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Episodes of Shake and Blake
030: Having watched every episode and discussed the show in full, how can Ian and Dave bring their episode count up to 30? By discussing two Blake's 7 radio plays from the 1990s, of course. In "The Sevenfold Crown," the Scorpio race to beat Servalan to a crown that will give the wearer phenomenal cosmic power. In "The Syndeton Experiment," Avon's attempt to bring the fight to the Federation leads the crew to a mad scientist and his army of three-legged purple robots. They also discuss why the word "hyperdrive" makes Dave so annoyed, try to picture how a wolf-snake would work, and announce their next podcasting project.
.: 1:37:15 :: 47.1 MB :: 10 June 2013 :.

029: Their journey has ended, so it's time for Dave and Ian to sit down and take stock of everything they have seen and shared over the last couple of years in an epic-length overview. They go through Blake's 7's best and worst episodes, discuss what the writers brought to the show, choose their favorite guest characters, and Statistician Ian returns for a roundup of grand totals for the bracelet and Who counts. Join them on this trip down memory lane, complete with a new jingle.
.: 5:33:24 :: 160.5 MB :: 20 May 2013 :.

028: After two years and 27 episodes, Ian and Dave finally reach the very last episode of Blake's 7. In "Blake," the Scorpio crew have destroyed Xenon base and are on the run. In a last-ditch attempt to try and establish a united resistance against the Federation, Avon takes the Scorpio to the lawless planet Gauda Prime where he believes he will find the only person who can be their figurehead: Roj Blake. They also look back at the highs and lows of series four, discuss why Blake is terrible at explaining himself, and why Slave is the most meta character in the whole show.
.: 2:52:35 :: 83.3 MB :: 08 April 2013 :.

027: Dave and Ian enter the final phase of Blake's 7 before the series finale. In "Orbit," Avon is offered the ultimate weapon in exchange for ORAC. While Avon is unwilling to part with the ultimate computer, he is willing to dispose of Vila, when he becomes the only thing between Avon and escape. In "Warlord," Avon tries to rally leaders from non-Federation territories into a united resistance force. The only things standing in his way are the machinations of Servalan and Tarrant's libido. Dr. Stuart sends Dave a small essay to read, they decide that no good can come from Tarrant's penis, and revel in the adventures of Rafiki Stardust and the electric goblets.
.: 2:24:58 :: 70.0 MB :: 11 March 2013 :.

026: Ian and Dave return with a mixed bag of Blake's 7 this month. In "Sand," the Scorpio crew and Servalan travel to a planet which might contain a valuable new resource. The resource turns out to be sentient sand with a rudimentary knowledge of basic farming techniques. Can the crew overpower evil sand? Why are we even asking that question? In "Gold," an old acquaintance of Avon's asks for help to steal a fortune in gold from a luxurious cruise ship, but who is really pulling the strings? They also discuss Tarrant acting stoned, the actor Peter Craze, Dave gets to channel Marvin Gaye again, and who in their right mind would think that an episode where the villain is some sand was a good idea?
.: 2:22:35 :: 68.9 MB :: 11 February 2013 :.

025: Dave and Ian have recovered from the festive season and are back with two more episodes of Blake's 7 to discuss. In "Assassin," the Scorpio crew discover that Servalan is trying to hire the notorious assassin Cancer to kill them, so they decide to try and get to Servalan first. In "Games," the crew try to steal a valuable mineral supply from under the nose of the game-obsessed Belkov and a bored-looking Servalan. They also discuss deadly geometry sets, classic light gun games, get sidetracked by nostalgia, and, apropos of nothing, verbally abuse Ian's brother.
.: 2:06:33 :: 61.2 MB :: 14 January 2013 :.

024: In their last show for 2012, Ian and Dave watch two more episodes of Blake's 7. In "Animals," Dayna tries to recruit a scientist but discovers his obsession with creating cosplay yetis with comedy horns. She then gets brainwashed by Servalan in what becomes a pretty bad day. In "Headhunter," Avon tries to recruit a scientist but discovers the scientist has been killed by his own creation and is walking about wearing his head. Avon then gets electrocuted in what also turns out to be a pretty bad day. They also get an alternative newcomer's view of the show, the Orgs increase their feedback, and there is gratuitous use of the phrase "wank trifle."
.: 1:58:54 :: 57.5 MB :: 10 December 2012 :.

