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Episodes of Bigger on the Inside
Special 07: To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who and the 15th anniversary of Bigger on the Inside, 15 years to-the-day after Dan and Mike originally discussed "The Daleks," Dave Probert joins them to look at the Peter Cushing movie Dr. Who and the Daleks!
.: 1:23:19 :: 07 December 2023 :.

167: The Doctor discovers she's not who she thinks she is ("Fugitive of the Judoon"), and the use of plastic is killing us all ("Praxeus"). Note: This episode was recorded before the casting of Ncuti Gatwa.
.: 45:42 :: 24.8 MB :: 31 July 2022 :.

166: Climate change is killing us all ("Orphan 55"), and Nikola Tesla is abducted by aliens to fix their ship ("Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror").
.: 37:09 :: 20.7 MB :: 31 December 2021 :.

165: As aliens from another universe invade ours, a madman attempts to rewrite human DNA, and The Master returns to spearhead the whole shebang ("Spyfall"). (Note: This was recorded before the news of Flux was revealed.)
.: 59:35 :: 31.4 MB :: 28 October 2021 :.

164: Dan and Mike open the show with a little news. Russell T. Davies is returning to Doctor Who. WHA?! What does this mean for the show, are the guys excited, and does it mean the return of DVD commentaries? Also: The Doctor and chums discover an ancient Kaled scout on Earth, and it's bonded itself to a human host ("Resolution"). (Note: This was recorded before the news of Flux was revealed.)
.: 1:02:10 :: 32.7 MB :: 16 October 2021 :.

163: Dan and Mike (finally) return to close out Series 11 of Doctor Who. First the crew find themselves face to face with King James I after a witch trial ("The Witchfinders"), then they search for a blind teenager's father in a pocket dimension ("It Takes You Away"), and the past comes back to haunt them all when Tzim-Sha returns ("The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos").
.: 1:29:56 :: 46.0 MB :: 15 August 2021 :.

162: While attempting to uncover the secrets of her grandmother's past, Yas and her friends accidentally find themselves on the newly formed border between India and Pakistan ("Demons of the Punjab"). Then, the arrival of an unexpected message leads The Doctor to a conspiracy that could have catastrophic repercussions ("Kerblam!").
.: 1:02:43 :: 45.8 MB :: 18 November 2020 :.

161: Giant spiders invade a hotel ("Arachnids in the UK"), then The Doctor and her "fam" must stop Stitch from eating a space-ambulance ("The Tsuranga Conundrum").
.: 1:00:12 :: 31.7 MB :: 31 August 2020 :.

160: As The Doctor and her friends search for the TARDIS, they find themselves in the middle of a deadly game ("The Ghost Monument"). Then the harsh truth of the American South is called to task when The Doctor, Graham, Yas, and Ryan meet Rosa Parks days before her passive protest changed the world ("Rosa").
.: 1:05:48 :: 34.4 MB :: 07 June 2020 :.

159: Jodie Whittaker makes her debut as The Doctor in "The Woman Who Fell to Earth," and along the way she meets four new friends: Grace, Graham, Ryan, and Yasmin. Together they team-up to prevent the nefarious Tzim-Sha from abducting a human trophy. But at what cost?
.: 59:14 :: 48.6 MB :: 15 May 2020 :.

158: The 10th anniversary episode of Bigger on the Inside is here! Today Dan and Mike look at what happens when two mid-regeneration Doctors cross paths ("Twice Upon a Time"), Peter Capaldi's run as The Doctor, and Steven Moffat's tenure as the force behind Doctor Who. Then, as a bonus, the guys discuss the original unaired pilot of "An Unearthly Child."
.: 2:16:00 :: 65.6 MB :: 23 November 2018 :.

157: In his effort to rehabilitate Missy, The Doctor drops the TARDIS into an unwinnable predicament. And Bill pays the ultimate price ("World Enough and Time"). Then, to save Bill and a handful of Mondasians, The Doctor attempts to persuade Missy and The Master to join him in one final battle ("The Doctor Falls").
.: 1:14:05 :: 35.8 MB :: 16 November 2018 :.

156: The Doctor and Bill run into Victorian British soldiers on Mars ("Empress of Mars"), then they push interdimensional monsters back into a portal ("The Eaters of Light").
.: 47:50 :: 23.2 MB :: 28 October 2018 :.

155: The guys are back to look at three episodes. Before that, though, they play catch-up with Doctor Who news, including trailers, The Doctor's new sonic, and the Twitch live-stream. Then it's all about a three-part story in which The Doctor finds himself trapped in virtual reality ("Extremis"), preventing World War III ("The Pyramid at the End of the World"), then saving the planet from alien overlords ("The Lie of the Land").
.: 1:37:15 :: 47.0 MB :: 16 September 2018 :.

154: The Doctor and Bill have a poop-themed adventure on a frozen Thames ("Thin Ice"), then Bill rents a house infested with space bugs ("Knock Knock"), and corporate greed generates zombies in spacesuits ("Oxygen").
.: 1:14:30 :: 36.0 MB :: 28 May 2018 :.

153: Series 10 kicks off with The Doctor meeting Bill Potts as they run away from an alien disguised as Bill's crush ("The Pilot"). Then the new companion is treated to a future where emoji-faced robots mulch people if they become sad ("Smile").
.: 1:25:25 :: 41.3 MB :: 14 March 2018 :.

Special 06: The 13th incarnation of The Doctor has been revealed, and the guys are excited for her.
.: 10:45 :: 6.9 MB :: 16 July 2017 :.

Special 05: After a brief but merry intro, Dan and Mike take a look at the animated version of The Power of the Daleks! (To hear their original thoughts, please listen to episode 18 of Bigger on the Inside.)
.: 43:10 :: 22.3 MB :: 15 April 2017 :.

152: The Doctor teams up with Earth's first and only superhero, The Ghost, to stop hostile aliens from impersonating world leaders ("The Return of Doctor Mysterio").
.: 51:30 :: 25.0 MB :: 20 March 2017 :.

151: On their final night together, The Doctor finds himself in the middle of a diamond heist led by none other than River Song ("The Husbands of River Song"). (Notes: This episode was recorded before the passing of Sir John Hurt, as well as the announcement of Peter Capaldi's departure from Doctor Who.)
.: 50:05 :: 24.3 MB :: 05 February 2017 :.

Special 04: In this special episode recorded live in front of an audience at Arisia 2017, Dan and guest Andy Hicks recall the Wilderness Years, a time when little to no new Doctor Who was being made, and regale the listeners with stories of weak PBS signals, spending ungodly amounts of money on unwatchable garbage, and the 10 minutes they spent convinced Eric Roberts was the best Master ever.
.: 1:01:42 :: 30.0 MB :: 25 January 2017 :.

150: An idiot scientist compresses sleep into five-minute cycles, thus turning eye-boogers into roaring beasties ("Sleep No More"). Rigsy finds himself under the shadow of a death sentence, but a bad play on Clara's part has fatal consequences ("Face the Raven"). Then, in the wake of Clara's death, The Doctor finds himself trapped in a puzzle / prison created exclusively for him, resulting in a return to Gallifrey and the start of a new adventure ("Heaven Sent" / "Hell Bent"). Also: The guys bid farewell to Jenna Coleman, rank season nine, have a theory about how to consume one of the episodes, and leave a Christmas present for Ian in the form of an outtake.
.: 2:18:05 :: 66.6 MB :: 24 December 2016 :.

149: After saving a Viking village from an alien menace, The Doctor turns a young woman into an immortal ("The Girl Who Died" / "The Woman Who Lived"). Then a faction of Zygons plot to undermine the peace treaty with Humankind ("The Zygon Invasion" / "The Zygon Inversion").
.: 1:39:45 :: 48.2 MB :: 26 October 2016 :.

148: Before diving into the ninth season of Doctor Who, Dan sells Mike on the Lego Dimensions video game, and the guys cover a little bit of news. As for the episodes at hand: The Doctor, Clara, and Missy are spirited away to Skaro for a reunion with Davros ("The Magician's Apprentice" / "The Witch's Familiar"). Then, in an underwater base, ghosts signal the return of a beast from centuries past ("Under the Lake" / "Before the Flood").
.: 1:47:31 :: 51.9 MB :: 07 September 2016 :.

