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Episodes of DJ Comics Cavalcade
073: In this edition of The 'Cade, covering Daredevil #3, you'll believe a portly guy in a cape can fly as Daredevil faces off against The Sinister Owl! Plus: man-on-ape action!
.: 13:15 :: 15.6 MB :: 14 October 2017 :.

072: In this episode, where we look at House of Mystery #157, Robby Reed ricochets around the place, melts a bridge, and goes blind. (Get your mind out of the gutter!)
.: 9:39 :: 11.8 MB :: 11 August 2017 :.

071: In this episode, featuring Daredevil #2, you will believe a blind man can blind like no other blind man before, as Matt Murdoch flies a spacecraft in his battle against Electro! Don't get too excited, it's kinda crap.
.: 13:14 :: 15.8 MB :: 13 July 2017 :.

070: In this episode, in which we cover House of Mystery #156, we're introduced to aspiring mad scientist Robby Reed as he uses an otherdimensional phone dial to become different superheroes, including one that flies around on a trail of superheated gas. The jokes just write themselves sometime.
.: 8:37 :: 8.6 MB :: 23 June 2017 :.

069: Not a hoax! Not a dream! Join Thomas Deja as he returns to his exploration of Silver Age comics with the debut of Daredevil — otherwise known as Matt Murdock: Horndog.
.: 15:30 :: 10.9 MB :: 28 May 2017 :.

068: In the second part of our annual Halloween event, covering Adventure into Fear #11, we return to the Everglades for a story of kids playing at magic, demons, bat-dragon-things, and, oh yeah Steve Gerber!
.: 16:00 :: 10.1 MB :: 26 October 2012 :.

067: It's time for the DJ Comics Cavalcade Halloween Event! In this episode, covering The Phantom Stranger #5, The Phantom Stranger fights with Tala over the soul of a callous ladies' man, Doc Thirteen bitches and moans, and some hippie teenagers are busted by a sailor for "cooling off!"
.: 21:30 :: 13.2 MB :: 12 October 2012 :.

066: In this latest edition of the 'Cade, covering Tales of Suspense #87, Captain America finds himself trapped in an inventory story where he tugs his ear inappropriately and mixes it up with The Master Planner. No, not a disguised Doctor Octopus, but a guy with impressive sideburns who just won't shut up!
.: 19:00 :: 11.8 MB :: 22 June 2012 :.

065: After a hiatus, the 'Cade is back with Teen Titans #7, and Tom Deja is bringing one of his favorite denizens of Planet Haney with him! Come join him as the Teen Titans join forces with that forgotten pop idol Holly Hip to foil the supervillainous smuggler known as The Mad Mod: the villain even the Bronze Age couldn't kill!
.: 20:36 :: 12.9 MB :: 20 April 2012 :.

064: In the second of our Halloween-themed episodes, covering Adventure into Fear #10, the Man-Thing gets his own series and celebrates by going all Dr. Phil on a redneck couple with baby problems.
.: 13:00 :: 8.3 MB :: 28 October 2011 :.

063: In the Phantom Stranger section of our Annual Cavalcade Spook Special, Robert Kanigher and Neal Adams collaborate on Phantom Stranger #4 to make our hero into a kicker of much mystical ass when his nemesis Tala makes her debut. Oh, and the Stranger feels the need to save four really stupid teenagers in spite of their idiocy. All this, plus Doc Thirteen gets glasses but remains an asshole.
.: 20:50 :: 12.9 MB :: 14 October 2011 :.

062: What do you do when you're Jack Kirby and you're bored? Join us this episode as we find out in Tales of Suspense #86, containing more wacky Kirbytech than you can ever imagine. Plus, Cap counsels someone with battle fatigue, and a solar-powered flamethrower!
.: 11:45 :: 7.5 MB :: 30 September 2011 :.

061: In Teen Titans #6, see Beast Boy try to join the Teen Titans by, well, basically being an ass and running off to join the circus. No, seriously. Plus, Charlie Neimeyer of The Superman in the Bronze Age podcast talks about Carol Ferris, and Aqualad and Kid Flash inspire slash fictioners everywhere!
.: 25:05 :: 15.4 MB :: 09 September 2011 :.