023: Dave and Ian continue to make their way through the final season of Blake's 7. In "Traitor," Tarrant and Dayna are sent to investigate how the Federation is expanding so quickly. They discover that a new drug and an old enemy are responsible. In "Stardrive," the crew come to the conclusion that the Scorpio's engine sucks and decide to get a new one. Unfortunately the one they have their eye on is in the possession of the psychotic Space Rats and their improbable hair. They also ask important questions like, which character had their worst week ever between episodes? Why does the Scorpio have a rear viewscreen? And how do you get a crash helmet over a foot-high mohawk?
.: 2:07:20 :: 61.6 MB :: 12 November 2012 :.

022: Ian and Dave begin the final leg of their Blake's 7 journey as they enter series four. In "Rescue," the crew are, well, rescued by the mysterious Dorian who has a lot of cool stuff that they would find really useful if only he would turn out to be insane and then drop dead. In "Power," the crew have to figure out how to help themselves to all of Dorian's cool stuff after he turned out to be insane and then dropped dead. Plus, they encounter a repurposed Doctor Who monster and a dancing judge, get introduced to a new regular character and then debate where the hell she vanishes to in her second episode.
.: 2:18:37 :: 67.0 MB :: 08 October 2012 :.

021: Dave and Ian reach the end of season three of Blake's 7. In "Terminal," Avon, acting under instructions from a mysterious source, takes the Liberator to an artificial planet thought long destroyed. His haste to get there has a terrible price for the Liberator and its crew, and his arrival has been anticipated. They also look back over the highs and lows of the third season, receive some more medical knowledge from Dr. Stuart, and nearly wear out their dramatic music sting. Stay tuned after the credits to hear the trailer for the forthcoming Blake's 7 audio drama "Warship."
.: 2:33:53 :: 74.6 MB :: 11 September 2012 :.

020: Ian and Dave are back to watch two more episodes of Blake's 7. In "Moloch," the Liberator follows Servalan to a mysterious hidden planet where a legion of Federation troops have acquired a new technology and have designs on taking over the Federation. In "Death-Watch," Tarrant's brother acts as a champion in a well-mannered war between empires, which Servalan looks to disrupt for her own purposes. Plus, a Doctor assesses the medical accuracy of "Ultraworld," how has Karma punished Colonel Sanders, and does one feedbacker's powers of prediction mean he should be burnt as a witch?
.: 2:18:32 :: 66.9 MB :: 13 August 2012 :.

019: Dave and Ian cover two more episodes of Blake's 7. In "Sarcophagus," the Liberator encounters an ancient space tomb that isn't as dead as it should be because, you guessed it, Cally is telepathically possessed. In "Ultraworld," the crew encounters an artificial planet and a gigantic computer that can only be defeated through the medium of limericks. Which episode is so bad it's Web-esque? How much much fun can you have in Vegas when your parents are accountants? What is the color of technology-based evil? Why is Dave channelling the spirit of Marvin Gaye? These and many other questions are answered.
.: 2:04:43 :: 60.3 MB :: 09 July 2012 :.

018: Ian and Dave once again delve into the world of Blake's 7. In "Children of Auron," Servalan releases a deadly plague on Cally's home planet, which lures the Liberator crew into a trap. In "Rumors of Death," Avon is out to avenge the death of the woman he loved, while Servalan's first official reception as President is rudely interrupted by rebels. They also discuss well-written minor characters, the unexpected responsibility forced upon one Auron space traffic controller, and Vila's drink problem. Plus, their resident clergyman suggests the best place to shoot a dictator, and will Ian gaze into the Fist of Toland?
.: 1:58:07 :: 57.1 MB :: 11 June 2012 :.

017: They're back! After a month off due to the death and resurrection of Dave's computer, the Shake and Blake boys return in a blaze of glory! In "The Harvest of Kairos," Tarrant plans some piracy but is unprepared for his old mentor Jarvik, who wins both the Liberator and Servalan's affections. In "The City at the Edge of the World," Vila gets more than he bargained for when the notorious Bayban the Butcher hires him to open an impregnable room. Plus, the Who count finally notches up a Doctor, Jarvik is hailed as the ultimate man, and Dave channels Ian's former co-host.
.: 2:11:23 :: 63.5 MB :: 14 May 2012 :.

016: All aboard the good ship Shake and Blake, as Ian Wilson and Dave Probert embark on choppy waters. In "Volcano," Tarrant and Dayna attempt to negotiate with a group of extreme pacifists, while Servalan attempts to take the Liberator. In "Dawn of the Gods," the Liberator passes through a black hole and encounters a figure from Cally's mythology. (Remember the last time that happened?) Ian's knowledge of children's television is called into question, one character makes Dave so angry he unleashes a storm of C-bombs, and "The Web" loses its crown as worst episode of Blake's 7.
.: 2:30:51 :: 72.8 MB :: 12 March 2012 :.

