies and gentlemen, and it's a doozy. But in the fun way. On Buffy, one of the hosts' all time favorite episodes happens. It sets the ball rolling for the rest of the season, and has a fairly interesting follow-up in the next episode. Over on Angel, the ball is also set in motion, with all sorts of interesting consequences. Also, one of the more sketch aspects of this season starts here, which Hannah and Will have mixed feelings on. Join them as they cover Buffy's "Conversations with Dead People" and "Sleeper," and Angel's "Apocalypse Nowish" and "Habeas Corpses."
.: 1:17:59 :: 37.8 MB :: 28 August 2013 :.

052: On this episode of Big Damn Heroes, things actually kind of get better, except for the part where they don't. Buffy finally gives a main character the spotlight episode she so badly deserves, and then follows it up with one of the most godawful episodes the show's ever given us. And makes it insulting and creepy on top of that. On Angel, things start to fall apart, and the center cannot hold. But at least we can have a fun, silly episode featuring stoner Fred. Join Will and Hannah as they cover Buffy's "Selfless" and "Him," and Angel's "Supersymmetry" and "Spin the Bottle."
.: 1:10:00 :: 33.9 MB :: 14 August 2013 :.

051: For Big Damn Heroes 51, Will and Hannah have some interesting things to cover. The new status quo is established over on Buffy, which addresses the things that came before, and at least tries to make them better. Also, the foreshadowing hammer gets a good workout, and lots of child TV stars from the 90s show up. Meanwhile, over on Angel, plots from last season that didn't work so well are recycled, and character development for one of our mains is completely wiped for funsies! Join Hannah and Will as they cover Buffy's "Same Time, Same Place" and "Help," and Angel's "The House Always Wins" and "Slouching Towards Bethlehem."
.: 52:16 :: 25.4 MB :: 31 July 2013 :.

050: Ladies and gentlemen, a toast: Big Damn Heroes has hit 50 episodes! And happily, Will and Hannah are seeing a major turnaround in both of the shows they're covering! Buffy's seventh and final season sets up an intriguing, if somewhat plot-hole-revealing idea, and some of the best acting we've seen from one of the main characters. And over on Angel, season four is getting underway, if somewhat haltingly, with some really good character development and one of our favorite characters to hate. Join The Heroes as they cover Buffy's "Lessons" and "Beneath You," and Angel's "Deep Down" and "Ground State."
.: 1:04:16 :: 31.2 MB :: 17 July 2013 :.

049: On this episode of Big Damn Heroes, The Heroes are down to one more season of Buffy, and, at this stage, they kind of can't wait for the last season. Will and Hannah discuss their issues with some aspects of the finale episodes, and find some things to praise. But, mostly, they talk about where the rot at the heart of this season shows. And over on Angel, you thought good things were gonna happen? Ha! Nope. The stage is set for season four, and Will and Hannah discuss what appears to be a recurring issue with the structure of Angel's seasons. Join Will and Hannah for the good, the bad, and the ugly of Buffy's "Two to Go" and "Grave," and Angel's "Benediction" and "Tomorrow."
.: 1:08:47 :: 33.4 MB :: 03 July 2013 :.

048: Ladies and gentlemen, Big Damn Heroes 48 is coming on stage, and in it we realize some things. Things like why people dislike the sixth season of Buffy, how problematic reading some of Whedon's works as a feminist can be, and that Angel is on some pretty shaky ground. There's also lots and lots of rage towards one very specific episode, and three guesses which one it is. It's all got to do with the episodes that Will and Hannah cover today: Buffy's "Seeing Red" and "Villains," and Angel's "The Price" and "A New World."
.: 1:14:33 :: 36.1 MB :: 19 June 2013 :.

