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Earth-2.net is your destination for informative, opinionated writing detailing geek culture in its many forms. Its comprehensive coverage of comic books, video games, films and animation is second to none, offering a perspective on these topics that is as objective as it is enthusiastic. Whether you're a gamer seeking info on the best new releases, a comic book geek searching for required reading, or a horror fan hungry for top-of-the-line gore, Earth-2.net is the place for you.

The site also plays host to the podcast, Earth-2.net: The Show a weekly mishmash of reviews and editorials presented by Michael David Sims.

We hope you enjoy the site and make your presence and voice known to our constantly growing community.

Publishing Schedule
In an effort to bring you a daily dose of the best reviews and columns, fresh content is added to Earth-2 every Monday through Friday. Saturdays and Sundays, however, will be used as days of rest so we can refuel our writerly batteries (so to speak). Also let it be known that every now and then outside obligations step in the way and prevent us from updating the site as regularly as we'd like. On those rare occasions, trust that we will return with the latest content as soon as life permits.

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Dread Media 882
Dread Media 882

Channel 37's Midnight Movie Show: Episode 30 - Black Belt Jones and Master of the Flying Guillotine
Channel 37's Midnight Movie Show: Episode 30 - Black Belt Jones and Master of the Flying Guillotine

Marvel Introduces Timely Comics
Marvel Introduces Timely Comics

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