015: Dave and Ian embark upon season three of Blake's 7. In "Aftermath," after battling an armada trying to invade the galaxy, the crew abandons a badly damaged Liberator, and Avon meets new allies and an old enemy. In "Powerplay," Avon finds the Liberator occupied by Federation troops. He and Dayna must find a murderer and retake the ship while Vila and Cally are cared for by people who aren't as benevolent as they appear. The boys from Britain also discuss new members of the crew, debate what is "The Web" of Star Trek, and which of the episodes discussed is an allegory for Britain's current government.
.: 2:26:41 :: 71.1 MB :: 13 February 2012 :.

014: Brace yourselves for a long one as Ian and Dave embark upon the epic series two finale "Star One," where Blake finally reaches his goal but soon finds that destroying it won't be as easy as he thought, and the Liberator must single-handedly defend the entire galaxy from an invading fleet. They also look back over series two, and bid a fond farewell to some main characters. Other topics covered are: the best way to defend yourself against space lettuce, trouble at the vicarage, and the triumphant return of statistician Ian.
.: 2:54:15 :: 83.7 MB :: 10 January 2012 :.

013: Dave and Ian experience the agony and the ecstasy of Blake's 7 as they close out the year with another two episodes. In "Gambit," Blake looks for a man who might know where Star One is, Avon and Vila use Orac to break the bank at a casino, and Servalan deals with the flamboyant mobster Krantor. In "The Keeper," Blake searches for a man who definitely knows where Star One is, everyone tells Jenna she's beautiful, and Cosplay Travis kicks a jester. Plus, how midgets can improve extreme gambling, some old friends appear in a truly epic Who count, and Ian makes a seasonal appeal for feedback via the medium of song.
.: 2:18:55 :: 66.7 MB :: 12 December 2011 :.

012: Ian Wilson and Dave Probert embark on another voyage into the weird world of Blake's 7. In "Countdown," Avon faces someone from his past while Blake tries to save a planet that the Federation has condemned to death. In "Voice from the Past," Blake begins to act strangely‚ȧ and the crew finds themselves part of a conspiracy to overthrow the Federation. The also discuss the merits of a bandage acting, Ian get one up on Dave's film knowledge, and Dave learns the true meaning of the phrase "babychest."
.: 1:53:35 :: 54.5 MB :: 14 November 2011 :.

011: Dave and Ian once again invite you to climb aboard their ramshackle audio caravan as they watch two more episodes of Blake's 7. In "Killer," Avon and Vila blackmail an old accomplice of Avon to help them steal a vital crystal, while Blake warns a group of scientists about a mysterious ship that has been missing for centuries. In "Hostage," Travis contacts Blake to offer an alliance, and, to make sure he has Blake's attention, holds Blake's cousin prisoner. Along the way, they get annoyed by British light entertainment of the 1990s, and fantasize about Blake's 7 as directed by Chris Nolan.
.: 2:03:49 :: 56.6 MB :: 10 October 2011 :.

010: Ian Wilson and Dave Probert return to waffle their way aimlessly through two more episodes of Blake's 7. In "Pressure Point," Blake leads an assault on the Federation's computer control centre on Earth, but one of the crew ends up paying the price for Blake's recklessness. In "Trial," Travis faces a war crimes tribunal that is being manipulated by Servalan, and Blake is trapped on a sentient planet while the crew decides whether or not to abandon him. Plus, how to explain a continuity error through the medium of lesbian porn, which Doctor Who companion would make a rubbish pimp, Dave hurls a variety of genital-based insults at Blake, and Ian becomes distressed by one episode trying to emulate "The Web."
.: 2:22:04 :: 68.2 MB :: 12 September 2011 :.

009: Dave Probert and Ian Wilson return to entertain their listener with their thoughts on two more episodes of Blakes 7. In "Weapon," Blake is lured into a trap laid by Servalan that will give her an ultimate weapon. And in "Horizon," the tired crew of the Liberator tries to find rest on a remote Federation planet, but find more than they bargained for. They also discuss disco Superman villains, get a bit unnecessary over Servalan, and discover a strong new contender for the title of Mr. Awesome.
.: 1:59:07 :: 54.5 MB :: 08 August 2011 :.

