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Episodes of Better in the Dark
160.5: Tom and Derrick's look at Edgar Wright's departure from Ant-Man becomes a freewheeling discussion of what Marvel is doing right, what DC is doing wrong, and whatever the hell Fox and Sony think they're doing. Along the way, The Boys Outta Brooklyn review Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, curse Frank Miller, bless Mark Waid, and struggle to fill the plot holes in The Nolanverse! You know you wanna know why Derrick loves Brett Ratner, so get to clicking! (And don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow!)
.: 41:20 :: 25.0 MB :: 20 August 2014 :.

160: It's time once again for the most anticipated show of the BITD calender year: The Obscure Movie Episode! Join Tom and Derrick as they discuss Roy Orbison's first and only movie, demonic cars, generational sagas in cartoon form, and Shatner speaking Esperanto! All this plus permanently puckered hands, why adults are scared of teenagers, and secret agent midgets! You know you don't want to rely on a three-fingered special effects man, so get to clicking! (And don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow!)
.: 1:14:23 :: 45.0 MB :: 29 July 2014 :.

159: The Boys Outta Brooklyn finally make good on a promise they made back in their first year to profile the studio that was The Master of the Portmanteau Film: Amicus Studios! Join Tom, Derrick, and special guest host Jim "Hypnogoria" Moon as they explore this legendary British studio, from its inception right up to the bizarre new wave horror mash-up The Monster Club. Plus crawling hand fetishes, Peter Cushing as Doctor Who, and the creepiness that is Angela Pleasance! You know you don't want to be killed by a funky robot, so get to clicking! (And don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow!)
.: 1:01:01 :: 37.0 MB :: 04 July 2014 :.

158.5: The Boys Outta Brooklyn are back after a long lay-up, as Tom gives his views on the Veronica Mars movie, and he and Derrick discuss the impact of its surprise success. Plus, Derrick pervs on Tom's college girlfriend and throws him a challenge, and a discussion of why actors are compelled to take on less-than-appealing projects. We used to podcast a long time ago, so get to clicking! (And don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow!)
.: 41:37 :: 25.2 MB :: 28 May 2014 :.

158: It's time for the latest induction into the BITD Hall of Great, Great Men. This time we honor Danny Trejo, a man who is great both on and off screen! Join the Guys Outta Brooklyn as they celebrate the Mexican character actor who shows great character in his personal life as well. Plus, we review Machete Kills, come up with a movie teaming Trejo with Michael Cera, and Tom answers the deathless question: If he was a Time Lord, which companion would he ride with? You know BITD don't twitter - no, wait, we do @BITDShow, so get to clicking!
.: 57:12 :: 34.6 MB :: 28 March 2014 :.

157: It started out as a Point Five about directors of the 1980s and 90s retiring from film, and quickly spun out of control as Derrick and Tom discussed Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, why Hannibal is superior to The Following, and why people are stupid for buying Jordans? Join the Boys Outta Brooklyn for this hour-long, freeform discussion. You know cable is the way to go, so get to clicking (and don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!
.: 1:06:36 :: 32.2 MB :: 21 January 2014 :.

156: The Boys Outta Brooklyn returns to the Coroner's Office for the second episode in a row, this time to tackle the latest TV season. Find out what Tom and Derrick think about racist Martin Mull, cosplay Eliza Dushku, Anna Faris' Adventures in Chuck Lorre Land, and James Spader's Lex Luthoring. All this, plus a rather longish digression into the nature of pop music, including Tom saying nice things about Katy Perry! You know there's life after Auto-Tune, so get to clicking (and don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!
.: 1:34:31 :: 45.6 MB :: 21 January 2014 :.

155: It's time for The Boys Outta Brooklyn to enter the BITD Coroner's Office and cut open another media enterprise. This time out it's Fox Television's serial killing bag o' stupid, The Following! Join Tom and Derrick as they explain how this Kevin Bacon vehicle violates simple narrative principles, and why Kevin Williamson needs to get kicked in the butt ever day. And if that isn't enough, what's up with our dynamic duo at the end of this episode! You know an English accent doesn't make you evil, so get to clicking (and don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!
.: 1:01:15 :: 29.7 MB :: 08 December 2013 :.

154: Once more, The Boys Outta Brooklyn unite with their Brother from the North for a special 1970s-themed Obscure Horror Movies Episode! Join us as we discuss films about murderous old people, blind marauders, lollipop-sucking devils, and adult babies. Plus: gratuitous Don Cheadle Ass, the question of who killed who in Electra Glide in Blue, and the new reality series Satanic Orgy House! You know you don't want Zalman King pulling on your wig, so get to clicking (and don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!
.: 1:24:49 :: 51.1 MB :: 31 October 2013 :.

153: In our latest episode, The Guys Outta Brooklyn welcome one of their major fans, and a major presence on our Facebook Group, into The BITD Cave for a freeform conversation about pop culture. Listen in as Tom, Derrick, and Jay discuss the James Bond Expanded Universe, childhood television memories, Stanley Kubrick, reality television, tabloid talk shows, and the silliest kaiju ever created! You know kids are people, too (WackadoWackadoWackado), so get to clicking, and don't forget to Twitter us at @BITDShow!
.: 1:26:50 :: 41.8 MB :: 26 September 2013 :.

152.5: In this messy show, Tom and Derrick looks at the rather epic levels of carnage in this year's summer blockbuster, and wonder if it's too much. Are we being desensitized to all this damage? Is it fair for Hollywood to call back to 9/11 for lazy affirmation of their plot developments? And why is Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim a more responsible film than Zack Snyder's Man of Steel? All this, plus the Superman sequel Tom really wants to see! You now you don't want to wander Tokyo carrying a red shoe, so get to clicking (and don't forget to Twitter us at @BITDShow)!
.: 36:14 :: 17.9 MB :: 03 September 2013 :.

152: Netflix streaming may be the greatest thing to happen to movie fans since VHS, but there's so much to see that The Boys Outta Brooklyn enlisted the aid of that Instant Depths videonaut Adam Orchekowski to help our listeners discover the gems hidden within that service. Along the way, the trio celebrate The Kids in the Hall, Tim Roth, The Apple, DC Animation, and so much more! It's an hour-plus of great film conversation you don't want to miss. You know you don't want to become a chicken, so get to clickin (and don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!
.: 1:10:05 :: 34.0 MB :: 18 August 2013 :.

151: The Boys Outta Brooklyn mark the passing of one of the greatest genre writers to ever work a typewriter by posthumously inducting Richard Matheson into The Hall of Great, Great Men. Join Tom and Derrick as they discuss key films both inspired by and written by Matheson, talk about the way he helped bring horror fiction into the living room, and give out some writing advice. You don't want to be chased around by some freaking Zuni Fetish Doll, so get to clicking (and don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!
.: 1:07:12 :: 32.5 MB :: 26 July 2013 :.

150: To celebrate our latest milestone, The Boys Outta Brooklyn review a quartet of movies assigned to us by the members of the Better in the Dark Facebook page. Listen as Derrick tries to figure out the time travel conundrums of Primer, Tom extols the joys of Dancing Charles Durning, and both of them field questions about Howard Hawks, potential Marvel recasts, and the episodes they'd like to re-record. All this, plus, leopard! You don't want teacher to get pissed off, so get to clicking (and don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!
.: 1:45:15 :: 51.8 MB :: 06 July 2013 :.

149: Tom and Derrick say farewell to one of their heroes by inducting the great special effects animator Ray Harryhausen. Join the Boys Outta Brooklyn as they discuss their favorite moments from his films, and why there's something that makes stop-motion animation better than CGI. Plus, the horror of the pentapod and Honey Boo Boo! You don't want to be terrorized by the giant ostrich thingy, so get to clicking. (And don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow.)
.: 51:00 :: 24.8 MB :: 14 June 2013 :.

148.5: In light of the news that the Veronica Mars Kickstarter is leading to a big screen sequel to Tom's beloved show, The Boys Outta Brooklyn examine the impact and implications of what Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell have wrought. All this, plus Chris Carter in a tent, Derrick on a boat, and Tom with more knowledge of The View than is healthy for a heterosexual man. You know you don't want to incur the wrath of Debbie Snuffulufugus, so get to clicking! And don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow!
.: 45:49 :: 22.1 MB :: 02 June 2013 :.