047: Welcome to episode 47, where things continue to get even worse, or even more fillery, depending on which show you're watching. Watch characters get detailed for no other reason than the need of the plot. Watch people get even closer to the edge. Watch writers make the mistake of going too far with a meta narrative. Oh, and good stuff happens here and there, just enough to give you hope that will be quickly crushed. Join Will and Hannah as they go through Buffy's "Normal Again" and "Entropy," and Angel's "Forgiving" and "Double or Nothing."
.: 57:20 :: 27.9 MB :: 06 June 2013 :.

046: Big Damn Heroes has hit episode 46, and see this asshole? He should be dead, for all the incredibly stupid shit he does in this episode. Oh, don't worry, we'll be yelling about that for quite a while, along with the most fucking pointless character regression on Buffy. Also, to be honest, most of the episodes this week are really depressing. So get a pint of ice cream, beer, or whatever and join Hannah and Will as they cover Buffy's "As You Were" and "Hell's Bells," and Angel's "Loyalty" and "Sleep Tight."
.: 1:05:39 :: 31.8 MB :: 22 May 2013 :.

Special 03: Will takes a break from Buffy and Angel to discuss the television directing of Joss Whedon. Join Will as he talks about practical-effect bats on The Office and Neil Patrick Harris on Glee. Everything's better with Neil Patrick Harris. Also, consider donating to Earth-2.net at www.earth-2.net/donations.php, and Will might be willing to make his life worse to entertain you.
.: 20:00 :: 9.8 MB :: 08 May 2013 :.

045: Big Damn Heroes is 45 episodes older, and farther away from where we started! Over on Buffy, we figure that Buffy should just stop having birthdays, that someone should introduce her to the idea of kink, and that someone needs to slap Dawn pretty hard. On Angel, everyone starts getting hit pretty hard with both the Idiot and Bad Decision Hammers (tm), a future major player in another Whedon show makes an appearance, and possibly the dumbest monster in the history of either show appears. Wanna know what it is? Join Hannah and Will as they cover Buffy's "Dead Things" and "Older and Far Away," and Angel's "Waiting in the Wings" and "Couplet."
.: 1:06:04 :: 32.1 MB :: 24 April 2013 :.

044: Big Damn Heroes has come to episode 44, and this is an episode of unexpecteds. Over on Buffy, one episode is an excuse for lackluster effects, and the other is not nearly as bad as we thought. On Angel, it's kind of difficult to talk about one of the episodes, and the other is just kind of there. But, one of the characters reaches the peak of their arc. Wanna guess who? Join Will and Hannah as they cover Buffy's "Gone" and "Doublemeat Palace," and Angel's "Birthday" and "Provider."
.: 55:47 :: 27.1 MB :: 10 April 2013 :.

043: This week, on Big Damn Heroes 43, shit is going downhill all around. On Buffy, a storyline that is both genuinely heartbreaking and incredibly frustrating comes to a head, and Spike and Buffy bring down the house. Literally. Over on Angel, Darla makes her final bow in a rather dramatic way, and Angel has to figure out the whole parenting thing with the help of Lorne. Wanna know Will and Hannah's thoughts on all the various goings-on? Tune in as they cover Buffy's "Smashed" and "Wrecked," and Angel's "Lullaby" and "Dad."
.: 54:08 :: 26.3 MB :: 28 March 2013 :.

042: It's Big Damn Heroes episode 42! Is "Tabula Rasa" the most depressingly funny episode, or the most funny depressing episode? What the hell is up with Darla's womb? What does Will have trouble swallowing? And which pairing do we wish had gotten more of a shot? Also, an old friend of the show makes a brief appearance! Join Hannah and Will as they cover Buffy's "Tabula Rasa," and Angel's "Offspring" and "Quickening."
.: 54:44 :: 26.6 MB :: 13 March 2013 :.

041: Big Damn Heroes episode 41 is dedicated solely to the musical episode of Buffy! Listen to Hannah and Will geek out over all the musical references, explore the episode as a phenomenon, and examine the long reaching consequences of "Once More, with Feeling."
.: 1:03:26 :: 30.8 MB :: 27 February 2013 :.