147: The Doctor and Clara find themselves trapped in multiple dream worlds, with their only hope for salvation being Santa ("Last Christmas"). Plus: A special guest appears mid-show to deliver a block-based gift to one of the hosts, and Dan and Mike make an announcement concerning when Bigger on the Inside will return to cover season nine.
.: 48:35 :: 23.6 MB :: 10 January 2016 :.

146: As the eighth modern season of Doctor Who comes to a close, trees spring up overnight to protect the world ("In the Forest of the Night") and an old frenemy returns to menace (and kiss) The Doctor ("Dark Water" / "Death in Heaven"). Please pardon the audio glitches, as well as the outdated references.
.: 1:37:20 :: 47.0 MB :: 09 December 2015 :.

145: As The Doctor and Clara contemplate the future of their relationship, a deadly legend comes to life ("Mummy on the Orient Express"). Then, Clara must take on the role of The Doctor as two-dimensional creatures begin to invade our three-dimensional realm ("Flatline").
.: 1:13:15 :: 35.4 MB :: 02 October 2015 :.

144: To stop an alien threat, The Doctor goes undercover at Coal Hill School, disrupting Clara's life in the process ("The Caretaker"). Then, the moon is an egg ("Kill the Moon"). Also: Mike has a crush, which leads Dan to teach him of the Half, Plus Seven Rule. There are spoilers stemming from the season nine trailer, but they're brief; skip 2:45-3:20 if you don't want to hear them. And then there's Ian.
.: 1:14:05 :: 35.8 MB :: 16 August 2015 :.

143: As a thank you for being so very patient, presented today are Bigger on the Inside 143 and The Edge of Forever 17 as one episode! First: The Doctor creates a problem for himself ("Listen"), and then he creates a problem for himself ("Time Heist"). Second: Kirk punches a hippie to tears ("The Apple"), then he watches in horror as his ship is used for a suicide run ("The Doomsday Machine"). (Notes: The Edge of Forever portion of this combined episode is not censored like its Bigger on the Inside counterpart, and these episodes were recorded in March.)
.: 2:18:52 :: 66.9 MB :: 23 June 2015 :.

142: The Doctor, Clara, and a team of soldiers climb into a Dalek to see what's made it turn good ("Into the Dalek"). Then the time-traveling duo teams up with Robin Hood to thwart an evil sheriff and a slew of robots ("Robot of Sherwood").
.: 1:29:32 :: 43.2 MB :: 01 March 2015 :.

141: After an eight-month break, Dan and Mike return to Bigger on the Inside by covering Peter Capaldi's first story: "Deep Breath." New Doctor, slightly different format, same bleeps.
.: 1:01:57 :: 30.0 MB :: 21 December 2014 :.

140: In this episode, which clocks in at just under five hours, Dan and Mike complete their journey through Doctor Who! As they bring Bigger on the Inside to a close (for now), they discuss the romp that is "The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot," the shock-inducing "The Night of The Doctor," the they-don't-know-what "The Last Day," Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special "The Day of The Doctor," and Matt Smith's swan song "The Time of The Doctor." The guys answer a ton of feedback, look upon Smith's time in the role, run through a few lists, compare the classic era to the modern, reminisce about Bigger on the Inside as a whole, and more. Thank you, all of you, for your support through the years!
.: 4:53:50 :: 141.3 MB :: 17 April 2014 :.

139: The Doctor meets the latest upgrade of the Cybermen ("Nightmare in Silver"), and then we meet a never-before-seen iteration of The Doctor ("The Name of The Doctor"). Following that, Dan and Mike rank all of the episodes of the seventh modern season, which they differ on rather greatly.
.: 1:14:55 :: 36.2 MB :: 06 April 2014 :.

138: To save Clara, The Doctor explores the heart of the wounded TARDIS ("Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS"). And, following that, they team with the Paternoster Gang to bring down a mad old woman and a boob-sucking alien ("The Crimson Horror").
.: 1:10:45 :: 34.2 MB :: 19 March 2014 :.

137: The Ice Warriors return, on a sinking submarine, and it's up to The Doctor to negotiate a peace between a lone Martian and scared Russian soldiers ("Cold War"). Then, The Doctor and Clara find themselves inside a haunted house ("Hide"). Also, there's more background noise (pardon that), and the guys discuss what it was like living through the Cold War (because they're old).
.: 1:32:10 :: 44.5 MB :: 09 March 2014 :.

136: The guys suffer through background noise, play the trailer for their next project, and Mike loses his mind over people who think computers are Mythical Wonder Boxes from the Future. As for Doctor Who, Clara is uploaded ("The Bells of Saint John") and a little girl must sing a god to sleep ("The Rings of Akhaten").
.: 1:23:00 :: 40.1 MB :: 06 March 2014 :.

Special 03: Mike joins Dan for their first joint Bigger on the Inside Special. In this installment, the guys take a look at the eight-issue comic book series Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who - Assimilation². Remember to listen to the entire show, all the way to the very last second.
.: 54:05 :: 26.3 MB :: 09 February 2014 :.

135: Thanks to the Weeping Angels, The Doctor is forced to forever leave Amy and Rory behind ("The Angels Take Manhattan"). While mourning the loss of his friends, The Doctor has an encounter with the Great Intelligence ("The Snowmen"). Also, another Clara almost joins the TARDIS, the guys discuss five minisodes ("PS," "The Great Detective," "Vastra Investigates," "Songtaran Carols," and "The Battle of Demon's Run: Two Days Later"), and there's a reminder to come back next week for the third Bigger on the Inside Special.
.: 1:37:50 :: 47.2 MB :: 02 February 2014 :.

134: After Dan casually makes a reference to the worst anime of all time, the show spirals out of control, leading to a curse-filled tirade, an appearance by Shana, and talk of the Power Rangers. On the topic of Doctor Who, a revenge-seeking cyborg hunts down his maker ("A Town Called Mercy"), and alien-cubes pave the way for a very slow (and confusing) invasion ("The Power of Three"). Also: Lionel makes a special cameo, a listener nearly owes Mike a new keyboard, Rule 34, there's not a lot of love for Amy Pond, and in no way do the hosts hint at their next project. Nope. Not at all.
.: 1:24:55 :: 41.0 MB :: 19 January 2014 :.

133: To prevent a planet of insane Daleks from escaping their prison, less-insane Daleks force The Doctor and The Ponds to infiltrate their asylum ("Asylum of the Daleks"). Then there are dinosaurs on a spaceship ("Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"). Also, the guys cover the five-part series Pond Life, and Dan takes a moment to ponder his Wilfred Mott / Brian Williams fan fiction.
.: 1:09:59 :: 33.8 MB :: 10 January 2014 :.

132: It's 1941 and war is ripping Europe and families apart, but Christmas must go on. To that end, The Doctor takes a family on an adventure to a winter wonderland ("The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe"). Also, Albert Einstein is turned into an Ood ("Death is the Only Answer"), and a Weeping Angel wants to destroy the Olympics ("Good as Gold").
.: 1:00:20 :: 29.2 MB :: 25 December 2013 :.

131: The Doctor and Craig beat the Cybermen with love ("Closing Time"), and The Doctor and River Song save all of time with a kiss ("The Wedding of River Song"). However, before discussing those two stories, Dan and Mike open the show with a brief chat about "The Day of the Doctor," they read a solid defense of Victoria Waterfield, and they have a look at the five minisodes that fall under the Night and The Doctor umbrella. Following all that, they close the show by having an exceptionally difficult time ranking the episodes of the sixth modern season.
.: 1:26:01 :: 41.6 MB :: 16 December 2013 :.

130: It's the fifth anniversary of Bigger on the Inside, and also the 50th anniversary of some show called Doctor Who. You've probably never heard of it. To celebrate, the guys spend an hour reading e-mails, then they discuss two episodes from stories they had only ever seen as reconstructions: episode three of "Galaxy 4," and episode two of "The Underwater Menace." From there they dive into "The Enemy of the World" and "The Web of Fear," which were stories that were fully lost until recently. They then cap things off with the Big Finish audio drama The Light at the End! Note: When you hear the TARDIS land, that's when a classic BOTI clip begins. When it takes off, the clip has ended.
.: 3:30:30 :: 101.3 MB :: 23 November 2013 :.

129: After a simple mistake, Amy winds up living a brutal, isolated life, and The Doctor forces Rory to choose if she lives or never was ("The Girl Who Waited"). Then The Doctor must break Amy's faith in him, which is in no way similar to what The Doctor did to Ace ("The God Complex").
.: 59:12 :: 28.7 MB :: 10 November 2013 :.