148: The new James Bond film, Skyfall, hit the theaters last year, which means a new edition of Gilt-Edged Bonds (ironically also recorded last year). Join Tom and Derrick as they welcome Russ "I liked Quantum of Boredom" Anderson to dissect the Bond Rubber Match for Daniel Craig. Does this new entry prove that the Reign of Craig shakes with awesomeness or is stirred with suckitude? Why is the pet name The Boys Outta Brooklyn have for his second film inaccurate? How does this Bond stack up against the classic versions of the show? You know you don't want to waste good scotch, so get to clicking (and don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!
.: 1:14:58 :: 36.5 MB :: 28 May 2013 :.

147: In light of the National Broadcasting Corporation's coming in fifth place behind Telemundo, Tom and Derrick once again take their scalpels out to try and figure out why one of the major networks is in a downward spiral! The Boys Outta Brooklyn examine how such incidents as the Conan O'Brien / Jay Leno conflagration, the revolving show runner messes, and the decision to dumb down the network as a whole resulted in the former home of Must See TV spiraling out of control! Plus, Tom sings "Late Night Pie," Derrick defends Celebrity Apprentice, and vampires with light bulbs! You know you don't want a TV show at 2:30 AM, so get to clicking!
.: 1:29:25 :: 43.2 MB :: 05 May 2013 :.

146: It's time for the 2013 edition of The Obscure Movie Episode! Join Tom and Derrick as they present their annual six-pack of films you might not otherwise know about. From the southwest noir Delusion to the Hollywood action thriller Sunset to the animated epic (that almost destroyed a Canadian movie studio) Rock & Rule, the Guys Outta Brooklyn cover a wide range of genres. Plus, they talk about rats, New Year's Eve, gullible football players and Big Electric Cat! You know we're the hottest thing since World War Three, so get to clicking!
.: 1:47:27 :: 64.6 MB :: 21 April 2013 :.

145.5: In this Point Five episode, Tom and Derrick discuss rumors of a recent meeting between David Lynch and NBC concerning a revival of Twin Peaks. The Guys Outta Brooklyn talk about the mystique this legendary cult television show had, whether it's possible to recreate that mystique, and what the hazards of returning to past triumphs might be. Plus, Derrick becomes gobstopped at the prospect of The Beautiful One Elect! You know you don't want to get wrapped in plastic, so get to clicking!
.: 32:38 :: 15.8 MB :: 24 March 2013 :.

145: In this episode, The Boys Outta Brooklyn finally start on a journey long ago, where they examine the trendsetting Universal Monster Movie Cycle with the Frankenstein films. Join Tom, Derrick, and the returning Lord Blood Rah as they discuss the series and the people involved with bringing Mary Shelley's characters to life... and go into some really dark territories concerning Dr. Frankenstein and his creation. You know you don't want to do things for people, so get to clicking!
.: 1:30:47 :: 43.8 MB :: 14 March 2013 :.

144.5: In this Point Five episode, we examine the news from a land far, far away that JJ "Lens Flare" Abrams is going to direct Star Wars: Episode VII. Along the way Derrick and Tom discuss the hazards of The Casting Game, why society is producing so many snotty kids, and create the latest Jedi Knight sensation and his Light-Knuckles! Even Jason Statham has had to fail, so get to clicking!
.: 42:34 :: 25.8 MB :: 14 February 2013 :.

144: In this episode, The Guys Outta Brooklyn honor one of the most influential figures in the history of genre movies and martial arts: Bruce Lee. Tom and Derrick discuss the philosophy and career of this remarkable man, who managed to change the face of cinema after starring in only four movies (and yes, we do discuss that thing that claims to be his fifth film). You know it's Chinese boxing time, so get to clicking!
.: 1:01:21 :: 37.1 MB :: 27 January 2013 :.

143: The Guys Outta Brooklyn usher in 2013 by dissecting something that works for a change. Join Tom and Derrick as they try to figure out what makes Person of Interest tick, and cover the canny writing, exceptional casting, and a showrunner who isn't being fired abruptly. Plus, we learn the secret story behind one of Derrick's pulp heroes! Your number could be up, so get to clicking!
.: 1:14:50 :: 45.1 MB :: 10 January 2013 :.

142: In this, the last BITD episode of 2012, The Guys Outta Brooklyn revisit The Summer (now Winter) of Speed to examine a trio of films where the cars are secondary to psychological introspection and angst! Join Tom and Derrick as they express their love of Two-Lane Blacktop! Enjoy Derrick's reminiscences about seeing Vanishing Point in the theaters! Laugh as Tom tries to cover up how he misremembered Zabriskie Point! And decide for yourself whether "Baby It's Cold Outside" is a charming seduction or date rape! If you like pina coladas, you best get to clicking!
.: 52:50 :: 32.1 MB :: 24 December 2012 :.

141.5: In this bite-sized Point Five episode, Tom and Derrick discuss the films of Tyler Perry, as well as his position in the entertainment industry and the black community. Is Perry pandering to his audience? Is his recent turn as Alex Cross a bid to disassociate himself from his fans, or an attempt to expand his horizons? And does he have an obligation to present his fans with better quality product? You know that fat suit is getting hot, so get to clicking!
.: 25:23 :: 15.6 MB :: 16 December 2012 :.

141: In this episode, Derrick and Tom go out of their comfort zone to discuss the rather large world of documentaries. Join the Boys Outta Brooklyn as the talk about some of their favorite docs, examine the way the genre has transformed and become more entertaining that some fiction films, and celebrate some of the best documentarians out there! Plus, lots of talk about an election that has since passed, and a reference to a forthcoming episode that's already aired! You know, Troy Duffy thinks this show is unfair, so get to clicking!
.: 1:11:05 :: 42.9 MB :: 02 December 2012 :.

140: The Boys Outta Brooklyn once more reunite with their Musical Director, Kelen "B-Hyphen" Conley, to examine the very peculiar, very short movie career of one Anthony Rodgers Nelson, AKA Prince! From the seminal 80s musical opus Purple Rain to the incomprehensibly bad Graffiti Bridge (a film one of us says is the worst he's ever seen), the Boys Outta Brooklyn look at it all. Expect more Morris Day love than one podcast can bear, more catchphrases than any other episode of BITD, and the birth of The Swave! You know we will die for you, so get to clicking!
.: 1:09:10 :: 41.7 MB :: 18 November 2012 :.

139.5: This is the episode you must listen to, as Tom and Derrick address the recent incidents on Facebook, what to expect in the coming months, and an appeal inviting you to help us make the podcast better - and keep it alive. This is a very frank, very raw 35 minutes, folks, so please be prepared. And be ready to do what you can to make BITD grow!
.: 37:51 :: 22.9 MB :: 08 November 2012 :.

139: It's time for another review episode, where the Guys Outta Brooklyn take a look at a quintet of movies that range from the brand-extending Bourne Legacy to the brand expanding Expendables 2, and the brand-imitating Hong Kong curio The Bullet Vanishes. Plus, Tom's Tales of Working the Licensed Fiction Mines, Derrick's research for a new Sinbad tale, and the man with the superpower of hair. (Hi, Ian!) You know you don't want to walk from the window to the wall without getting low, so get to clicking!
.: 1:40:49 :: 61.1 MB :: 01 November 2012 :.

138: It's time for one of the highlights of the BITD calender year: The Obscure Horror Episode. Tom and Derrick once more team-up with Dread Media's own Des Reddick to pick a bunch of horror films you may not have heard of! From the bleak coming of (twisted) age story, The Reflecting Skin, to the disquieting snuff mockumentary, S&Man, to not one but two iterations of the atmospheric psychological thriller, And Soon the Darkness, the Guys Outta Brooklyn (and Vancouver) serves up an hour and a half of conversation and movie recommendations for your Halloween festivals. Plus, the debut of Clemens' Peelers, and the new film rating Ebola! There are too many pretty parts, so get to clicking!
.: 1:33:37 :: 56.4 MB :: 04 October 2012 :.

137.5: It's time for what may be the most controversial Point Five episode to date! Tom and Derrick use the recent outrage over BITD-Approved Geek Goddess Aisha Tyler hosting a video game launch and the casting in The Hunger Games to explore racism in geek culture, a subject one of The Boys Outta Brooklyn has intimate experience with thanks to Dillon, his New Pulp hero. It's a heated half hour of frank talk, so get to clicking!
.: 38:17 :: 23.3 MB :: 20 September 2012 :.