060: In Tales of Suspense #85, Batroc returns and engages in a long fight scene with Cap, and in the middle of said fight creates one of the coolest pages of comic art ever! Plus, a line of dialog so nonsensical, Tom has to ascribe it to Bob Haney for it to make sense.
.: 12:03 :: 7.5 MB :: 08 July 2011 :.

059: In Teen Titans #5, the Teen Titans do their best to advocate for alternate reform school methods by trying to determine if a former delinquent is an insect-garbed thief. Just go with it. It's Planet Haney, Jake. It's Planet Haney.
.: 21:13 :: 12.0 MB :: 10 June 2011 :.

058: In Tales of Suspense #84, we wrap up the Adaptoid storyline, as the villainous android absorbs the powers of the entire Avengers line-up, composed of Goliath, Hawkeye, and The Wasp. Plus Hawkeye is easily impressed, and The Wasp is, like, a girl and stuff.
.: 12:15 :: 7.7 MB :: 29 April 2011 :.

057: In Teen Titans #4, the Teen Titans team-up with Speedy to battle the forces of Diablo -- who apparently believes in wearing sweatsuits, speaking like Frankenstein, and tearing down all that is good and nice -- during an Olympics that occurred, well, two years prior to this issue.
.: 23:16 :: 14.4 MB :: 01 April 2011 :.

056: In Tales of Suspense #83, a guy who's not Cap but looks like him battles what may very well be the single stupidest Captain America villain ever, a character with the single stupidest "superpower" ever. Can you handle the coming of the summersault machine that is... The Tumbler?
.: 14:53 :: 9.3 MB :: 25 February 2011 :.

055: In this episode, you - and by you, we mean Earth-2.net honcho Michael David Sims - demanded the Teen Titans mix it up with surfboard-launching Woodies, doom dragsters, mismatched anarchist motorcycle gangs, gas pump robots... and the one, the only Ding Dong Daddy Dowd! If you dig "the rock," you need to click on this episode to hear Tom's thoughts of Teen Titans #3.
.: 22:20 :: 13.9 MB :: 11 February 2011 :.

054: With Tales of Suspense #82, we return to Captain America as he refuses to take a bath because they're for rich guys, and goes on a serious trip down bad memory lane. Then the Adaptoid makes the scene!
.: 11:41 :: 7.0 MB :: 23 December 2010 :.

053: In this episode, featuring Teen Titans #2, Garn the Teen Caveboy does battle with his mortal enemy to protect Penny, the girl he loves. Oh, and the Teen Titans sit around and watch. Featuring Titans Mail, the Titans Copter, and a moment that will gladden the heart of our very own Michael David Sims.
.: 19:35 :: 11.4 MB :: 03 December 2010 :.

052: Just in time for Halloween, Tom examines Phantom Stranger #3, where the world's greatest proto-emo psychic detective and Douche of the Year candidate, Doctor Thirteen, tries to save a carnival owner from being destroyed by a ghostly fortune-teller who looks like a loan officer.
.: 23:00 :: 13.4 MB :: 31 October 2010 :.

051: In the second part of his annual celebration of Halloween, Tom covers the debut of Man-Thing from Savage Tales #1, explains the origin of this unique magazine, as well as the character's odd position in comic book history. Plus, boobies. And Tom gets very disturbed trying to figure out where one character keeps a lit cigarette.
.: 15:20 :: 9.0 MB :: 22 October 2010 :.

050: In the first of our special Halloween episodes for 2010, covering Phantom Stragner #2, the Phantom Stranger and Doc Thirteen try to figure out what's behind a man's nine-lives claim, but don't bother questioning why a suburban family has a collection of sinister Amerind artifacts. Plus, the horror of Evil Larry Fine! Flashback Time! And even listener mail!
.: 26:40 :: 15.5 MB :: 08 October 2010 :.

049: In the debut issue of Teen Titans, the team joins the Peace Corps and goes south. They also battle a giant robot and strange monsters with heads that look like middle-aged account executives. All this and insensitive Latin stereotypes!
.: 21:30 :: 12.6 MB :: 01 October 2010 :.