128: The Doctor and Rory assemble an army to rescue Amy and her newborn baby, then the baby grows up to be a lunatic bent on killing Hitler and The Doctor ("A Good Man Goes to War" / "Let's Kill Hitler"). Also, a little boy puts things he's afraid of in a cabinet, but it's not the one Rory put Hitler in ("Night Terrors").
.: 1:35:35 :: 46.2 MB :: 30 October 2013 :.

127: For the very first time, The Doctor meets his oldest, most faithful companion ("The Doctor's Wife"). Then he must broker a peace between humans and their doppelgangers ("The Rebel Flesh" / "The Almost People").
.: 1:05:17 :: 31.6 MB :: 17 October 2013 :.

126: The Doctor invites his friends to watch his death ("The Impossible Astronaut" / "Day of the Moon"), and then he visits a handful of pirates plagued by a siren ("The Curse of the Black Spot"). The guys also discuss the recently found Patrick Troughton episodes, and their plans to cover them on Bigger on the Inside.
.: 1:22:14 :: 39.7 MB :: 13 October 2013 :.

125: Dan and Mike are old. And grumpy. But that's nothing new. So what is new? A genuinely good Christmas-themed episode of Doctor Who, that's what! Sure, it has flying sharks and an operatic voice that tames the sky, but "A Christmas Carol" has a lot of heart and solid acting. From there the guys lament the Doctor Who-related 2011 National Television Awards sketch, and have fun with the two-part mini-story "Space" / "Time."
.: 1:06:28 :: 32.2 MB :: 15 September 2013 :.

124: Matt Smith's first season as The Doctor winds down as he, Amy, River, and a returned Rory must save all of creation from an unknown force ("The Pandorica Opens" / "The Big Bang"). You decide: is it Bill & Ted logic, Bugs Bunny logic, or both?
.: 1:09:46 :: 33.8 MB :: 01 September 2013 :.

123: With the help of Vincent van Gogh, The Doctor defeats an invisible, yet sadly blind, alien chicken ("Vincent and The Doctor"). And, thanks to the power of love, The Doctor and Craig fend off a SIDRAT locked on autopilot ("The Lodger"). (For the record, those are two of the weirdest sentences ever typed in the English language.)
.: 1:06:37 :: 32.2 MB :: 18 August 2013 :.

122: Amy is torn between two realities, and the wrong decision will kill everyone she loves ("Amy's Choice"). Then, the Silurians return to reclaim the planet, again ("The Hungry Earth" / "Cold Blood"). And, of course, Dan and Mike talk about the casting of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.
.: 1:18:24 :: 37.9 MB :: 07 August 2013 :.

121: The Weeping Angels return, as does River Song ("The Time of Angels" / "Flesh and Stone"). Then The Doctor takes Amy and Rory on a pre-wedding date, and find themselves squaring off against vampire-fish people ("The Vampires of Venice").
.: 1:33:33 :: 45.2 MB :: 21 July 2013 :.

120: The Doctor and Amy free a Star Whale from human oppression ("The Beast Below"), then the Daleks manipulate The Doctor into recreating their race ("Victory of the Daleks"). Also, Dan and Mike discuss Pacific Rim, as well as a future project. Maybe.
.: 1:16:10 :: 36.8 MB :: 09 July 2013 :.

119: Massive changes fill this episode of Bigger on the Inside. With the coming of "The Eleventh Hour," there's a new Doctor in Matt Smith, a new companion in Karen Gillan, a new producer in Steven Moffat, as well as a new theme, logo, and opening credits! Also, in the first episode of Bigger on the Inside covering Smith, Dan and Mike announce his departure from Doctor Who.
.: 1:35:10 :: 46.0 MB :: 23 June 2013 :.

118: With "The Waters of Mars" and the two-part "The End of Time," two eras come to a close on Doctor Who and Bigger on the Inside. Today, Dan and Mike bid farewell to Russell T. Davies and David Tennant, whose impact on both shows must be praised.
.: 1:58:53 :: 57.3 MB :: 09 June 2013 :.

117: In Bigger on the Inside's penultimate David Tennant episode, Dan and Mike speak about Dreamland. The computer-animated adventure is lackluster, to say the least. More than that, though, the guys read lots of e-mails and discuss Patreon.com. To visit the Bigger on the Inside Patreon page, or to gather more details, head to www.patreon.com/biggerontheinside.
.: 1:14:20 :: 36.0 MB :: 26 May 2013 :.

116: The Doctor must unravel the mystery of a man claiming to be The Doctor, all while stopping the Cybermen from destroying London in 1851 ("The Next Doctor"). Then, a pleasant bus ride turns into a nightmare when a hole in space threatens the Earth ("Planet of the Dead"). Dan and Mike also discuss two Doctor Who shorts: "Music of the Spheres" and a segment from Tonight's the Night. The guys read through lots of e-mails, bemoan poor special effects and costumes, and sort of disagree about one of the stories. Also, Mike makes a call for donations. Please listen for details, then follow this link if you wish to contribute: www.earth-2.net/donations.php.
.: 1:55:34 :: 55.7 MB :: 12 May 2013 :.

115: An apocalyptic pocket universe is created around Donna, in which The Doctor dies and Rose Tyler carries a message for him ("Turn Left"). Then, ending the fourth modern season, Davros and The Daleks return to end everything ("The Stolen Earth" / "Journey's End"). From there, Dan and Mike take a look back at Catherine Tate's tenure on Doctor Who, and rank the final full season overseen by Russell T. Davies.
.: 2:14:14 :: 64.7 MB :: 28 April 2013 :.

114: A peaceful trip to The Library finds unimaginable creatures in the shadows ("Silence in the Library" / "Forest of the Dead"). And while on holiday, The Doctor must battle his own words ("Midnight"). Also, Mike has a theory about Clara, a listener war begins (maybe), and River Song debuts!
.: 1:56:46 :: 56.3 MB :: 14 April 2013 :.

113: After being thrust into a war, The Doctor becomes a family man ("The Doctor's Daughter"). Then, he and Donna help Agatha Christie solve a murder mystery ("The Unicorn and the Wasp"). The guys decide that Henry Gordon Jago could be Colonel Curbishly, and Dan is proud of his new status.
.: 1:12:30 :: 35.1 MB :: 31 March 2013 :.

112: The Ood stage a revolt against their slavers ("Planet of the Ood"), the Sontarans wage war for Earth ("The Sontaran Stratagem" / "The Poison Sky"), UNIT returns, The Doctor makes a political statement, Ian Chesterton flies a jetpack, and Mike's opens a tumblr. Also, there are spoilers for the second half of the seventh season between 7:23 and 12:47.
.: 1:55:12 :: 55.6 MB :: 17 March 2013 :.

111: Donna Noble officially joins The Doctor as they aim to stop aliens from turning Earth into a breeding planet ("Partners in Crime"), and then they must make the ultimate decision: Pompeii or the future of humankind ("The Fires of Pompeii").
.: 1:49:13 :: 52.7 MB :: 03 March 2013 :.

110: Forget all of the talk about the weather, the very first modern multi-Doctor story ("Time Crash"), and Kylie Minogue's turn on the program ("Voyage of the Damned"). What makes this episode of Bigger on the Inside so historic is that Dan and Mike mark the very first appearance of the man, the myth, the legend: Wilfred Mott!
.: 1:00:24 :: 29.3 MB :: 17 February 2013 :.

109: In The Infinite Quest, The Doctor's first official animated adventure, he and Martha must find the wish-granting Infinite before a madman can get his hands on it.
.: 51:01 :: 24.8 MB :: 03 February 2013 :.

108: As the third modern season of Doctor Who wraps up, The Master makes his return ("Utopia") and decimates the human race ("The Sound of Drums" / "Last of the Time Lords"), Martha Jones trades life aboard the TARDIS for something more stable, and Captain Jack Harkness drops by with several surprises.
.: 1:56:57 :: 56.3 MB :: 20 January 2013 :.

107: After weeks and weeks of mediocre and horrible stories, Dan and Mike are finally treated to the two-part story Human Nature / The Family of Blood and then the incomparable Blink. Pardon Mike's sniffles, and mind The Snowmen spoilers between 7:40 and 18:10.
.: 1:47:16 :: 51.8 MB :: 09 January 2013 :.