137: For the first of two that's right, two episodes, The Boys Outta Brooklyn welcome back Dread Media maven and patriarch of the First Family of Better in the Dark, Desmond Reddick, just in time to induct one of the greatest guerrilla filmmakers of all time into The Hall of Great, Great Men. From his first film, the bizarre psychological crime flick Bone, to the Telephone Trilogy, Tom, Derrick, and Des dissect and discuss Larry Cohen's career as both a director and screenwriter. Along the way they explain how Cohen always stayed true to his maverick esthetic, never letting being fired or banned from shooting in the city he loved stop him from making the movies he dreamed of. Plus, tales of focus group marketing, alien emo Jesus, and Fred Williamson is The Hulk! You know you gotta pay the cost to be the boss, so get to clicking!
.: 1:07:50 :: 40.9 MB :: 06 September 2012 :.

136: Just in time for the summer to, well, almost be over, Tom and Derrick kick off The Summer of Speed with one of the most popular car-nographic film series of the modern era: The Fast and the Furious! Join the Boys Outta Brooklyn as they rev up their engines and race though all five adventures with automobile-loving rogue Dominic Toretto and the worst cop in the world, Brian O'Conner, in addition to the Roger Corman-produced car racing melodrama that inspired the series. All this plus listener mail, what we really want to see Michelle Rodriguez do, and the continuing debate over whether Eva Mendes is hot in her own right or a Raquel Welch wannabe! You don't wanna granny clutch that hoss, so get to clicking!
.: 1:46:22 :: 64.2 MB :: 23 August 2012 :.

135: The Boys Outta Brooklyn commemorate the passing of the star of such films as The Wild Bunch, From Here to Eternity, and Escape from New York by inducting him into the Hall of Great, Great Men. Hear Tom and Derrick discuss a wonderful career that saw Ernest Borgnine play heroes and villains, goofs and tough guys, main characters and supporting guys, all with his trademark wolf's grin. Plus Eurocrime Expendables, what Snake Plissken and Jack Burton have in common besides being played by Kurt Russell, and a double feature of movies made when William Shatner was living in his van. You know you don't want to ride that train, so get to clicking!
.: 1:00:30 :: 36.5 MB :: 09 August 2012 :.

134.5: Tom and Derrick discuss the recent massacre in Aurora, Colorado.
.: 31:15 :: 18.9 MB :: 29 July 2012 :.

134: It's the 25th Anniversary of the Fox television network, and Tom and Derrick celebrate by gleefully unearthing some of the shows and events the first "netlet" neglected to mention when it threw itself a birthday party! Join the Boys Outta Brooklyn as they toast the hotness of Alison LaPlaca and Melanie Chartoff, defend Morgan and Wong from the tongue-lashing of Chris Carter, commemorate the first cross-network crossover, and otherwise poke the sleeping memory of the nation's fourth broadcast network to dislodge some stuff it might not want to remember. You know we control the universe, so get to clicking!
.: 1:24:44 :: 51.2 MB :: 26 July 2012 :.

133: The Boys Outta Brooklyn finally pay off on a long-standing bet with The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnight Movies by diving into the wild, twisty rapids of Eurocrime! Join Tom and Derrick as they cover this seminal trio of films by Fernando Di Leo, which includes two performances by Brooklynite Henry Silva that have to be seen to be believed, as he tears up Milan as only a half-Filipino madman can. Plus, Tom can't trust Beyonce, Derrick defends Chuck Barris, and they both have had enough of Jennifer Lopez' shit. You know it's time for Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine, so get to clicking!
.: 1:13:53 :: 44.6 MB :: 12 July 2012 :.

132: The Boys Outta Brooklyn wander off the mainstream reservation as they take a look at the way indie cinema has transformed into a minor league for the big studios. Tom and Derrick examine how the recent switch to digital projection, Sundance, and other factors have transformed the face of this filmic tradition. Plus, Derrick is reduced to helpless laughter when he learns one of Tom's nicknames, far too much talk about 90s alt-rock and comics, the revelation of where the indie spirit really lives, and a challenge to both the readers and the hosts! You don't want Robert Redford making money off of you, so get to clicking!
.: 1:06:53 :: 40.4 MB :: 28 June 2012 :.

131: In this massive review episode, The Boys Outta Brooklyn discuss the movie everyone's been waiting five years for: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel! Just kidding. We do cover that film and the House series finale, but the bulk of the talk concerns the two films by Joss Whedon: Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers! And if that isn't enough, there's lots of writing talk and bitching about comics. It's shawarma-rific, so get to clicking!
.: 2:29:54 :: 90.3 MB :: 14 June 2012 :.

130.5: In this fun-sized Point Five Episode, Derrick and Tom look at some of the stories that emerged from The Upfronts for the coming 2012 season. Join The Guys Outta Brooklyn as they discuss the renewal of Community in light of its show runner's firing, the persistence of period set dramas, broadcast networks trying to be cable channels by having Krysten Ritter parade around naked, and CBS's caginess around their announcement of Elementary! Sure, some of it is an excuse to use a photo of Lucy Liu in her underwear and Krysten Ritter giving the fish face as the podcast art, but give us a break and get to clicking!
.: 37:17 :: 22.6 MB :: 31 May 2012 :.

130: It's time to induct the latest member of our Hall of Great, Great Men! Just in time for his 90th birthday, the Boys Outta Brooklyn raise their glasses to honor the great Christopher Lee! Join Tom and Derrick as they explain why this is one of the most remarkable actors they've ever discussed, and not just because of his defining horror film roles! If that's not enough, they struggle to explain the plot of one of Lee's weirdest films, the insane Scream and Scream Again! Plus, Tom sings heavy metal, Derrick suspects the word "Huguenots" is dirty, and writing talk. You know the world will hear from us again, so get to clicking!
.: 1:03:40 :: 38.3 MB :: 17 May 2012 :.

129: Just as his latest collaboration with Johnny Depp, Dark Shadows, reaches the theaters (and that might be part of the problem), The Boys Outta Brooklyn reconvene Director's Court to pass judgement on Tim Burton. Tom and Derrick cover the man's entire career, and try to figure out if he is still blazing new trails or relying on the same old tropes. Plus, Derrick knows the value of Johnny Depp to moviegoers, why the Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka may be a demented serial killer, and, for the first time ever, our subject may get his revenge. You know Spectre is really swell, so get to clicking!
.: 1:26:13 :: 51.9 MB :: 03 May 2012 :.

128: In our latest trip to the Better in the Dark County Coroner's Office, The Boys Outta Brooklyn dissect their biggest corpse yet: the entire broadcast television season for 2012! Tom and Derrick try to figure out why this was the worst season in recent memory, examining why most shows failed, and why those few and far between shows succeed for them. Plus why Tom's mom in a genius, Stephen Lang should punch dinosaurs in the face, and Sarah Silverman is hot. That's not what happened, not at all, so get to clicking!
.: 1:29:44 :: 54.1 MB :: 19 April 2012 :.

127: We celebrate the latest inductee to our Hall of Great, Great Men by discussing one of the greatest sunuvabitches of all time! We examine James Woods' life, dissecting some of The Boys Outta Brooklyn's favorite roles, and figuring out why he's one of the most enduring character actors of all! Plus, Sean Young sends out creepy dolls, Jack O'Halloran stands alone, and the perils of Celebrity Corner. You know you're bored enough to end all existence, so get to clicking!
.: 1:13:57 :: 44.6 MB :: 05 April 2012 :.

126.5: It's our first Point Five Episode, where the Boys From Brooklyn discuss movie posters, marketing, the true definition of being et, and former American Idol contestants in their underwear. Even though Point Fives are shorter minisodes, it doesn't mean you won't get the usual Tom and Derrick mixture of hardcore knowledge, tangents, and comedy. You don't want sharks with cameras attached to chew off your butt, so get to clicking!
.: 36:22 :: 22.2 MB :: 22 March 2012 :.

126: Carrying over from last episode, Tom and Derrick go back to the days of their youth to discuss the Golden Age of MTV. The Boys Outta Brooklyn examine the impact this then-upstart network had on the way the populace views music, and how its presence opened up pop culture to other styles. Along the way they discuss some of their favorite videos, try to figure out why modern videos seem to have lost their way, and engage in the usual tangenty goodness Better in the Dark is famous for. All around the world it's the same song, so get to clicking!
.: 1:09:29 :: 41.8 MB :: 08 March 2012 :.