048: In Tales of Suspense #81, The Red Skull has the Cosmic Cube and it's up to Captain America to stop him... by begging his foe to knight him? It wouldn't be funny if it wasn't for the villain cosplaying King Arthur. Plus, Tom sings and giggles over having to use the phrase "man-thing" repeatedly.
.: 14:29 :: 8.4 MB :: 17 September 2010 :.

047: In this, the last tryout story from Showcase #59, the Teen Titans have to prove the Flips, Bob Haney's insane idea of what a pop group is like, innocent of going on a bank-robbing crime spree. Plus, enjoy Tom's horror as he sings The Flips greatest hits. Funny thing? Those Flips lyrics are still better than anything Lady Gaga has come up with.
.: 19:00 :: 11.1 MB :: 03 September 2010 :.

046: In Tales of Suspense #80, Cap's pursuit of a hypnotized Keeper of The Cosmic Cube leads him to a confrontation with The Red Skull that somehow involves him calling Hitler a little loser biatch. Well, metaphorically, of course.
.: 13:38 :: 8.1 MB :: 30 July 2010 :.

045: In The Brave and the Bold #60, Tom looks at the second Teen Titans tryout issue, which introduces the character-that-should-not-be: Wonder Girl. It also begins the association of the title with artist supreme Nick Cardy, and depicts an epic battle between surfboarding teens and a giant who can separate his body into different body parts. Plus Hondas. Lots of Hondas.
.: 23:05 :: 10.8 MB :: 02 July 2010 :.

044: In Tales of Suspense #79, Captain America's seeing assassins that no one else can, but it's just the opening gambit of The Red Skull and his two stereotypical German assistants. All this, plus Them gets a name change, and more Flashback Time.
.: 14:26 :: 6.9 MB :: 04 June 2010 :.

043: Because you demanded it, this episode begins Tom's examination of the earliest, goofiest adventures of the Teen Titans! In The Brave and the Bold #54, the first Titans tryout, Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad face a guy dressed as a Revolutionary War Bluecoat who steals a small town's teenagers because the town won't pay him his passenger pigeon feathers. And this is one of the saner stories.
.: 23:30 :: 11.1 MB :: 14 May 2010 :.

042: In Tales of Suspense #78, Cap and Nick Fury reunite for a bit of tough guy bromance, but not before they have to fight a chemical-spewing, sad-faced android created by an evil organization with an original name. Are you ready for... Them?
.: 15:15 :: 7.3 MB :: 16 April 2010 :.

041: In Green Lantern #17, Gardner Fox subs for John Broome with this tale of a bespectacled spy master who disrupts Hal's chance to taste some of Carol Ferris' steak, and uncovers his identity as Green Lantern. And Tom is prompted to quote Alanis Morissette. Yes. Alanis Morissette. Deal with it.
.: 18:46 :: 8.9 MB :: 26 March 2010 :.

040: This episode is so soapy you can do a week's worth of laundry with it. We go back to World War II to learn the secret of Cap's great love. Plus, lots and lots of repentant Nazis in Tales of Suspense #77.
.: 12:01 :: 5.8 MB :: 12 February 2010 :.

039: In Green Lantern #16, Star Sapphire debuts and doesn't steal things in an effort to get Hal to defeat her, and Hal tells Tom "Pieface" Kalmaku how Abin Sur fought a starbursty intelligence vampire thingy with a name like a brand of luncheon meat. Plus, a scene of GL checking out Star Sapphire's posterior causes Tom to break out in a gratuitous Al Pacino impersonation.
.: 24:36 :: 11.5 MB :: 29 January 2010 :.

038: In this episode, Batroc seems to gain a few pounds as he kicks some butt, Cap shows more of his stalkerly side as he bemoans losing a girl he met just a few minutes before, and the worst EMT ever shows his stuff, all from Tales of Suspense #76.
.: 13:37 :: 6.6 MB :: 18 December 2009 :.