106: To best illustrate how boring "The Lazarus Experiment" and "42" are, Dan and Mike take a detour to debate the cinematic validity of Weekend at Bernie's.
.: 1:05:42 :: 31.8 MB :: 23 December 2012 :.

105: The Doctor heads back to New Earth, and this time he finds the planet's population trapped in a never-ending motorway ("Gridlock"). Then, The Doctor and Martha travel to Manhattan where they join forces with Spider-Man and Captain Panaka to fight off the evil menace of Scrotor and his army of facial penises ("Daleks in Manhattan" / "Evolution of the Daleks").
.: 1:11:50 :: 34.8 MB :: 09 December 2012 :.

104: During their first outing, The Doctor and Martha Jones must save a hospital from a little old lady with a straw ("Smith and Jones"). Then they meet William Shakespeare while contending with witches ("The Shakespeare Code").
.: 1:47:22 :: 51.8 MB :: 25 November 2012 :.

103: In the second Doctor Who Christmas special, "The Runaway Bride," Catherine Tate debuts as the brash-but-lovable Donna Noble!
.: 54:17 :: 26.3 MB :: 11 November 2012 :.

102: To paraphrase a wise old wizard: "I felt a great disturbance in the Whoniverse, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and never shut up." Yup, today Dan and Mike discuss the departure of the special snowflake that is Rose Tyler. How does she stack up against other companions, and can the actress be separated from the character? As for the episodes, there's "Fear Her," which is aneurysm-inducing, and "Army of Ghosts" / "Doomsday," which ends the season and brings the Daleks back as badasses!
.: 1:48:34 :: 52.4 MB :: 28 October 2012 :.

101: While trapped in the grasp of a black hole, The Doctor is forced to come face-to-face with what just might be The Devil ("The Impossible Planet" / "The Satan Pit").Then, a child won a contest to get his monster on Doctor Who, so RTD thought it would be funny to make a man-gets-head-from-a-block-of-concrete joke in that episode ("Love & Monsters"). Classy. Also, the guys feel fabulous after getting glitter-bombed via e-mail.
.: 1:24:52 :: 41.0 MB :: 14 October 2012 :.

100: In the 100th episode of Bigger on the Inside, there's the return of the Cybermen and Mickey's farewell ("Rise of the Cybermen" / "The Age of Steel"), and a face-stealing alien ("The Idiot's Lantern"). This is not how huge episodes should be celebrated.
.: 1:40:50 :: 48.7 MB :: 30 September 2012 :.

099: The Doctor reunites with Sarah Jane Smith to defend the world from an alien race bent on cracking it open ("School Reunion"). Then, The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey must save Madame de Pompadour from futuristic robots ("The Girl in the Fireplace"). Topping all that off, there are lots of e-mails, barely any curses, and someone has a cold.
.: 1:41:48 :: 49.2 MB :: 16 September 2012 :.

098: In this short episode, Cassandra returns to plague The Doctor ("New Earth"), and The Doctor squares off against a werewolf ("Tooth and Claw"). Also, spoiler-free thoughts on "Asylum of the Daleks," a brief discussion of "Attack of the Graske," and Mike reveals what Dan has requested he review thanks to his donation to the Earth-2.net: The Show Shameless Pledge Drive.
.: 1:04:54 :: 31.4 MB :: 07 September 2012 :.

097: David Tennant begins his epic run as The Doctor in "Doctor Who: Children in Need" and "The Christmas Invasion." Also, make sure to visit http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_spd2012.mp3.
.: 1:37:15 :: 47.0 MB :: 19 August 2012 :.

096: Dan and Mike take a look back at the first modern season, as well as Christopher Eccleston's time on Doctor Who, but only after they discuss the two-part story "Bad Wolf" / "The Parting of the Ways." Note: Between 10:25 and 13:10 there are spoilers for the seventh season.
.: 2:12:45 :: 64.0 MB :: 05 August 2012 :.

095: Upon meeting Captain Jack Harkness, The Doctor and Rose discover his con game has accidentally doomed Earth ("The Empty Child" / "The Doctor Dances"). And a face from The Doctor's recent past plagues him once more, just as she's about to unleash another destructive plot ("Boom Town"). Note: This episode was recorded before the passing of Mary Tamm.
.: 1:48:44 :: 52.5 MB :: 02 August 2012 :.

094: The Doctor and Rose uncover a conspiracy aboard a news-gathering space station, while Adam does stuff before being dumped back home ("The Long Game"). Then Rose saves her father's life, and, in the process, nearly destroys all of creation ("Father's Day"). Also, Dan and Mike have plenty to say about the tenure of Russell T. Davies thus far.
.: 1:28:23 :: 42.7 MB :: 13 July 2012 :.

093: Aliens fake an alien landing ("Aliens of London" / "World War Three"), and The Doctor's oldest foes return ("Dalek"). One of these stories is downright awful due to all of the ill-conceived and poorly executed humor, horrible costumes and dated computer imagery, and the damn farting! While the other story features a Dalek slaughtering hundreds of people just for the hell of it. Also, Tom Deja gives his thoughts about Rose, Dan explains why he's not too keen on Doctor Who getting so close to the real world, and Mike drinks a beer.
.: 2:09:25 :: 62.4 MB :: 24 June 2012 :.

092: On their first journey together, The Doctor takes Rose to see the destruction of Earth, but it all goes topsy-turvy when a fleshy trampoline plots to kill everyone onboard the observation deck ("The End of the World"). Then, The Doctor and Charles Dickens join forces on Christmas Eve, and you can bet there are ghosts (or ghostlike beings) involved ("The Unquiet Dead"). Also, Dan proves his mind is filled with nothing but pop culture references, and Mike delivers his worst joke ever.
.: 1:52:12 :: 54.1 MB :: 15 June 2012 :.

091: This is it! The modern era of Doctor Who is finally here, and Dan and Mike have no shortage of things to say about "Rose," Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, and fandom's reaction to the return of their favorite show.
.: 1:44:32 :: 50.4 MB :: 27 May 2012 :.

090: The classic era of Doctor Who has come to a close, but before Dan and Mike move forward to the modern era, they take one last (and long) look at everything that's come before. Mixed in with a slew of listener e-mails are discussions of the stories they revisited, as well as plenty of lists chronicling their favorite Doctors, companions, cheesy moments, themes, quotes, and so much more! And some of the entires on these lists are guaranteed to surprise you!
.: 6:04:15 :: 175.2 MB :: 13 May 2012 :.

Special 02: In the second Bigger on the Inside Special, Dan sat down with his friend Libby to discuss "City of Death!"
.: 26:50 :: 13.0 MB :: 29 April 2012 :.

089: Doctor Who: The Movie, an often-overlooked entry in the life of The Doctor, is indicative of its time and network, and it suffers for it. That said, both Dan and Mike agree that Paul McGann is a wonderful Doctor. Eric Roberts' portrayal of The Master, however, they're not so keen on. That may not be his fault, though. Before closing out the episode the guys also look at the comedy sketch "Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death," and the documentary More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS.
.: 2:28:34 :: 71.4 MB :: 25 April 2012 :.

088: With "The Curse of Fenric" and "Survival," the classic era of Doctor Who has come to a close, and so ends a major chapter for Bigger on the Inside. Join Dan and Mike as they discuss what Sylvester McCoy brought to the program and what he was lacking, Ace's impact on viewership and future companions, as well as Anthony Ainley's legacy as The Master and his charm. Before the episode ends, however, the guys also dig into the "Search Out Space" episode from the children's program Search Out Science, and "Dimensions in Time," the Doctor Who / EastEnders crossover.
.: 2:38:40 :: 76.3 MB :: 12 April 2012 :.

087: The immortal sorceress Morgaine and her wicked son Mordred seek to claim Excalibur as their own ("Battlefield"), then The Doctor aims to better Ace by forcing her to face an evil she felt in her youth ("Ghost Light"). Also: Dan gives The Doctor a rather unassuming name, Mike calls one of these two stories his new favorite, and both Ian Wilson and Tom Deja make appearances.
.: 2:03:05 :: 59.2 MB :: 03 April 2012 :.