125: It's the winter of 2012, and all around the world Better in the Dark fans know what time it is: Obscure Movie Time! Once more, the Boys Outta Brooklyn dig into the apocrypha of motion picture history to present you with a six-pack of filmic goodies! Among this year's offerings are the African-American vampire oddity Ganja & Hess, the Anna Faris stoner comedy Smiley Face, the unlikely London-set romcom / musical theater spoof The Tall Guy, and the film a lot of BITD fans demanded, the demented superhero musical comedy featuring Christopher Lee: The Return of Captain Invincible! Plus, Richard Belzer infects Tom's novel, Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis creep out Patricia, and Derrick doesn't want to go to the same movie with a different name. If you don't name your poison, we'll have to call the boys in, so get to clicking!
.: 1:55:13 :: 69.4 MB :: 23 February 2012 :.

124: After a brief break, The Boys Outta Brooklyn return with a massive two hours of reviews, views, and the usual chicanery! Join Tom and Derrick as they cover such films as the Tarsem-lensed mythological epic Immortals, the Brett Ratner comedy Tower Heist, and the found-footage possession flick The Devil Inside. Plus, the person you don't expect imitates Eddie Murphy, the Full Hartnell, and why "The Feathermen" is a crap name for you covert organization. You know you want to give us the dead baby, so get to clickin'!
.: 2:08:18 :: 77.9 MB :: 09 February 2012 :.

123: The Boys From Brooklyn are back to induct the first woman into their Hall of Great, Great Men as they celebrate the artistic-yet-genre career of Kathryn Bigelow. Join Tom and Derrick as they examine her whole ouvre, from the existential biker film The Loveless to the cowboy / vampire thriller Near Dark to her Academy Award-winning war flick The Hurt Locker. Along the way they examine the televisual train wreck that was Wild Palms, discuss the impact her original career as a painter had on her moviemaking, and debate whether she's hotter than Linda Hamilton! All this plus the problems of basing your films on current events, what do you do when Juliette Lewis and / or Illeana Douglas asks you if you want to hit it, spokespeople for Jewish Hotness, and gratuitous Martin Scorsese! You know, Kathryn doesn't look all that pleased with you, so get to clicking!
.: 1:07:14 :: 40.5 MB :: 12 January 2012 :.

122: Court is back in session, as Tom and Derrick welcome special guest judge Joel Mangrum. Together they put the latest target of geekdom's rage in the docket! Join the Boys Outta Brooklyn (and the One Outta Cali) as they evaluate the reasons behind the recent backlash, whether Zack Snyder should have made Sucker Punch when he did, his reliance on certain cinematic tropes, and his impending Man of Steel. Plus, old gals who are still hella hot, an investigation into why writer / artists circa 1980 have become hopelessly insane, and a classic BITD rant -- and it's not from Tom! You don't want Emily Browning to dance for you (or maybe you do), so get to clicking!
.: 1:44:46 :: 63.0 MB :: 29 December 2011 :.

121: Just in time for the David Fincher-helmed American version, Tom and Derrick look at the trilogy of suspense films based on Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy. The Boys Outta Brooklyn discuss how the films count as a unique recreation of the film noir aesthetic, the similarities between the books and the original Star Wars trilogy, and, of course, speculate on what Fincher's redo will bring. Plus, another visit to the Caruso Box via the Carey Mulligan Road, how to handle cameos in big budget franchises, and the boys discuss the virtues of your writing continuing to appear long after your death. You don't want your nerves severed, so get to clicking!
.: 1:08:32 :: 41.4 MB :: 15 December 2011 :.

120: The Guys Outta Brooklyn once again step out of the film room to examine the theaters they're shown in, as Tom and Derrick discuss such things as the influence of 3D and Blu-ray on filmmaking, the switch from film to digital projection, the film as product, and other matters. But don't worry, in the last few moments you'll witness the most startling moment in BITD history! Your beloved hosts defend not only Michael Bay and Brett Ratner, but also Uwe Boll! You can either apologize to Ben Folds or get to clicking!
.: 1:13:29 :: 44.3 MB :: 01 December 2011 :.

119: It's time to open up the only coroner's office for television and film once again, as Tom and Derrick take the scalpels to the fourth season of Torchwood. How did this problematic show go from one of its greatest seasons to one of its worst? The Guys Outta Brooklyn endeavor to find the answer, no matter how unpretty it is. It's the usual freewheeling quest for truth you've come to expect from your favorite filmic podcast. You don't want to end up in a bright red coat, so get to clicking!
.: 1:22:11 :: 49.6 MB :: 17 November 2011 :.

118: The Guys Outta Brooklyn return to their upbringing when they welcome modern-day horror movie host Lord Blood Rah to discuss the origins, history, and resurgence of the American Horror Movie Host tradition! Of course, this being a guest host episode of Better in the Dark, it soon morphs into a freewheeling discussion of the state of horror movies in general. It's almost two hours of fun and frights in the BITD manner! Plus, the forgotten blaxploitation mummy epic, why Dr. Frankenstein always has the upper hand when other mad scientists host tea parties, and why it might be a good thing that Guillermo del Toro isn't adapting Lovecraft. It's time to cut up that giant ameba, so get to clicking!
.: 1:47:41 :: 61.8 MB :: 03 November 2011 :.

117: Throughout their broadcast history, Derrick and Thomas have made reference to a particular director they revere as one of the greatest of Great, Great Men. And now they've finally gotten around to devoting an entire episode to the man who embodied the esthetic of the outsider, a man who felt at home in times of trouble and strife, the man for who the phrase "Man's Director" was coined: Sam Peckinpah. Join the Guys Outta Brooklyn as they discuss the career of one of their favorite filmmakers, his turbulent life, and speculate on how he would thrive in a later era of Hollywood. Plus, why Tom feels The Grifters is not true to the Jim Thompson book, Derrick goes off on a rant concerning the state of screenwriting today, and what episode wouldn't be complete without impromptu singing? You know you want to leave your house and your ears justified, so get to clicking!
.: 1:04:29 :: 38.8 MB :: 20 October 2011 :.

116: It's October, which means The Boys Outta Brooklyn once more sits down with their Brother From the North, Des "Dread Media" Reddick, to discuss another six-pack of Obscure Horror Films designed to spice up your Halloween marathons! Tom, Derrick, and Des put the spotlight on werewolves and maniacs, with films set in the Old West, Feudal Japan, a fairy tale forest, and a British boarding school. Plus, oysters, monkeys, and most importantly, The Werewolf Break! You know one of us is a beast, so get to clicking!
.: 1:26:48 :: 52.2 MB :: 06 October 2011 :.

115: The temperature's dropping, so it's time for The Guys Outta Brooklyn to review the films they saw from the second half of Summer 2011! Join Tom and Derrick as they discuss a quartet of films, including the blockbusters Captain America and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Plus, what all the other Black Asgardians were doing during the events of Thor, a discussion of podcasting hardware, and why House is in a downward spiral. John Lithgow's got the chessboard set-up, so get to clicking!
.: 1:28:02 :: 53.1 MB :: 22 September 2011 :.

114: The scalpels are out, the body is on the table, and it's time for The Boys Outta Brooklyn to figure out why another media body is on the slab! Join Tom and Derrick as they examine the failure of DC Comics and Warner Brothers to rise to the challenge Marvel has been making towards them for the last few years, and why their bids to create a new franchise - from this summer's generic Green Lantern to the rather wrongheaded attempt to recast Wonder Woman as the heroine of a David E. Kelley action comedy to proposed movies with The Flash (it's Se7en crossed with CSI) and Hawkman - have met with lukewarm response at best. Plus, Muppets in the boardroom, the question of whether X-ray vision can be used to stalk, and why the Ultimate Universe is like an appendix. You don't want Elizabeth Hurley calling you a big-boobed action figure, so get to clicking!
.: 1:12:53 :: 44.1 MB :: 08 September 2011 :.

113: The Summer of Great, Great Men continues as the Guys Outta Brooklyn celebrate the man who has become both an iconic star and a revered director: Clint Eastwood! Join Tom and Derrick as they discuss their favorite Eastwood films, explain why the man has endured for so long, and dispute the feeling that he's not a good actor. Plus, actors playing minorities they're not, more monkey talk, and Gina Gershon gets all lesbian on us. You don't want Sondra Locke to return to the big screen, so get to clicking!
.: 50:34 :: 29.1 MB :: 25 August 2011 :.

