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Episodes of Channel 37s Midnight Movie Show
002: Donald G Jackson: misunderstood visionary cinephile, or not that? Decide for yourself after tonight's double feature of Jackson-directed masterpieces! First up is the 1986 postapocalyptic nunsploitation oddity Roller Blade! After that, stick around while Rowdy Roddy Piper repopulates the human race despite frog monsters getting up in his fries, in 1987's Hell Comes to Frogtown!
.: 1:05:53 :: 12 August 2022 :.

001: Welcome to the season premiere of Channel 37's Midnight Movie Show! We're kicking off your weekend with tales of vengeance, beginning with 1984's iconic video store mainstay Angel! Then, only Squiggy and the American Werewolf stand between a cyborg assassin and her prey in 1991's Steel and Lace!
.: 1:44:42 :: 29 July 2022 :.

Trailer: Cult films. Midnight movies. B-pictures. Channel 37's Midnight Movie Show celebrates the history of late-night double features of all manner of slightly disreputable schedule fillers.
.: 00:30 :: 25 July 2022 :.

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