086: The Cybermen, a woman from 1638, and a Nazi want to get their hands on an all-powerful weapon The Doctor seemingly created ages ago ("Silver Nemesis"). Then The Doctor and Ace visit a deadly circus where they become the acts ("The Greatest Show in the Galaxy"). Also, Mike doesn't understand the titles of British sitcoms, the perils of white men in their 30s writing rap, and Dan's greatest secret is revealed!
.: 1:56:00 :: 55.8 MB :: 18 March 2012 :.

085: The Doctor's role as the master manipulator begins to shine through as his earliest adventure on Earth is retconned into something rather sinister in "Remembrance of the Daleks." And in "The Happiness Patrol," The Doctor and Ace are far from happy when they discover an emotionally oppressed society run by a tyrant and her candy-skinned assassin! Before starting this episode, keep the following questions in mind: what will Dan and Mike have to say about The Doctor's final act against Skaro, did Mike have a change of heart about "The Happiness Patrol," and just how awesome is the Special Weapons Dalek? (The answer to the last one is easy: freaking awesome!) Also, make sure to listen all the way to the end of the program for a special message from our friend Tom Deja.
.: 1:59:44 :: 57.6 MB :: 16 March 2012 :.

084: Firstly, roving gangs, killer machines, cannibal grannies, and an undying architect plague The Doctor and Mel ("Paradise Towers"). Then genocidal mercenaries hunt an alien queen to Earth, in an effort to destroy her and her rapidly growing spawn ("Delta and the Bannermen"). And lastly, a dragon holds the key to an icy madman's freedom ("Dragonfire"). Additionally, Dan teaches Mike a new word, Mel leaves The Doctor to take up with Sabalom Glitz, Ace debuts, and Dan believes the 24th season just might be the worst ever.
.: 2:24:04 :: 69.2 MB :: 09 March 2012 :.

083: In "Time and The Rani," Sylvester McCoy, the final classic-era Doctor, makes his not-so-grand debut by wearing a Colin Baker wig, pratfalling, playing the spoons, screwing up common phrases, and stopping The Rani by letting her escape. Also, Dan has feelings about the opening credits (and they're not warm or fuzzy), and an old friend returns to the show.
.: 1:39:14 :: 47.7 MB :: 21 February 2012 :.

082: Colin Baker's final season of Doctor Who begins and comes to an end in this episode of Bigger on the Inside. In the 14-part "The Trial of a Time Lord," The Doctor must fight for his remaining lives against a supposedly immortal robot ("The Mysterious Planet"), a returned Sil ("Mindwarp"), vulgar-looking plant-monsters ("Terror of the Vervoids"), and his accuser: The Valeyard ("The Ultimate Foe")! As Dan and Mike say goodbye to Peri and Colin Baker, they greet Mel, have fun with the Vervoid costumes, and Mike discovers a new fetish: grannies with assault rifles.
.: 2:58:37 :: 85.8 MB :: 05 February 2012 :.

081: The 22nd season of Doctor Who comes to a close as The Doctor prevents a mutant from committing genocide ("Timelash"), and then he steps in as Davros attempts to turn humans into the new Dalek race ("Revelation of the Daleks"). From there the guys discuss the mini-episode "A Fix with Sontarans," the 18-month hiatus, and, sigh, "Doctor in Distress." Also, Peri does something useful, and Dan has an epic rant.
.: 1:48:50 :: 52.3 MB :: 11 January 2012 :.

080: After spending five minutes gushing about a podcast, Dan and Mike close out 2011 by banging their heads against the wall while discussing "The Mark of the Rani" (with a character-damaging appearance by The Master) and "The Two Doctors" (with Patrick Troughton spending the bulk of his time strapped into or on things).
.: 1:56:45 :: 56.1 MB :: 25 December 2011 :.

079: Using an ill-gotten time machine, the Cybermen plan to destroy Earth in 1985, thus saving Mondas one year before their very first encounter with The Doctor ("Attack of the Cybermen"). Then, a dying TARDIS needs a rare ore to survive, but to acquire it The Doctor and Peri must withstand the endless traps of a mindlessly violent television show ("Vengeance on Varos").
.: 2:08:25 :: 61.7 MB :: 11 December 2011 :.

078: Depending on which host you ask, "The Twin Dilemma" is either rote or enjoyable. However, once Colin Baker is factored in, they agree rather mightily on his awesomeness! Also, the 21st season is examined, and Mike reacts poorly to the results of a Doctor Who Magazine poll.
.: 1:36:25 :: 46.4 MB :: 23 November 2011 :.

077: "Planet of Fire" and "The Caves of Androzani" bring Peter Davison's era to an end with "the best story of the 48 year history of Doctor Who," a truly emotional performance, and a stunning regeneration. Before Davison leaves, however, we also say goodbye to Turlough and Kamelion, and hello to Peri.
.: 2:15:28 :: 65.1 MB :: 13 November 2011 :.

076: As the guys speed to the end of Peter Davison's era as The Doctor, both the violence and quality of the series begins to pick up. In "Frontios," despite his reservations, The Doctor comes to the aid of an Earth colony besieged by weaponized meteorite showers. Then in "Resurrection of the Daleks," Davros is freed by his creations because they need him to cure a deadly virus, but it all leads to a Dalek civil war. And the ensuing carnage, bloodshed, and death causes Tegan to flee from her life with The Doctor.
.: 1:45:14 :: 50.6 MB :: 04 November 2011 :.

075: With only a few minor spoilers, the guys briefly discuss "The Wedding of River Song." Then a listener tells a tale of a Doctor Who-related prank that nearly went wrong. As for the two stories, first, in "Warriors of the Deep," the Silurians and Sea Devils are back, and are up to their old man-eradicating ways. And in "The Awakening," a long-buried alien force takes control of a village during a reenactment of the English Civil War. Mixed in with the green paint of the Myrka are lots of truly random references, often to better programming. Note: The duo experienced Internet issues during the recording, leading to some less-than-desirable bits of audio.
.: 1:08:21 :: 32.9 MB :: 16 October 2011 :.

074: As four-ish of the five Doctors try to save their very existence, a traitor is revealed on the High Council of Time Lords! Say it ain't so, Rassilon! This is it! Join Dan and Mike as they gush over "The Five Doctors," a special 20 years in the making!
.: 1:43:20 :: 49.7 MB :: 02 October 2011 :.

073: As a group of immortals sail around our solar system seeking enlightenment, the Black Guardian makes his final move against The Doctor ("Enlightenment"). Then, in an effort to prevent parliamentary democracy from ever forming, The Master attempts to stop King John of England from signing the Magna Carta ("The King's Demons"). As for the two most recent modern episodes of Doctor Who ("The Girl Who Waited" and "The God Complex"), there are spoilers between 3:40 and 13:40. Vroom! Vroom!
.: 1:18:14 :: 37.6 MB :: 23 September 2011 :.

072: As The Doctor attempts to save his own life from a small group of undying mutants ("Mawdryn Undead"), and then the lives of those suffering from a leprosy-like disease ("Terminus"), Turlough is introduced as the Black Guardian's sort-of-unwilling lackey / assassin, a retired Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart makes his return, and Nyssa bids the TARDIS and her friends farewell.
.: 1:39:24 :: 47.8 MB :: 09 September 2011 :.

071: Outside of Colin Baker making his Doctor Who debut (in which he gets to shoot and later execute The Doctor), there's not much to say about "Arc of Infinity" and "Snakedance." Well, obviously that's not true. The episode is an hour long, so the guys had stuff to say, such as comments on Nyssa's new outfit, a villain's resemblance to a child actor, and puppets. Lots of puppets.
.: 1:02:19 :: 30.0 MB :: 21 August 2011 :.

070: In this somber episode of Bigger on the Inside, Dan and Mike mourn the loss of a companion who's been with The Doctor since his last incarnation. That's right, Tegan, the brash Australian woman with dreams of becoming a stewardess has left the TARDIS to fulfill her career path. We'll miss you, Tegan. Also, as the 19th season comes to a close, Adric gets totally obliterated to much laughter ("Earthshock"), and The Master does something but the guys aren't sure what it is ("Time-Flight").
.: 1:53:25 :: 54.5 MB :: 07 August 2011 :.

069: With a plot about an alien attempting to eradicate all life on Earth, "The Visitation" is a rather rote Doctor Who story. However, the serial is saved by Richard Mace (AKA Mr. Awesome), who Mike suggests might be related to another one-off companion from one of Tom Baker's most beloved stories. Then, in the two-part "Black Orchid," The Doctor is accused of murder, and a family secret prevents someone from corroborating The Doctor's alibi. Before all that, however, Chris Johnson drops by to deliver a segment that highlights the ups and downs of the recently ended Tom Baker era. (Said segment runs from 8:14 to 48:03.)
.: 2:08:03 :: 61.6 MB :: 24 July 2011 :.