040: Big Damn Heroes is officially over the hill at 40 episodes! And man, some of these episodes this week make us feel old. Over on Buffy, we get introduced to our villains, encounter some major stretches of credulity, and have a Halloween episode that's more about the subplots than it is the holiday! And over on Angel, Fred gets a personality just in time for one of the more horrifying and triggering episodes if you're a lady in the Whedonverse! Join Will and Hannah with some kittens and a bus or two as they cover Buffy's "Life Serial" and "All the Way," and Angel's "Fredless" and "Billy."
.: 59:01 :: 28.7 MB :: 13 February 2013 :.

039: Ladies and gentlemen, Big Damn Heroes episode 39 is finally here! Over on Buffy, shit continues to hit the fan. And on Angel, things continue to slowly go somewhere, including an amazingly offensive episode! Want to know what we're talking about? Join Hannah and Will as they cover Buffy's "After Life" and "Flooded," and Angel's "That Old Gang of Mine" and "Carpe Noctem."
.: 59:09 :: 28.7 MB :: 30 January 2013 :.

038: Just in time for Christmas, Will and Hannah are back with Big Damn Heroes 38, and aww, look at Willow and the adorable little Bambi. Wait, what is she doing? Over on Buffy, the price of magic and the aftermath of the season five finale are explored. Oh, and the show's still going after Buffy sacrificed herself last season, so there's that. And even though it pretty much means perpetual suffering for one of the characters, Angel's back on the upswing. Also, another character gets hella pregnant. Join The Heroes as they cover the two-part Buffy episode "Bargaining," and Angel's "Heartthrob" and "That Vision Thing."
.: 1:19:47 :: 38.6 MB :: 19 December 2012 :.

Special 02: Will Ackerman brings you the second Zeppos Special, and it's time to talk about Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men. Will gushes, wonders why Wolverine is in this book, and names the MVP character of the run. All this and a little talk about Whedon's work on the original X-Men movie. It's less glowing than the other part of the review.
.: 34:53 :: 17.2 MB :: 21 November 2012 :.

037: This week, Big Damn Heroes has managed to hit 37 episodes, and, with it, the second season of Angel is finally over. This may be one of the shorter episodes in BDH history too, because Will and Hannah just don't have much to say. But at least they will do the dance of joy! Join them as they cover "Belonging," "Over the Rainbow," "Through the Looking Glass," and "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb." (Good luck pronouncing that one, kids.)
.: 54:34 :: 26.5 MB :: 07 November 2012 :.

036: It's episode 36, and the end of the fifth season has arrived on Buffy. And everything is just so jam-packed that we fit the rest of the season into this episode! Will and Hannah may have some disagreements on which of the episodes is the least awesome, but the general consensus is that Glory owns, it sucks to be Ben and Dawn, and that this totally makes sense as a series ender (hint: it wasn't). Also, demonic Joel Grey will fuck your shit up. Join Hannah and Will as they swan dive into "Tough Love," "Spiral," "Weight of the World," and "The Gift."
.: 1:16:27 :: 37.0 MB :: 24 October 2012 :.

035: It's Big Damn Heroes episode 35, and things are getting good. Over on Buffy, there's some major character development, plenty of heart-wrenching aftermaths, and some good old fashioned torture. And on Angel, they're not entirely sure what they're doing, really, but hey, Lindsey's hot. Also, this episode gives Will and Hannah the unprecedented opportunity to lech it up. Join them as they perv over Buffy's "Forever" and "Intervention," and Angel's "Disharmony" and "Dead End."
.: 1:04:53 :: 31.5 MB :: 10 October 2012 :.

Special 01: Big Damn Heroes takes a break from its regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you the Zeppos Whedon Pilot Spectacular! Will covers the case of the multiple Willows, voiceovers about standing on tall buildings, and dooms us all by praising a Jeph Loeb work. All this and more after a word from our sponsors.
.: 28:40 :: 14.0 MB :: 26 September 2012 :.