112: In time for the debut of the newest attempt to revive the franchise, Tom and Derrick take a look at the Planet of the Apes series! The Boys Outta Brooklyn examines all five of the films from the 1960s and 70s that made every kid on the playground go Ape, plus the abortive Tim Burton remake. Also, Tom doesn't like Syfy, Derrick explains why he has to go see Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and why Roddy McDowall kicks ass. You don't want our dirty paws on you, so get to clicking!
.: 1:22:52 :: 49.9 MB :: 11 August 2011 :.

111: It's time for The Guys Outta Brooklyn to sit down for another full-to-bursting review episode! Join Tom and Derrick as they discuss such films as Fast Five, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Scream 4, and the first two superhero films in a summer packed with them: Thor and X-Men: First Class! All this, plus the latest round of listener mail, a discussion of what to do with the X-Men franchise and - for the first and last time - Tom explains some of the problems he has with Star Wars! If you don't want Kevin Bacon to trigger World War III, get to clicking!
.: 2:29:22 :: 89.8 MB :: 28 July 2011 :.

110: After a long hiatus, court is back in session, and The Guys Outta Brooklyn put the man who singlehandedly created the modern movie spoof in the docket. Join Tom and Derrick as they explore their conflicted feelings about this great, great man. A man whose early work is as groundbreaking and amazing as his later work is sad and unpleasant, and how Mel Brooks' sense of humor remains timeless when many of the people who followed in his footsteps date within minutes of their films' release. And if that's not enough, tremble as your hosts go on a rampage against the DCnU reboot, and the state of comics in general! You know it's a French Mistake, so get to clicking!
.: 1:05:59 :: 37.9 MB :: 07 July 2011 :.

109: The Summer of Great, Great Men begins here! Join Tom and Derrick as they spend the next three months celebrating some of the great, great men they admire, starting with a freewheeling discussion about a man like no other (and a man who shares the same birthday as Tom... look, it was either Bruce or Uwe Boell, so shut up!), the Chin himself! The Guys Outta Brooklyn discuss Bruce Campbell's entire career, dissecting all of his hits on the big and small screens, and try to explain why Campbell deserves to be revered as a true genre movie icon. Plus Tom and Derrick discuss their recent travels to such places as Pulp Ark and Larry Fine's Birthplace, somehow end up in a digression where they sing the praises of Doctor Who's Rory, and manage to sing from memory the theme song for Jack of All Trades! It's groovy, baby, so get to clicking!
.: 1:20:23 :: 46.1 MB :: 22 June 2011 :.

108: The Guys Outta Brooklyn continue to celebrate great, great men in 2011 by turning their sights on an Italian director who wanted to express his frustration with the American Western, and ended up revolutionizing cinema worldwide! Join Tom and Derrick as they discuss the all-too-small body of work of Sergio Leone, from The Dollars Trilogy to his handful of uncredited turns behind the typewriter and camera to his grand crime epic Once Upon a Time in America. The guys also spend some time discussing the other great filmmaker of the modern Western: Sam Peckinpah. They also talk about how Leone taking a chance on the television actor Clint Eastwood was integral to his success, and answer listener mail about anime and whether certain superheroes are inherently ludicrous. You can make fun of our mule... or you can get to clicking!
.: 1:04:37 :: 39.0 MB :: 05 June 2011 :.

107: It's that time of the year again, when Tom and Derrick sit down and come up with a six pack of films that, for one reason or another, are obscure and tell you about them! This year The Guys Outta Brooklyn cover two films featuring unique martial arts, a dialog-less vision of Lynchian proportions, a bromantic thriller, a stop-motion nightmare full of flood pants, and a film Oliver Stone doesn't think you'll see. All this, plus the silliest martial arts weapon in the history of chopsocky cimema, a park ranger you have to avoid, and how being banned from New York City didn't stop Larry Cohen. You don't want to ban emotions, so get to clicking!
.: 1:41:27 :: 61.1 MB :: 22 May 2011 :.

106: In one of their earliest episodes, Tom and Derrick promised they were going to do an episode about one of their favorite directors. And now, five years later, an hour-long celebration of the man behind "The Paranoia Trilogy" is here! The Guys Outta Brooklyn talk about why they love John Frankenheimer, discuss their favorite films from his career (and their least favorite), and recommend the films you need to see to begin your Frankenheimer education. Plus the return of The Bagel in the Briefcase! You don't want to play a game of solitaire, so get to clicking!
.: 1:05:30 :: 39.5 MB :: 08 May 2011 :.

105: After a brief hiatus, The Boys Outta Brooklyn are back with a massive review episode! Tom and Derrick cover eight films, including the final word on The Green Hornet, Limitless, Frankie and Alice, Unknown, and The Life of Death (our first screener). Plus listener mail, why Kevin Smith needs to buck up, we pay our respects to Liz Taylor and Sidney Lumet, Derrick rethinks his "no Natalie Portman" rule, and a revival of the most divisive argument from the Gilt-Edged Bonds series. You know it's going to be funny ha-ha as opposed to funny weird, so get to clicking!
.: 2:17:52 :: 83.2 MB :: 24 April 2011 :.

104: The Boys Outta Brooklyn return to their survey of the people who tried to give 007 a run for his money with not one, but two spy series connected by the participation of a great, great man: Mr. Mario Bava. First they'll examine a pair of films featuring a peculiar, robot-making mad scientist played by Vincent Price as he menaces a pair of former teen idols. Then Tom and Derrick will talk about the wild adaptation of a French comic book featuring John Philip Law's eyebrows and what may very well be the single hottest woman in the history of cinema. Plus, the Boys read listener mail, try to figure out why evil masterminds always want Australia when they outsource, and how we would change the Super Bowl halftime show! It'll explode with a kiss, so get to clicking!
.: 1:28:49 :: 53.6 MB :: 27 March 2011 :.

103: Last year The Human Target was the favorite new show of The Boys Outta Brooklyn, now they can hardy stand to look at it. So, to usher in their new segment, Tom and Derrick go in depth to dissect and discuss the Mark Valley "hour-long action movie every week," and try to figure out what went wrong. Join them as they reveal how a new show runner took everything unique and good about the adventures of Christopher Chance, Winston, and Guerro and turned it into just another generic TV show. Plus, Charlie Sheen inspires a talk about the state of the American sitcom, why the world would be a better place with more Nicole Sullivan in it, and the guys play fantasy booker and plot out what they'd do if they were the show runners for Season Three. You don't wanna know, dude, so get to clicking.
.: 1:35:18 :: 54.6 MB :: 13 March 2011 :.

102: The trailer is an integral part of the moviegoing experience, and in this episode, The Boys Outta Brooklyn discuss whether it's an art form or just another product. Join Tom and Derrick as they recount some of their favorite trailers, the trailer "formula," why creativity is a must in fashioning one, and why creativity is going out the window. It's an hourlong discussion in the two-fisted BITD style, so put down your popcorn and get to clicking!
.: 1:03:59 :: 38.5 MB :: 27 February 2011 :.

101: After our 100th episode celebratory vacation, The Boys Outta Brooklyn kick back and try to catch up on all the stuff that's accrued. Join Tom and Derrick as they answer a bunch of viewer mail, and review a number of films they saw in the waning days of 2010. From the George Clooney is-it-a-spy-thriller The American to the painful romcom You Again? to the geriatric spy caper Red, they cover a number of gems and not-so-gems. Plus, comic writers the boys like! You don't want to be knocked out, so get to clicking!
.: 1:43:42 :: 59.5 MB :: 13 February 2011 :.

100: It's our 100th episode, and to celebrate, the Guys Outta Brooklyn decide to get rid of the net and throw the spotlight on the people who make this podcast great. Witness history in the making, as Tom and Derrick call a selection of their fans without any prep work for a no-holds-barred collection of discussions on such subjects as: the Carry On films, The Thin Man movies, how to get kids to watch black and white cinema, Fritz Lang, the manliest movies ever made, and more! Plus some listener mail and more sentimental stuffage than you can stand! It's a celebration good time, so come on - and get to clicking!
.: 1:55:04 :: 69.5 MB :: 30 January 2011 :.