068: The guys lament getting old, talk about how marriage changes one's ability to splurge on DVDs, and they address Peter Davison's costume. Also, Dan and Mike can't agree when it comes to "Four to Doomsday" and "Kinda." Meow!
.: 1:27:50 :: 40.2 MB :: 13 July 2011 :.

067: Virus-infected computers, snobby IT guys, and YouTube posters get the guys bleeping bleep right out of the gate. After that, though, they calm down to discuss Peter Davison's first adventure as The Doctor: "Castrovalva."
.: 1:23:29 :: 38.3 MB :: 28 June 2011 :.

066: After seven seasons on Doctor Who and nearly 10 months of coverage on Bigger on the Inside, Tom Baker departs the role of The Doctor during the four-part serial "Logopolis." Join Dan and Mike as the speak about the man whose impossibly long scarf and wild mane made him a worldwide icon who's still synonymous with the role all these years later. This episode also looks back at the 18th season of Doctor Who, as well as the two most recent modern stories: "The Almost People" and "A Good Man Goes to War." Warning: Spoilers for the mid-season cliffhanger fill the air between 10:28 and 41:35.
.: 2:09:10 :: 62.1 MB :: 12 June 2011 :.

065: On the final leg of their journey through E-Space, The Doctor and his friends set a race of time-sensitive slaves free ("Warriors' Gate"). Then The Doctor must prevent an old foe from claiming a near-limitless power as his own ("The Keeper of Traken")! We also say goodbye to Romana and K-9, and herald the return of The Master!
.: 1:37:47 :: 47.0 MB :: 29 May 2011 :.

064: Beginning the three-part E-Space trilogy is "Full Circle," in which a group of humanoids are on the run from Marshmen, but little does anyone know the true secret of the aquatic aliens. Then The Doctor and Romana put an end to the Time Lord / Vampire war in "State of Decay." At the top of the show, however, Dan discusses his issues with "Day of the Moon," and Mike his problems with "The Curse of the Black Spot." And throughout the show, the duo eviscerate The Doctor's newest companion: Adric.
.: 1:26:51 :: 41.8 MB :: 15 May 2011 :.

063: Dan and Mike start off Tom Baker's final season of Doctor Who with "The Leisure Hive" and "Meglos," two rather forgettable stories. Before that, however, they briefly speak about "The Impossible Astronaut," Mike's new stupid theory about River Song, and Doctor Who-themed cat names. And, of course, they touch on the passing of Elisabeth Sladen.
.: 1:43:56 :: 47.6 MB :: 02 May 2011 :.

062: "The Horns of Nimon" and "Shada" bring to a close one of the worst seasons of Doctor Who, as well as the Graham Williams and Douglas Adams' era of the program.
.: 1:37:18 :: 46.8 MB :: 17 April 2011 :.

Special 01: For the first Bigger on the Inside Special, Dan introduces us to Trock, or Time Lord Rock, by playing the following songs: "Who Be The Man" by MC Loki, "Blink" by Chameleon Circuit, "Exterminate Regenerate" by Chameleon Circuit, "When Autons Attack" Turn Left, "New Earth" by Tom Milsom, "Who Turned Out the Lights" by Harriet Jones and the Former Prime Ministers, "Feline Fettle" by Harmonies in Whoville, "Gallifreyan History 101" by Chameleon Circuit, "C'mon Leela (Put Your Knife Away)" by Brux Callison and the Entangled Photons, "The Doctor Is In" by Antisoc, "Under Venice" by Laura Simpson of The Ood Cast, and "Journey's End" by Chameleon Circuit.
.: 43:23 :: 20.9 MB :: 10 April 2011 :.

061: The Doctor liberates a metal-deficient planet from its greedy, evil queen ("The Creature from the Pit"), and puts an end to a high-tech drug smuggling operation ("Nightmare of Eden"). Plus, discussion of the new Doctor Who trailer, the recently released short specials, Torchwood, lots of e-mails, and someone disagrees with one of Mike's synopses.
.: 1:27:16 :: 42.0 MB :: 03 April 2011 :.

060: In "Destiny of the Daleks," the Daleks seek to resurrect Davros in an attempt to gain a tactical advantage over the Movellans. And in "City of Death," the Time Lords visit contemporary Paris and stumble upon an alien's plan to send the entire planet back through time.
.: 1:24:43 :: 40.8 MB :: 20 March 2011 :.

059: In the final stretch of their journey for the Key to Time, the two Time Lords get mixed up in several feuds. First, that between methane miners and a local tribe ("The Power of Kroll"), then in a nuclear war involving neighboring planets Atrios and Zeos ("The Armageddon Factor"). And finally, as the Key is assembled, the Black Guardian rears his head! Also, the hosts discuss the passing of Nicholas Courtney, the fondly remembered Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.
.: 1:14:21 :: 35.8 MB :: 06 March 2011 :.

058: As The Doctor and Romana continue to look for the scattered segments of the Key to Time, they cross Cailleach, an ancient alien criminal hiding on Earth ("The Stones of Blood"), and Grendel, a Count with his murderous eyes on the crown ("The Androids of Tara"). Note: This episode was recorded before the passing of Nicholas Courtney, hence the reason his death isn't mentioned at the top of the show. Look for Dan and Mike's thoughts about the man and his character next episode.
.: 1:19:21 :: 38.2 MB :: 25 February 2011 :.

057: The Key to Time saga begins with "The Ribos Operation" and "The Pirate Planet," in which The Doctor and Romana must stop tyrants of different kinds while locating the first two segments of the aforementioned key. All that, plus Mike makes one of his famous flubs (in less than five minutes, no less) and proclaims something shocking.
.: 1:23:17 :: 40.1 MB :: 10 February 2011 :.

056: After discussing "Underworld" (in which an alien race tries to save itself from extinction) and "The Invasion of Time" (in which The Doctor saves Gallifrey by being a jerk), Dan and Mike say goodbye to Leela and the 15th season.
.: 1:24:18 :: 40.6 MB :: 23 January 2011 :.

055: An impossibly old skull brings death to a small English village ("Image of the Fendahl"), and a tax collector has subjugated all of the humans living on Pluto ("The Sun Makers").
.: 47:06 :: 21.6 MB :: 11 January 2011 :.

054: Trapped inside a lighthouse, The Doctor and Leela must fend off a shape-changing alien ("Horror of Fang Rock"), and The Doctor is infected with an organism bent on galactic domination ("The Invisible Enemy"). Also, the debut of K-9!
.: 1:02:23 :: 28.6 MB :: 26 December 2010 :.

053: In the longest episode of Bigger on the Inside yet, Dan and Mike speak about two excellent stories! In "The Robots of Death," The Doctor, Leela, and the robotic D84 put a stop to a murderous scheme to end all human life. And in "The Talons of Weng-Chiang," a crazed time traveler who's stuck in Victorian London seeks his lost vessel, but activating it could destroy everything! From there, the two hosts discuss the spectacular 14th season, which just might be the best ever. (During which, Mike has one more chance to pronounce "Mandragora." Does he get it right?) And on top of all that, the hour-long podcasting panel from Chicago TARDIS 2010, which Mike took part in, is presented! That's one hefty show!
.: 2:31:49 :: 69.5 MB :: 12 December 2010 :.

052: In his grand return, The Master frames The Doctor for the murder of the Gallifreyan Lord President ("The Deadly Assassin"). And a mistake comes back to haunt The Doctor, as a sentient computer with The Doctor's personality causes havoc on a distant world ("The Face of Evil"). Also, the leather-clad Leela joins the TARDIS. Mmmmhhh, Leela!
.: 1:13:09 :: 33.5 MB :: 28 November 2010 :.

051: The Doctor accidentally brings a powerful alien threat to Italy, and must save a young duke (and the world) from a being of unimaginable power ("The Masque of Mandragora"). Also, the guys say goodbye to Sarah after she becomes the pawn of an ancient alien bent on revenge ("The Hand of Fear"). However, what you're all really waiting for is to hear how badly Mike butchers "Mandragora."
.: 1:38:47 :: 45.3 MB :: 19 November 2010 :.