034: Big Damn Heroes has hit episode 34, and, yeah, it's here kids. Thank to both Buffy and Angel, though not for the reasons you'd think on Angel, this is gonna be one hell of a depressing episode. There's no way around that. So sit down, get a pint of ice cream, and curl up with Hannah and Will as they cover Buffy's "I Was Made to Love You" and "The Body," and Angel's "Reprise" and "Epiphany."
.: 1:07:33 :: 32.8 MB :: 12 September 2012 :.

033: This is a tale of two shows. One show uses the forward momentum that has been building for the last four episodes to keep the tensions high, address huge plot points, and generally be awesome. The other seems to have gone into reverse and is giving us what are some of the worst episodes The Heroes have seen in a long damn time, including such gems as a physicist freezing time mid-orgasm so his girlfriend won't break up with him. Which show is which? Join Will and Hannah as they cover Buffy's "Blood Ties" and "Crush," and Angel's "Happy Anniversary" and "Thin Dead Line."
.: 1:03:02 :: 30.6 MB :: 29 August 2012 :.

032: Episode 32 is rolling into town, and Buffy is pissed! Some old friends come to town (and by friends we mean jackasses), amusingness happens in the aftermath of the Buffy / Riley breakup, and one of the Earth-2.net podcast hosts is compared to one of the bads! Meanwhile, on Angel, the car appears to have gone into neutral. Possibly even reverse. Wanna know more? Listen as Hannah and Will cover Buffy's "Triangle" and "Checkpoint," and Angel's "Redefinition" and "Blood Money."
.: 1:20:20 :: 38.9 MB :: 15 August 2012 :.

031: It's episode 31, and things are gonna get interesting. For one, there's a return of a familiar character over on Angel. And in the wake of a rampage, Angel appears to be turning into a honey badger. On Buffy there's an episode that's horrible (both in the actual content and the sheer emotional gauntlet that's run), and then there comes an episode that causes both Hannah and Will to rant for a while. Also, one of the Buffy episodes brings much rejoicing. Wanna know which one it is? Tune in as Hannah and Will cover Buffy's "Listening to Fear" and "Into the Woods," and Angel's "The Trial" and "Reunion."
.: 1:22:31 :: 39.9 MB :: 01 August 2012 :.

030: Episode 30 is striding into town amid a backdrop of flames, and goddamn, things are getting awesome. And heart-wrenching. Did I mention the heart-wrenching? 'Cause that's coming down the tunnel, fast. However, for now, there is Spike kicking the ass of Not Pam Grier, the Master showing up for some awesome cameos, Angel pretending to be a swinging vamp in a good old fashioned heist movie, and Riley's one-episode closer to leaving the show! WHOOOOOO! Join Hannah and Will as they cover Buffy's "Fool for Love" and "Shadows," and Angel's "Darla" and "The Shroud of Rahmon."
.: 1:32:41 :: 44.8 MB :: 18 July 2012 :.

029: Big Damn Heroes has hit episode 29, and Angel would like you to repeat what you just called him, please. On both Buffy and Angel, the season plots get rolling, questions are answered sooner than you would expect, and there's a definite sense of the calm before the storm before things get into the shit, as they say. Join Hannah and Will (and Miss Kitty Fantastico) as they cover Buffy's "No Place Like Home" and "Family," and Angel's "Dear Boy" and "Guise Will be Guise."
.: 1:03:58 :: 31.0 MB :: 04 July 2012 :.

028: It's episode 28 of Big Damn Heroes, and hey, there are a lot of shirtless people around here. On both shows, there are episodes that are just a little meh, The Heroes' intense dislike of Riley grows, and some theories are floated about some major season plot points. However, the awesomeness of all the shirtlessness is derailed by possibly the single most offensive episode to have Whedon's name attached to it as a director. Wanna know which one that is? Join Will and Hannah as they cover Buffy's "The Replacement" and "Out of My Mind," and Angel's "First Impressions" and "Untouched."
.: 51:39 :: 25.1 MB :: 20 June 2012 :.