099: To - well, "celebrate" seems an inappropriate word - the release of the new Green Hornet film, The Boys Outta Brooklyn welcome noted pulp authority (and writer for some Green Hornet comics in the 1990), Ron Fortier to examine movies featuring pulp heroes in a high-energy, high-spirited conversation! Join Tom, Derrick, and Ron as they examine The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Rocketeer, and other great films featuring hot girls, cold steel, and high adventure! Plus, the trio discuss their expectations - or lack thereof - regarding the big screen Michel Gondry / Seth Rogen adaptation! The weed of crime bears better fruit, so get to clicking!
.: 1:27:03 :: 52.5 MB :: 16 January 2011 :.

098: Director's Court is back in session, and this time The Guys Outta Brooklyn are using their judicial powers to redeem the reputation of the late movie mogul Dino De Laurentiis! Tom and Derrick shows how the producer served to make mainstream stars of obscure B-list directors, gave moviemakers who fell from grace a second chance, and was obsessed with outdoing one of the biggest blockbusters from the 1970s! Plus, reminisces about old-school video gaming, Tom insists on the existence of a musically inclined commercial for the McRib, and Derrick's got a Giant Foam Kong for you, baby. When we make a podcast, everybody cries. So get to clicking!
.: 1:17:55 :: 44.6 MB :: 02 January 2011 :.

097: Way back in episode 10, Tom expressed his extreme distaste for the show Heroes, and now the Boys Outta Brooklyn take the show's ignoble demise to examine a number of shows that were overnight sensations, then overnight failures. From Moonlighting to Twin Peaks, Millennium to even Heroes, Tom and Derrick discuss the various reasons why these televisual sensations died out so quickly. Plus the Crazy Babysitter Twins script gets a villain, the Searcher searches, and why the Black Widow sounds like an American. There's a moon over Parma, so get to clicking!
.: 1:28:29 :: 50.8 MB :: 19 December 2010 :.

096: The Boys Outta Brooklyn resume their survey of the people who wanted to give James Bond a run for the money by looking at the tragic case of the ultimate femme fatale: Peter O'Donnell's Modesty Blaise! We'll see how O'Donnell created this unique adventress and her knife-flinging sidekick, and how the character has been mistreated by the media. From the truly wretched "camp version" (a version Tom proclaims one of the worst films he ever saw) to the television pilot so obscure neither Tom nor Derrick have seen it to the Tarantino-produced "origin story," Modesty's history is thoroughly covered. Plus several suggestion for who could play the character instead of Monica Vitti. It's a stunner, so get to clicking!
.: 53:23 :: 30.8 MB :: 05 December 2010 :.

095: Court is back in session! This time, Tom and Derrick take an hour to celebrate the life, creativity, genius, and work of one of the most prolific television writer / producers: Steven J. Cannell. Join the Boys Outta Brooklyn as they discuss how Cannell used genre conventions to explore character, pioneered now-accepted television storytelling tropes, and recreated himself when his stock was declining. All this, plus Derrick wants to hide the orange juice, lil' Tom gets to stay up late, and talk about how NBC doesn't have the guts to reboot The Rockford Files... mere days before NBC announced a new version of this landmark series! You don't wanna get on no plane, so get to clicking!
.: 1:01:23 :: 35.1 MB :: 21 November 2010 :.

094: Our exploration of one of the most influential science fiction franchises of all continues! To help provide a survey of the television series that launched an international geek community, Tom and Derrick welcome our board-master Erik Fromme to participate in a wide-ranging discussion. A discussion so ranging we can't finish it! We go from the original series to The Next Generation to the staff of Deep Space Nine, and find so much to talk about we have to pick it up in a later episode! Plus, Jean-Luc Picard: Oakland Raider? Beverly Crusher: Worst Doctor Ever? Torres: Queen of the Klingon Low Riders? And why Sisko is the greatest captain ever! There's a case of blood wine to be a'drinkin, so get to clicking!
.: 1:24:42 :: 48.5 MB :: 07 November 2010 :.

093: As promised some three years ago, The Boys Outta Brooklyn finally tackle one of the most iconic science fiction properties ever made: Star Trek! First up are the movies, and to help Tom and Derrick cover all 11 flicks is the Earth-2.net mastermind himself, Michael David Sims! Beginning with what was supposed to be the pilot for a second Trek show to the Melville-rific second entry that saved the whole damn spaceship to the problematic Next Gen flicks, we cover them all. Plus, Kirstie Alley as an actual hot chick gets replaced by a transvestite, never give Deanna Troi the car keys, Commanders Ricardo and Mcgillicuddy, and Katherine Heigl's stupid face! The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, so get to clicking!
.: 2:00:01 :: 68.8 MB :: 24 October 2010 :.

092: In the second part of our summer 2010 wrap-up, Tom and Derrick cover a number of films including The A-Team, Prince of Persia, Salt, Centurion, Predators, Piranha, Inception, and more. The Boys Outta Brooklyn also read some viewer mail, announce The Gang Green Podosphere Challenge, and reveal the all-new BITD Theme Song for the episode! Plus the actress with the most unfortunate name in the world, yet another appearance by Tom Cruise in his underwear, and Derrick's plea to the moviemakers of the world. You don't want to get eaten, so get to clicking!
.: 1:34:25 :: 54.2 MB :: 10 October 2010 :.

091: Last year, in the first episode of BITD hosted by Earth-2.net, Tom and Derrick dubbed the summer of 2009 "The Summer of Meh." Well, summer 2010 is as far away from that as possible -- so much so that The Boys Outta Brooklyn have to devote two episodes to cover it all! In the first half, they cover the comic booky flicks Kick-Ass, Iron Man 2, The Expendables, and Machete; announce the winner of our Summer o' Cowboy Fun Contest; answer viewer mail about Matt Helm, Judd Winick and Quantum of Boredo -- I Mean Solace; and have a rollicking discussion about movie adaptation of pulp properties. Plus, a brand new version of the theme song by B Hyphen, which writer thinks Superman is like Brian Azzarello, and news about how you can participate in Episode 100! You don't want Terry Crews to throw a missile at you, so get to clicking!
.: 1:51:18 :: 64.2 MB :: 26 September 2010 :.

090: It's time for this year's iteration of a Better in the Dark tradition, as Tom and Derrick once again provide you with suggestions for Obscure Horror Films to light up your Halloween festivities. This year, however, they welcome the Patriarch of the First Family of BITD (and host of Dread Media), Desmond Reddick, to join in. The results are an international six pack of horror flicks ranging from the Finish period piece Sauna to the New Zealand (pretending to be Nebraska) should've-been-a-period-piece Strange Behavior to the Spanish chiller Who Could Kill a Child. Plus zombie chickens! Tom Cruise sitting around in his underwear! The world's most un-scary home invaders! Everything goes better with monkeys, so get to clicking!
.: 1:56:14 :: 66.7 MB :: 12 September 2010 :.

089: In episodes 28 and 31, Tom and Derrick celebrated the anniversary of one of their favorite television series: Doctor Who. Since then, enough changes have occurred that The Boys Outta of Brooklyn have enlisted the aid of Views from the Longbox semi-lackey / co-host (and perpetual Tom nemesis) Shag to provide an overview of the end of the Tennant era and the inaugural season of the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith! The trio discusses - and sometimes argues over - such subjects as the magnificence of Donna, Rose vs. Amy, the identity of The Dream Lord, the value of Russell T. Davies' Whedon-ization of the series, the Skittles Daleks, and other juicy topics. Plus, what is The Carey Mulligan Road? What is The Caruso Box, and why is Christopher Eccleston stuck in it? What if Brian Cox and Dougray Scott owned a bar together? Podcasts with bowties are cool, so get to clicking!
.: 2:10:23 :: 74.7 MB :: 29 August 2010 :.

088: The latest edition of Better in the Dark brings an icon of drive-in cinema before the docket! Tom and Derrick examine the influence American original Roger Corman had on Hollywood as both a director and a producer in a career that spans five decades. From his Poe adaptations to the long list of creative types he influenced to the series of giant animal movies that prowl the fringes of Syfy, Corman's entire life is put under the microscope. Plus Tom and Derrick mourn Gary Coleman, why you should never patronize a business run by Klaus Kinski, and why a certain film should've been renamed Murder Hyundais! You've never lost money listening to us, so get to clicking!
.: 54:30 :: 31.2 MB :: 15 August 2010 :.