037: From Green Lantern #15, Tom Deja examines a story where, at the urging of his bowler-hatted manager, Sinestro draws Green Lantern into an insidious trap, and Hal's own absent-mindedness launches him into a new "zero hour" adventure. And I bet you didn't even know that supervillains had managers.
.: 18:18 :: 10.7 MB :: 04 December 2009 :.

036: In this titanic episode, Tom revels in the debut of one of his favorite characters eeeeever: the Gaelic Gladiator known as Batroc the Leaper! Join him as he delights in seeing the only man who can remain cool while rocking a handlebar mustache mix it up with Captain America. Oh, and you should probably know that portions of this episodes, chronicling Tales of Suspense #75, are presented in a corny French accent. I know, but it's how Tom rolls.
.: 13:58 :: 6.9 MB :: 13 November 2009 :.

035: It's the second part of our two-part Halloween epic, as The Phantom Stranger celebrates the debut of his own solo series by playing Mystery Machine to three men who died in a plane crash, and putting up with Dr. Thirteen's rabid rantings about him being a phony while trying to stop a mad Asian stereotype from wrecking buildings with his pet dragon-thingy.
.: 17:58 :: 8.5 MB :: 30 October 2009 :.

034: In this episode, we celebrate Tom's favorite season by looking at Showcase #80, the first appearances in the Silver Age of The Phantom Stranger (Mystic Defender of the Terminally Stupid) and Doctor Thirteen (Terminally Jerkish Ghost-Breaker).
.: 24:02 :: 11.2 MB :: 16 October 2009 :.

033: Green Lantern #14 sees the not-so-lame debut of Sonar (who might very well become the lamest Green Lantern villain ever), more with Sue Davis (The Woman Who Takes Romantic Advice from Lois Lane), and the grand gangster Blackstreet (who may look a touch familiar to fans of The Maltese Falcon).
.: 26:22 :: 12.3 MB :: 09 October 2009 :.

032: In this episode, covering the final part of the classic "Sleeper Saga" from Tales of Suspense #74, Captain America does a whole lot of speculating before defeating an all-powerful evil with a flamethrower. Yes, a flamethrower. I don't get it, either. But there's a cool J. Geils song at the end.
.: 13:30 :: 6.5 MB :: 25 September 2009 :.

031: In the first episode of the 'Cade to appear on Earth-2.net, we get the momentous first solo meeting between Green Lantern and The Flash in Green Lantern #13. In a very Marvel way, they fight, and in a very DC way, it's because of some evil bald men. Oh, and Barry Allen explores his "special feelings" for his best friend, and Terga Kalmaku finally discovers the English language.
.: 17:53 :: 8.5 MB :: 11 September 2009 :.

030: In this episode, Stan Lee and George Tuska continue the slow build of "The Sleeper Saga" by introducing The Devil-Bat Monstrosity to fight alongside The Milk Jug of Doom. Plus Captain America fights a broken log, all in Tales of Suspense #73.
.: 9:05 :: 5.2 MB :: 23 August 2009 :.

029: In Green Lantern #12, Green Lantern once more travels to the 58th century, and uses a giant statue to foil the evil designs of a malicious stage magician. And no, it's not Abra Kadabra. Plus Hal gets knocked out again.
.: 18:53 :: 11.1 MB :: 14 August 2009 :.

028: It's a landmark episode, as we look at the first part of the epic "The Sleepers Awake!" storyline from Tales of Suspense #72. Captain America encounters what's supposed to be a scary Kirby-esque monstrosity, but thanks to George Tuska, it's actually a giant milk jug. Still, it's quite good. Really.
.: 10:14 :: 6.0 MB :: 03 August 2009 :.

027: In Green Lantern #11, Hal behaves very oddly. No, not in the story that depicts his trial, but in the story where he lets his Power Ring fall through his trouser pocket, and celebrates the marriage of his friend by extolling the joy of getting married so that your wife can sew your clothes.
.: 23:15 :: 13.4 MB :: 25 July 2009 :.

026: It's Tales of Suspense #71, the last issue of the Captain America in WWII arc. Cap and Bucky feign unconsciousness, dying just doesn't stop Celia from talking, and Rawlings blows things up good!
.: 11:23 :: 6.8 MB :: 06 July 2009 :.