050: Using The Doctor's head, a mad scientist attempts to resurrect a long-dead Time Lord ("The Brain of Morbius"). Then an evil millionaire conspires to steal a world-threatening alien plant ("The Seeds of Doom"). Dan and Mike also comment on the level of violence in recent stories, and by the end of the show Mike is also oddly prophetic (and embarrassed).
.: 1:32:40 :: 42.5 MB :: 03 November 2010 :.

049: The Doctor faces Sutekh, the most powerful, evil alien to have ever lived ("Pyramids of Mars"). Then he must stop an alien race from taking control of the planet ("The Android Invasion"). If the last plot sounds a little familiar (RE: generic), well, there's a reason for that.
.: 1:11:42 :: 32.9 MB :: 17 October 2010 :.

048: In "Terror of the Zygons," shape-shifting aliens use the Loch Ness Monster in an attempt to take over the world, and Harry departs the TARDIS. Then in "Planet of Evil," a humanoid race mines a planet to save their species, but they find something very frightening and deadly. Also, Mike shocks Dan with a proclamation.
.: 1:10:55 :: 32.5 MB :: 03 October 2010 :.

047: Twilight, glitter guns, and clams?! Has Bigger on the Inside turned into horrible slash fiction? No! Dan and Mike are talking about "Genesis of the Daleks," "Revenge of the Cybermen," and the end of the 12th season.
.: 1:26:02 :: 39.4 MB :: 19 September 2010 :.

046: After saving a long-lost group of space explorers ("The Ark in Space"), The Doctor and friends prevent the Sontarans from devastating a rejuvenated Earth ("The Sontaran Experiment"). Also, our friend Erin writes in with a detailed e-mail comparing The Doctor to Sherlock Holmes.
.: 57:38 :: 26.4 MB :: 05 September 2010 :.

045: Tom Baker begins his epic run as The Doctor in the four-part story "Robot." Also, make sure to visit http://www.adamwarrock.com.
.: 1:02:48 :: 28.8 MB :: 22 August 2010 :.

044: As the 11th season comes to a close, so does Jon Pertwee's tenure as The Doctor. And you can bet Dan and Mike have plenty to say about "Planet of the Spiders," the season as a whole, and Pertwee's time as The Doctor.
.: 1:09:28 :: 31.8 MB :: 08 August 2010 :.

043: After the TARDIS suffers a power loss, The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith are trapped on an alien world with savages, Daleks, and a living city ("Death to the Daleks"). Then The Doctor returns to Peladon, where he uncovers a conspiracy while mediating a dispute between the ruling and working classes ("The Monster of Peladon").
.: 48:12 :: 22.1 MB :: 25 July 2010 :.

042: Doctor Who begins its 11th season with "The Time Warrior," which introduces both Sarah Jane Smith and the Sontarans! Then in "Invasion of the Dinosaurs," seemingly everyone is in on a conspiracy to rewrite human history.
.: 1:04:59 :: 29.8 MB :: 11 July 2010 :.

041: Closing out the 10th season, the Daleks invade a planet to learn the secrets of invisibility ("Planet of the Daleks"), and, back on Earth, mutated maggots overrun a small town ("The Green Death"). Also, Jo makes her exit from the program. Did the hosts finally come to admire the companion they've been rather cold on? Click it to find out!
.: 1:04:40 :: 29.6 MB :: 28 June 2010 :.

040: In "Carnival of Monsters," The Doctor and Jo are miniaturized and placed in a machine where they must fight for their lives. Then in "Frontier in Space," they're pawns in The Master's plan to destroy two spacefaring races. Also, Dan and Mike speak fondly of Roger Delgado, whose tenure as The Master ended with the latter story.
.: 1:03:32 :: 29.1 MB :: 13 June 2010 :.

039: William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, and Jon Pertwee all in the same Doctor Who story? Oh yes! It's "The Three Doctors."
.: 57:19 :: 26.3 MB :: 30 May 2010 :.

038: The ninth season of Doctor Who sadly ends with a whimper ("The Mutants" and "The Time Monster"), but that doesn't mean the hosts agree on the episodes. Also, Mike becomes flustered while talking about Captain Yates, Dan has something to say about the chicken-suited Kronos, and then there's Cotton. Oh, Cotton.
.: 1:16:57 :: 35.3 MB :: 16 May 2010 :.

037: The Doctor and Jo find themselves helping a young King as he's torn between sticking with traditions and moving his people forward ("The Curse of Peladon"). Then The Master awakens the aquatic cousins of the Silurians in another attempt to destroy mankind ("The Sea Devils").
.: 1:21:00 :: 37.1 MB :: 02 May 2010 :.

036: First the guys spend a few minutes discussing "The Eleventh Hour" and "The Beast Below" (spoiler-free, of course), then they're visited by Adam and a special guest. Following that, they cover "The Daemons," the end of the eighth season, and "Day of the Daleks."
.: 1:21:25 :: 37.3 MB :: 18 April 2010 :.

035: Seemingly peaceful aliens arrive on Earth with a gift that reveals their true nature ("The Claws of Axos"). Then The Doctor and Jo are sent to another planet by the Time Lords, where they find themselves mixed up with feuding colonists and miners ("Colony in Space").
.: 1:03:49 :: 29.3 MB :: 04 April 2010 :.

034: In "Terror of the Autons," The War Chief returns! (Oh, what's this? A note from Tom Deja: "Mike, embrace the truth. The Master is not The War Chief. Your friend, Tom.") Sigh... okay. In "Terror of the Autons," The Master debuts, and he's brought some familiar foes with him! Then in "The Mind of Evil," The Master schemes to launch a missile at a world peace conference.
.: 1:32:52 :: 42.5 MB :: 21 March 2010 :.

033: The seventh season of the classic era comes to a close with the reality-hopping "Inferno," as does Liz Shaw's tenure as The Doctor's companion. Also, Mike has a wacky theory about Time Lords.
.: 1:11:16 :: 32.7 MB :: 21 February 2010 :.

032: Before struggling to recap "The Ambassadors of Death," Dan and Mike read through several e-mails, including one that leads to a conversation about a possible LEGO Doctor Who video game.
.: 1:10:51 :: 32.5 MB :: 07 February 2010 :.

031: Is America getting its own Torchwood series? Dan and Mike address the rumor before covering the excellent seven-part "Doctor Who and the Silurians."
.: 1:10:56 :: 32.5 MB :: 24 January 2010 :.

030: After a lengthy, spoiler-filled discussion about "The End of Time," Dan and Mike answer e-mails (plural) about the proposed connection between The War Chief and The Master, and then finally settle into the topic of the episode: "Spearhead from Space," Jon Pertwee's first outing as The Doctor. (If you'd like to skip past "The End of Time" conversation, it takes place between 1:36 and 36:17.)
.: 1:19:06 :: 36.2 MB :: 10 January 2010 :.

029: In this jam-packed episode, Dan and Mike bid farewell to Patrick Troughton, Frazer Hines, and Wendy Padbury. They discuss the mixed bag that was the sixth season, and take one last look at the black and white era of Doctor Who. Some Doctor Who firsts are also covered, including a kiss, the appearance of the Time Lords, and the disputed debut of someone who might just become a recurring foe. And on top of that, the duo manages to squeeze in talk of "The War Games," which is easily the most epic serial thus far.
.: 1:11:09 :: 32.6 MB :: 27 December 2009 :.

028: In "The Seeds of Death," the Ice Warriors attempt to use the transmat system to bring death and destruction to Earth. And nothing happens in "The Space Pirates." Nothing! Oh, you want a better synopsis than that? Okay, a group of space pirates steal a rare ore, while The Doctor and his friends are trapped in various rooms.
.: 45:48 :: 21.0 MB :: 13 December 2009 :.

027: In an eight-part epic, The Doctor, his friends, and the recently formed UNIT must stop a mad businessman and the Cybermen from seizing the planet ("The Invasion"). And then The Doctor and Zoe accidentally resurrect a long-dormant robot species bent on destroying a subservient race ("The Krotons"). The guys also briefly discuss "The Waters of Mars" before answering a few e-mails.
.: 1:03:23 :: 29.1 MB :: 29 November 2009 :.

026: A bunch of bullies show up and do a lot of, well, bullying while trying to enslave an alien race ("The Dominators"). Then the trio enters The Void and find themselves in the clutches of an evil mastermind ("The Mind Robber"). Before that, however, Mike makes an announcement about Chicago TARDIS.
.: 1:02:56 :: 28.9 MB :: 15 November 2009 :.