087: Because you demanded it, The Guys Outta Brooklyn once more welcome Michael Bailey of Views from the Longbox fame to discuss DC's premiere supergroup: The Justice League of America. From the Filmation shorts to the groundbreaking Bruce Timm / Paul Dini television series to the dubious charms of the Smallville version of the team, The Titanic Trio covers it all. Plus Tom applies for a job, what it means when the Super Friends send you off to college, and Derrick delves deep into The Andrea Romano Conspiracy! Even if you didn't wash your hands because you're evil, you need to get to clicking!
.: 2:37:32 :: 90.6 MB :: 01 August 2010 :.

086: The Boys Outta Brooklyn continue their trip through spy culture with this descent into the adventure of America's 'swinging secret agent: Matt Helm. Learn how Cubby Broccoli's former producing partner bought Don Hamilton's hardboiled operative to get in on the cash cow he initially spurned, and ended up trapped in the Hell that was Dean Martin's making. It's the movie series that managed to misuse Ann-Margret, and Tom and Derrick suffer through every last film. Plus Asian characters with silly names, the Boys get angry over the tragedy of Sharon Tate, and enough imitations of a drunk Dean Martin to last a lifetime! We already hate ourselves (and it isn't even the morning), so get to clicking!
.: 1:07:18 :: 38.6 MB :: 18 July 2010 :.

085: The Boys Outta Brooklyn reach back as far as they ever have, as Tom and Derrick celebrate some of the greatest comedians to come out of New York City: The Marx Brothers. Tom and Derrick discuss the comedy team's history, the nature of their humor, and make recommendations for where to begin your education in Marx-ism. And, since this is an episode of BITD, the discussion does get a little tangenty with talk of Jerry Seinfeld, public school memories, sitcoms, and the evil that is The Hottest Scientologist. We know you don't know how that elephant got into your pajamas, so get to clicking!
.: 1:30:12 :: 51.8 MB :: 04 July 2010 :.

084: The journey the Boys Outta Brooklyn started back in Episode 34, a tiny bit over two years ago, is finally completed as Tom and Derrick discuss the first - and maybe last - two films of The Reign of Craig. They examine how Bond was re-imagined for the 21st century, and how the unconventional choice of Daniel Craig fit the remit for change. They really like one film, hate the other one, and then talk about the present situation with MGM and what it bodes for the world's longest-running movie franchise. All this, plus a little disagreement on the hotness of Karen Gillan, a major announcement, and the revelation of what the letters in QUANTUM stand for. It's a six-head's worth of fun, so get to clicking!
.: 1:31:18 :: 52.4 MB :: 20 June 2010 :.

083: It's the beginning of The Summer O' Fun, as The Guys Outta Brooklyn welcome Tennessee's own Donovan Morgan Grant to pay tribute to the Action Movie Everyman, John McClane. The trio cover all four films in the series, from the trendsetting Die Hard to the befuddlingly superheroic Live Free or Die Hard. Plus, because we never stay on point when we've got a guest star, the guys get to talking about scripted "reality shows," the massive ego of Steven Seagal, and why moviemakers don't know jack about cyber-terrorists. Plus, we announce a new contest where you can win some cool books and plot the next installment of McClane's adventures! Welcome to the party, pal - and get to clicking!
.: 1:29:30 :: 51.4 MB :: 06 June 2010 :.

082: It's our periodic review episode, as The Boys Outta Brooklyn examine some movies from the first few months of 2010, ranging from the arty-but-dull After.Life to the riotous remake of Clash of The Titans to the savvy and slick comic book actioner The Losers. Plus, Derrick sings an ode to the killer baby flick It's Alive, Tom gets his mercenary blockbusters confused, and The Guys have to deal with a letter that begins with the phrase "I love Head." It's time to save Chris Rock from himself, so get to clicking!
.: 1:18:07 :: 45.0 MB :: 23 May 2010 :.

081: In an episode three years in the making, Derrick does for Freddy Krueger what Tom did for Michael Myers by examining the entire A Nightmare on Elm Street ouvre, from the absolutely classic first entry through the rather goofy end to the attempts to recreate the series in Wes Craven's New Nightmare and the monster rally Freddy vs. Jason! Along the way, The Guys Outta Brooklyn discuss the importance of Robert Englund in creating this horror icon, how Wes Craven attempted to kill the franchise repeatedly, and how the films, as bad as they got, never lost money. Plus, we find a connection between the series and the ultra-obscure Adam Sandler vehicle The Unsinkable Shecky Moskowitz, address a great disservice done to Curtis Mayfield, and do something at the very end of the episode that might upset our friend Kelen "B-Hyphen" Conley. Every town has an Elm Street, so get to clicking!
.: 2:15:29 :: 77.7 MB :: 09 May 2010 :.

080: The Guys Outta Brooklyn started out to discuss Films That Were No Longer on DVD, but after talking about some actual movies in limbo like the earlier Harry Palmer films, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, and Cast a Deadly Spell, well, they started locating some of the suggested films lost to time! Thus, join The Guys Outta Brooklyn as they locate some truly cool films their fan base thought unavailable commercially, like The Billy Jack trilogy, and the work of Val Lewton! And if that's not enough, Tom and Derrick somehow end up sitting in front of Wonderbox looking at pictures of The Crazy Babysitter Twins! It's called fast food for a reason, so get to clicking!
.: 1:27:42 :: 50.4 MB :: 25 April 2010 :.

079: The Guys Outta Brooklyn continues their popular series where they bring directors before the court of pop culture opinion, and now it's time for the onetime master of genre filmmaking to stand in the docket! Join Tom and Derrick as they examine the man who went from being a veritable rock star with a movie camera to the pioneer of the present 70s horror reboot boom, addressing such issues as why John Carpenter struggled throughout the 90s, the methods he used to turn himself into a brand name, and how he compared to comic book master Will Eisner! Plus, discussions of Carpenter's three upcoming films, Tom and Derrick choose Wonder Women, and Zoe Saldana firing a rocket launcher versus Liam Neeson in an air-dropped tank! We're too tired to kill you know (maybe later), so get to clicking!
.: 1:08:37 :: 39.3 MB :: 11 April 2010 :.

078: Spring is in the air, and you know what that means: it's time for the annual tradition where the Guys Outta Brooklyn dig into their vaults and pull out a six-pack of little-seen and forgotten films for their Obscure Movie Episode! 2010's batch includes the sequel to Black Belt Jones most people swear doesn't exit, the sequel many Rocky Horror Picture Show fans wish didn't exist, the only place where you can see the wife of John Denver being turned into a human hood ornament, and an absolutely insane blaxploitation comedy where a female motorcycle gang faces off against a Colonel Sanders look-alike plotting to take over Watts! Plus, Tom and Derrick pay tribute to Falco, and we address a letter about That Episode. Don't be a dead end, deadbeat, downbeat Mister, get to clicking!
.: 1:29:35 :: 51.5 MB :: 28 March 2010 :.

077: In their effort to present the most comprehensive coverage of 1960s spy culture, Tom and Derrick begin their examination of some of the spies who gave Bond a run for his money, beginning with the cerebral, eccentric, and suave Derek Flint. Join the Boys From Brooklyn as they look at the adventures of the renaissance man that James Coburn turned into a cult hero, tracing his adventures from Our Man Flint to In Like Flint to the highly obscure, near-forgotten (and with good reason) Flint television pilot, Our Man Flint: Dead on Target. Plus a preview of other episodes in the Rivals of Bond series, Derrick wants Yvonne Craig to shake her money-maker, and a look at the two Flint movies (one written by Harlan Ellison) that never got to the screen. Wipe that look off your Zowie Face and get to clicking!
.: 1:04:20 :: 36.9 MB :: 14 March 2010 :.

076: It's our periodic review episode, where the Guys Outta Brooklyn discuss such recent flicks as Legion, Sherlock Holmes, Moon, Avatar, and others. But it's when Tom and Derrick reach into the mailbag and answer a question about the famous "put on the costume" quote from another podcast that prompts a nearly half-hour, heated talk on comic fan behavior that is bound to cause shockwaves throughout the podosphere. And if that's not enough, well, ask Tom about the Smallville episode "Absolute Justice." This could very well be one of those landmark moments in the podcast's history. So get to clicking!
.: 1:42:59 :: 59.1 MB :: 28 February 2010 :.