025: In this issue, our man Hal goes to a subatomic world to fix a problem he caused, and tells grumble, mutter Pieface the origins of his oath. And the scary thing is, this isn't the worst thing Tom Kalmaku is called in Green Lantern #10.
.: 21:59 :: 12.5 MB :: 02 July 2009 :.

024: In Tales of Suspense #70, the continuation of the Greymoor Castle story, the mad scientist becomes a wuss, the hulking assistant is replaced by a Nazi commandant named Uberhart (Superheart?), and Cap looks like he has to poop while fighting medieval armored Nazis. Plus, Jack Kirby is replaced by George Tuska, which causes the Baby Jesus to cry. Okay, I made that last part up.
.: 11:05 :: 6.4 MB :: 19 June 2009 :.

023: In Green Lantern #9, Sinestro makes a bid to destroy the Guardians as we're deluged with wacky Lanterns from all planets, and Sue Williams shows us why she may very well be the single most misguided woman in the DC Universe. (The fact that she looks to Lois Lane for romantic advice might be an indicator.)
.: 25:51 :: 14.8 MB :: 07 June 2009 :.

022: In this episode, a mad scientist with a steel hand, his guilty sister, and some nameless goof plan to shrink Captain America down to size. Literally. Believe it or not, Tales of Suspense #69 is pretty good.
.: 10:42 :: 6.1 MB :: 23 May 2009 :.

021: In Green Lantern #8, Green Lantern is snatched away from battling a sea monster to the 58th century, given a new identity, and fights giant Gila monsters who shrink people with their eyes. I have no idea what John Broome was smoking, either.
.: 18:32 :: 11.0 MB :: 21 May 2009 :.

020: Tales of Suspense #68 ends the first Captain America three-part story, where The Red Skull abandons his plan to assassinate the allied commander by, well, telling some nameless Nazi thug to steal a vanishing ray. Please be sure to visit Michael J. Bailey's Views from the Longbox at http://fortressofbaileytude.com/viewsfromthelongbox.
.: 11:09 :: 6.4 MB :: 11 May 2009 :.

019: In this episode, Hal's nightmare turns Tom Kalmaku into a seagull, which interferes with the mechanic's rendezvous with his childhood sweetheart. Oh, and some guy named Sinestro makes his debut in this issue: Green Lantern #7.
.: 22:25 :: 13.3 MB :: 08 May 2009 :.

018: In this episode, we continue the first multipart adventure of Captain America during the World War II throwback phase of the Silver Age. Tales of Suspense #67 features a Cap who looks like he's stoned, Bucky disguised as a Hogan's Heroes character, and a cowardly Adolph Hitler.
.: 11:44 :: 6.7 MB :: 12 April 2009 :.

017: Tom's back with the milestone Green Lantern #6, where Green Lantern meets Tomar Re. He also has to deal with the incredible menaces of The Thought-Rebels of Aku and The SmileySaurs. Okay, so the SmileySaurs are less than incredible.
.: 19:44 :: 11.3 MB :: 06 April 2009 :.

016: It's a short, but significant one. Namely the landmark Tales of Suspense #66: the origin of the Red Skull!
.: 8:34 :: 4.9 MB :: 11 March 2009 :.

015: It's Green Lantern's first full length adventure and, while Tom could talk about the plot, a new supervillain, and the Power Ring reaching new levels of ridiculous power, but three words should be sufficient to get you to listen: monkey Green Lantern. You know you have to hear Tom's thoughts about Green Lantern #5.
.: 17:24 :: 10.0 MB :: 01 March 2009 :.

014: In Tales of Suspense #65, Captain America's greatest enemy, The Red Skull, makes the scene back in the 1940s albeit in a khaki jumpsuit and carrying Hot Water Brand Sleep Gas (It Does a Body Good).
.: 10:02 :: 5.8 MB :: 19 February 2009 :.

013: In Green Lantern #4, the hero travels to the evil dimension of Qward to fight a round-headed robot that's secretly good. Then he finds his mask the target of a scavenger hunt run by Carol. Plus a mystery surrounding the artist or artists involved in drawing a story.
.: 18:23 :: 10.8 MB :: 09 February 2009 :.