008: Rejoice as Ian Wilson and Dave Probert begin the second season of Blake's 7. In "Redemption" the Liberator is attacked and captured by its original creators, and in "Shadow" Blake tries to make a deal with the Terra Nostra criminal organization, amongst other things. They also discuss the merits of kill-sticks, and why everyone in the B7 universe likes their drugs to come in spherical from. Plus, a vile betrayal costs one of them the feedback war, Dave is driven to the brink of exhaustion trying to deliver an episode synopsis, and Ian bows to the pressure of a certain British clergyman.
.: 1:54:04 :: 52.2 MB :: 11 July 2011 :.

007: Dave Probert and Ian Wilson reach the end of the first season of Blake's 7 with "Orac," which sees Blake and Cally trying to save a dying scientist and prevent his creation from falling into the hands of Servalan and Travis. The boys look back at the high and low points of the first season, and Ian puts together all of the statistics they have been collecting so far - which can only mean one thing: new jingle! Plus, a British Vicar uses a number of fake identities to threaten Ian with violence, Dave is forced to sing his own praises, and they both finally agree that "The Web" is a load of old cobblers.
.: 1:53:57 :: 57.7 MB :: 13 June 2011 :.

006: Ian Wilson and Dave Probert tackle two more episodes of Blake's 7. In "Bounty," Blake tries to persuade an exiled President to return to his people, and the Liberator is boarded by flamboyantly dressed bounty hunters. In "Deliverance," the crew goes to the aid of a crashed ship, and Avon finds himself worshipped as Lord by a very impressionable woman. Dave rants about appropriate attire for space pirates, and Ian detects a strong similarity between one episode and a recent Doctor Who story. Plus, could gun-kata improve the show? How is Blake's 7 like Touch the Truck? And which supporting character's name becomes a slang term for genitals?
.: 2:15:18 :: 61.9 MB :: 09 May 2011 :.

005: Dave Probert and Ian Wilson return to give their thoughts on two more episodes of Blake's 7. In "Project Avalon," Blake meets with another rebel leader, only to find that Travis and Servalan have laid a trap to capture the Liberator. In "Breakdown," Gan's limiter implant malfunctions causing him to turn violent, so the Liberator traverses a dangerous area of space to find medical help on a neutral space station. Meanwhile, Earth-2.net scores an emphatic victory in the feedback war, the boys discuss Gan's blaxploitation potential, and Julian Glover gets cast in an unlikely role.
.: 2:22:42 :: 65.3 MB :: 11 April 2011 :.

004: Ian Wilson fights through his flu to join Dave Probert for two more episodes of Blake's 7. In "Mission to Destiny," Avon and Cally hunt a murderer on a sabotaged ship while the Liberator embarks on a mercy mission. And in "Duel," Blake and Travis are forced into a fight to the death by ethereal beings who have clearly watched the Star Trek episode "Arena." They also discuss religions based on The Shawshank Redemption, a Blake's 7 version of The Benny Hill Show, and Ian is greatly disturbed by a picture of a 1970s Doctor Who monster. Which one? You'll have to listen to find out.
.: 1:33:12 :: 42.6 MB :: 14 March 2011 :.

003: Dave and Ian get together again to view two more episodes of Blake's 7. In "The Web," the Liberator is trapped and Blake must chose between the safety of his crew and the genocide of a genetically engineered species. And in "Seek, Locate, Destroy," Blake leads a raid on a Federation cypher post and discovers that an old enemy has been assigned to eliminate him. Also find out who scores the first victory in the feedback war, what the current bracelet count is, and if there will finally be a rendition of the Blake's 7 theme on kazoos.
.: 2:04:56 :: 57.1 MB :: 14 February 2011 :.

002: Ian and Dave return for their second slice of Blake's 7 goodness. In "Cygnus Alpha," Blake travels to a prison planet to recruit a crew member, but finds a religious cult waiting for him. And in "Time Squad," the crew of the Liberator embarks on their first strike against the Federation, and meet a telepathic freedom fighter in the process. Also, the boys kickstart an inter-website feedback war, discuss that destructive power of Brian Blessed's voice, and the Who count gets a snappy new jingle.
.: 1:43:30 :: 47.3 MB :: 10 January 2011 :.

001: Join the British duo of Dave Probert and Ian Wilson as they homage Bigger on the Inside, and begin their journey through British sci-fi show Blake's 7. In "The Way Back" Blake is framed by the Federation for a crime he didn't commit and sentenced to exile. And in "Space Fall" Blake leads a prisoners' uprising while the crew encounters a mysterious spaceship. The pair also discuss disco shades of the future, death by slapstick, and begin their count of actors who have also appeared in Doctor Who.
.: 1:33:02 :: 42.6 MB :: 13 December 2010 :.

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