027: Ladies and gentlemen, the fifth season of Buffy and the second season of Angel are kicking off. Over on Buffy, a legend whirls into Sunnydale, and a new, unexpected member is added to the show. On Angel, we get fun things like jousting for pregnant ladies and a good old-fashioned lynching. And just remember, kids: we've barely even begun. Join Hannah and Will as they cover Buffy's "Buffy vs. Dracula" and "The Real Me," and Angel's "Judgement" and "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been."
.: 1:25:28 :: 41.4 MB :: 13 June 2012 :.

026: Ladies and gentlemen, the fourth season of Buffy is finally at its end, and boy howdy, it's the most cracktastic episode ever! How many layers down to you have to go to get to some of the meanings in the dreams? How much of the next few seasons' worth of character development and plot arcs were hinted at in said dreams? And who is the cheese guy? Join Will and Hannah as they watch "Restless," and cap off this season of Buffy.
.: 1:13:35 :: 35.7 MB :: 23 May 2012 :.

025: Episode 25 of Big Damn Heroes is here, and, oh baby, we're at the season climax! On Angel, old faces appear in unexpected places, and the overarching plot for the rest of the series is set in motion. Over on Buffy, timelines are really screwed up, Spike and Giles own the show, tensions explode, and a character goes God tier. Do they make sense? No, not really. Also, the season ends. But wait, there's another episode of Buffy left? Oh, and that other thing Whedon did recently is briefly discussed. Join Hannah and Will for some shawarma as they discuss Buffy's "The Yoko Factor" and "Primeval," and Angel's "To Shanshu in LA."
.: 1:10:20 :: 34.1 MB :: 09 May 2012 :.

024: It's episode 24, and Big Damn Heroes is getting mmm-mmm-good. Buffy has an historic, if slightly dumb episode. While over on Angel a character completes her arc, the show comes into its own, a future major player makes an appearance in a rather disjointed episode, and the season endgame starts to boil beneath the surface. Oh, and Buffy has an ongoing season plot. We think. It's hard to tell. Join Hannah and Will as they cover Buffy's "New Moon Rising," and Angel's "Sanctuary," "War Zone," and "Blind Date." Dutch Angels!
.: 1:14:09 :: 35.9 MB :: 27 April 2012 :.

023: Big Damn Heroes has hit episode 23, and the overwhelming consensus about most of the episodes covered today is "..." Highlights include the sex that will not end, suddenly James Bond, and drugging people into eeeeeevil. Oh, wait, did I say highlights? I meant lowlights. The actual highlights of this episode include a brief return of one of The Heroes' favorite Big Bads, and the beginning of a redemption arc for another character. Also, robots. Join Hannah and Will as they cover Buffy's "Superstar" and "Where the Wild Things Are," and Angel's "Eternity" and "Five by Five."
.: 1:11:59 :: 34.9 MB :: 28 March 2012 :.

022: Big Damn Heroes has hit its 22nd episode, and it seems to be an episode of returns and favorites. One of the most criminally mismanaged characters of Buffy stars in this round of episodes, one of The Heroes' favorite villains makes a brief appearance, and another character who's been long gone comes back for a small appearance. Also, one of The Heroes' favorite ladies makes a small, understated appearance in this episode. Who are they talking about? Join Will and Hannah as they cover Buffy's "This Year's Girl" and "Who are You?," and Angel's "The Prodigal" and "The Ring."
.: 55:57 :: 27.2 MB :: 19 March 2012 :.