025: More bases come under siege as killer seaweed attacks a gas pipeline ("Fury from the Deep"), and the Cybermen menace a space station ("The Wheel in Space"). Also, the departure of Victoria, the joining of Zoe, and The Master's regeneration cycle are discussed.
.: 56:51 :: 26.1 MB :: 01 November 2009 :.

024: Though they're only covering one episode this time around, that being "The Web of Fear," Dan and Mike have a lot to talk about: the new logo, leaked photos, what they want to see moving forward, the return of the Yeti and the Great Intelligence, and the debut of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. This is one packed show! (Concerning the upcoming series, there are some slight spoilers between 6:40-11:30.)
.: 46:37 :: 21.4 MB :: 18 October 2009 :.

023: In "The Ice Warriors" a band of scientists uncover a Martian during Earth's second ice age, and The Doctor must confront an evil doppelganger in "The Enemy of the World."
.: 44:17 :: 20.3 MB :: 04 October 2009 :.

022: A madman attempts to resurrect the long-dormant Cybermen in an effort to form an alliance with them ("The Tomb of the Cybermen"), and an entity uses robot Yeti to terrorize a group of monks ("The Abominable Snowmen"). Also, Dan and Mike discuss what qualities they like to see in companions.
.: 49:01 :: 22.5 MB :: 20 September 2009 :.

021: An endangered alien race has abducted 50,000 young adults in an effort to save themselves ("The Faceless Ones"), and The Doctor puts Jamie through a battery of tests to help the Daleks better understand human beings ("The Evil of the Daleks").
.: 1:03:32 :: 29.1 MB :: 06 September 2009 :.

020: The Cybermen return to take control of a weather-altering device ("The Moonbase"), and giant crabs brainwash humans for the mining of gaseous fumes ("The Macra Terror").
.: 35:26 :: 16.3 MB :: 23 August 2009 :.

019: Jamie McCrimmon joins the crew after The Doctor frees a group of Scotsmen from certain slavery ("The Highlanders"), then they prevent a mad scientist from destroying the world ("The Underwater Menace"). Before discussing those two episodes, however, Dan and Mike answer an e-mail asking them their dream Doctor team-ups.
.: 45:03 :: 20.7 MB :: 16 August 2009 :.

018: In what must be a new record, it takes Mike less than four minutes to utterly shame himself. Beyond that, the duo briefly discusses the most recent season of Torchwood and the Eleventh Doctor's wardrobe. Also, two e-mails are answered. Oh, yeah, and the guys talk about "The Power of the Daleks," the first story starring Patrick Troughton as The Doctor.
.: 47:02 :: 21.6 MB :: 26 July 2009 :.

017: In the last two William Hartnell stories, The Doctor faces off against pirates ("The Smugglers") and Cybermen ("The Tenth Planet")! Though there isn't much to say about the first story, the duo has plenty to say about the second, as well as Hartnell himself.
.: 48:36 :: 22.3 MB :: 12 July 2009 :.

016: As the third season of Doctor Who comes to a close, the TARDIS crew frees an enslaved civilization ("The Savages"), then they stop a supercomputer from destroying mankind ("The War Machines"). And when the dust settles, we're left with an entirely new set of companions. As Steven and Dodo make their exits, Polly and Ben find themselves unwillingly whisked away by The Doctor.
.: 54:56 :: 25.2 MB :: 28 June 2009 :.

015: First, the trio must play a series of perilous games to escape a crazy, mixed-up world ("The Celestial Toymaker"). Following that, they land in the American Old West and find themselves caught between the feuding Earps and Clantons ("The Gunfighters").
.: 42:07 :: 19.3 MB :: 14 June 2009 :.

014: The Doctor and Steven find themselves in the middle of a religious purging, one they cannot stop no matter how much they long to ("The Massacre"). And after picking up a new companion named Dodo, the trio lands on a spaceship containing the last survivors of the human race ("The Ark").
.: 52:35 :: 24.1 MB :: 31 May 2009 :.

013: Great characterization, wonderful pacing, solid acting, the painful deaths of not one but three companions, the awesomeness of the Daleks and the unexpected return of an old foe come together to make "The Dalek's Master Plan" one of the best Doctor Who stories to date.
.: 59:44 :: 27.4 MB :: 17 May 2009 :.

012: As a planet is set to die, the Doctor discovers that he shouldn't judge races by beauty ("Galaxy 4"). The crew then takes a week off as hapless humans are exterminated by the Daleks ("Mission to the Unknown"). And lastly, the Doctor influences the outcome of the Trojan War ("The Myth Makers").
.: 56:25 :: 25.9 MB :: 03 May 2009 :.

011: Dan and Mike cram a lot of Doctor Who talk into this episode. First they give their thoughts about the recent special, "Planet of the Dead." After that they discuss "The Chase," which features the return of The Daleks, as well as the departure of Ian and Barbara. And not only does Steven Taylor join the TARDIS crew in "The Time Meddler," it's also the first time we see another Time Lord, and it closes out the second season.
.: 1:08:32 :: 31.5 MB :: 19 April 2009 :.

010: Between insulting teenagers and uttering a phrase unheard before on any Earth-2.net podcast, Dan and Mike discuss "The Crusade" and "The Space Museum."
.: 51:28 :: 23.6 MB :: 29 March 2009 :.

009: To quote a listener, "The Web Planet" was "not entirely successful," and that's being nice. Between the curious fights, odd voices and needlessly long story, this one proved a challenge to watch for Dan and Mike.
.: 28:58 :: 13.3 MB :: 15 March 2009 :.

008: In "The Rescue," the crew welcomes Vicki aboard the TARDIS, but not before uncovering a genocidal madman's horrendous actions. Then in "The Romans," Ian and Barbara are sold into slavery while the Doctor and Vicki must thwart a plot that would see Nero assassinated.
.: 1:03:32 :: 29.1 MB :: 01 March 2009 :.

007: While shrunken down, the TARDIS crew must stop a murderer ("Planet of Giants"). Then they face an old enemy bent on coring out the Earth ("The Dalek Invasion of Earth"). And for the first time ever, a member of the cast leaves the show, prompting Dan and Mike to examine Susan's contributions to the program.
.: 1:01:54 :: 28.4 MB :: 15 February 2009 :.

006: It might be a tad long and sort of underwhelming, but "The Reign of Terror" isn't really that bad of an episode of Doctor Who.
.: 36:14 :: 16.6 MB :: 01 February 2009 :.

005: Barbara is mistaken for a goddess, and, much to the Doctor's chagrin, attempts to use her newfound command to alter history ("The Aztecs"). After that, the crew of the TARDIS is met with suspicion by a powerfully telepathic, yet fearful alien race ("The Sensorites").
.: 58:46 :: 26.9 MB :: 18 January 2009 :.

004: In the two weeks since the last episode of Bigger on the Inside aired, there have been some major happenings in the world of Doctor Who. Not only has the Christmas special "The Next Doctor" aired in the UK, but the BBC has revealed the identity of the actor who'll play the 11th Doctor starting in 2010! Beyond that, the guys review the six-part serial "The Keys of Marinus," and Mike has a theory about Professor River Song.
.: 1:03:47 :: 29.2 MB :: 04 January 2009 :.

003: After reading several e-mails about Rose, Dan and Mike focus on two Doctor Who stories. First up is "The Edge of Destruction," which takes place entirely inside the TARDIS. Then they lament the tragic loss of the seven-part "Marco Polo," the first serial to suffer from the BBC's junking policy. Also, Mike turns embarrassingly red at one point.
.: 1:16:35 :: 35.1 MB :: 21 December 2008 :.

002: While discussing the title characters of the second Doctor Who story, "The Daleks," Dan puts their cultural impact on British society into perspective, and Mike admits there's a line so geeky even he won't cross it.
.: 57:59 :: 26.6 MB :: 07 December 2008 :.

001: Exactly 45 years ago today Doctor Who debuted on the BBC, and it quickly became a cultural phenomenon. Now, all these decades later, Earth-2.net launches Bigger on the Inside � a deep, analytical look at the program and its impact on the world. Starting off, the duo explores "An Unearthly Child," the four-part serial that introduced the world to the Doctor.
.: 50:29 :: 23.1 MB :: 23 November 2008 :.

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