075: To celebrate Black History Month, The Guys Outta Brooklyn invite back the official BITD Maestro, B-Hyphen, to discuss the greatest blaxploitation hero ever: Shaft! From the original film that became a surprise hit to the tame television series to the remake featuring Samuel L. Jackson, we trace the entire history of the character that Richard Roundtree made an icon. Plus, in keeping with this year being our weirdest ever, Kelen gets five minutes to rant about Spider-Man, we debut the latest version of our theme song, and the guys somehow give birth to the new character sensation of 2010: Lil' Blade! Close the door yourself and get to clicking!
.: 2:20:53 :: 64.7 MB :: 14 February 2010 :.

074: The Guys Outta Brooklyn originally invited the mastermind behind the Movies About Girls podcast to talk about cable television action film mainstay Andy Sidaris, but somehow the episode became more about 42nd Street, the disappearance of cult film culture, why BITD isn't weekly, Tom's brief television career, why Derrick doesn't know who Carson Daly is, what's wrong with talk shows, and MTV as a metaphor for the generation gap. Plus, a dip in the listener mailbag, and gratuitous Tara Reid talk. It's a radio-controlled riot, so get to clicking!
.: 1:27:17 :: 50.1 MB :: 31 January 2010 :.

073: By popular demand, your favorite cinematic jurists are back, and this time they've got New Jersey's own in their sights! Tom and Derrick evaluate the life and times of Kevin Smith, and try to determine if he is on the straight and narrow or walking down a potentially disastrous road. The Guys Outta Brooklyn defend the much-maligned Jersey Girl, talk about the hazard of making Jay and Silent Bob main characters, question whether Smith's relationship with Bob Weinstein helps or hurts him, and look at other issues. Plus, the first and maybe only BITD discussion on religion, and now waaaaaaaaay outdated speculation on Spider-Man 4. It's better than a stink palm, so get to clicking!
.: 1:07:59 :: 39.0 MB :: 17 January 2010 :.

072: It started out as a simple episode examining the career of George Romero, by looking at some non-zombie movies in his canon. But before it's done, the Boys Outta Brooklyn will find themselves engaging in the first and maybe last edition of Better in the Dark Fight Night, featuring a selection of action movie stars... and Tom Savini. Plus Derrick tells us why Wes Craven deserves a daily kick in the ass, and Tom has fun with public domain blaxploitation films. Also, there's gratuitous Kristen Bell talk. (It wouldn't be an episode without gratuitous Kristen Bell talk, right?) This is one of the weirdest and maybe funniest episodes in the podcast's history, so get to clicking!
.: 1:14:08 :: 42.6 MB :: 03 January 2010 :.

071: It was bound to happen. In this penultimate entry in our massive overview of the James Bond series, The Guys Outta Brooklyn finally get into a fight and it's over an invisible car! Tom and Derrick cover the psychological, Michael Apted-directed, change of pace The World Is Not Enough, and the series-killing Die Another Day and the fur flies throughout! Plus, Tom apologizes to A View to a Kill, Derrick wants to know how you can make love on a bed of ice, and a disagreement breaks out over whether one character should be called "Dr. Boobs." It's death before breakfast, so get to clicking!
.: 1:48:45 :: 62.4 MB :: 20 December 2009 :.

070: It's time for another Better in the Dark review episode, and Tom and Derrick use it as an excuse to clear out their backlog of listener mail. So in addition to reviewing such films as 2012, Pandorum, District 9, and Paranormal Activity, the Guys Outta Brooklyn tackle a number of movie-related issues. From mourning The Worldwide, to finding out who deserves the blame for Frank Miller thinking he can direct, to giving props to Roger Corman, it's a cavalcade of conversation! Plus, we welcome a new member of the BITD Family! It's better than taking a Food Emporium Salad Bar Lunch to the Film Forum, so get to clicking!
.: 1:15:17 :: 43.1 MB :: 06 December 2009 :.

069: In the second part of our Thanksgiving month spectacular, Tom and Derrick continues their chat with Views from the Longbox host and Superman maven Michael Bailey about Superman in the media! This time up, the trio tackles Superman in the movies. From the trendsetting Fleischer cartoons to the classic Christopher Reeve movies to the... ummmm... not-so-classic Bryan Singer version, this titanic trio tackles it all! Plus, the Superman films we didn't get (here's a hint: be happy we got what we got), Derrick defends Superman's right to stalk Lois, and Mike really doesn't like Kate Bosworth much... or at all. It's all about the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie, so get to clicking!
.: 1:53:42 :: 65.4 MB :: 22 November 2009 :.

068: To celebrate Thanksgiving month, Tom and Derrick team up with Views from the Longbox host and Superman maven Michael Bailey to examine Superman in the media! This time up, the trio tackles Superman on television and radio. From Bud Collyer and George Reeves to Dean Cain and Tom Welling, The Guys Outta Brooklyn cover all the cathode ray tube adventures of the Man of Steel (oh, and the radio show, too). Plus, midgets in dog suits, an examination of the mystery surrounding Reeves' death, the truth about how Derrick parties, and the musical version of Supes. We're more powerful than Rex Reed's lisp, so get to clicking!
.: 1:58:00 :: 68.2 MB :: 08 November 2009 :.

067: It's become a tradition: around Halloween, The Boys Outta Brooklyn always pick three horror films you might not have considered when planning your movie marathons for the spookiest holiday of all, and now that tradition comes to Earth-2.net! Derrick chooses three films from the 70s including one of Steven Spielberg's first, and a creepy Guignol tale featuring a young Jodie Foster. And Tom chooses such gems as a high school ghost story, and a "documentary" that follows an aspiring serial killer as he plans his night of grue! It's a six-pack of sinister ideas plus some suggestions for a second feature to make those choices even more fun so get to clicking!
.: 1:12:02 :: 41.4 MB :: 25 October 2009 :.

066: It's the first segment of Director's Court, where the Guys Outta Brooklyn put famous filmmakers before the court of public opinion and decide whether they're still valid or funneling down the drain. This time up, it's Quentin Tarantino who's under the microscope. Tom and Derrick examine Tarantino's use of cultural touchstones, whether some of his set pieces are homages or rip-offs, whether his frequent appearances have served to sour the public separate from the films themselves, and other outstanding issues revolving around the man who made being a film geek cool. Plus we review Inglourious Basterds, and make suggestions as to what Tarantino should pursue for future projects. It'll get medieval on you ass, so get to clicking!
.: 1:06:16 :: 38.1 MB :: 11 October 2009 :.

065: It's time for the final leg of our tour through the Bond films with the first half of the tenure of Pierce Brosnan. The Boys Outta Brooklyn argue that the Brosnan films represented a hard reboot that predated the Craig reboot years later, and examine a great debut picture (GoldenEye) and a lousy, lousy follow-up (Tomorrow Never Dies). We also discuss how the loss of the lawsuit with MGM-UA affected how the Brosnan films were written and produced, the value of fresh directorial blood, and a flaw in "The Commentary Script." Plus Tom likes Michelle Yeoh... a lot, the revelation of the Peckinpah-Bond connection, and Derrick talks about his nominee for worst Bond henchman. We are inwincable, so get to clicking!
.: 1:28:09 :: 50.6 MB :: 27 September 2009 :.

064: The Boys from Brooklyn do their semiannual trip into the televisual realm as they discuss forgotten TV shows they'd like to see on DVD. From the maybe-ahead of its time high-tech spy show Search to the super-heroic Jerry O'Connell-starring sitcom My Secret Identity, Tom and Derrick discuss some of those forgotten shows they wish they could revisit before they throw it open to the BITD message board's wish list! Plus an examination of how Wonder Woman moves through the air, more discussion of Billy Joel than you really want on a movie podcast, and Tom's choice for the defining moment of Millennium. We're the tip of the spear, so get to clicking!
.: 1:07:29 :: 38.8 MB :: 13 September 2009 :.

063: The Boys from Brooklyn finally move into their new home at Earth-2.net with their latest review show... kinda. Tom explains why he hasn't really seen anything this summer save for the Stephen Sommers action-fest G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, while Derrick explains why most of the films he saw didn't thrill him. Plus the guys have a spirited debate on whether an actor owes more to his legacy or his wallet. And Derrick tells us the real reason he allowed his wife to take him to see The Proposal! It's Hammer's world, so you best just get to clicking!
.: 53:13 :: 30.5 MB :: 30 August 2009 :.

The remainder of the Better in the Dark archive will be posted shortly.

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