021: Hey, look! Big Damn Heroes is legal to drink! And with the batch of episodes Will and Hannah are covering this week, they're gonna need it. Why does everyone want to fuck Riley? Where does female genital mutilation come into the picture? Where's the overarching season plot been hiding? And which of these episodes has a genuinely good twist and is also terrifying? Join The Heroes as they cover Buffy's "The I in Team" and "Goodbye, Iowa," and Angel's "She" and "I've Got You Under My Skin." And don't forget to do the Creep!
.: 1:05:17 :: 31.7 MB :: 29 February 2012 :.

020: Big Damn Heroes' 20th episode is here, and it kicks off with Hannah baking the shit out of things! There is some major geekery over the new Avengers trailer, clip monkeys are summoned, an episode title is sung as GIR, Giles has the worst day ever, Hannah causes the audience to unintentionally get into Batman slash, Will reveals his fetishes, Hannah summarizes an entire episode in a single never-ending scream, and everyone gets hit over the head with the obvious season theme hammer! Join Hannah and Will as they cover Buffy's "Doomed" and "A New Man," and Angel's "Somnambulist" and "Expecting."
.: 1:07:20 :: 32.7 MB :: 15 February 2012 :.

019: It's episode 19, and Hannah is pretty sure that The Heroes have stumbled into Bizzaro World. Why? Well, because this season of Buffy isn't sucking anymore. In fact, it's actually good. Like, really good. Meanwhile, Angel kinda sucks. Oh, someone dies, and a familiar face returns. Also included are discussions of whether or not Doctor Who took inspiration from a certain episode, the realization that Doug Jones is following them, and use of the foreshadowing hammer! And there's plenty of nightmare fuel to go around, folks, so come on in, and sit down as Hannah and Will cover "Something Blue" and "Hush" from Buffy, and "Hero" and "Parting Gifts" from Angel.
.: 55:10 :: 26.8 MB :: 01 February 2012 :.

018: We've hit episode 18, and our word for today is "abysmal." As in, "Buffy, season four." The Heroes cover some of the worst episodes in a while, but it's all worth it as they make it to a watermark episode of this season of Angel. Highlights of this episode include: Hannah having a small freak out over possibly the worst anthropologist in the history of ever, and Will instructing us on how to properly cook your Thanksgiving dinner. Join Hannah and Will as they cover Buffy's "The Initiative" and "Pangs", and Angel's "Bachelor Party" and "I Will Remember You." Also, you made a bear.
.: 1:15:52 :: 36.8 MB :: 20 January 2012 :.

017: Episode 17 is finally here! And we're not just talking about the show and its unexpected vacation. Hannah is joined by a new co-host, and The Heroes get down and dirty as they cover what is the single worst episode of Buffy to date, and some other episodes of Buffy and Angel that aren't exactly spectacular, either. Join The Heroes as they slog through Buffy's "Beer Bad" and "Wild at Heart," and Angel's "Rm w/a Vu" and "Sense and Sensitivity." Also, I think someone just needs a hug.
.: 1:21:35 :: 39.5 MB :: 04 January 2012 :.

016: It's The Heroes' Sweet 16(th episode), and the gaping chasm of quality between Angel's first season and Buffy's fourth only seems to grow with each episode. Which of these series is getting really good at doing the Creep? How quickly can you get drunk off of the Can We Please Stake Harmony game? And which returning character provides one of the greatest moments of these four episodes? Join Hannah and Preston as they cover Buffy's "In the Harsh Light of Day" and "Fear Itself," and Angel's "In the Dark" and "I Fall to Pieces."
.: 1:09:16 :: 33.6 MB :: 09 November 2011 :.

015: See that guy up there? He's Batman. And episode 15 of Big Damn Heroes just got a bit more Horrible, thanks to a certain lovely lady in the intro. Also, a lot more Shakespearian, with the announcement of a new Whedon project that has both The Heroes squeeing. What do Preston and Hannah find more appealing: the opening episodes of Buffy's fourth season, or the first two episodes of Angel? And who's big pimpin'? Tune in as The Heroes cover "The Freshman" and "Living Conditions" on Buffy, and "City of" and "Lonely Hearts" on Angel!
.: 1:24:33 :: 39.0 MB :: 26 October 2011 :.

