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Dawn of the Geeks, part three

By Kellen Scrivens
03 March 2009 — It's hard to believe that Earth-2.net has been running for five years, and I find it even harder to believe that I've been writing for it most of that time. My time here has taken me from Grade 11 to my third year in college. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I'm going to name off some of the things responsible for making me the geek I am today. To start off, let's go all the way back to when I was three:

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Watching this didn't truly make me a geek, but I think it was the show that, over time, made me realize that it was okay to be a geek. Star Trek: The Next Generation was on every night, and my dad (who, for the record, is not a geek) was a very big fan of it and the original series. Whether I liked it or not, I was going to be stuck watching it. Thankfully for me, I did like it, and many years later I went back and watched it for myself with a new appreciation.

Location! Location! Location!
I don't think I'd be a geek at all if not for the fact that I grew up in a frozen town in the middle of nowhere. Let's put it this way: the school that I attended had a total population of about 140 students. Even though there weren't that many people to hang out with, I was still ostracized from the cool kids. So I was left with only a scant number of people my age that I could hang out with, and even then they were never in walking distance. So what happened? All I could do was sit at home and watch whatever was on the four channels we could pull in with our antenna. And if nothing good was on, I'd play video games. Lots of video games.

When I was four years old and heard that Batman was making its way to Fox Kids, I cannot express how disappointed I was that it wasn't the Adam West series. However, when you're still that young, every new show seems to have a certain coolness about it. When a new cartoon would launch every year or two — Superman, Gotham Knights, Batman Beyond and Static Shock — it added to the coolness. By the time Justice League came around, I was so hooked into the universe that I couldn't stop. The entire run of all the shows lasted from when I was four until a month before my 18th birthday, making it a staple of my childhood.

The Late 90s anime boom
Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball Z, Monster Rancher, Sailor Moon and Medabots — these were the shows that I spent way too much time with in my preteen / early teenage years. Granted, it may not have seemed geeky at the time (with the exception of Sailor Moon, because "it was for girls"), but it was what got me into anime. It was different and fun and cool. A few years into the new millennium, these shows came and went and it looked like my life as an otaku was coming to an end, but then I found…

Recently I sat down with my friend James to watch a few episodes of this anime, but after one we'd had enough. Though it's awful looking back at it, it meant a lot to me a few years ago. The aforementioned James would likely not be my friend today if it weren't for the two of us bonding over episodes. It was the show that brought me back to anime, if only because when it came around there was noting new I was paying attention to. Because of InuYasha, I began watching shows like Witch Hunter Robin, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Gundam SEED.

Nine days in October 2005
Continuing with the theme of me falling into my anime fandom, I bring to you the nine days that changed my life. On 14 October 2005 I went to James' house to hang out and watch some anime, including the last seven episodes of Gundam SEED — which sets a new standard for me when it comes to anime. The next day the two of us went to our first anime convention. In between playing in the video game room and spending ourselves to the poorhouse in the dealer's room, we saw Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts) for the first time. The two episodes they showed instantly hooked us. In fact, we were hooked so bad, the next week we went to our first meeting of the Winnipeg Anime Club — and I've been a member ever since.

I honestly believe this site turned me into a much bigger geek! At the start, all I did was talk about video games, but over time I became the go-to anime guy. By reading the reviews on Earth-2.net, I found myself convinced to read, play and watch various comic books, video games and movies. The forums also have become an animal unto themselves; I'll never forget the weekly updates on the Justice League Unlimited thread that I posted, because the show aired in Canada first. (Yeah, I was Mr. Canada long before The Age of Reddick.) And even more recently I feel the forums have come together with classic threads like the "'I need to vent' thread" and "Okay, this is weird."

Overall, I love working on Earth-2.net, because it helped me get into the college course I'm currently taking, it's helped me find some great media to consume, I've met some of the nicest people on the Internet and it's transformed me into a proud geek. Here's to another five years!

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