012: We're still in that brief run where Captain America and Bucky are having WWII-set fun. In Tales of Suspense #64, the Star-Spangled Duo face off against a midget with an oversized head, and a man in a monocle. They also fight a slew of henchmen who look like gangsters, talk like gangsters, but are Nazis. Apparently, these henchmen are very, very confused.
.: 10:43 :: 6.2 MB :: 26 January 2009 :.

011: Tom tries to keep a straight face as Green Lantern is so desperate to not get married that he consciously creates the Menace He Calls... Chiller Diller! Plus the Emerald Guardian pursues two Qwardian spies disguised as traveling salesmen. All from Green Lantern #3.
.: 19:19 :: 11.1 MB :: 15 January 2009 :.

010: In this episode, Tom examines the retelling of Captain America's origin story from Tales of Suspense #63, the beginning of the brief retro-Golden Age period of the series.
.: 14:00 :: 8.0 MB :: 08 January 2009 :.

009: In this episode, covering Green Lantern #2, Green Lantern encounters The Weaponers of Qward the first in a long line of introductions that build the Lantern Corps legend. Oh, and Hal Jordan continually calls an Inuit mechanic "Pieface" while searching for a lost mine. Well, that first story with the Weaponers is really cool.
.: 23:56 :: 13.8 MB :: 04 January 2009 :.

008: In Tales of Suspense #62, Captain America is hired to put on a demonstration of his fighting prowess just so evil men can attack. Wait a minute! At least it's got a villain with a face far smaller than its head.
.: 12:45 :: 7.4 MB :: 29 December 2008 :.

007: In this episode, Green Lantern gets his own book after the Showcase tryout, and celebrates the new status quo with a clip show. But since Green Lantern #1 marks a new inker coming onboard to assist Gil Kane, it's a lot better than it appears!
.: 18:22 :: 10.5 MB :: 14 December 2008 :.

006: Every once in a while you get a dog, and in this episode Tom wrestles with Tales of Suspense #61, where Cap goes to Vietnam to fight a ruthless Japanese Sumo general in his Chinese palace while displaying his gooch. It's a chore, you betcha.
.: 12:38 :: 7.3 MB :: 05 December 2008 :.

005: In this episode, Tom looks at the third and final issue of the Green Lantern tryout (Showcase #24), where Carol Ferris has marriage on her mind to a psychotic degree, Hal Jordan seems intent on calling some people "dark faced," and we witness the debut of the menace men call well, Tom calls Chicken-Head Mohawk.
.: 20:22 :: 11.8 MB :: 28 November 2008 :.

004: In this episode, we continue our look at the early Captain America solo stories in Tales of Suspense. Issue #60 features the introduction of a major enemy... who gets his revenge on Cap elsewhere, a Rick Jones who is ignored and patronized, and the discovery that even bad guys love hearing Cap talk!
.: 11:55 :: 6.9 MB :: 14 November 2008 :.

003: In this episode, Tom looks at the second issue of the three-part Green Lantern tryout in Showcase #23, where the Emerald Gladiator's first supervillain is revealed to be a radiation-sucking empty suit, Carol tells Hal they can't be together before asking him to hook her up, and we learn the natural enemy of yellow pterodactyls from Venus.
.: 21:52 :: 12.5 MB :: 07 November 2008 :.

002: In this episode, Tom begins his survey of the solo stories of Marvel's Star-Spangled Avenger: Captain America. In Tales of Suspense #59 we'll see a story that features, well, lots of thugs in jumpsuits with crash helmets.
.: 14:45 :: 8.5 MB :: 02 November 2008 :.

001: A smaller podcast featuring Tom Deja sharing classic Silver Age runs with you, looking at them through modern eyes. This episode begins a survey of the Emerald Guardian, the Hal Jordan Green Lantern, with his very first appearance in Showcase #22! Come experience the first three adventures of the ring-slinger, and witness Tom's incredulous reaction to the Hal Jordan / Carol Ferris relationship.
.: 23:38 :: 13.5 MB :: 02 November 2008 :.

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