014: Episode 14 of Big Damn Heroes is coming a hell of a lot quicker than you'd expect, and with it the end of an era of Buffy. In this episode, some wooly-headed liberals get devoured, Preston and Hannah discuss high school nostalgia (or lack thereof), some pretty epic fight scenes happen, random references to things that will happen a few seasons down the line are made, people are wholesomely evil to the bitter end, and a new status quo for the show is set into motion with the departure of a certain character. Come listen to The Heroes wrap up the third season of Buffy with "Choices," "The Prom," and the two-part "Graduation Day." Oh, also, Avengers trailer! And explosions.
.: 1:36:16 :: 44.4 MB :: 12 October 2011 :.

013: Episode 13 is finally here! Why is Preston singing R. Kelly songs, and what does it have to do with Willow? Why are they watching an episode of Scooby-Doo? What conclusion does Hannah come to about a fellow Earth-2.net cohost? And why the hell are they up so early? Join The Heroes as they cover "Consequences," "Doppelgangland," "Enemies," and "Earshot."
.: 1:17:11 :: 37.4 MB :: 07 October 2011 :.

012: Episode 12 is strutting into town like a fresh piece of Watcher. What do stables of psychotic vampires have to do with the perverted fantasies of old British men? What episode does Hannah compare to a classic Twilight Zone episode, and Preston calls a piece of throat-fucking moralizing? Which villain is compared to both Jabba the Hut, and a certain part of the female anatomy? Where does possibly the biggest difference in The Heroes' opinion to date come in? And who wants a root beer? That, or paint thinner will do just fine. Join The Heroes as they cover "Gingerbread," "Helpless," "The Zeppo," and "Bad Girls."
.: 1:27:57 :: 40.6 MB :: 14 September 2011 :.

011: Episode 11 stumbles into town, and there are crazy bitches, demons, lovesick vampires, and unspeakable evils walking about. Is the Glove of Lagos the Powerglove or the Orgasmoglove, and why is it so baaaaad? Which three characters show up unexpectedly? How sexy is Doppelganger Willow? What does the magic of snow Jesus Christmas have to do with anything? And which of these episodes ranks as a consistent top five of Buffy for both Preston and Hannah? Plus, Will Ackerman makes a guest appearance, and he can't slow this bus down, otherwise he's gonna die. Listen to The Heroes cover "Revelations," "Lovers Walk," "The Wish," and "Amends." Also, the Zeppoes cover Speed. And just remember: we did it our waaaaaaaaay!
.: 1:39:24 :: 48.1 MB :: 31 August 2011 :.

010: Episode 10 enters the fray, and along with it a new Slayer! Where does Hannah think some lesbian undertones are being added to the show? Who is Preston squeeing over this time? Which minor character do they believe consistently gets the shaft in any episode in which they appear? And which of these episodes are The Heroes hailing as one of their all time favorites? Down some Hulk Juice and Kahlua as Hannah and Preston cover "Faith, Hope & Trick," "Beauty and the Beasts," "Homecoming," and "Band Candy."
.: 1:44:17 :: 48.0 MB :: 17 August 2011 :.

009: It's the ninth episode, and the second season of Buffy ends not with a whimper, but with a punch to the gut. In this episode The Heroes debate the relative merits of Xander being a dickbag, discuss how Buffy loses and then subsequently gets her groove back, and perhaps the greatest alliance of this show to date is formed. Oh, and also, zombie kitties. Preston and Hannah top off season two with "Becoming" (parts 1 and 2), and then skim the surface of season three with "Anne" and "Dead Man's Party." Stop on in, have some hot chocolate, and have your heart ripped out.
.: 1:40:12 :: 46.2 MB :: 03 August 2011 :.

008: Big Damn Heroes, what's up?! This episode, numero ocho, Whedon's got the episodes, Hannah and Preston got the reviews, there's spine-snapping, and fish face-suckers, and Freddie Kindestod, and paralyzed genitals, and all sorts of wacky shit! If you like you some David Boreanaz and Tony Head killin' it (literally), filler with semi-meaningful moments, and an episode (or 10 minutes of another) that'll blow you right away, you're in the right place. Also, what the hell is with the copy before this, and what does it have to do with their new direction? Listen to find out, suckers.
.: 2:03:35 :: 56.9 MB :: 20 July 2011 :.

007: It's lucky episode seven, and The Heroes hit the part where things get, in their words, "pretty fucking awesome." With episodes like "Surprise," "Innocence," "Phases," and "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered," it is suggested that the ratings be cranked to 11 for the awesomeness that happens within. Why isn't Buffy's PMS-evil-dar working? Is Oz incredibly high, or just superchill from living on the Hellmouth? Join Hannah and Preston this week to find out!
.: 1:37:24 :: 44.5 MB :: 06 July 2011 :.

006: It's episode six, and The Heroes believe that God has a plan for all of us. That includes South Park, vampire kuru (or is it chronic vampire wasting disease?), and also John Ritter. This week, Hannah and Preston cover "What's My Line" (parts 1 and 2), "Ted," and "Bad Eggs." Stop on in and believe.
.: 2:03:53 :: 57.0 MB :: 22 June 2011 :.

005: It's episode five, and it's The Heroes' shortest episode yet. Today, they cover "Reptile Boy," "Halloween," "Lie to Me," and "The Dark Age." Why are they so tired? Is Hannah running the Conspiration 5000? Why is Preston so gleeful over yet another potshot from a certain ginger Brit? Come on in to find out!
.: 1:27:37 :: 40.4 MB :: 08 June 2011 :.

004: The Heroes kick off the second season with this episode, and it's already coming up kittens and roses and other such fluffy things. "When She Was Bad," "Some Assembly Required," "School Hard," and "Inca Mummy Girl" are the name of the game. Preston postulates and creates a few interesting crossovers, the ongoing Earth-2.net International Throw-Down escalates yet again, and Hanners and Preston kind of fangirl- / boy-out. What is the cause of such joy? What is Will Ackerman's new segment "The Zeppoes" about, and what does Roseanne have to do with it? Listen to find out!
.: 2:29:33 :: 68.7 MB :: 25 May 2011 :.

003: In this episode of Big Damn Heroes, The Heroes wrap up the first season of Buffy with "The Puppet Show," "Nightmares," "Out of Mind, Out of Sight," and "Prophecy Girl." In this episode, Preston's a dick, both of them keep mistaking bit actors for other people, and Hannah can kind of believe invisibility, but can't believe the mechanics of it. Tune in and listen to them finish up the first season, and lay the way for the next.
.: 1:58:55 :: 54.7 MB :: 11 May 2011 :.

002: In their second episode, The Heroes may already be quitting the show. And with episodes like "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date," "The Pack," "Angel," and "I Robot, You Jane," who can blame them? Why do Preston and Hannah keep talking about comics? Why does Xander rival Cordy for The Heroes' hatred? And just why, God, why? Listen and find out if they make it to another episode.
.: 1:57:05 :: 53.9 MB :: 27 April 2011 :.

001: In their first proper episode, The Heroes dive into the Buffyverse with the series' first four episodes: "Welcome to the Hellmouth," "The Harvest," "Witch," and "Teacher's Pet." Are the lack and inconsistency of certain effects issues of not really having a budget, or of censorship from the network? Just exactly how bitchin' are Giles and Willow? How many times did Cordelia almost die in these episodes, and why would it have been a good thing if she had? And who will we be seeing again from these early episodes? Tune in to find out!
.: 1:34:35 :: 45.8 MB :: 13 April 2011 :.

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